Occasional lovers with Douglas Mahoney
History: Despite Thea's bitchy side, she's had a vulnerability and a need to please Cameron which has been her greatest weakness...however, when she's at her lowest when Cameron's disappointed her, Doug is there to pick up the pieces. Sure, they aren't at all about traditional romance as he's well aware of how she uses their association to get at Cameron since Doug is an enemy of his, but it seemed to work for them until Doug found himself wed to Sarah.
Had a fling with Patrick Sharpe
History: Thea always keeps people in line for Cameron and in this case with Patrick it was no different. Thea made sure to find a way to keep Patrick willing to help her and Cameron with their twisted agenda but keeping him very satified during his off hours
Occasional lovers with Cameron Stone
History: Cameron met Thea when she was working in a strip club. He brought her into his world and soon she became his most vital asset. Over the years Thea has done Cameron's dirty work in the hopes of gaining just one thing from him--his love. However, regardless of Thea's loyalty, Cameron's obsession with Jade rules his life thus keeping him away from Thea and where she wants him to be. Still, Thea stays at his side in the hopes that one day that will change.