Episode 186

Deidra stood outside the door to her apartment finding herself face to face with Dean after the trip they’d taken with one another. Their time together had been nice and while she’d hoped that they’d take things to the next level, she could understand his need to take things slow between them. Even though she’d hated to admit it, the truth was that until she dealt with the issue she had with Andy, she really couldn’t consider herself on the free market. Sure the divorce had come up, but until it was finalized she and Dean had decided to try to take things slow. Still as she stood before him, leaning in against her apartment front door, she couldn’t help but find herself lost in his eyes.

“Are you sure you don’t want to come in,” she questioned lazily drawing her fingers in over his shirt. She bunched up the fabric and pulled him in closer to her, his mouth hovering in just above hers.

“Believe me I’d be more than happy to come inside,” Dean confessed his breath skimming in over her eager, waiting lips, “but we both know it’s probably not such a smart idea.”

“You had me all to yourself for a while now and you’ve been behaving like a perfect gentleman,” Deidra reminded him with a coy expression, “What would be the harm in your coming inside for a drink?”

“The harm would be in the fact that back at the cabin, well, I had cold showers to curb my impulses,” he explained with a slight grin.

“Well, I have a shower in here as well,” she explained in a flirty tone, “and I’m sure if things get too intense we can find a way to cool down together with that.”

“Getting you into a shower and picturing you naked, well that would be the last thing that would cool me down at this point,” he confessed with a slight groan, feeling his body tighten and constrict at the very thought of getting her alone in such cramped quarters.

“That wouldn’t be such a bad thing you know,” she thought aloud, fanning her fingers out over his shoulder to pull him in closer to her.

“I’m starting to think that temptation is going to have it’s way with me tonight if I’m not careful here,” he revealed.

“So then let temptation reign supreme. I won’t tell anyone if we bend the rules a bit,” she suggested leaning in closer to him, her leg rubbing up against his thigh.

“I think it’s very easy to forget the rules where you’re involve,” Dean revealed unable to resist the urge to taste of her vanilla flavored lips. His mouth dipped in over hers, kissing her with a soft sensuality, but soon the kiss transformed into something greater, something that was all about longing and need. Before either one of them knew it, he’d pressed Deidra against her door, kissing her wildly as his hands explored all her savory curves. He could feel her hands traveling over him enticing him all the more, but as he thought of what he’d promised her, he pulled back with a labored breath.

“I really think I should get going,” Dean managed to get out while attempting to put some kind of distance between them to keep from losing control.

“I really wish you didn’t have to leave,” she mouthed, licking her lips as the taste of him still remained strong over her.

“I wish I didn’t either, but you have to trust me when I tell you that this will be worth the wait. When the time is right,” he brushed his thumb over her bottom lip in a slow, exaggerated movement, “it’ll be something special for us.”

“I know it will,” she nodded in response, hating to break the contact between them, but unfortunately Dean had a point. Taking a step sideways she placed her key in the door unlocking it before throwing out one last longing look, “I’ll miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too, but I promise I’ll call you later,” Dean leaned forward to kiss her lightly before she entered her apartment. They gazed at one another for a long moment before she blew a kiss in his general direction.

“I’ll be dreaming of you,” she revealed with a small smile.

“I’ll be doing the same,” Dean replied as she closed the door much to her own dismay.

Sinking in against the door Deidra closed her eyes thinking about the wonderful time they’d shared with one another. Never before in her life had she met someone so patient and caring, someone who was really trying to put her first above all else. Sure, with Andy he’d tried to give off that illusion, but with Dean she knew it was the real deal. He truly cared about her and with each passing moment they spent with one another, she realized she was starting to fall head over heels for him. Their time together was something she found herself looking forward to more and more.

“Oh Dean,” she sighed trying to think of something other than the man who had managed to make her smile again after having spent so much time in a world of misery. Sure, maybe things were running their course for them slower than they both wanted, but maybe Dean was right. Maybe this time love was worth waiting for.

With that thought in mind, Deidra stepped away from her door only to hear a knock. Turning around to look at the door she felt a smile growing over her lips. So saying good-bye had been hard for Dean too. Well she could certainly understand that and as she reached for the door to open it, she figured maybe they could find a way to salvage tonight somehow.

“Couldn’t stand to be away from me, could you?” she questioned with a bright smile ready to throw her arms around him.

“Well hello to you too,” Dave replied feeling her embrace him. He awkwardly held onto her before speaking up once again, “But somehow I have the feeling that you weren’t thinking that I’d be the one at your door, huh?”


Angela popped her head into Nick’s room attempting not to let things get awkward between them after Kevin had walked in at the most inopportune moment in time. She wasn’t quite sure what had possessed her to want to get close to Nick, but there was something about him that she couldn’t quite explain. Still it was no excuse to start acting like a crazy teenager with a crush. She would just have to lay down the patient/doctor ground rules for him.

“You can do this,” she told herself stepping into the room only to discover him standing by the hospital bed shirtless. She stood frozen for a moment watching him reach for the shirt that lay spread out across the bed. His arms flexed with the movement, his body twitching slightly with the movement as Angela found herself drawn to his chest. Unable to contain herself she cleared her throat to let him know he wasn’t alone any longer.

“Doctor Meloni,” he smiled turning to see her as he held his shirt in hands, “and here I was thinking you’d probably be avoiding my like the plague after your boyfriend walked in on us.”

“Kevin’s not my boyfriend,” Angela stammered a bit, “I mean he’s a friend and he’s a guy, but we’re not…never mind.”

“Oh, so you’re saying that the powerhouse that follows you around isn’t your significant other,” he grinned at the prospect, “Now that’s something to get a bit excited about.”

“Not nearly as much as you’re hoping for it to,” she shook her head at him feeling a moment of his flirting get to her.

“Tell me are you always wound up this tightly?” he questioned taking a seat on the edge of the bed.

“Only when my patients continue to flirt with me shamelessly,” she nodded in response, “because it makes me very uncomfortable on a professional level.”

“In that case, problem solved,” he finally slipped into his shirt now making it a bit easier for her to concentrate without gawking. He rose up again before facing her with a look of all seriousness, “because I’m checking myself out of here.”

“You’re what?” her jaw practically dropped in shock, “You can’t do that.”

“Sure I can,” he replied with a nod, “The way I see it there’s nothing wrong with me.”

“Other than the fact that you’re missing a huge chunk of your memory there. That in itself is a big problem Nick. It doesn’t exactly make for good starting ground once you leave here.”

“I’m not going far,” he informed her with a small smile, “Martha told me about a place for rent not far from here that she and her husband own, so I’m sure that I can stay there for a while.”

“That’s wonderful, but just how do you think you’re going to be able to afford something like that,” she questioned bluntly.

“Well, funny thing about being here. People are so eager to help and Martha also mentioned to me that her cousin owned the bar and was looking for help so…”

“So you just thought that you’d go over there and work until what? Until you remember who you are?” she questioned placing her hands on her hips.

“That was kind of the plan,” he nodded in agreement, “and then of course being that I’m not longer a patient, well I was figuring that you’d at least let me take you out to dinner tonight to celebrate my progress.”

“Nick, there’s no telling what could happen to you when you remember everything you’re missing. I mean there’s a lot more happening than either one of us know about and…” Angela started to protest.

“And nothing,” he replied with a simple shrug of his shoulder, “As I’ve said before if it’s supposed to come back to me, it will. So far all I can remember is what I’ve told you. We know my name is Nick and that I wound up here for a reason.”

“One that you yourself can’t even begin to explain at this point,” she pointed out with a scowl, “Nick, there’s no telling what is waiting for you outside this hospital.”

“Maybe not at this point, but I figure with your help, well maybe we can uncover the mystery together,” he paused flashing her a sexy smile, “that is if you’re interested in being involved.”

“Why does it matter so much to you that I’m involved in this Nick? I mean you’ve come on really strong since the moment you’ve awakened and I have to tell you that I’m not really sure how to deal with something like that,” she admitted still trying to figure him out.

“Well, the truth to the matter is that I’m not sure who or what I was before you found me, but since you saved me on the beach, well I can’t help but think about you. You’ve been in my dreams and surely that has to mean something,” he stepped towards her, reaching out to take her hand in his, “Right now you’re the only person in this world that I can trust and…”

“And I’m your doctor,” she pointed out with a small frown.

“Not anymore. I checked myself out, remember?” he wiggled his brow at her, “I’m just one of the general public now.”

“Nick, you’re pushing my patience here,” she gave him a firm look.

“Angela,” he threw her name back out at her pointedly, “don’t argue this.”

“How did you know my name?” she questioned with wide eyes.

“You’re not the only one who can work at solving a mystery,” he motioned to her nametag, “Besides, you didn’t really think that I’d be calling you Doc all the time, did you? Though if you‘d like, I can stick with that as long as you let me call you.”

“You’re not at all interested in getting better are you,” she asked skeptically, “I mean for all I know you could have your memory back and this is just a come on line, isn’t it?”

“As much as I wish it was, it isn’t. I really don’t remember, but something tells me that there’s a reason for that,” he continued with a long sigh, “If my life was so damned important before I wound up here, I would’ve found a way to hold onto it, wouldn’t I?”

“I suppose,” she nodded with a shrug, “but I’m not going to lie and tell you that I think you should give up searching for you past.”

“Fine, but when I do that, I’m hoping that you’ll be here to help me with that--at least as a friend,” his eyes pleaded with her, giving her something to think about.

“As a friend, well, I think we can work on it, but you have to stop trying to undress me with your eyes every time I walk into a room,” she threw back at him firmly, “because that’s not going to work for us.”

“Fair enough,” he held his hand out to her, “How about we start over again? Angela, it’s nice to meet you. My name is Nick…Nick…Smith.”

“Well Mr. Smith, it’s very nice to meet you,” she extended her hand to his, “welcome to the island.”

“It would be a much warmer welcome if you say yes to dinner with me tonight,” he flirted with her, catching her hand in his.

“Now you’re pushing it,” she moved to release his hand, but as his fingers connected with hers, she watched something happening behind his eyes. “Nick, what is it?”

“It’s nothing,” he tried to shake the feeling that overtook him. He gazed at her face, seeing her caught up in a laugh, in a moment where he had his arms around her, holding her close to him.

“Nick,” she spoke his name once again.

“I’m fine,” he steadied himself knowing what whatever it was about Angela that was drawing him closer to her had to be important. It had to be significant otherwise he wouldn’t be thinking about her as he’d been doing lately. She haunted his dreams, dominated his thoughts during his waking hours and as he thought of exploring his past, he had the uncanny feeling that getting closer to her was the key to uncovering what it was that he was missing from his life.


Kevin quietly shut the door to Angela’s office as he walked to her computer.

“Let’s see what I can find on this Nick guy,” Kevin sat down in the chair opening up some of the files. “I don’t really trust this guy.”

He started looking through the files before his cell phone began to ring and he answered it quickly not trying to be noticed.

“Hello?” Kevin questioned answering his phone as he opened one of the drawers of the desk looking for any papers.

“Kevin,” Cameron yelled over the phone as Kevin rolled his eyes stopping what he was doing. “What is going on out there?”

“What do you mean, what is going on out here?” Kevin questioned a slight bit aggravated.

“I mean how the hell did Kipp get off that damn island?” Cameron wondered as he raised his voice getting angrier by the minute.

“How are we supposed to know?” Kevin questioned with a laugh before telling him what he knew, “All I know is Kipp left with someone. We didn’t even know when he left.”

“This is all Angel’s fault, I can’t believe she let him get off that island,” Cameron growled before shaking his head.

“Hey don’t you dare blame Angela on this,” Kevin yelled pounding his fist on the desk, “She had absolutely nothing to do with this, so don’t you dare blame her.”

“Don’t you tell me what to do Adonis,” Cameron demanded before starting up again, “And you are never going to use that tone with me again.”

“Cameron, I was just saying you shouldn’t blame Angela for this,” Kevin began to calm down as he shook his head, “She was with me when it happened so it was my fault.”

“It doesn’t matter what you were saying,” Cameron shot out before snarling, “Don’t you forget that I can make sure that you never see your best friend again.”

“Cameron,” Kevin sighed as he rubbed the back of his neck lightly.

“Don’t Cameron me!” Cameron yelled before getting back to his original point, “Angel hung up on me and she won’t let me come and see her.”

“Well maybe she wants some space,” Kevin came up with an idea thinking to how Angela was.

“I don’t care if she wants some space, you need to talk to her,” Cameron demanded as Kevin nodded.

“I will do that,” Kevin agreed before starting up again, “I just think she isn’t feeling really social.”

“Are sure you can handle a little thing like that?” Cameron questioned sarcastically, “Last time I put you and Angel in charge of something, you didn’t handle it.”

“Cameron, I will talk to her,” Kevin replied biting down on his bottom lip trying not to cuss him out.

“You will? If you guys can’t handle this stuff, I should come there,” Cameron began before Kevin cut him off.

“No don’t do that,” Kevin quickly got out before realizing he just blurt it out, “I mean, we can handle this whole thing.”

“I’m sure,” Cameron rolled his eyes before thinking back to Kevin just freaking, “Is there something else you aren’t telling me?”

“No nothing,” Kevin lied before coming up with something to say, “I just got into a fight with some guy.”

“What is new?” Cameron wondered sarcastically before nodding, “You will be hearing from me later.

“Alright,” Kevin sighed as he hung up the phone and shook his head. “Cameron can’t know about Angela…not yet.”

Kevin turned back to the computer pulling the files back up. He ran his hand through his hair lightly before looking at the picture of him and Angela on the desk and picking it up.

“I can’t let another jerk hurt her again,” Kevin shook his head before going back to work.


Guy’s head rested on his shoulder as his eyes fought to stay open. One of Brooke’s fingers moved making him shake it off and stay and look at her. Was that real or was he imagining it? Her fingers once more moved making him jump to his feet in a hurry rushing to her side.

“Mom,” Guy quickly gulped down leaning over her as her eyes slowly opened. “Oh my god.”

Guy ran into the hallway looking for one of the doctors only to see a nurse.

“Can you tell one of the doctors that Brooke Morrison is awake and to hurry?” Guy questioned quickly almost skipping some of his words seeing the nurse nod.

“Right away,” she smiled before seeing him run back into the room and her eyes were still open.

“Oh my god mom, you are awake,” he laughed as he rested his hand on hers. “You really are a fighter.”

His mind got caught up in the middle of everything as he gasped realizing what just happened.

“I need to call everyone,” Guy stated before running the back of his hand against his forehead. “They need to know you are awake.”

Guy pondered what to do as he gulped down. He had to tell everyone right away.

“I will be right back,” Guy smiled leaning down and kissing her forehead lightly, “I promise.”

Guy quickly walked out the door looking for the phone.

“Avery is going to be so surprised,” Guy laughed before seeing the phone and picking it up to call everyone and tell them.


“Avery what is it,” Brant questioned worry evident in his tone as he could see something was eating away at her. Whatever it was, he could sense she was deeply troubled by it and with that worry in the front of his mind, he lead her into one of the studies. Urging her to take a seat on the sofa, he moved in beside her, taking her hand in his, “Whatever is bothering you, I hope you realize that you can talk to me about it. Anything you have to say, it’s okay.”

“No, Brant it’s not okay,” she shook her head at him, “It’s far from being okay and when I think about how stupid I’ve been lately, well I just don’t know how you’ll be able to even look at me after this.”

“Avery, I’m sure it’s not that bad,” he watched her drop her head down to look at her lap. She sniffled alerting him that she’d started crying. Unable to bear the sound of her tears, he reached out to her urging her to look at his concerned face, “Avery, please whatever it is that’s hurting you, tell me so that I can fix it.”

“Brant this can’t be fixed,” she confessed in between broken sobs, “I don’t think this could ever be fixed.”

“Avery, now I know there are times when things seem impossible, but trust me this isn’t one of them. Whatever it is you have to tell me, I won’t judge you. I love you and you should know by now that I don’t just offer that to anyone freely and without reason. You’re an incredible, amazing woman and I hope you know by now how much you mean to me…”

“Brant stop,” she pulled her hand away from his, “I’m none of those things and the more you keep saying that…”

“Yes you are. Avery, I don’t know what brought this on, but you are the most wonderful woman in the world. I love you with all that I am and I’ll do anything and everything in my power to make life easier for you. Don’t you know that by now?” he questioned with a heartfelt plea to her.

“That makes this all the more harder to tell you. Brant, I wanted more than anything to be the kind of wife you needed--the kind of wife you deserve. You’ve been so good to me and I’ve been horrible. I’ve been nothing but trouble and I’ve been holding back…”

“Avery, I understand your reluctance and it’s okay with me. I haven’t exactly given you all the reasons in the world to trust me and I know that you’re still hurting about losing Russ. I’m not going to pretend that I didn’t wish it was different, but I know where your heart was with him and I’ve accepted that. I’m just hoping that one day you’ll find it in you to see me the way that you once did. We had something special once, didn’t we? I mean the chemistry was there, wasn’t it?”

“It was more than there Brant. It’s still there which is why for me to have gone and done what I did, well it just makes no sense. I really should’ve known better, but now…” her words were brought to an end as Brant’s cell phone started to ring.

“Now what?” he questioned ignoring the loud ringing of his phone. He reached into his pocket when he realized the caller wouldn’t let up. He was about to turn the phone off when Avery reached out to him.

“Brant, wait. It might be important,” Avery insisted feeling a moment of panic overtake her as the thought of telling Brant about her night with Ken brought a whole new feeling of shame and guilt to her. Sure she’d thought she was making love to Brant, but maybe on some level she’d been able to sense the difference--maybe she had just been so blinded by her own neediness that it didn’t matter.

“Avery, nothing is more important than you are to me at this point in time,” he extended his fingers out to wipe at her tears, stroking her skin gently, “You’re all that matters in this world to me.”

She stared back at him for a long moment wishing like hell that she could find a way to fix all the things that had happened recently, but she knew there was no turning back. Brant had so readily welcomed her into his life and she had kept him at arm‘s length. She‘d tried to fight letting him in, but now, well now as he sat before her ready to give her his undivided attention she felt her nerve slipping away. Turning out of his touch, she spoke up in a small voice, “Brant, you really should answer the phone. It could be Kyle.”

“Kyle can wait, but you can’t,” he tried to explain again, but she wouldn’t hear of it. Grabbing his phone from his lap she answered it in a haste.

“Hello…” she spoke into the phone, her voice still shaky with emotion, “Guy? What are you doing calling Brant? What?”

Brant watched her pace around the room talking to her brother. Somehow something was troubling her deeper than he’d imagined and as she moved about he vowed to figure it out. He closed his eyes for a moment taking in a slow breath when he heard the crashing sound of his phone hitting the floor. Immediately he looked up to see her shaking before him.

“Avery, what’s wrong?” he questioned rushing over to her side, “Avery, talk to me.”

“That was Guy. He called to update me on Brooke’s condition. ” she replied shakily her face twisting as if she‘d seen a ghost, “Brant, she’s awake.”


Gabe looked down to the envelope that Marc handed him. While Marc had a confident expression on his face, Gabe knew that anything Marc would have to offer would come at a price that Gabe simply wasn’t willing to pay. Instead of taking a look at what was inside, Gabe tossed the envelope back at him.

“I’m not interested in this or in having you here Marc,” Gabe replied sharply, “You can take whatever it is you think you have with you and leave because you’re not wanted here.”

“Now Gabriel, you can’t tell me that you hate me so much that you’d turn away the help I could offer you,” Marc gave him a small once over, “We certainly haven’t hit that point of no return, have we?”

“We had the point of no return years ago, but you’re the one who refuses to acknowledge it. I’m not interested in whatever gimmick you’re working with here,” Gabe moved to close the door on him once again.

“I’m not working a gimmick. I’m merely trying to help you keep what’s yours. I know what it’s like to have someone threaten to take your child away. I went through it myself as you’re well aware of when I faced losing Cathy,” Marc pointed out with a frown.

“Yes, but I’m also well aware of how you dealt with that situation. I’m not going to chart into that territory with Noelle,” Gabe remarked sharply.

“Then that would be your first big mistake there. If you don’t at least take a look at what I’m offering, then you stand no chance in going up against Noelle and winning,” Marc informed him bluntly.

“I’m willing to risk it,” Gabe replied unwilling to let his fears about losing his daughter shine through where Marc was concerned. “As I said before, you need to leave now.”

“You don’t really want that Gabriel,” Marc started again hoping to capture Gabe’s undivided attention, but instead his words only enraged Gabe further.

Gabe threw open the door stepping forward in an attempt to push Marc out into the hallway, “I said leave.”

“Daddy,” Brittany looked up to her father from where she stood in the hallway with Mindy. The two girls looked at Gabe and Marc and it was obvious that Gabe’s movement had surprised the both of them.

“Hey princess,” Gabe refocused his attention to his daughter opting to ignore his growing animosity with Marc. He reached out to Brittany scooping her into his arms, “How was the trip to the video store?”

“Mindy and I got Dirty Dancing,” Brittany boasted proudly.

“She twisted my arm,” Mindy confessed turning her attention to Marc momentarily. She could sense the tension between the two men and as she thought about what she read in the magazine, her anger flared just a bit.

“Daddy, what is he doing here?” Brittany questioned tugging on her father’s shirt as she asked the question that Mindy had on the tip of her tongue as well.

“He was just leaving,” Gabe promised his daughter before glaring over at Marc expectantly, “Weren’t you?”

“For now,” Marc nodded before flashing Brittany a smile, “It was nice seeing you again Brittany.”

“Can we go inside now,” Brittany questioned ignoring Marc’s words and holding onto Gabe tighter.

“Of course we can princess,” Gabe assured her curling his arm around Brittany tighter before carrying her back into the apartment.

Mindy watched from out in the hallway a minute longer seeing the smug expression on Marc’s face as he watched Gabe. She saw there was something brewing behind his eyes and in that instant she realized she liked him even less than she liked his daughter. Taking a step forward, she tried to pass by Marc, but he stood in her way preventing her from going inside the apartment.

“It must be hard on you living with this,” Marc motioned to the door before him, “In coming so close to what you want, only to know that it can never be yours.”

“That sounds more like your game, not mine,” Mindy pushed his arm aside, “Now if you’ll excuse me.”

“Of course,” he nodded watching her enter the apartment slamming the door behind her. While Gabriel had turned him away today, Marc was certain there would come a day when Gabriel realized that there would be no other in his life that he would need more than Marc. Soon that day would come and when it did, Marc vowed to savor every last second of it.


“Well, I guess we are going to be leaving soon,” Ben frowned before rubbing his hands together.

“Well, I can’t wait to see you two again,” Cassie smiled before seeing Ben.

“Believe me, you will be seeing a lot of us,” Ben informed her as she hugged him tightly.

“I will miss you,” Cassie smiled before looking over to Diane and hugging her, “I would love to have you in this family.”

“I would love to be in this family,” Diane blushed as Cassie backed away and Alan wrapped his arm around his wife.

“It would be an honor for you to be in this family,” Alan repeated the words his wife just said.

“It would be great to be married to Ben and have a family like this,” Diane declared feeling Ben wrap his arm around her.

“Speaking of marriage,” Cassie squeaked before seeing Ben roll his eyes, “Any plans yet?”

“Not now mother,” Ben pleaded with a sigh, “Don’t scare her and make her run away.”

“I wouldn’t be scared to marry you,” Diane shot back before smiling, “That would be my dream come true.”

“So what do you say Ben?” Cassie questioned seeing Ben shrug as Diane elbowed him in the side.

“I’m just saying that when I do get married to you, it is going to be perfect,” Ben replied slightly blushing, “Just like you.”

“Diane, I have the perfect dress for you,” Cassie informed her taking her hand, “I will show you before we go.”

“Okay, I would like that,” Diane nodded as Cassie led her to the room.

“I would also think that the wedding would be in the summer, what do you think?” Cassie questioned as Diane nodded.

“I always dreamed to have my wedding in the summer,” Diane informed her to hear Ben sigh.

“Mom, just make sure you have her back soon,” Ben yelled out before shaking his head, “We need to go home sometime.”

“Don’t worry son,” Alan laughed wrapping his arm around his son’s shoulder. “Your mother will eventually be tired of talking.”

“That is going to be a long time,” Ben smiled watching Diane and his mother disappear into one of the rooms.


Blake got up to hear rapid knocking on the door opening the door to see Kyle come into the room in a flash.

“Kyle,” Grady got out quickly as he stood up and Kyle looked around the room to see Seth sitting with his hand over his eyes.

“What is going here?” Kyle questioned seeing Blake bite down on her lip hard.

“Jade is gone,” Seth sighed before looking the other way, “We can’t find her.”

“Where could she be?” Kyle wondered as he saw Grady shrug and walk closer to him.

“I don’t know,” Grady stated with a shrug, “The police are already on it, but I knew you were the best so I called you.”

“I want to help,” Kyle nodded before gulping down, “She is one of my friends.”

“Well you are the professional,” Seth sighed before shrugging, “What do you suggest we do?”

“Did you guys already search the house for clues?” Kyle questioned seeing Grady nod.

“Yeah about twenty times,” Grady informed him, “And nothing.”

“Well now that I am here lets look one more time,” Kyle sighed before pointing to Blake. “You search the bathroom for anything. Grady and Seth you look in the back rooms and I will look in here.”

“Fine, but we aren’t going to find anything,” Seth replied as Kyle shook his head.

“No, don’t give up yet,” Kyle, demanded as the other walked into the rooms and Kyle looked around the room.

He saw nothing so he decided he would get on the floor to see if he could find anything. He looked around until something under the couch caught his attention.

“Would you look at that,” Kyle smiled grabbing the item and getting up, “Guys come here.”

“What is it?” Grady questioned running into the room, “Did you find anything?”

“I found her cell phone,” Kyle held up the cell phone as the others entered the room.

“Well check whom the last person she talked to was,” Seth suggested as Kyle nodded looking into the information on her phone.

“It was this guy,” Kyle showed Grady as Grady sighed.

“Maybe she is with Gabe right now,” Grady declared dialing the number as the group stood around him.

“Hello?” Gabe answered his phone, but he didn’t have anytime to speak as Grady began talking.

“Is Jade there with you?” Grady wondered hoping to god that she was there.

“Grady calm down,” Gabe hushed before starting up, “No Jade isn’t here. What is wrong?”

“No one can find her,” Grady informed him as Gabe began to shake his head. “Her purse is here and everything.”

“What?” Gabe questioned unable to believe what he was hearing, “This is a joke right?”


“I’m sorry about before,” Deidra apologized once again as she entered the living room with a tray in hand, “I really am happy to see you Dave. It’s been too long.”

“That it has,” he nodded in response watching her set the tray on the coffee table, “So where have you been?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” she teased with a tiny wrinkle in her nose.

“That would be why I asked,” he reminded her with a small, sheepish grin.

“Well I could tell you, but I’d much rather keep you in suspense for a bit longer,” she decided with a simple shrug of her shoulders, “but what about you? What’s been going on while I was away?”

“You don’t want to know,” he groaned inwardly dropping his head back on her sofa, “I think my life is falling apart piece by piece.”

“How so?” she questioned folding her legs underneath her. She leaned forward reaching for a mug of coffee and held it out for him to take it.

“Because I really don’t think that someone upstairs likes me,” he confessed taking the mug from her. He saw the strange expression she made at his words, “No, not the apartment above you, but I mean on a more karmic level.”

“Okay, I’ll bite,” she decided sipping her own drink, “who did what now?”

“Who didn’t,” Dave shrugged his shoulders again before letting out a groan.

“Okay Dave, if you want to talk about it, you’re going to have to give me a little bit more to work with then these vague responses. What’s been going on?” she questioned in an authoritative tone, her eyes demanding an answer.

“Grady Denton’s trial was what was going on,” Dave revealed with a groan, “and it turned out to have a few more twists and turns than expected.”

“I thought I heard something on the news today in the car about it coming to an end. Something about Kipp Mahoney being alive,” she added with a curious expression.

He nodded, “Yeah well that was the plus side of it, but the downside was that I lost my credibility during the trial. At least in the eyes of a great many citizens of this town I think I have.”

“Why would you say that Dave?” she questioned blankly.

“Because the prosecution ripped me to shreds on the stand. I thought that I was in control of the situation, but then, well then I was obviously wrong,” he shook his head, “and the worst part of it is that normally I’m prepared for something like that, but then with Carly…”

“Whoa, back up. Did you say Carly? As in Carly Matthews?”

He nodded once again, “Yeah, she’s back in town. I didn’t tell you that?”

“No, I don’t think you did. I think I would’ve remembered something like that…well, maybe I might’ve overlooked it, but that’s not really relevant to me unless she’s somehow trying to sink her hooks back into you,” Deidra added catching note of the way his features shifted, “Oh God, don’t tell me that you and Carly are back together again. Dave, you can’t be serious about thinking that…”

“I didn’t say we were together,” he paused before frowning, “though I had thought about it. We kind of bonded after she and Ken got into a car crash with one another.”

“She and Ken were in a car crash? How did that happen?” she blinked back at him, “Dave, what in the world was going on here while I was away?”

“As I said I think all hell broke loose. To make a long story short Ken and Carly are fine. Well Carly is at least. I’m not sure about Ken given that he’s been on this war path after Caitlin died. I mean I know he’s been hurting, but it’s like everything has become personal to him. He’s bent on blaming the world for his problems and he’s even targeted me.”

“Ken?” Deidra repeated in astonishment, “Dave, that doesn’t sound like him at all.”

“Yeah, well you’d be surprised at how much he’s changed lately. It’s kind of like it was when he and Susan Denton were having their affair.”

“You mean he’s gone back to being reckless?”

“And self-loathing,” Dave nodded, “I thought it was bad after Wendy left, but this time it’s a whole hell of a lot worse.”

“Maybe I should talk to him,” Deidra thought it over before sipping her drink once again, “I saw how broken up he was at the hospital, but I guess I just kind of figured that Ken would bounce back again.”

“Oh he’s bounced back and this time it seems like everyone who tries to help him winds up getting hurt in the process,” he replied thinking about the blows Ken had delivered to him over the last few weeks. Remembering all too well the wounds Ken had opened up in digging the knife in Dave’s heart about Deidra, Dave suddenly felt on edge. He shifted in his seat a bit before attempting to change the direction of things, “I really didn’t come here to talk about Ken.”

“Then what did you come to talk about?” she asked patiently.

“Carly. I mean I know it’s not exactly one of your favorite subjects, but…” Dave began hoping to refocus.

“Dave, you can do so much better than that opportunistic viper,” Deidra decided with a small frown, “I know that you thought you two were happy together once upon a time, but there was never any real place for you in her life as her career was everything.”

“It wasn’t everything Deidra,” he defended Carly, “She was just very ambitious at a time when I was as well.”

“And she chose to leave after you offered her the world,” she reminded him pointedly, “That in itself tells you where her priorities are.”

“We all make mistakes Deidra and as much as I hate to admit it I wasn’t the best with Carly either. I did a lot of things that caused a considerable strain in our relationship,” he thought aloud knowing that he’d gone out of his way at times to make Carly feel like she was second best in his life.

“Carly didn’t care enough to want to try to work it out. Dave, I honestly don’t know why you ever got involved with her in the first place. She wasn’t at all your type,” Deidra insisted reaching out to pat his leg gently, “You deserved so much better.”

“Yeah well I loved Carly and besides my dream girl was already taken, so I guess I kind of had to find someone else in my life,” he replied bringing his hand in over hers and taking the time to savor the chaste touch between them.

“Dave,” Deidra pulled her hand away uneasily.

“Deidra, I’m kidding,” he offered up a small smile half meaning it, “Seriously with Carly, she and I had something special and when she almost died, well it got me thinking about how much I missed her. I miss what I had with her and I was kind of hoping that we’d find a way to get it back.”

“That’s just it Dave. When it’s over you can’t get it back. You can only move forward,” Deidra added bringing her fingers through her own dark hair, “The fact that she tried to make you look bad in court should speak for itself. She’s not about trying to make peace. She’s clearly got some issues she’s carrying with her still…”

“I think I’m the one with the issues as I can’t just accept the good things that life brings my way. I always dwell on what can never be or what was,” he tilted his head to the side to look at her, “but what about you? Do I get to hear about your mystery vacation now?”

“Well, it’s nothing to really get too detailed about,” she confessed unable to suppress the smirk that spread over her face, “Okay, so maybe it’s something worth gushing over, but still…”

“So who is the lucky guy?” Dave questioned not really sure he wanted to hear the answer, but he was doing his best to be her friend.

“Dean Carlisle. You know the doctor from the hospital,” she explained gleefully, “He whisked me away to this cabin on the water and it was like heaven. We had the most romantic, wonderful time together and it was so quiet, yet I really felt a connection there. I’m really starting to fall for him Dave.”

“So soon?” Dave’s eyes widened, “Deidra, don’t you think it’s a bit soon for you to start thinking that way about him?”

“I know it sounds sudden, but there was just something about him the first night we met. He kind of swooped out of the shadows and saved me from Bruce,” Deidra sank back into the couch, a dreamy expression on her face, “and life hasn’t been the same since.”

“I can see how you might be feeling grateful to him, but Deidra, you have a lot going on in your life right now. Don’t you think that maybe just maybe you should slow down a bit? You have this thing with Andy to take care of and…”

“And I’m ready to let go,” she confessed her voice full of determination, “Dave, I didn’t think I was going to be able to make it through this divorce because even though I hated Andy for what he did to me, well I had a major setback when I met Bruce Mathis, but Dean changed that for me. There’s just something about him that makes me feel like being myself--makes me feel comfortable with who I am and I’m loving every minute we spend together.”

“I can see how you’re excited to have someone around, but maybe you should take things slow. You shouldn’t get ahead of yourself until you’re really sure. You don’t know much about him at this point given that you haven’t known one another too long…”

“I know enough to know that Dean’s something special. I’m sure of it,” Deidra proclaimed happily as Dave wondered if his friend really knew what she was getting into in jumping into a new romance with a man that hadn’t made all that much of an impression on Dave. Still Dave knew it wasn’t his place to talk her out of happiness, but he didn’t have to like what she was getting herself into.


“So what do you think?” Nick questioned leaning in the archway between the sitting room and the kitchen area of the small beach house that Martha had set him up in. He felt a piece of the wood crackle beneath his touch and the piece broke off sending him face forward to the floor.

“Well, I can see it can use a little work,” Angela couldn’t help but laugh lightly realizing that this trip with Nick to his new place was exactly what she needed. She watched him shuffle around attempting to salvage some of the cool and composed image he’d been going for, but it was too late to be suave after he’d fallen on the floor like that.

“A little work never hurt anyone,” he laughed holding up the piece of wood framing that he’d taken down with him. He looked at it for a moment before tossing it aside.

“Even so, I can see how you got a good deal on this place,” she eyed the place intently, taking the time to take in the obviously outdated decorating in the place, “Martha really must’ve not liked you.”

“Oh I think she was just trying to give me another chance at a life since mine is gone,” he shrugged his shoulders dusting himself off as he staggered to his feet once again.

“Yeah well I think it had more to do with the fact that no one else was interested,” she laughed heartily turning around to see him standing directly behind her. She took a step away from him, clearing her throat uneasily, “So what is it that you hope to accomplish here exactly?”

“I’m not sure,” Nick confessed with a shrug, “but when I find it, I’m sure I’ll know.”

“Either that or you’ll hope that your memory returns to you first,” she walked over to a window to look out at the beach. She had to admit that while this place was a dump on the inside the view was absolutely beautiful. She could lose herself for hours at this very spot if the moment ever arose for her.

“I knew you’d like this spot,” he moved in behind her, tipping his head down to catch the expression on her face, “It was a selling point for me.”

“When did you have time to really investigate this here?” she questioned still watching the water as it rolled in over the beach.

“I didn’t, but something told me I wouldn’t be disappointed,” he confessed gently, “and truth be told I’m not at all disappointed with what I’ve found.”

“So following your instincts has paid off,” she half questioned turning around to see him watching her.

“So far,” he nodded in confession, bringing his hand up over the side of her face. His fingers teased over her cheekbone, turning her in towards him as his lips descended in over hers anticipating the taste of her.

“Nick,” she breathed his name, finding herself wanting to kiss him as well, which in itself brought back a whole flood of memories to a time when she’d allowed herself to be seduced by a man who’d gone and broke her heart. Feeling him inching in closer to her, she turned her face, feeling his lips graze her cheek tenderly. She closed her eyes wishing like hell that she didn’t want those soft, sensual lips over hers in a kiss.

“Angela, what is it?” he questioned feeling her slide out underneath his reach. She walked to the opposite end of the room, bringing her hands up over her arms as if to ward off a chill that had overtaken her, “I’m moving too fast, aren’t I?”

“No, you’re not. I mean you are, but…it’s not you,” she forced herself to face him, her dark eyes full of turmoil, “Nick, it’s just that well... Look, it’s not that I’m not attracted to you because heaven knows that I am, but this…well, this just isn’t going to happen. I mean we’ve only known one another a few days and I was your doctor and…”

“And I can’t seem to stop thinking about you,” Nick made a small move towards her, but not large enough to make her feel trapped, “Surely that has to mean something.”

“It means that you’re feeling close to me because I helped you…” she closed her eyes trying to still the racing of her heart, “That’s all it is.”

“No, if that’s all it was, then I wouldn’t be feeling it so strong. Angela when you’re around, I feel like that missing piece of me isn’t missing anymore. If that at all makes sense,” he extended his arm out as if he was going to touch her, but instead he brought his fingers through his own dark hair.

“Nick, listen to me. If this was another time under other circumstances, maybe something might happen--maybe we might’ve…” she trailed off taking in a slow breath, “The truth to the matter is that I made the mistake of giving in to this kind of attraction once before. I met someone once and it was an instant electricity, but it soured almost as soon as it started. I can’t go through that again.”

“I don’t think that what’s going on here is going to be like that. I wish that you didn’t feel like I was coming on so strong, but there’s just something about being with you even in the brief moments we‘ve shared…” he began as if he too was trying to make sense of whatever driving force had him coming closer to her.

“Nick, I’m pregnant,” she blurted out watching his expression as the words fell from her lips.

“But I thought that…” he gave her a strange look, “You said that you and Kevin weren’t…”

“We aren’t,” she confessed painfully, “but there was someone in the past--someone not that long ago and well…”

“That someone was the man you were talking about before, wasn’t it?” he took note of the expression on her face.

She nodded, “I’m not one to get into casual affairs, but it was Christmas time and we both kind of found one another when we were hurting. We had this…well, I guess you could call it a fling for a lack of a better word there. I should’ve known what I was getting myself into, but I was stupid and by the time it was almost over, I started to get attached to the guy. I mean I know it sounds crazy given that well we were strangers who just came together for physical comfort. It was just in some of the things he said--in some of the things that he did, I just thought that maybe just maybe it would become something more.”

A moment of silence passed before she let out an ironic laugh, “I guess in it’s own way something more happened now that I’m knocked up, but still it was a situation that I refuse to go on repeating. As attracted as I am to you Nick, it has to end there. I don‘t know anything about you--hell, you don‘t even know yourself at this point so for us to jump into something blindly like this…”

“Angela I’m sorry,” Nick reached out to her, taking a bold step towards her despite the fact he knew that she was obviously hurting, “I didn’t mean to come off like I’ve been doing. If I would’ve known about your situation, then…”

“Then maybe we could’ve avoided this moment of uneasiness,” she added with a poignant smile, “but now you know where I’m coming from and well, I hope you can respect that.”

“I can,” he promised her, “as long as you don’t hold this against me. I mean, well I can see how you wouldn’t want to fall into something with a complete stranger. I know I’m practically a stranger to myself here as well, but I can’t lie to you and tell you that I’m not attracted to you. Even knowing what you just told me, well it has me wanting to get to know you better--to know more about the woman you are…”

“This has nothing to do with the woman I am and everything to do with the man you are,” Angela reached for his hand, taking it in hers, “I want to help you find that man Nick.”

“I’d like that,” he confessed squeezing her hand gently before lifting her fingers to his lips. He kept his gaze locked upon hers as he saw a whole world of hurt that had been hidden behind the doctor part of her before today. Still as he pressed his lips against the top of her hand in a chaste kiss, he realized that there was a whole world of information to uncover about the woman before him, yet even knowing what he did, he wanted to take his time finding it all out.

“Maybe we should go outside,” Angela suggested after a long pause between them.

He nodded, “Yeah, that would probably be a good idea given that I’m a bit of a newbie to these parts. Maybe you’d be willing to give me the grand tour,” he suggested watching her expression change a bit, “We can even take Kevin with us if it would make you feel more comfortable.”

“Thanks Nick,” she smiled up at him hoping that maybe just maybe she could relax around him now that he knew the truth about her situation. However, given the sparkle that still remained behind his eyes, she wondered if she would be able to control herself around him because as much as she wanted to push him away, part of her hoped that she could find a way closer to him. Shaking the thought, she looked to the door, “We should probably get going now.”

“You’re probably right,” he agreed moving ahead to open the door for her.

The two got back into Angela’s Jeep unaware of the eyes upon them from across the beach. Setting the binoculars down, Kevin’s clenched with anger as he wondered what kind of game Angela’s latest find was playing with her. If the man was out to hurt her, well Kevin would make sure that it was the first and last time he ever got the chance to do so.


“Brant, I don’t know if I can do this,” Avery stopped mid-step reluctant to get off of the elevator at the hospital, “What if coming here was a big mistake?”

“Trust me Avery. We’re going to get through this one,” Brant placed his hands on both her shoulders, “It’s going to be okay.”

“And if Brooke wakes up and starts talking about…” she began worry washing over her.

“She’s not going to. I promise you that I’ll take care of everything, but right now we have to be here. Guy would think something was up if we didn’t show up like this,” Brant reminded her reaching for her hand and taking it in his, “Trust me on this one Avery. Everything will be okay.”

“I wish I could believe that, but I know better Brant. Things very seldom work out like I want them to,” she explained in a low, tense whisper.

“Trust me. This time things are going to be okay. Would I lie to you Avery?” he questioned curling his finger underneath her chin to get her to look into his eyes.

“No, you wouldn’t,” she replied hoping that he was right about what came next. Without another word, she felt him take her hand in his as he lead her down the hallway towards Brooke’s hospital room.

Avery’s heart was pounding furiously in her chest when they made their way to the door. Not only were they here to see Brooke, but so were the authorities. She recognized a few of the FBI men before her and in that moment Avery’s face drained of all color.

“I can’t do this Brant,” she froze where she stood, “We can’t go in there.”

“Yes we can,” he tried to coax her into moving knowing that they both had no idea what was waiting for them inside.

“Avery,” Guy beckoned her as he emerged from Brooke’s room, “Oh thank God you’re here.”

“Guy,” Avery half smiled wondering if her brother knew the truth. Judging by his reaction to her arrival, she had her doubts, but still she didn’t know how long her secret would remain untold.

“I’m glad you came here as soon as you did. Mum just started talking and the FBI is in there ready to question her. I think it’s too much, too fast, but well, they are persistent and…” Guy began in a frenzy.

“I’ll take care of it,” Brant declared marching into the room ahead of them.

Avery looked to the door with a worried expression. She thought back to her last encounter with her mother and in that moment she felt the walls closing in around her. What Brooke did was beyond forgiveness, yet as Avery replayed the moment in time, she wished like hell there would’ve been another way around it--that there had been some kind of solution that would’ve been easier than what she was facing today. However, as Guy lead her into the room, she felt as if she’s stepped outside her body. Her mind was elsewhere as she followed her brother into the last place she wanted to be. Silently she entered the room and in that moment that her and Brooke’s gazes locked, Avery knew that this was about to mark the beginning of the end for her. Once Brooke told the authorities what she’d done, Avery knew that she could kiss her freedom good-bye forever.


“I should not have listened to Kyle, I should have gone with them to go look for Jade,” Seth stated before shaking his head.

“You are the one who knows her the best Seth, that’s why you need to stay here and tell the police what you know,” Blake encouraged him running her hands along his shaking arms.

“I know, but I just wish I could be doing more for her,” he replied quickly sitting up, “I just don’t want to sit around and wait.”

“It is going to be okay Seth,” Blake hushed him running her hands on his shoulders soothingly, “They are going to find her I am sure.”

“No you aren’t,” he shook his head denying her every word, “You really don’t know if she is okay or if they are going to find her. She could be gone forever, but you still wont admit it.”

“Seth, you need to take it easy and not think the worst,” Blake suggested as he shook his head.

“How could I take it easy?” he questioned angrily, “My little sister is out there alone and I can’t do anything about it.”

“Kyle and Grady are going to find her,” Blake replied still trying to convince herself the same thing.

“All I can do is hope,” Seth sighed before shaking his head, “At this point, I don’t even think that is going to help.”

“Don’t say that,” Blake shook her head, “Don’t give up, not this early.”

The phone rang as Blake saw Seth run quickly to the phone and pick it up.

“Jade?” he questioned, but he was disappointed to not hear Jade’s voice on the other end.

“Seth, it is Diane. What is wrong?” Diane questioned noticing the worry that was in Seth’s voice when he answered.

“Is Jade with you?” Seth questioned before explaining his question. “She is missing and we can’t find her, please say she is with you.”

“No she isn’t with me,” Diane gasped as her heart beat a little faster. “Is she okay, do you have any idea where she is?”

“No I don’t, Grady and his friend Kyle are out there looking right now,” Seth informed her as she gasped.

“I hope they find her,” Diane wished as her heart beat faster hoping her best friend was going to be okay.

“I hope so too,” Seth agreed running his hand along the back of his aching neck, “I really do.”


“We have to find her Kyle,” Grady sighed looking out the window of the car Kyle was driving.

“I know Grady, I know,” Kyle nodded keeping his eye on the street as they drove to go meet up with Gabe.

“I don’t know what I would do without her man,” Grady stated sounding a little choked up as he saw Kyle look over at him.

“Don’t worry Grady, we are going to find her if it’s the last thing I do,” Kyle promised as he saw Grady’s face turn pale.

“It will be the last thing I do,” Grady replied before taking in a deep breath, “I can’t live without her.”

“You wont be living without her, you will have her back in a little while,” Kyle promised as he tried to convince himself that everything was okay, “She is okay, I can feel it.”

“I hope you are right,” Grady wished before looking over at Kyle who nodded.

“I know I am,” Kyle stated before seeing Grady’s eyes widen as they reached the bridge.

“What is that?” Grady questioned as they reached the bridge and saw a car hanging over the side.

“Oh my god,” Kyle gasped as Grady quickly got out of the car and Kyle got out right after him.

“That’s her car Kyle,” Grady yelled as he tried looking inside of it and Kyle followed.

“Be careful,” Kyle shouted as he grabbed onto Grady’s shirt as he leaned over the edge trying to look in the car.

“I don’t see her in there Kyle,” Grady yelled as Kyle looked up into the night sky.

“Nothing?” Kyle questioned hoping that there had to be something there.

“Absolutely nothing,” Grady declared as he suddenly gasped, “That means she is down in there.”

“Down where?” Kyle wondered seeing Grady look over the edge of the bridge.

“She is in the water Kyle, I have to save her,” Grady replied as he got on the edge.

“Grady no,” Kyle yelled out trying to catch him, but was to late when his friend jumped off the bridge and into the water. “Grady!”

Kyle couldn’t sit back and wait for Grady to drown in the water and die. He quickly got on the edge and jumped into the water after Grady. Hopefully he wasn’t too late.



...to be continued...