Episode 126

“I still can’t believe we got kicked out of that restaurant,” Kyle laughed as he and Sarah walked through the park with one another.

“I can, when I am with you anything is possible,” Sarah noted as he lightly nudged her in the side.

“I don’t know if I take that as a bad thing or a good one,” Kyle admitted smiling.

“How about a little of both,” she said as he shrugged.

“That works, though you do have to admit being with me is cool though,” Kyle added shooting her one of his charming smiles.

“Being with you? Never,” she laughed as he pushed her lightly.

“Hey,” he protested as she pushed him back and he tripped over his own feet. He landed on his butt as she laughed.

“That’s the second time, don’t tell me your falling for me already,” Sarah chuckled holding her hand out to help him up.

“I’m always falling for you Sarah, you should have learned that by now,” he said taking her hand in his.
“You haven’t changed at all Kyle,” she replied as he pulled her down and he got up.

“Looks like you’re the one falling for me now, I mean how could you not. I’m Kyle, every girl falls for me,” he joked with that same sexy, confident grin that made her heart melt.

“If that’s so why are you with me?” asked Sarah smiling and getting up.

“I’m with you because I want to be with you. Your fun,” he said smiling.

“I’m just fun,” she asked folding her arms.

“Okay, maybe I could consider you being…nice. Other than that I can‘t seem to think of anything else,” he said smirking and shaking his head.

“And to think I was going to say something nice about you,” Sarah offered smiling.

“Yeah like what?” asked Kyle folding his arms.

“Well, it doesn’t matter now because you don’t think anything of me,” Sarah said shrugging as Kyle pouted.

“Come on, please,” he urged again giving her his puppy dog eyes.

“Oh come on, don’t use the eyes. That isn’t fair.”

“I’m not doing anything,” he said still giving her the look.

“Fine, now I see how you got the girls. How could they resist that look?” she asked as he smiled.

“They couldn’t, but those girls never meant anything to me anyways,” he admitted with a slow shrug. “So tell what you think about me and maybe I will tell you.”

“Okay, I think your sweet,” Sarah admitted feeling like a ten year old standing up in front of her class ready to give an oral book report.  While she’d always prided herself on being confident, there was something about Kyle that always seemed to change that in her.  She drew in a breath hoping that answer was enough for him as he nodded encouraging her to continue.

“Sweet, keep going,” Kyle blurted out motioning his hands on.
“Your enjoying this aren’t you?” asked Sarah as he looked over at her.

“Just keep going,” he said nodding.

“Fine, I think your handsome,” she lowered her voice just a bit, feeling a heat rise over her features as he smiled.

“That’s a good thing,” he said smiling, “keep going.”

“I love your personality, your humorous.  I think you’re a great guy, and I love a lot of things about you. What I really like though is your secret that you’re trying to keep from everyone,” she said smiling.

“What secret might that be?” asked Kyle tilting his head.

“Your love for the Sox,” she blurted out with a wicked smirk as his eyes widened.
“What are you talking about, I don’t like the Sox,” Kyle argued shaking his head.

“Yes, you do. I am positive that you do,” she insisted as he raised an eyebrow.

She grabbed his keys that were in his pocket and he had a Red Sox key chain on it. She also pulled out an old ticket for a Sox game.

“How did you…give me that,” Kyle frowned at her discovery going to grab his possessions away from her.

“First tell me one thing you like about me and then I will give it to you. And your little secret…it will be kept quiet.”

“Oh come on that isn’t fair,” Kyle huffed putting his hands on his hips.

“What are you two now?” asked Sarah smiling.
“Fine, I think your really pretty…and you’re my best friend. I don’t know what I would do if I never met you. I don’t think I would be what I am today.”

“That may have been a good thing,” Sarah noted shrugging.

“No Sarah it wouldn’t…you bring out my good side without you, I would be a psycho by now. You make my life right…you were always there for me and I want you to be around my whole life,” he confessed looking down.

“Okay that was a little more than I expected, but I liked it. Your secret is safe with me,” she admitted feeling her pulse quicken while she  fought to keep from looking like an idiot.  Still she couldn’t help but keep smiling.

“Good,” Kyle said smiling.

“Oh, follow me,” she urged grabbing his hand and pulling her with him.

“Where are we going?” Kyle asked dragging his feet along.

“Just follow,” she continued as they walked up to a swing set. “This looks just like the ones we used to hang out by when we were little.”

“Your right, it does. Here get on the swing,” he suggested.

“Okay,” she nodded sitting down as he started pushing the swing.

“I remember when we used to do this. We came to the park everyday, it was the only place we could get away to without all the conflict,” he thought back to their youth pushing her on the swing.

“Yeah when I was little I remember just waiting for that moment to spend that time with you. I couldn’t wait.”

“It was pretty cool wasn’t it?”

“Yeah, most of the best moments in my life have you in them,” she divulged as he smiled.

“I would say the same thing. Not that I can really remember, but I think the best moment of my life was meeting you and getting to hang out with you,” Kyle confessed thinking to what it had been like spending his time with Sarah.

“Yeah, those were fun times. Hey, do you remember when we would jump off the swings to see who could jump farther?” she asked as he laughed.

“Yeah, I was never really good at it,” he admitted as she laughed.

“Now you admit it,” she couldn’t help but chuckle thinking to his overwhelming ego, “You always thought you were the best at everything when we were little.”

“Most of the time I was, just not at that. I was really bad at that,” he teased remembering all the times.

“You want to see if you got any better?” Sarah issued a challenge to him as they continued to swing.

“I don’t know,” he pretended to think it over raising his eyebrows.

“Oh come on, a guy with all that muscle shouldn’t be afraid of anything. I mean really.”

“Who said I was afraid?” he asked stepping back.

“If your not, then why don’t we try at least once?” she suggested stopping the swing.

“If it makes you happy sure why not,” he decided getting on the swing to take Sarah up on her challenge.

“Good,” she grinned ready to see who would reign supreme on her challenge.  She gave him a quick look before they started swinging. “Ready?”

“Not really, but okay,” Kyle admitted before they jumped off the swing.  He did a front flip landing hard on his back and he groaned in pain.

“Are you okay?” she asked running over to him.

“I don’t think so,” he winced putting his hand over his eyes.  Sure the moment wasn’t so bad except for his wounded pride and that sudden ache creeping up over him.

“Does it hurt?” she asked putting her hand on his chest as he cringed.

“Really bad,” Kyle nodded arching his back up and grinding his teeth together.

“What do I do to help,” Sarah questioned her voice full of concern.

“Make it better,” he groaned.


“I don’t know,” he winced moving back and forth writhing in misery.

“How bad does it hurt?” she asked putting her other hand on his arm.

He opened his eyes and smiled widely, “Really bad.”

“You son of a…” she started to glare at him.

“Don’t you know it,” he nodded as he pulled her down towards him.  Within seconds he got up running leaving her to chase him.

“You jerk, I really thought you were hurt,” she snapped at him ready to ring his neck while he ran from her.

“How could a guy with muscles like this,” he teased pointing at his body, “Get hurt?”

“You ass,” she blurted out running after him.

“Hey, I still got farther,” he continued laughing as she tried to catch him. “You’re never going to catch me, I was in track for six years remember. Also football.”

“I don’t care if you were on the track team or any other team when I get a hold of you I am going to kill you,” she vowed ready to give him a piece of her mind when he did a twist.
“That’s if you can catch me,” he taunted running over to a merry-go-round.

“Oh I will,” she vowed as he stopped running on the other side.

“Just bring it,” he dared her moving his hand back and forth to lead her on.

“Oh I am going to bring it,” she hissed nodding while thoughts of revenge danced in her head.

“I’m really scared,” he said smiling devilishly.

“You really should be, I can tear you to shreds…you know I could.”

“I don’t doubt that,” he said smiling.

“Do I need to prove it to you?” she asked wondering if he was about to issue yet another dare to her.
Kyle raised an eyebrow and nodded.

“Fine,” she said smiling, “I will.”


Russell stood in the kitchen working on dinner for him and Avery after the encounter they’d had at the police station with Dave. While he could see that Dave was reluctant to go after Cameron, Russ was certain that the video tape would be the first step in clearing Grady’s name.  That couldn’t happen soon enough for Russ considering that he’d missed having his brother around.  For so many months the two men had been feuding with one another, but now, well now he couldn’t wait to share so many things in his life with his brother.  Once Cameron was put away for his crimes, Russ was quite certain it would mark the beginning of a new phase in the lives of the Denton brothers at long last.
“Mmm…that smells good,” Avery murmured leaning up against Russell’s back while stepping up on her toes to look over his shoulder, “What is it?”
“Just a little something special I cooked up for an occasion such as this,” Russell informed her with a soft smile, giving a quick glance in her general direction before turning his attention to the food before him.
“I could feel it calling to me all the way from the bedroom,” Avery confessed in a low, scorching tone while dipping her hands down over his waist.  She snuggled into his strong form, savoring the feel of his muscled contours before her hands disappeared beneath the waistband of his navy colored jogging pants, “Although I must confess the food wasn’t the only thing that aroused my senses.”
“Avery,” he sucked in a sharp, unsteady breath upon feeling her gentle urgings.  Closing his eyes briefly, he felt the moist heat of her breath skim over the back of his neck before she placed a determinedly wicked kiss over his skin.  He couldn’t help but reveal a tortured expression as she gently massaged his growing eagerness.
“I thought we could skip to dessert since I wasn’t able to give you that moment in your office you were fantasizing about,” she confessed in a sinful whisper before his body registered the sudden feel of her obviously aroused nearly naked body behind him.  She brushed up against him again, her breasts skimming in over against his back and that was about all it took for him to reach out and turn off the stove top.  Spinning around to find her standing before him looking as beautiful as ever, he couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the ways in which she’d known how to have him on the edge, always unsure what to expect next with her. 
Brazenly, she strode across the kitchen opening the refrigerator door knowing full well she’d captured his full attention in that moment in time.  Seconds later she stood upright holding the two things she’d been seeking out for her persuasions before she addressed him again.
“What do you think,” she questioned with a sexy smile, tossing her dark hair back over her shoulder.  She licked her lips before holding the two bottles out towards him, “What are you in the mood for tonight, chocolate or whipped cream?  The choice is yours.”
“I um…” Russell began feeling his IQ drop about a hundred points as she stood before him clad only in a thin pair of red lace panties that he’d picked up for her not so long ago.  She waved the bottles around for a few more seconds before lowering them at her sides.
“I suppose we can just go for dinner if that’s really where you had your heart set,” Avery shrugged her shoulders in an attempt to be casual.  Taking a seat in one of the chairs at the kitchen table, she crossed her legs as if her lack of clothing had no relevance to the conversation they were having with one another.  She was cool and collected and every bit the vixen that Russell had fallen in love with so many years ago.
“Oh hell no,” he reached for the lid for the pot he’d put dinner together in.  With that statement he marched forward towards the table, reaching for her arm before pulling her out of the chair.  Hoisting her over his shoulder, he could hear the sounds of her tiny giggles.
“Russ, what are you going,” she questioned with a bit of a surprised gasp.
“Putting dinner on hold because I’m most definitely in the mood for both chocolate, whipped cream and most of all you,” he declared reaching for the bottle’s she’d collected from the refrigerator.  With a smile, he carried her toward their bedroom with the obvious mission in mind to have his way with her now that Avery had laid temptation out on the table in the most beautifully delicious straight to the point kind of way.  


“Shannon wait,” Diego called after her locating her right before she unlocked her car door.
“I really have to go,” Shannon began unwilling to turn around to face him again, “As I said before I thought I saw someone outside but…”
“But nothing,” Diego finally caught up to her, “We need to talk.”
“Oh I think what I saw inside speaks for itself,” Shannon spun around to glare at him, “Clearly I should’ve known where this was headed.”
“You don’t understand,” Diego began desperately.
“Oh I understand completely, but truth be told you’re making a huge mistake Diego,” Shannon blurted out bitterly, “because she’s a user and a liar.  She’s only going to destroy your life, but hey it’s not my problem.  I mean it’s not like we really had anything going to begin with there, so…”
“Shannon,” Diego reached out to her as if he was going to touch her before he dropped his arm at his side finding himself at a complete loss, “Look I didn’t plan for any of this.”
Shannon let out an ironic laugh, “See now that’s the thing about Heather no one plans for the uproar she brings into their life, but it happens nonetheless.  It’s the same old story with a new man of the moment and in the end, you’ll wind up just like the rest of them.  She’s nothing, but trouble.”
“Shannon, I wish that things had turned out differently, but…” Diego started feeling guilt eat away at him when he thought to how horrible things must’ve looked when Shannon arrived at his home.
“Spare me the details,” Shannon raised her hand to silence him, “I’m sure after a couple of sexual favors Heather would have you believing anything.  That’s how she worked with Brant too.”
“It wasn’t like that,” Diego started to defend himself.
“I really don’t give a damn what it was like because there’s nothing more for me to say, though I will tell you that once she gets tired of you, she’s going to give you the same song and dance that she’s done with everyone else,” Shannon let out a sarcastic laugh, “and here I actually fooled myself into thinking that maybe just maybe you might be different, but all men are the same.  They go for cheap and easy each time.”
“Shannon, I’m so sorry that I lead you on.  I never should’ve done that considering…” Diego started immediately hating himself for having put Shannon in the position she was in, “If I would’ve just been honest with myself about things…”
“Spare me the half assed apology,” Shannon rolled her eyes at him, “because I really don’t have the time to listen to another line of bull where Heather Gibbons is concerned.”
Diego opened his mouth to speak up, but it was too late when Shannon got into her car.  He watched her speed down the street and suddenly in that moment he felt like the lowest of low.  Not only had he not intended to hurt her, but he never, ever dreamt of crossing that point of no return with Heather.  Even now when he thought about her waiting for him inside the house, he wondered how he would even begin to explain what had been happening between them.  Granted he’d wanted her for quite some time, but that wasn’t what he’d planned on having happen between them.  There were still so many unspoken things that they had to deal with and their giving in to passion had only complicated the situation.
With heavy apprehension, Diego walked back up to his house feeling a chill in the air after having left his shirt back in the kitchen.  He stepped up onto the porch remembering the look that was on Shannon’s face when she’d told him off.  How he wished she never had to witness that one, but there was no turning back the hands of time.  He’d run away from his life long enough and now it was time to face the music regardless of what consequences he’d brought into his life.
Stepping into his house, Diego looked around his living room before his eyes darted back to the kitchen.  Immediately his body tensed up as he thought to what he could possibly say to Heather to open up the obvious conversation they had to have with one another.  Rubbing his palms together Diego took in a long breath before making his way into the kitchen.
“Heather we need to talk,” Diego started half expecting to find her where he’d left her seating on the table top looking ready for sin, but much to his dismay she’d vanished.  He noticed the clothing she’d been wearing earlier still laid out on the ground, but there was no other sign of her.  He realized that his shirt was missing as well and almost immediately he thought to the very image of Heather in it. 
Taking in an uneasy breath he exited the kitchen and made his way down the hallway to the guest room she was staying in.  He knocked on the door for a moment or so before cautiously opening it up only to discover she wasn’t in their either.  He took another step inside realizing that she clearly hadn’t made her way into the room at any time since they’re returned home, which could only mean one thing.
Reentering the hallway, Diego peered over at his bedroom wondering if Heather had been so bold to take the initiative where he’d left off with her.  It certainly wouldn’t be a first for her to throw out some kind of seduction, but the fact to the matter was that Diego was uncertain if they could really follow through on something that was so far out of reach for the both of them.  In the kitchen things had gone from simple to frantic, but now, well now he was beyond confused.  Surely Heather had to feel some of that when he’d left to speak with Shannon.  She had to have known, but then again, who was he trying to kid?  There was no way to describe what was happening with Heather, but he had to find a way to slow it down.
Determined to face what he was feeling, Diego marched into his room only to discover it vacant as well.  Puzzled by the current state of his home, Diego walked out into the hallway entering the living room again.  He sought out any sign of where Heather had drifted off to, but there was no indication that she’d left other than her being absent from the rooms he’d expected to find her in.  Thinking that she may have stepped out back in the chaos, Diego headed towards the kitchen again, but was thwarted by what he noticed on the door in front of him.
“What the…” he started noticing a small piece of paper was tacked up onto the door.  There were words scribbled upon it in Heather’s handwriting.
“I’m sorry for the trouble I’ve caused you.  I can assure you that I won’t do it again, so please don’t worry about me.  I‘m going home to my husband where I belong, so please don‘t try to follow me,” he read aloud finding himself in a heavy state of confusion upon the completion of her words on the page before him.  Suddenly nothing made sense and as he thought of all the things he’d shared with Heather, he was lost in a whirlwind of perplexity trying to figure out exactly what he’d missed from the moment he’d left her.  Something certainly didn’t feel right about any of this.  Something was wrong.  Dropping down on the arm of the couch behind him Diego tried to make sense of her words.  Now overcome with guilt at how things had transpired, Diego realized that things had come to a very unsettling point between them which had ultimately lead Heather back into the arms of danger with Cameron.


“What the hell do you think you were doing there,” Cameron demanded throwing Heather into his library once they’d returned to his estate.  Watching her slam into the sofa in front of her, he locked the door behind them while unleashing the anger he’d held the reigns on in the way back home, “What were you thinking?”
“You can’t control me Cameron,” Heather dared to speak out in protest.  She crawled across the floor before reaching out to the edge of the sofa to pull herself up after he’d knocked her down.
“The hell I can’t,” Cameron bent down to pull her up off of the ground with a growl.  He dug his fingers into her arm shaking her wildly before he forced her to look at him, “You belong to me Heather.  You’re my wife and I won’t allow you to make a fool of me like that with that man.”
“I don’t have to try to make a fool of you Cameron because you do that all on your own,” Heather shot back at him with an icy glare only to be met by the cold, hard impact of his fist against the left side of her face.  Unprepared for the blow against her, Heather dropped to the ground before Cameron feeling his presence over her.  She shuffled to move away from him only to have him kick at her ribs causing her to buckle over in agony.
“Do you think you’re funny Heather,” he questioned harshly reaching down to grab her by her hair.  He yanked her head up off of the ground only to slam her face first into the wooden floor, “Is this a joke to you?  Huh?  Do you think you can just go around and make a mockery of what we have with one another?”
“Cameron…” she coughed his name while the salty taste of her own blood filled in the back of her throat.  She felt his iron grip on her hair before he thrust her face first into the ground again with a fiercer blow than before.
“Don’t you Cameron me,” he seethed down at her, “You have no right to go step out on me with that man.  I own you Heather and your life is mine.  You are my wife and you will give me the proper respect or else you’ll suffer the consequences.”
Heather said nothing as he reached out to her shoulder wrenching her up off of the floor.  She turned her tear-filled eyes up at him, seeing the monster before her.  Despite how hard she’d wanted to keep from showing him fear, she couldn’t hide the trembling that had overtaken her when he lashed out at her again hitting her with another powerful force.
“Do you think this is funny?  That you can just make a mockery of all that I’ve worked so very hard for in my life and I wouldn’t react,” he knelt down before her clamping his hand around her neck before offering up a squeeze.  She brought her hands up to pry his palm away from her slender neck, but he seized her wrists with his other hand keeping her from preventing his punishment.
“Have I not given you enough to think about,” Cameron commanded her full attention as he loosened his grip around her neck ever so slightly.  His monstrous eyes penetrated her in an attempt to break her completely as he held onto her.  Leaning in closer to her, he constricted his hold on her neck once again before whispering to her, “Now Heather, you know I don’t want to hurt you like this, but you leave me no choice.  You know how crazy it makes me when you run off and do such things…”
“Cameron…” she whimpered in response feeling his hand release her wrists, but the weight of him hovered over as he knelt before her.  His mouth pressed up against her neck before his nose nuzzled into her skin.
“Shhh,” he warned bringing his finger up over her lips to silence her, “Heather, I know we can work through all of this, but first, well first I think it’s time for me to teach you another lesson.”
“No,” she cried out trying to wrench her way out from beneath him, but he was too powerful, too strong.  Feeling him push her down to the ground, he covered her body with his while wiping at her tears.
“No Heather,” he smiled down at her, “my beautiful, lovely Heather, you know that I don’t want this to be difficult for us.  I want to make our lives as easy as possible which is why I’m going to lay it out on the line as simple as I can for you.”
She said nothing as he hovered over her.  Fear consumed her when she saw the madness that had overtaken him and in that moment she knew she’d been lost in her ultimate nightmare.
“Now sweetheart, I’m going to tell you this once and only once and you’d better listen to me,” he dropped his hand down over her hip before his dark eyes ripped through her.  He dropped another kiss over her neck before moving his mouth just above her skin.  Tentatively his fingers teased over her thigh before he whispered in her ear in a sadistic tone, “If you ever think about walking out on me, I swear to you that I’ll kill your little psychiatrist.  If you ever see him again or dare to defy me in any way, you can consider him a dead man.”
He paused from his words rising up enough to see the sheer terror behind her eyes before he dropped down to kiss her tenderly.  She writhed in agony beneath him feeling her insides ready to come out from within with repulsion, but just when she feared he’d try to overthrow her again as he had in his office, he backed off.
Touching her cheek gently, he could see that his words finally sank in and he smiled, “You have my word on that darling.  As long as you play nice, your psychiatrist will be fine, but if you cross me, he’s as good as gone from this world and it‘ll be all your fault.”


Kyle smiled as Sarah began chasing him again around the merry-go-round. He ran around hastily only to trip and fall to the ground.  Sensing a distinct advantage, Sarah moved in upon him.  With one swift move, she jumped on top of him.

“You caught me,” he replied grinning.

“You bet I did,” she nodded, her eyes wide with amusement at the predicament Kyle found himself in.

“I guess I was wrong, you can catch me. One question, why haven’t you ripped me to shreds yet?” he asked putting his arms behind his head.
“I was thinking it over while I was chasing you, and I decided that you’re better to have around,” she shrugged with an afterthought as Kyle smiled.

“So that means I can’t be that bad to hang out with,” he laughed raising his eyebrows.  “You actually might even find yourself enjoying my company huh?”

“Yeah, I guess your okay,” she nodded, “I mean it beats being home alone on a night like this I suppose.”

“Are you sure about that,” he couldn’t help but tease her.
“Well no not actually, but I suppose you’re okay,” she reiterated catching note of the expression that spilled over his features.

He opened his mouth to speak, but instead stopped himself much to Sarah’s surprise.

“What?  Cat got your tongue,” she questioned with a quick wiggle of her brow.

“I can deal with okay,” he decided as they got up again.  He wiped his pants off. “Would you look at that.”


“Remember, we used to hang out all the time on the merry-go-round,” Kyle motioned to the playground toy before them.  He flashed her a quick grin before walking over to it.

“Yeah, I do,” Sarah nodded smiling, “Of course back then that seemed like it was the solution to everything.  If I had a bad day I would just call you over and we’d go to the merry-go-round.  You’d spin me around so fast I thought I’d throw up, yet it was the greatest thing.”

“Hmm, I never thought hearing a woman say I almost made her throw up would sound so tempting,” he joked catching wind of the reflective expression on her face.

“I never imagined I’d enjoy that feeling as much I did.  I mean I didn’t know if I was coming or going or what was happening next.  It was the ultimate feeling of freedom and excitement rolled into one when we did that,” she thought back to their youth remembering all the simple pleasures they’d taken from one another’s company.

“Here get on it,” he suggested with a nod.

“I can’t,” Sarah started to argue with him, “I’m too old to do that.”

“You’re never too old,” Kyle motioned for her to join him.  “We can try it for old time’s sake.

“You’re absolutely insane.  I hope you realize that Kyle,” she blurted out jumping onto the ride.

“So what else is new,” he shrugged his shoulders unable to refrain from admiring her beauty under the night sky.

“Okay, start pushing buddy,” she urged laughing as Kyle pushed as hard as he could.  He watched the way her eyes lit up with that same enthusiasm she’d had as a child and immediately he was drawn in.  Pushing a few more times, he finally stepped forward, jumping up towards her once he’d gotten a good sense of movement going.  In his haste he almost stumbled off.

“Okay, it’s been a while since I have done that,” he confessed putting his hand over his head and sitting on one of the bars.

“You’re really getting old, you know that?” she teased poking at his ribs while sitting on the bar next to him.

“Excuse me, I think I am doing just fine for my age,” he feigned offense shaking his head.

“Whatever you say,” she threw out a taunting look just to get another jab in at her long time friend.  There was just something about the expression on his face that had her thinking so many different things about the future for them.  Sure, he‘d been her longest friend, but there was something about his eyes--in his smile--his laughter that made her heart melt.  For a moment she almost forgot that this just wasn’t another one of the silly dreams she’d had about the two of them sharing time alone with one another.

“Yeah, so…are you excited about your new job?” he questioned putting a halt to her dwindling thoughts.

“Yeah, I can’t wait. What about you, how is the private investigating going? Any new near death experiences?” she questioned with a quick wiggle of her brow as he laughed.

“Close enough, my car got put to an early rest.  It was caught in the crossfire of a shooting,” Kyle sighed shaking his head and looking down.

“Are you talking about that ugly car I told you not to buy?” she frowned thinking about his unnecessary purchase as he gasped in horror.

“She was beautiful, she didn’t deserve to get gunned down like that.  She had a promising life ahead of her,” Kyle insisted raising both his eyebrows.

“Whatever you say, I still think that you shouldn’t have wasted your money,” she groaned laughing at the expression on his face.

“On that baby, no money could ever be wasted. She’s in the shop, I hope she will be okay.  The guy working there said that she would be like new, but I‘m sure she‘ll never be the same,” Kyle sighed as Sarah smirked.

“It’s just a car why do you call it a she? Or why do you even act like it‘s a living thing?”

“Because she is a living thing to me, she’s my baby,”  Kyle frowned.  “I’d be lost without her.”

“It sounds like you love that car more then anything in the world,” she remarked as Kyle shook his head.

“Not true,” he said pointing at her.

“Then who or what is more precious to you then that car?” Sarah baited him watching as Kyle raised an eyebrow.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?”

“Just never mind, I can tell you’re in a stubborn mood,” she said with a groan.

“Am not,” Kyle said frowning.

“Okay your not,” she decided not to argue with him knowing it would be no used to get into a battle of wits when her mind was reeling with other thoughts where Kyle was concerned.  In an attempt to shift the focus on something irrelevant to what she was feeling, she spoke up once again. “So how did your car get shot?”
“Long story,” he sighed looking around through the darkness of the night.

“Well, the night is still young, meaning we have some time to talk,” she suggested watching the way the moonlight accentuated every handsome line of his face.

“Well, I was doing some work for a friend of mine and it ended up being more serious then we thought. A guy who was leading us in the right direction ended up getting shot in a drive by and unfortunately my car go hit too,” Kyle explained reflecting on the memory.

“How nice of you to think of your car before the guy,” she gave him a strange look as he frowned.

“Give me a break, the guy was a freak,” he informed her with a shrug.  “I think it’s safe to say no one will really miss him.”

“I have to worry about you sometimes,” Sarah decided giving him a long look.

“And why is that?”

“What if the guy who got shot was you? What if you were the one gunned down?” she continued to explain to him.  “I know your job is dangerous, but still I don’t think I stand being without you.”

“Thanks,” he said smiling, “but as I said before in terms of the guy, I don’t really think he’s going to be missed very often though.”

“You’re something else Kyle,” she blurted out as he stood up.

“That’s a good thing I’m assuming?” he asked as he felt dizzy and fell backwards over the bar and onto the ground.

“Are you okay?” she asked jumping off as he got up wiping the woodchips away from his tousled hair.

“I think so.  Remind me never to do that again,” he said pointing in the direction of the merry-go-round.

“I’ll try, but I wont promise anything. It’s kind of funny when that stuff happens to a big guy like you,” she laughed watching him take a seat on the ground.

“Hey I guess you were right, maybe I am really falling for you,” he offered up in a half teasing tone while smiling in an attempt to lighten the mood.

“Could be,” she nodded trying to ignore the furious pounding of her heart at the very mention of something growing between them.  Their eyes connected and she felt her pulse race harder than before.  There was just something to be said about being this close to him--something so very reckless and dangerous and so very tempting with his words.

“Want me to walk you home?” Kyle suggested smiling and standing up.

“Sure that would be great,” she nodded hoping to keep from letting her buried feelings get the best of her.

They walked to her place in silence.  While Sarah had a lot reeling in her mind, she tried to stay focused on the evening they’d shared.  It was about two friends enjoying one another’s company.  Nothing more and nothing less, though her heart was saying so much more about what she wanted to see happen.  Finally after her tortured thoughts, she discovered they were by her home.  Seconds later they stopped in front of it.

“Thanks a lot Kyle, it meant a lot to me. I had fun,” she said smiling.

“Yeah, I had fun too. I just feel bad that you didn’t get a real dinner,” he informed her with a sheepish expression.

“Hey, it’s no problem. I enjoyed tonight and besides you can make it up to me with another dinner.”

“In that case, I should have us get kicked out of a restaurant more often,” he couldn’t help but tease her.

“You’d enjoy that wouldn’t you,” she laughed lightly thinking about the night they’d shared with one another.  “I almost forgot, your jacket.”

“You hold on to it for now, next time I see you I will get it back,” he insisted watching her try to hand it back over to him.
“Thanks,” she said smiling while she hugged the jacket closer to her body thinking about the scent of him swept over her senses.  Just being this close to him via his jacket was enough to give her dreams for weeks to come.

“Well, I should get going,” she decided walking up the steps to her house.

“Sarah wait,” he began grabbing her hand pulling her down to him.

“What is it?” she asked raising an eyebrow.

“You know how you asked me that question earlier,” he began nervously, thinking of how to approach the situation that had been on his mind for so very long.

“Which one,” she asked tilting her head.

“The one about my car and if I liked something more than it,” he reminded her smiling.

“Yeah,” she said not knowing where this was heading considering that her thoughts had gone in all different directions all night long.

“Well, I have an answer for you,” he divulged grinning despite the way his palms were growing clammy now that his nerves were getting the best of him.

“What would that be?” she questioned shifting on her toes before his hand touched her face lightly.

“Truthfully…” he started in a low, breath of a whisper, “The answer is you.” He leaned in kissing her slowly. 

Tentatively, the back of his fingers brushed up against her cheek, skimming over the velvety soft skin of her face.  He could taste the sweetness of her lips intoxicating him far more than any of his fantasies ever could’ve over the years.  Nothing compared to the moment he and Sarah had broken beyond the barriers of friendship delving into something deeper with one another.  He was taking a risk, but in kissing her, in touching her like this, he realized that it was a risk worth taking.  He’d wanted her for so very long, but did she feel it too?  With that thought rushing over his senses he brought the kiss to an abrupt ending with a nervous jolt.

“I’m sorry, that was a bad thing to do,” he started to apologize backing up and turning around with a cloud of embarrassment rushing down upon him.

“Kyle,” she breathed grasping onto his hand.

“Yes?” he asked as his brown eyes looked into hers.

“It’s okay, I‘m glad you just did that.  It‘s something I‘ve been thinking about for a long time,” she admitted taking a step forward and pulling him in towards her. 
Without a word, she threw her arms around him kissing him with the same longing he‘d revealed to her.  There was something to be said about how perfect the moment felt for the two of them.  After what felt like an eternity of bliss, the two parted breathlessly.  He reached for her hand giving it a light squeeze as their eyes connected once again. Kyle smiled as she started walking up the steps.

“Goodnight,” he called out to her as her hand slowly slipped out of his.

“Night,” she replied in a dreamy, breathless tone giving him one last once over before closing the door behind her.

“Yes,” he cheered under his breath starting to walk back the other way.  Somehow this night had turned out to be everything he’d dreamt about but had been too afraid to experience for so many years.  Sure, he’d thought about Sarah for a long time, but he’d always feared what would happen if he’d taken that leap.  Now that he did, he was counting his lucky stars that this would mark the beginning of something wonderful between them.


Lost in the afterglow of the stolen moments they’d shared with one another, Russ and Avery snuggled into one another beneath the thin sheet that covered them.  The soft breeze of the overhead ceiling fan sent tiny shivers over their bodies while Avery dropped her head over Russell’s chest to savor the moment of silence that had enveloped them after their intense love making session.  She could feel tiny thrills race up and down her spine as his thick fingertips gingerly circled over her spine.
“Have I told you lately just how much I love you,” he questioned kissing the top of her head while she held onto him readily.
“Maybe once or twice in the last few minutes,” Avery couldn’t help but tease him, “but I wasn’t sure if that was really you talking or the orgasm.”
“I’ll give you the orgasm,” Russ pulled her up closer to him so that their eyes met. 
“I’d say you did quite well at that,” she stated boldly in a raspy, passion spent tone. 
A moment of silence passed between them before Russ noticed the hint of mischief burning behind the dark pools of chocolate before him.  Her words were daring and bold and completely Avery, he thought to himself when he began to tickle at her sides before urging her onto her back again.  He moved in over her teasing her mercilessly with his frantic fingers before his mouth dropped down over the curve between her neck and shoulder to blow against her skin.  She let out a squeal as he’d hit her most ticklish secret hotspot with that movement.   
“Russ…” she screamed out his name in an entirely different fashion than the one she’d been using moments earlier when she’d been caught up in the heat of passion.  Now he was being goofy, teasing and down right vicious with his tickle torture, “stop.”
“Not until you say what I’m waiting to hear,” he dropped down to blow on her body again sending tiny vibrations over her while she wiggled beneath him.
“Okay, okay,” Avery gave in unable to contain her overwhelming laughter, “I know you love me and I love you too.  More than you can even begin to imagine.”
“I can imagine a lot,” he confessed propping himself up on his shoulders over.
“And you seem to put a great deal of that imagination to life with us, don’t you,” Avery winked up at him thinking about their intense relationship with one another.
“Is that a complaint,” he arched a wicked brow.
“Not at all,” she shook her head in response, “but more so an observation.”
“I see,” he noted skimming his index finger down over her side, teasing it over her rib cage only to feel the tiny goose bumps that formed upon her damp skin.  She writhed beneath him in an involuntary movement before her gaze interlocked with his once again.
“Russ, you have no idea what it is you do to me,” she confessed watching the knowing expression that darted across his mischievous green eyes, “and for the record, right now I’m not just talking about well…that.”
“Ah, so what else is on your mind,” he inquired stealing a quick kiss from her.
“Everything, anything, nothing…” she sighed heavily pressing her hand to his chest to send him onto his side.  Turning to face him, she slid her arm around his body to hold onto him, “You just have that kind of effect on me you know.”
“I’m hoping that’s a good thing,” he mouthed reaching out to bring his fingers through her dark hair.
“It’s the best thing,” she confessed with a throaty whisper, “It’s that special something that I’ve waited forever to have in my life.  Loving you has been the key to my survival and I don’t know what I’d do without this in my life.”
“Lucky for you that’s something we’re never going to have to worry about,” he assured her with a soft smile, feeling her wrap her leg around his thigh in an attempt to pull them closer to one another in their embrace.
“Even so, I really think that now is the time for us to really focus on that,” Avery added with a thoughtful smile, “I mean sure we’ve talked about it, but something has always come up.  Our honeymoon was marred by Bruce’s ridiculously horrifying surprise and this time, well this time I was thinking that we could do something that’s entirely all about us.”
“Hmm, that sounds very nice,” he curled his arm around her just savoring the warmth of her beside her.  “What did you have in mind?”
“I don’t know.  Something simple and exotic, but not too exotic since the last time we tried that it didn’t go too well,” Avery frowned at the memory.
“That was because we had forces working against us, but hey look at what we can accomplish as a team with one another,” he offered up, his voice full of hope, “Today we found ourselves one step closer to proving Grady’s innocence and with Dave pursuing this thing against Cameron, well that in itself says how great of a team we make.”
“I just hope for Grady’s sake that this is going to be the key to his freedom,” Avery sighed thinking about her brother-in-law, “He and Jade have waited so very long for happiness in their lives and I’d hate to think that it could still be ripped away from them.”
“Hey, if we can make it, so can they,” Russell coaxed her into another kiss, “I mean just look at how many times someone has tried to keep up apart.”
“Yeah, well we aren’t completely out of the fire just yet,” Avery admitted with yet another sigh.  Thinking back to the kiss Brant had laid upon her in her office when Kyle had walked in, she stiffened in her husband’s arms.
“Avery, what is it,” Russ questioned watching her tense up beside him.
“Nothing,” she lied trying to force the sentiment her words conveyed.
“Don’t tell me that Avery,” he frowned upon her words.  Sensing her hesitance, he curled his arm around her tighter than before and hugged her in closer to him to prevent her from closing herself off, “What’s really bothering you?”
“Russ, it’s just that I…”  she started at a loss realizing there would be no way she could tell him about Brant without him going into an uproar.  Feeling guilt tug away at her, she reached out to trace the lines of his shoulder with her index finger, “I’m just worried about the things that are still left unfinished here in Coral Valley.  You know with Bruce and…”
“Bruce isn’t going to get in the way of what we have with one another,” he tried to assure her.  He paused thinking about what he had Kyle working on.  While he wanted to share it with her, all he could do was touch her face and hope that she would feel secure in the hope that the madman from her past would soon be nothing more than a fading memory, “He’s not going to be able to run forever and when they catch him, well it won’t be a day too soon.”
“No it won’t,” she sighed in agreement feeling him roll onto his back while taking her with him.  She snuggled in over his chest to listen to the sounds of his heartbeat in beneath her.
“You know, this situation won’t last.  Bruce is going to be put away for life and we’re going to have a heck of a time raising our little one,” Russell couldn’t help but smile at the thought, “and hey you never know, in another year or so we could think about adding to our happy home here.”
“You mean with another baby,” her eyes widened in response.
He nodded, “Sure, why not?  I mean I always wanted to have my own little baseball team.”
“Russ, you’re insane,” Avery shook her head at the thought, “I haven’t even had our first baby and here you are planning for the others down the line.”
“That’s because I know that our daughter is going to want to have a little brother or sister to look after and boss around,” Russell explained with a hint of laughter.
“Our daughter,” Avery repeated giving him a strange look, “Do you know something that I don’t know here?”
“Call it instinct, but I get a feeling that we’re going to have a beautiful little girl around here that has her mother’s pretty face,” Russell divulged with a proud smile, “She’s going to have your charm and your spunk and I’m going to love every minute with her.”
“And if you’re wrong and we’re having a son?” she arched a curious brow.
“Then he’s going to be a fine young man with his mother’s sparkling personality and her love for sports, but I have to tell you,” he paused before cracking another grin, “I really think we’re having a girl.”
“And since when did you encounter those psychic abilities,” she asked with a strange look.
“Since I started thinking about some of your curious habits lately,” he shrugged his shoulders, “I mean the whole chocolate and whipped cream motif you had going here couldn’t have come from a son.”
“And just why not,” Avery curled her lip in a pout.
“Because that doesn’t come from me.  That comes from the baby’s mother and only a little girl could be craving something that sweet…” he continued to reason.
“Or that sinful,” Avery pointed out thinking to what followed the chocolate and whipped cream.
“Now Avery, please don’t ruin my image of our little one by reminding me of how we are,” he dropped his hand over her stomach, taking the time to ponder what the future had in store for them.
“It’s a reality we’ll have to live with sooner or later,” Avery added watching the strained expression cross over his face.
“I vote for later,” he decided curling his arm around her, “now about that second honeymoon we were discussing before.”
“Ah yes, our somewhat exotic escape,” Avery nodded in remembrance, “Any suggestions?”
“Well, I talked to Caitlin the other day and she sounded like she and Ken were lost in a whirlwind of love out in Seattle.”
“Did she now,” Avery questioned with a curious expression, “So things are going good for them, then?”
“Things are going great for them,” he nodded in response, “and that got me thinking about our taking a trip out there to perhaps see if it could have the same effect on us.”
“It does sound tempting, but you know my father did arrange for that European honeymoon that we said we’d have to take a rain check on,” Avery snuggled into him, “I heard Vienna was always nice around this time of year.”
“Hmm, you know that’s one place I’ve always wanted to go to with you, but never had the opportunity,” he pondered for a long moment.
“So then maybe it’s a good idea to think about going out there after all.  I mean I know I was concerned about being pregnant and taking a big trip, but I don’t see it as being anymore stressful than what we’ve been going through already.”
“Neither do I,” Russ confessed kissing the top of her head before curling her in closer to him while the two pondered the direction they’d take in the future with the next two weeks theirs for the taking.


“So what’s the hurry Dave,” Shannon frowned entering his office in a haste.  While she’d wanted nothing more than to go home and forget the nightmare of an evening she’d walked into, half way home, she’d gotten paged by Dave repeatedly.  It was now well past midnight carrying over into a new day and she’d gotten none of the rest she’d hoped for.  At this moment she stood in the police chief’s office feeling less than enthusiastic about the fact that she wasn’t at her hotel room alone.  “What’s the problem?”
“It’s not necessarily a problem,” Dave motioned for her to close the door behind her, “but more so a break that we both have been waiting for.”
“Such as,” Shannon carefully shut the door behind her before turning around to find Dave seated on the edge of his desk with a television remote control in hand, “What is this?  Some kind of joke?”
“On the contrary, this is exactly what we’ve waited for Shannon,” he motioned to the VCR before him, “In there is the surveillance tape from the night of Kipp Mahoney’s shooting.”
“Wasn’t that destroyed somehow,” Shannon gave him a strange look, “I thought you had your men go seek it out, but it wasn’t anywhere to be found.”
“That’s what Lieutenant Sharpe had said,” Dave started to explain taking note of the expression on her features, “Yeah, don’t say it.  Anyways, as you can see there’s a copy here that I was able to get my hands on and look…”
Shannon focused on the screen before her suddenly seeing what Dave was trying to show her.  Her jaw dropped in surprise as he hit pause and she let out an ironic laugh, “Well I’ll be damned.”
“See what I’m saying here,” Dave explained stopping the tape and pulling it out of the VCR.  He tossed it over to her before circling around his desk to grab his jacket, “Which is why we can’t wait on this one.  I want you to keep that tape for good measure because around here, well there’s no telling what will happen.”
“Dave, but where are you going,” Shannon watched him slip into his jacket.
“I’m going to take a trip over to the Stone estate and give Cameron a wake up call,” Dave flashed her an enthusiastic grin before grabbing his keys, “Care to join me?”
“You’re damn right I will,” Shannon nodded in agreement following Dave out of the office with a great many questions running through her mind about the level of guilt behind the powerhouse that had evaded police attention thus far.  It was time to get the answers that Cameron had refused to give them.

...to be continued...