Had a fling with Cameron Stone
History: Although Valerie is obsessed with finding her way back into Seth's heart it didn't stop her from taking the time to get up close and personal with Cameron Stone when the mood hit the both of them..
Roommates with JT Mahoney
History: These two were reluctant roommates and while neither one shares a real romantic interest in the other, therewas a spark there. JT was eager to reunite with Diane and Valerie wants to be with Seth, but both are failing at that task. However, in the process of working with one another, these two shared some very 'tense' moments together. However, even though Valerie hit on JT, he eventually found Evie and never looked back upon whatever madness his former roommate was offering him. Valerie still continues her pursuit of Seth.
Married to Seth Alexander
History:Seth and Valerie were friends growing up and it wasn't until after his sister's rape that these two came together. They were there for one another during a rough period of Seth's life, yet when the promise of a supermodel career came Valerie's way, she left Seth without so much as a good-bye. Now he's moved on with Blake, but she's back in town hoping to win him back again. On his wedding day to Blake she burst in and let Seth know that due to a misfiling of papers she was still his wife after a drunken elopement years earlier.
Had a fling with Kevin Adonis
History: Although Valerie's eyes are on Seth, she found her way into his cousin's bed after the two had a rage induced romp with one another. Despite their hatred for one another Kevin and Valerie still found their way into the sheets before she decided to continue her pursuit of Seth all over again