Episode 301

“Sarah, this is a big thing that could be happening right now,” Blake warned in a tight voice as she looked over at Sarah with a frown. “This means if you really are pregnant, you don’t know who the father is. It could be Kyle’s or Diego’s baby.”

“It has to be Kyle’s baby if I am pregnant,” Sarah gulped down falling down to the bed letting out a small gasp as she ran her hands through her hair slowly. She thought back to the last moments she was with Kyle and when she was with Diego. “How do you know how far along you are?”

“I don’t remember off hand right now,” Blake replied with a small shrug of her shoulders before looking over Sarah carefully. “The best way would be to go to a doctor to find out.”

“We have to take things step by step,” Sarah breathed in carefully running her hand in over her stomach slowly before letting out a small frown. “I can’t be pregnant.”

“Never say never Sarah,” Blake warned before looking over at the clock on the wall and thinking things over slowly. She went over and took a seat next to Sarah on the bed before patting her friend on the shoulder gently. “Sarah, this is going to help out a little bit here. When was the last time you had a period?”

“I don’t know,” Sarah shrugged her shoulders thinking of the last time before letting out an aggravated groan. “I have unusual periods, sometimes they skip a couple of months.”

“Okay, so that still leaves Kyle and Diego into the running,” Blake stood up slowly, running her hands through her hair before thinking of more questions to ask Sarah. “Condoms? Did the both of them wear condoms?”

“Always, yeah,” Sarah nodded slowly standing up and walking over towards the long mirror in the corner of the room to look at her stomach. “I don’t see it growing, do you?”

“Sometimes it is hard to see when you are pregnant. You might look skinny and think you aren’t pregnant, but sometimes you really are,” Blake informed Sarah with a frown, lazily sitting back on the edge of the bed by herself. “Okay, we need to find out if you are really pregnant or not.”

“I’m not pregnant Blake,” Sarah tried to tell herself that over and over again before shaking her head slowly. “I have always been careful, there is no way that I am having a child.”

“Well, I have been trying everything possible and I still haven’t been able to get pregnant yet,” Blake pointed out, her eyebrow arching up in question as Sarah let out a long breath. “Anything is possible so don’t exit it out of the possibilities just yet.”

“I don’t plan to,” Sarah stood up running her hands through her long blonde hair worriedly. She looked back towards the picture she had on her side of the dresser with her and Kyle together. His arms were wrapped around her shoulders as she leaned back into him. “For the sake of mine and Kyle’s relationship--I hope I’m not pregnant.”

“The baby just has to be Kyle's,” Blake tried to keep Sarah’s hopes alive as she grabbed Sarah’s hand in hers and started to tug her out towards the bedroom door. She felt Sarah pull back slightly as Blake rolled her eyes and reached for Sarah again. “We are actually going to find out if you are pregnant after all.”

“And how are we going to do that?” Sarah whispered as they began to walk down the stairs and over towards the kitchen before Blake turned around to face Sarah. “How am I supposed to know if I am pregnant or not Blake?”

“I have plenty of tests for you in the guest house if we can get past without Kyle seeing us,” Blake thought she heard Kyle’s laughter in one of the rooms behind her as she quickly pulled Sarah out the door and led her towards the guest house. “We’ll take a test to see if you are pregnant or not. It’s completely easy.”

“I’m sure it is,” Sarah mumbled only to feel Blake quickly pull her into the guest house before slamming the door shut. “Are you sure these things are going to work?”

“A lot of them are said to be at least ninety percent positive,” Blake informed her with a small nod, motioning Sarah to sit down on the couch as she went over to her bag in the corner of the room. “Let’s see what I have.”

“I don’t want to waste…” Sarah was about to finish her sentence before seeing Blake dump the whole bag all over the top of the couch next to her. Sarah looked through all of them that were now spread out, there had to be at least twenty of them. “Blake--why do you have twenty pregnancy tests in your guest house?”

“Because,” Blake shrugged her shoulders and sat down on the couch across from Sarah and looked out through all the tests. She reached out to grab a box before holding it up for Sarah and then grabbing another. “We’ll take two tests and see what we can find out. Make sure the two of them say the same thing before we decide what move we make next.”

“Alright,” Sarah saw Blake stand up before reaching out and yanking her up from the couch and pointing over towards the bathroom. She heard a sound coming from the bedroom before she quickly tugged on Sarah’s arm and led her out towards the back of the guest house. After stepping outside Sarah pulled her arm away from Blake and let out a small hiss rubbing her arm slowly. “Ouch. What’s the hurry?”

“I think I heard Seth,” Blake stated with a small nod pushing at Sarah’s back to make her walk quicker back towards the mansion. Blake took another look back before feeling Sarah stop, making her run straight into Sarah. “Why are you stopping?”

“Why can’t Seth know what’s going on?” Sarah questioned in somewhat of a whisper as she simply shrugged her shoulders. “I mean, he is with you after all.”

“Yeah,” Blake nodded in agreement before quickly pulling Sarah into the mansion again and taking a look around slowly. “He is also one of Kyle’s best friends and I don’t think you want the news about all of this to get out real soon.”

“Good point,” Sarah agreed to follow Blake’s every order and she took a step forward into the kitchen to take a look around as she thought about everything. “So, what’s the first move?”


“So that’s everything,” Russell explained his green eyes falling to the bottle of whiskey on the counter between him and Kyle, “that’s all that happened after I washed up on that island.”

“And this guy is trying to blackmail you,” Kyle waved his hand around in the air, still holding the glass that he’d poured himself earlier, “I mean you said he showed up and was with Avery when you got to the house, right?”

“Right,” Russell nodded, “which has me worried considering that he was in love with Angela when she and I wound up together. I mean I really didn’t know what I was getting into other than in my dreams it was her face I was seeing, or at least I thought it was.”

“So you’re telling me that there’s an Avery look alike out there and you pissed off her boyfriend by moving in on her,” Kyle let out an ironic laugh, “talk about an episode of the Twilight Zone in the making.”

“Yeah, well don’t rub it in. I mean it’s not like I planned on it. I mean if I had known who I was then I never, ever would’ve done any of those things. I would’ve rushed home and…” Russell trailed off burying his head in his hands, “Avery’s never going to forgive me for this when I tell her.”

“Um reality check Russ, but in case you haven’t noticed the reason we’re sitting in this hell hole right now is because Avery married Brant when she thought you’d died,” Kyle had to state the obvious to his pal, “I’m pretty sure given that fact alone she would be willing to understand why you might’ve been held up in coming home especially if you say this girl looks just like her.”

“It’s eerie how much they look alike. Even now I swear Kyle, if you could’ve met her,” Russ shook his head at the thought lifting his drink to his lips, “she was like Avery, but not.”

“How so?” Kyle questioned knowing that he probably shouldn’t be talking about the woman Russ had shacked up with, but he was curious nonetheless.

“Well for starters they are both spunky and have a fire about them, but with Angela, well she had a lot going on. There was a lot happening with her even before I was on the island and…” Russell stopped himself a sudden thought occurring to him, “Oh my gosh…”

“What? What is it?” Kyle questioned seeing the expression on his friend’s face, “Russ, hey buddy where did you go just now?”

“I just realized that she was…” Russell sat up straighter a thought occurring to him, “I told you that she was pregnant, right?”

“Well yeah, I do recall you mentioning it,” Kyle paused for a moment, “Um tell me that you’re not the father--that this isn’t why you called me to tell me this because you’ve been shagging some Avery look alike and you got her knocked up.”

“No, she was pregnant before she met me,” Russell explained a sudden jolt of realization sweeping over him, “She said that she had an affair with a married man--a man that she had thought long and hard about…a man named Brant.”

“Say what?” Kyle spit the whiskey out that he’d just taken a sip of. Okay, so maybe this was becoming a habit for him, but still. “Did you just say she’s pregnant and the man who got her knocked up was named Brant?”

Russell nodded again a sudden startling thought overtaking him. “Kyle, do you think that maybe there is more than just a coincidence about that one? I mean I swear to you if you had met her, you would’ve thought that she was Avery. I’d had some kind of dream about Avery, but at the time I didn’t know it was Avery. I thought it was Angela and Brant was in it. I remember that clearly and when I mentioned the name Brant she was really upset.”

“I can’t say I blame her,” Kyle muttered under his breath, “I mean could you?”

“Well no, but what if…” Russell sat up straighter, “What if Brant was the same Brant she slept with and he’s the one who fathered her children?”

“If that’s true, then there’s a lot more happening with Brant than meets the eye. Here I thought he was all about Avery and…” Kyle pointed out with a frown.

“He was, but given that Angela looks identical to her,” Russell paused a thought occurring to him, “What if Brant somehow met Angela and hooked up with her when Avery and I were together? Maybe he was trying to fulfill some sick and twisted fantasy about my wife and he got it with her?”

“Well, it’s possible, but…” Kyle paused, “You can’t just go out and ask her can you given that her boyfriend is upset with you, right?”

“He’s not her boyfriend, although I’m sure he wants to be,” Russell sighed heavily, “and I can’t just go out and tell Avery about my suspicions because I don’t think she’s going to hear past the fact that I slept with another woman…”

“So you’re in a bit of a bind. You have this guy wanting to kill you, Brant wanting to destroy you with Avery and Avery clueless,” Kyle scratched his chin lightly. “You want my advice?”

“Sure, I mean that’s kind of why I came here to talk to you,” Russell nodded in response.

“Then listen good Russ. I think what you need to do is let me handle it. If this pans out and Brant really did sleep with this Angela, then let me find out and when I do, I can promise you I’ll make sure that Avery knows all about it. I’m kind of a neutral party and she’ll hear me out before she goes ballistic,” Kyle suggested as an afterthought, “and given that Angela’s boyfriend wants to murder you, well, you will be out of this. He can try to go after me and see where it leads him if he gets upset over the matter.”

“He’s a pretty big guy Kyle,” Russell remarked with a frown.

“Yeah, well last time I checked so was I. I’m not afraid of him and if this pans out, then you and Avery can finally be out of this mess for good,” Kyle promised with a confident smile, “Brant will finally be exposed as the liar he truly is.”

“I don’t want Angela hurt,” Russell explained with a frown, “I mean I know that top priority is my future with Avery and Erin, but if we have to hurt Angela to expose the truth…”

“Hey I’m a private investigator. I have a feel for these things. I can do this in such a way that it won’t hurt anyone, well other than maybe Brant,” Kyle promised trying to convince Russell, “Just let me see what I can dig up on her.”

“Okay, but I’m warning you Kyle, if she ends up hurt in any of this…if either she or Avery gets sucked down in it or even if there’s a chance of tearing their worlds apart, I want it to end,” Russell pleaded with them, “I owe Avery the truth and with Angela I owed her a lot more respect than just running off like I did.”

“I’m sure if she knew the circumstances she’d understand,” Kyle tried to reassure him wondering what he would’ve done in his friend’s position. Thinking about Grady’s earlier confession Kyle spoke up again, “I think when it gets down to it as long as you’re open to forgive Avery for whatever happened while you were gone, I think she’ll be the same way with you. She loves you man.”

“I love her too more than anything which is why I can’t risk losing her. I have to find a way to make things right for us before circumstances find another way to tear us apart again. I don’t know what I would do if that happened,” Russ replied worriedly thinking about all he’d fought to return to.

“Trust me man, it’s not going to happen. We won’t let it get to that point,” Kyle promised hoping that somehow he could find a way to help his friend find the happiness that he truly deserved in his life once and for all.


“Fiancée,” Angela practically choked on the word looking at Kevin with surprised eyes. She couldn’t find anything in the back of her mind to say about the thoughts that were swirling through her mind and judging by the expression on Kevin’s face he looked as if he’d almost wished he hadn’t told her.

“Really,” Chris replied completely unaware of the tension building between Angela and Kevin, “Well that’s wonderful news. A celebration is on order, don’t you think? I should grab some champagne and…”

“You’re engaged,” Angela blurted out still trying to grasp what he’d said to her, “You’re really getting married?”

Kevin nodded solemnly, “Ria makes me so very happy. She’s given me a whole new outlook on life and I realize that I spent a lot of years waiting around for something that was never going to happen. I spent so many years putting the dreams I’d had on hold, but when I came back for Jade’s memorial I realized that I couldn’t ignore my heart any longer. She’s really special.”

“I see,” Angela nodded involuntarily scooting away from him, her hands dropping to her lap as she looked away, “I’m happy for you.”

“Are you,” Kevin questioned searching her face for her reaction.

“Of course,” she nodded still unable to keep his gaze, “I mean it’s everything you ever wanted, right?”

“It’s pretty close to it,” Kevin answered casting a glance at Chris in the silent hopes of Chris giving him a moment alone with Angela.

Chris nodded seemingly understanding, “I’ll go work on that champagne.”

Chris disappeared into the house again and Kevin reached out to touch Angela’s shoulder feeling her stiffen under his touch. He fought to come up with something to say that would make sense, something that would soften this blow for her, but nothing felt appropriate.

“I’m sorry,” Kevin started feeling guilt gnawing at him inside, “I wanted to tell you sooner, but…”

“But I was too wrapped up in my own world to notice,” she nodded still keeping her eyes away from him.

“Angie I,” he couldn’t help himself. He reached out to her, curling his finger underneath her chin lightly. He felt her resistance, but soon she turned her head to face him, tears glistening behind her dark eyes. Immediately an ache swelled in his heart.

“I’m happy for you,” she offered up with a sad smile, “I really am. You deserve this Kevin. You should have the opportunity to find the kind of life that you were cheated out of…”

“We were both cheated out of it Angie,” Kevin answered his own brown eyes filled with sadness and regret, “We should’ve had that happiness together.”

“But now you’ve got a chance to find it with someone who loves you--someone who won’t hurt you like I’ve been doing,” she sniffled a tear slipping past her cheek, “You really do deserve someone who won’t hurt you--someone who will love you like you’ve always needed.”

“I always wished that it would be…” Kevin stopped himself before he said something he would regret, “I just want for us all to be happy.”

“We will be. I mean I’m sure she’s great,” she offered up with a sad smile, “I mean she’d have to be for you to fall in love with her, right?”

“She’s very special,” Kevin started thinking about all he’d felt for Ria. He loved her, loved her so very much, yet deep down he couldn’t help but feel that part of him that had longed for a future with Angela--that part of him that had never given up on the hope of happiness for the two of them.

“She better treat you right or else I’ll…” she opened her mouth in warning.

“You’ll what?” Kevin teased with a glimmer of a sparkle behind his eyes, “Annoy her to death?”

“I could do a lot worse,” she answered trying to make light of the situation. “I have in the past…”

“I won’t argue that point, but I’m sure that you’ll behave this time,” he mouthed the corners of his lips lifting up to a small smile.

“Only if she makes you as happy as you deserve to be,” she offered up with a soft sigh.

“She makes me believe in happily ever after again,” Kevin nodded feeling a warmth pool over him at the thought of the life he’d found with Ria. She was beautiful and wonderful and spunky and exciting. She made him stop being so serious and he was able to enjoy life for the first time in a long time.

“Then it sounds like it’s a perfect dream come true,” she replied wiping at her cheek, but he caught her hand before she could push the tear away.

“The perfect dream come true would’ve been the two of us sharing a life with our daughter, but we both know we can’t turn back the hands of time,” he revealed unable to deny his heart any longer. His thumb skimmed over her cheekbone gently brushing at the dampness of her skin. Collecting her tear he felt a tiny shiver of emotion race over him. He eased his fingers into her hair, his eyes fixed on hers as he cupped her face in his large hands. He leaned forward speaking up in a small whisper, “I love you Angie.”

“I love you too Kevin,” she confessed feeling the warmth of his words rush over her in one perfect moment of welcome. She tilted her head up, her eyelashes fluttering to a close as his mouth skimmed over hers in a barely there, faint beginning of a kiss. She sighed as his fingers stroked her cheek lightly urging her to open herself up to him if only one last time. She didn’t protest, didn’t fight the moment building between them as his tongue gently massaged hers, offering up a tiny taste of heaven between them before they parted from one another both breathless.

“I’ll always love you Angie,” Kevin promised pressing his forehead against hers gently.

“I’ll always love you too which is why I’m not letting me hold you back any longer,” she tried to reassure him, “I want you to find the kind of life you’ve always hoped for. I want you and Ria to have a chance at forever and I want you to forget about worrying about me. I’m old enough to start fixing my own mistakes and you need to start going off and making your own set of them without me.”

“I know,” he nodded reluctantly pulling away from her, “but that won’t stop me from worrying about you.”

“Hey if you did I might feel insulted,” she brought her hand up over her face wiping at her tears.

“I’ll never forget you or about us,” Kevin promised wanting to say so much more when the sound of the screen door opening rendered him speechless once again. He looked up to see Chris standing over them expectantly giving Kevin an out and despite the longing in his heart, Kevin was ready to take it.

Rising to his feet Kevin looked between the two of them, “Well, I guess I should probably get going. I promised Ria I’d meet with her.”

“You don’t want to keep her waiting,” Angela replied thickly steadying herself enough to stand up, “I can’t wait to meet her at the party and tell her how lucky she is.”

“I’m the lucky one,” Kevin explained wanting to reach for her once again, but instead he dropped his hands into his pocket and flashed her a small smile that felt so far from where he should’ve been with her. “I know you’ll love her.”

“I’m just happy that you do and that she loves you,” she replied with a warm expression. “All I’ve ever wanted was for you to be happy.”

“That’s all I have ever wanted for you too Angie,” he confessed giving her one last look before turning on his heel and leaving Chris’s front porch before he found a way to complicate his life further for dreams that were never meant to happen for him. He’d had a glimpse of what his life could’ve been when he’d gone to see Russ and Avery today, but now, well now he had to stop dwelling on the past and focus on the future he had ahead of him--the future that was undoubtedly mean to be with Ria. In his heart he was sure Ria was the key to his world changing for the better from here on out. One day he knew he’d look back on the past and realize it was foolish to hold onto it, but right now all he could focus on was getting into his car and not looking back because right now that was the last thing that he and Angela could afford to have happen. They wouldn’t be able to ever go down that road again.


“Come on Guy,” Gabe urged his boyfriend to go on with their conversation as he wrapped his arm around Guy’s shoulders supportively. “You can talk to me--you know that.”

“I know that and believe me, if I knew what to say you would be the first person I would come to Gabe,” Guy assured Gabe in a tight breath as he sank back into the couch and shrugged his shoulders. “The main problem is that I just can’t believe people these days. It’s like one day you know them and the other…”

“They betray you?” Gabe offered up seeing Guy’s dark eyes look into his intensely before Guy nodded slowly and leaned in against Gabe’s chest gently. “I know how that feels because I have had that happen to me time and time again.”

“You have?” Guy questioned in a small sniff trying to hold back the emotion that he was continuing to try and mask from everybody in his life as he saw Gabe nod slowly. “Like who?”

“A lot of people Guy,” Gabe simply started before shrugging his shoulders and thinking about his life for a moment. “It’s like you are a something and then all of a sudden you are a nothing. Am I right?”

“Yeah,” Guy nodded slowly biting down into his bottom lip as he thought about everyone who had turned on him in his lifetime. “With my mother it was like she was a completely different person when she was a horrible person.”

“There was nothing you could have done to stop it Guy,” Gabe tried to assure him reaching out to touch the side of Guy’s face gently seeing Guy’s dark eyes looking out towards him. “Your mother chose her own destiny--it wasn’t made by you and it had nothing to do with your fault.”

“It is my fault Gabe,” Guy snapped getting up off the couch quickly in an angered movement. He threw his hands up in the air before seeing Gabe getting up off the couch slowly. “If I would have just realized she would go crazy and try to do that to my sister--I could have caught her before she could hurt them even worse.”

“You could have never knew Guy,” Gabe tried to explain once more only to hear someone fumbling with the keys as they walked into the room with a stumbled look over their features. “What in the world are you doing home right now.”

“Hunt got called somewhere,” Mindy shrugged her shoulders setting her stuff down on the coffee table before taking a seat and looking up at the two men before her. “What’s wrong with the two of you?”

“Guy isn’t feeling to good right now,” Gabe informed her with a small frown seeing Mindy reach out for Guy’s hand and tug him back on the couch in a short movement. “He is upset.”

“Well, I think I know something that might make you feel better. It could be for You, Gabe, Hunt and myself,” she informed Guy with a wide smile and pulled out an invitation she saw sitting in the front of the apartment’s hallway before letting out a small gasp. “What do you think about a party?”

“What?” Guy reached out for the invitation and looked it over slowly before shaking his head slowly and letting out a long sigh. “This doesn’t seem to be working.”

“This is going to make you happy sooner or later,” Mindy warned wrapping her arm around Guy’s shoulder tightly before letting him go and gently hitting his arm lightly. “This is going to make things brighter and I will let you know how.”


Avery pushed open the door to Brant’s bedroom finding him laying in the center of the bed as he had been the last time she’d been in there. He looked like he’d had some color return to his cheeks, but he still appeared to be sleeping as Don stood vigilantly at his side.

“Don,” she nodded acknowledging him as she moved in to look at Brant.

“Avery,” Don replied in a small, tight tone his eyes glancing over at her briefly, “It’s nice to see you in here. Did you get lost this morning? I would’ve thought you’d be here sooner.”

“I was with Erin,” Avery replied hating the fact that Don felt she had to defend her actions to him, “She needed me.”

“Right,” Don nodded his voice implying he doubted her words and that had her even more agitated.

“Look Don, you don’t have to like me or trust my intentions, but I love my daughter and I’m not going to have you judging me for being a good parent to her,” she snapped at him unable to hold back on her annoyance a second longer. “I realize that you like standing here fighting with me, but it’s not your place to dictate what I can and can’t do where my daughter is concerned.”

“Hey, that’s not what I was saying,” Don held his hands up in the air defensively, “I’m not talking about your parenting skills in the least. It’s obvious you’re a good mother Avery and I’m not knocking you for that, but I wish you’d work a little on your wife skills a bit.”

“Excuse me,” Avery blinked back at him taken aback from his tone.

“I saw you Avery,” Don’s blue eyes narrowed in at her.

“Saw me what?” she threw out the same stupid look he was giving her. She watched him step in closer to her reaching for her arm and tugging her roughly away from Brant’s bed. Once they were a few feet away, he glared down at her in an accusatory tone.

“I saw you,” he repeated with more emphasis.

“Wow, that’s great,” she rolled her eyes at him not really sure what he was getting at, but not really caring as she turned away.

“No, you’re not getting it,” Don shook his head at her disapprovingly, “I saw you and Russ together out in the hallway the other day.”

“What?” she questioned her eyes growing wide with realization, “Oh.”

“Yeah big oh Avery,” Don grumbled in response, his words sharp and angry, “though that looks like what it was you were headed for with him. I mean really I half expected you to drop down on your knees and suck him off right there to add insult to injury where Brant’s concerned.”

She didn’t say anything, didn’t think it out, but rather just reacted as she slapped Don across the face unable to refrain from the anger she felt for him chastising her like a child who had to be punished.

“Go to hell,” Avery spat at him, trying to shake her anger as she turned away.

“I just call them like I see them and I have to say all I saw in front of me was a woman who is too wrapped up in sex to give a damn about anything else of any importance. I mean really, is that what your game is? You play a guy by getting him all hot and bothered, then you go to the next and get him all worked up? Get them off salivating for some action and then you kick them in the balls while they are down because they can’t kiss your ass and the ground you walk on?” he continued to lash out at her feeling the sting of her slap across his cheek.

“Look Don,” she spun around to glare at him, “I realize that neither one of us like one another very much right now, but regardless of what you think about me, I do care for Brant.”

“But not enough to refrain from getting Russ off to keep him at bay, right?” Don arched a narrow brow at her, “I mean damn woman when everyone said you were a slut, I’d tried to give you some credit, but maybe your being with Ken was no accident. Maybe you planned that one on purpose too.”

“Last I heard you were the one with the hots for Ken,” she threw back at him icily thinking about the rumors she’d heard about Don’s attempt at stopping Ken’s wedding to Michelle.

Don laughed, “Yeah, you would see it that way. Then again, you probably thought I was doing it for you since every guy in Coral Valley has to have the hots for you, don’t they Avery? I mean you think you’re something special, but when it gets down to it, you’re nothing more than a piece of ass with far too many complications and strings attached.”

That did it. Avery let out a pinched squeal before stepping in closer to Don with an icy glare.

“Do you really think that Brant would approve of you talking to me that way Don? Do you really think that this shows your loyalty to him because all it does is make you look like a jackass plain and simple,” she warned him completely unimpressed with his approach.

“Yeah, well from where I stand you look like a ball busting, two timing tramp who wouldn’t know loyalty if it bit her in the ass,” Don mocked her movement standing in closer to her.

“Well I think you’re wrong about that, well almost completely wrong. You were right about the ball busting part,” she explained with a wicked glare bringing her knee up to his groin and sending him straight to the floor in agony, “but beyond that don’t presume to know anything about me or my life Don, because you don’t have the first clue.”

Don groaned his hands clasping over the front of his pants as Avery stomped out of the room in an anger rush. He heard the door slam behind her exit and he writhed on the floor in agony realizing that hadn’t gone well at all.

“I probably would’ve done the same thing if I was her too,” Brant’s voice explained as Don saw his friend standing over him. He held a hand out to help Don up off of the ground.

“She’s a real bitch,” Don squealed his voice a higher pitch than before.

“She’s my wife Don and you treated her like…,” Brant fought for the right word, “You talked to her like she was nothing more than a streetwalker and she didn’t deserve that.”

“Hey you were the one spouting off about love and loyalty and…” Don tried to remind him thinking of his friend’s bitterness towards infidelity.

“I can fight my own battles there Don,” Brant helped him over to the bed where Don sank to a seating position readily.

“With her I’m not so sure,” Don groaned again his hand falling to his aching groin once more, “She’s brutal.”

“Brutal or not, I think you kind of deserved that one,” Brant remarked taking a seat beside his friend.

“The question is do you deserve this Brant?” Don inquired issuing the question of the hour to his friend, “Are you really sure that this is how you want to live the rest of your life? With someone like that when it’s obvious she can’t make the right decision if it bit her on the…uh, nose?”

“Right now I’m not sure about anything,” Brant confessed with a heavy sigh wondering if perhaps Don had a point about his marriage to Avery. Maybe Brant was holding onto something that kept letting him go and perhaps it was time to finally release the bond between them for once and for all.


“Why can’t this all be a dream?” Grady asked himself as he sat alone in his car, taking a look out at the scenery before him remembering what all this empty land meant to him.

This was the one place that Jade loved to go the most when they were together. The lake--where they could sit back against the rocks and watch the water during the night or day, just watching it flow down the stream. They would spend just hours alone here together sometimes just being silent and watching the water or talking about certain things that made their lives feel better.

Now as he sat in the car and watched everything move by him slowly he couldn’t help but find himself thinking that maybe this was just a dream. It seemed so unreal not having her with him right now that it almost hurt just thinking about it.

“How am I supposed to go on without her here with me?” Grady couldn’t help but ask, getting out of his car and leaning back against it as he looked up at the blue sky above him. “I just wish there was someway I could go on without her.”

Grady looked down out at the water before walking down to the shore and looking out at the water before him. There were so many days he wished he was just like the water, destined to be somewhere and to be something important.

“Please give me some sign to show me that my life is going to be getting better,” Grady begged feeling something hard hit him in the back of the knee as he fell to the ground holding onto his knee as he let out a small groan. “I was looking for something that wouldn’t hurt so much.”

“Zane, what did you do,” he heard a familiar voice behind him as he felt a pair of hands on his shoulder turning him around slowly. “Grady?”

“Deana?” Grady let out a small laugh seeing her step back and take a step away from him as he slowly got to his feet and looked her over. “What are you doing here?”

“Grady,” Zane smiled wrapping his arms around Grady’s knees hearing Grady let out a small wince as he backed away slowly. “I didn’t mean to hit you like that--I was aiming towards the water and it just kind of flew the other way.”

“You have to be more careful Zane,” Deana warned her son as Grady shook his head slowly and let out a small laugh. “You could have hurt Mr. Denton.”

“My name is Grady you know,” Grady pointed out with a small shake of his head before kneeling down to Zane’s height and playing with Zane’s blonde hair gently. “Don’t worry about it little buddy. You didn’t hit me that hard.”

“Okay,” Zane giggled before gasping and nodding slowly. “I wanted to tell you something Grady. What I wanted to tell you was that I’m glad you got me the action figure. Thank you. Batista is gone, but when he’s not on the show and they say he’s coming back soon, I say he is right on my desk.”

“Well, I’m glad you liked it little buddy,” Grady smiled widely seeing Zane nod slowly before letting out a small giggle. “You know, when Batista comes back he is going to be really good.”

“Yeah,” Zane nodded before snapping his fingers and thinking of what to say. “He said that when he comes back he is going to get the belt back and really beat ass.”

“Zane,” Deana gasped seeing her son’s dark eyes look up at him as he quickly shrugged his shoulders not knowing what he was doing wrong. “Don’t talk like that.”

“Batista said it,” Zane informed his mother with a small frown before looking up at Grady and pulling on Grady’s jacket sleeve so Grady would lean down and listen to him carefully. “What does beat ass mean anyways?”

“Something not good,” Grady answered in a small laugh before picking Zane up in his arms and standing up slowly. “You might not want to say that again, just let Batista say that. Your mother might get upset if you say that again and I don’t think you want your mother upset do you?”

“No,” Zane shook his head slowly before looking over to his mother who was watching him and Grady together. “My mother is beautiful when she is happy.”

“That she is,” Grady agreed looking over at Deana seeing her smile as he looked back at Zane with a small smile. “How about I try teaching you how to skip a rock on the water?”

“Cool,” Zane clapped his hands together before feeling Grady let him down and he tugged on Grady’s hand roughly. “Come one mom--you have to learn too.”

“Yeah mom,” Grady looked back at Deana, giving her a small wink before motioning over towards the water too. “You better come with us too.”


“You are calling me dumb?” Heather questioned with a small bit of disgust behind her voice as she shook her head slowly. “What is it exactly that I did wrong?”

“You accepting to Cameron like that,” Kipp pointed towards her cell phone before shaking his head slowly. His face was filled with anger as he looked over Heather who seemed to be just as irritated as he was angry. “You are mad that I am saying this Heather, but how dumb was that?”

“She was just trying to be polite for the company,” Kellen tried to defend Heather seeing Kipp glare over at him as he shrugged his shoulders. “Don’t get me wrong, maybe it is a little weird that Cameron did this, but he invited us too.”

“Of course he did,” Kipp rolled his eyes taking a step forward as he watched Kellen step between them even more. “He just wants to look good for stupid over here so she will think he is a good guy.”

“Hey, don’t you dare call me that again,” she took a step forward feeling Kellen hold her back as she tried to get by him. “Let me go Kellen so I can show him who the real loser is.”

“I would, but I just did those nails and I am not going to let you ruin them,” Kellen pointed out as his blue eyes begged with hers to stay put for a minute. Kellen saw the small nod she gave him as she stepped away and Kellen turned to face Kipp. “You have to understand Kipp, she isn’t going to get hurt if she is with us.”

“Why would you even accept to Cameron of all people?” Kipp begged for an answer seeing Heather shrug her shoulders as he rested his hands on his hips gently. “I know what’s going on here. You want to get back with Cameron, don’t you?”

“What?” Heather snapped shaking her head slowly before thinking of something to reply with. She found herself at a loss for words. “Why would you say something like that?”

“With the way you are acting,” Kipp snapped and raised his voice a bit louder, pointing out at Heather before shaking his head slowly. “Is that what you want? You want to get married to Cameron so he can hit you again? You want him to hit you like that Heather? Maybe it will knock some sense into you again.”

“You son of a…” Heather went to take a step forward feeling Kellen place his hand over her mouth and step in behind her to wrap his arm around her waist to hold her back.

“You stop right now,” Kellen warned looking out at Kipp with a small frown as his face turned to a light color of red as he tried to hold back Heather. Kellen eyes narrowed over at an angered Kipp as he shook his head slowly. “She didn’t do this for herself Kipp, you need to realize that.”

“That’s what I need to realize? Well, I can tell you what I see from her right now,” Kipp started in a low toned voice as Kellen’s blue eyes stared out at him begging Kipp to stop. Kipp wasn’t about to just stop when he clearly saw everything that everyone else didn’t. “She still seems like the power hungry slut that wants all the money she can get her hands on.”

“What?” Kellen snapped feeling Heather bite at his fingers to get him to let her go as he pulled her back wrapping both his arms around her waist as he stared out at Kipp with an angered expression. “I can’t believe you. What is going on with you? You aren’t even the person I love right now.”

“Well sometimes the truth hurts and I don’t want her to go with Cameron,” Kipp ordered his dark eyes narrowing in over at Heather as she calmed down in Kellen’s arms as he held her tightly. “I don’t care what you do or say--I’ll keep you in here if you even think about it.”

“Lighten up you jerk,” Heather scowled looking back at Kellen seeing his blue eyes filled with worry as she slowly moved out of his arms. She heard Charles start to cry in the other room as she held her hands up in the air and shook her head slowly. “I’m going to go see my son.”

“You aren’t going anywhere,” Kellen pulled Kipp back as he went to follow Heather who had already walked out of the bathroom. Kellen slammed the bathroom door shut and pushed Kipp back as his eyes narrowed at Kipp. “Where do you get off talking to my best friend like that Kipp?”

“She started this herself Kellen,” Kipp roared back at Kellen throwing his hands up in the air and seeing Kellen roll his eyes at his comment. “Are you on her side about this?”

“You’re damn right I am,” Kellen snapped folding his arms out in front of his chest, his cheeks turning a light shade of red as he spoke up once more. “I think you need to take a step back and just calm down before you say something you are going to regret. If you haven’t said it already that is.”


Seth opened up the door to the guest house walking inside and hearing the sounds of rustling from down the hallway. Curiously he followed the source of the sound hearing another hushed whisper before Blake emerged from the bathroom quickly slamming the door shut behind her.

“Seth, you’re back,” she gasped in a quick breath, “I didn’t expect to see you so soon.”

“I wasn’t really planning on being away that long,” he gave her a strange look knowing something was up, “Blake it something wrong?”

“Wrong?” she shook her head almost immediately, “Oh no nothing’s wrong. I was just doing what I usually do and…”

“And what?” Seth eyed her intently.

“I was thinking that maybe we should just…um,” she bit down on her lower lip nervously, “How do you feel about some tea? I could really go for some good herbal tea right now. Maybe some green tea and…”

“Blake, are you sure you’re okay,” Seth reached out to her touching her forehead gently, “You seem a bit high strung right now.”

“Who’s high strung?” Blake questioned waving her arms around in the air, “I’m not. I mean sure I’ve had an interesting day and all, but we can discuss that further once you go into the kitchen and get that tea started and…”

“Why don’t we go together?” Seth suggested hearing a rustling from behind the bathroom door. He paused for a moment, “Blake, is someone in there?”

“Well, um…I…” Blake found herself at a loss when the door opened and Sarah stepped out of the room.

“Hi Seth,” Sarah waved at him with a strange look on her face.

“Sarah,” he tilted his head to the side wondering what was up between the two of them, “what’s going on?”

“Seth we were just…” Blake found herself at a loss.

“Blake was showing me all of her pregnancy tests,” Sarah blurted out with a small laugh, “She was excited about the fact that you two are trying really hard to have a child and she wanted my opinion on what test was the best one to take. We were reading over the boxes and…”

“And that’s why you two are acting so strange?” Seth replied doubtful.

“Well I figured you thought I was getting a little overboard there with all this wanting to have us be pregnant, so you know when I bought all those different tests I knew that you really didn’t want to look over them with me, so…” Blake added quickly.

“So I said I’d see which one seemed like it would be most effective,” Sarah finished for her, “Blake was concerned because one was supposedly ninety nine percent accurate.”

“And another one was ninety nine point eight percent and another was ninety nine point nine percent, yet it sounded more complicated and…” Blake stepped forward reaching out to bring her fingers over the center of Seth’s chest.

“Blake, do you think that you’re…” he trailed off hope shining behind his eyes, “I mean were you in there taking a test because you think that…”

“No,” she shook her head seeing disappointment flood behind his eyes, “but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t thinking about what would happen the day that I think I’m sure. I just wanted us to be ready for the moment when it happens.”

“We’ll be ready sooner or later,” Seth promised leaning down to kiss her forehead gently, “We just can’t push it so hard. It’ll happen when the time is right.”

“I know,” she nodded thinking about the things she and Sarah had been talking about. If Sarah was in fact pregnant, then it would mean that her life was going to get a lot more complicated, “but I’m not really worried about that now. Seth, how about you get that tea started?”

“Well, okay I guess,” Seth sensed she was still trying to shove him out of the room.

“Great, we’ll be right there,” Blake gave him a tiny nudge before turning to Sarah after he left. “Sorry about that.”

“Hey, it’s okay,” Sarah whispered in response, “but now that he’s here, we can’t do this here.”

“I know,” Blake nodded understanding, “and don’t worry I’ll think of something. We’ll just distract him for a few minutes and then I’ll find a way to get rid of him. We can do this.”

“I hope you’re right,” Sarah replied watching Blake go talk to Seth as Sarah feared that today she would learn something that would change the rest of her life forever!


Brant felt exhaustion settle in over him as he stretched out underneath the blanket. Playing possum had proven to be something that he wasn’t completely comfortable with given the hell it had put on his body. He shifted to the side feeling a warmth beside him and he opened his eyes to discover dark hair on the pillow beside him. Reaching out for the soft dark tendrils he felt a warmth spill over him as she turned in his arms.

“I was hoping you’d wake up soon,” she spoke up dreamily as her eyes opened and she smiled up at him. “I missed you last night.”

“But I was right here beside you,” Brant reminded her with a slow forming smile.

“Even so, I still miss you when we’re sleeping,” she ran her fingers over his chest lazily, “I love you so much Brant.”

“I love you too Avery,” he replied tipping his head down to steal a kiss from her lips, “I always have.”

“I just wish I hadn’t waited so long to realize that you were the one I wanted to be with--that you were the man I was meant to share my life with,” she mouthed warmly snuggling in beside him.

“What about Russ?” he questioned touching her cheek gently.

“Who cares about Russ,” she shrugged her shoulders bending in to kiss him once again as the door to the bedroom opened and a young woman walked in with a glare.

“What do you two think you’re doing?” she questioned in an abrasive tone behind all the black makeup she was wearing.

Brant felt Avery move beside him and as he sat up he sat the multiple piercing over the young woman’s body, the black clothing she was in and as she snapped her gum impatiently, he knew that something wasn’t right. She had her hand outstretched as if waiting for a reaction out of the both of them.

“Erin, what have I told you about not knocking first,” Avery shook her head at her before sliding out of bed. “You know we don’t like to be bothered early in the morning.”

“Whatever,” she rolled her eyes at Avery before snapping her fingers, “Mom you promised me I could take your car today and I’m late, so fork over the keys.”

“I don’t have my purse here. I think I left it in the bathroom,” Avery replied with a heavy sigh.

“Yeah, well get it, I’m already late,” Erin tapped her foot impatiently before looking to Brant with a glare, “What are you looking at?”

“I’m just…” Brant started baffled as he took in the view of the dark haired girl before him. There was no way that she could be the innocent little girl Avery had just given birth to a short time ago.

“Just what?” Erin pulled at the lapels of her jacket opening it up to reveal the practically see thru shirt she was wearing, “You don’t approve of the look? Well tough…”

“Erin, I just don’t think…” Brant found himself at a loss.

“See that’s your problem Brant. You never think,” Erin shook her head at him with a disgusted scowl, “but how about you do us both a favor and spare me the lecture? I already have one father and he’s useless enough, so why don’t we just forget about your trying to step in when his drunk ass is too busy to bother?”

“Drunk,” Brant scratched his head thinking about what she was saying, “Erin, where is your father?”

“Who the hell knows and really who cares,” she shrugged her shoulders before letting out a snort, “I never felt the need to bother with that loser since you helped mom kick him to the curb. All he did was whine and whimper until he started drinking. He was okay for a while, but now he’s too drunk most of the time to bother, not that I’m complaining since he won’t be able to tell mom what I’m really doing this weekend.”

“And what’s that?” Brant sat up straighter kicking his legs over the side of his bed.

“Having a good time,” Erin heard Avery shuffling with her things in the bathroom. She took a step forward and spoke up in a small whisper, “I listened to your advice there about going for what you want, so I’m doing it. There’s this big party happening and Snake and I are going up there to have a little fun.”

“Snake?” Brant repeated with a strange look seeing an oversized man walking into his bedroom.

“Yeah, you got a problem with that?” the man with more piercing than Erin scowled down at him.

“Actually I do I…” Brant moved forward attempting to try to stop the madness that was happening in front of him.

“Too bad man,” Snake stepped forward giving him a wide smile that revealed a few silver teeth, “because you promised me that I could take her off your hands now that you and her old lady are together.”

“No I didn’t I…” Brant looked over at Erin, “Erin, you don’t really want to go with him, do you?”

“Why wouldn’t I Brant?” she smiled over at him, “You’re the one who paid me to walk out of here without looking back. You said it yourself that you don’t need my father’s bad seed ruining your life, so thanks for the cash and don’t worry, I won’t be back, well unless of course I wind up needing another round of funding.”

“That’s right sweet cheeks, we’re set for life baby,” Snake pulled her close to him claiming her mouth roughly before his hands dropped down on her bottom. He slapped her behind before winking down at her, “Ready to blow this joint forever?”

“Hell yeah,” Erin leapt into his arms kissing him again before waving at Brant dismissively, “On second thought tell mom not to bother with the car. I’ll just go with Snake on his new Harley…”

“But…” Brant watched helplessly as Avery’s daughter walked through the doors of the room leaving the mansion behind forever.

“Erin, here you are,” Avery dangled the keys in the air for her daughter puzzled to find that Erin had left. Frowning she looked to Brant with a small scowl, “Where did Erin go?”

“She just walked out of here with…” Brant found himself at a loss.

“With what?” Avery asked hearing the sound of a cell phone going off on the nightstand. He saw Avery’s eyes widen before she held her finger up to silence him.

“Give me one second,” she urged him reaching for the phone. She saw the number before ducking into the bathroom and whispering. A few minutes later she came out of the bathroom fully dressed, “Brant, we’ll have to talk about this later. I’m late…”

“Late for what?” Brant watched her go, but she didn’t answer. He watched her walk out of the bedroom and he felt the need to follow her. Rushing out into the hallway, he saw Don standing near the winding staircase.

“There you are,” Don purred extending his arm out to Avery. He curled his hand around the small of her back before pulling her into his arms fully with a ravenous kiss.

“Avery, what are you doing? Avery…” Brant called out after her chasing her and Don in the hopes of stopping Don from taking Avery away.

“Sorry Brant, but I’m afraid we’ve got to go now that you’ve given me everything I ever hoped for. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction with her,” Don grinned at him brightly before winking at him, “I told you she was hot.”

“Come on Don,” Avery rubbed at his chest before letting out a tiny giggle, “We’re late and I can’t wait to get you out of those clothes of yours.”

“Hmm, now how can a man argue with that?” Don winked at Brant before shuffling Avery towards the stairs.

“No,” Brant shouted out, “Wait!”

The scene shifted abruptly and Brant was surrounded by blackness. Seconds later he found himself standing in the middle of a cemetery hearing the sounds of someone sobbing. He moved forward seeing Avery leaning over a grave and it was clear her heart was breaking. He took another step forward realizing the name on the headstone was Erin’s.

“How could you let this happen?” Russell’s voice slurred at Avery, “How could you destroy our daughter like this?”

“Russ, this isn’t my fault,” Avery cried out as Brant watched the two of them interact.

“We could’ve had it all Avery, but you and your husband were too busy in one another to give a damn about what was best for Erin. You two wrote her off and left her to this. You destroyed her all because you chose him,” Russell accused in a harsh tone.

“Erin made her own choices. That wasn’t my fault. I did what I had to in order to survive. I did what was best,” Avery wiped at her tears, “and I don’t regret any of this.”

“Erin’s dead. She died because you were too busy to care,” Russell’s angry glare shifted to Brant and he charged at him, “This is your fault. You killed my daughter and now I’m going to kill you.”

“I didn’t mean for any of this to happen. I didn’t want this to be…” Brant tried to explain but the world around him started to spin out of control sucking him further into darkness.

“Now you must pay!” Russell shouted as Brant felt the world crumbling to pieces beneath his feet eating him alive.

“No, oh God no,” Brant gasped with a jolt sitting up in bed covered with sweat. He reached for the lamp on the night stand realizing that he must’ve dozed off after Don had left. He reached for his cell phone checking the date and he let out a breath of relief. It wasn’t too late. Things hadn’t spiraled out of control. Erin was still alive and Avery was…

“I have to fix this,” Brant explained to himself in a heavy breath realizing that the dream was an indication of what he must do. He had to make things right and he could no longer wait on this. He had to find a way to fix things before his dream became a reality!


“Okay, you really need to lighten up,” Mindy nudged Guy in the shoulder gently seeing the frown that never seemed to leave his face. Gabe had left to go pick up Brittany from swimming class and left them alone for her to try and make him feel better. “If you don’t smile I think my day is going to be more depressing.”

“I’m surprised it isn’t already,” Guy let out a deep sigh as he looked out at Mindy with a small frown. He slid down more in his seat and looked out towards the television. “The whole world seems to be crappy these days anyways.”

“That’s not the way to look at things,” Mindy frowned standing up from the couch and stretching out her arms before reaching out for his hands. “Come with me for a second.”

“I don’t want to go anywhere,” he gave her a small look before shaking his head slowly and letting out a small sigh. “I think I just want to sit here.”

“And mope your day away--I know, I know,” Mindy grabbed his hands in hers despite him saying no and pulled him up off the couch. She led him over towards the door, feeling him try to pull back from her as she held onto him tightly. “We are going to get you to do something even if it is just a little something.”

“Fine,” Guy groaned following her up the stairs as he let out a deep breath. “I know I look a little out of shape, but it doesn’t mean we have to get me working out right now of all times.”

“As fun as that sounds--no, that’s not what I am doing at all,” she informed him with a small smile taking him out on the roof of the building before leading him over towards the edge of the building. “We are going to sit and have a talk.”

“Like that,” Guy watched her sit on the edge of the building and hang her legs over the side of it as he shrugged his shoulders and carefully sat down next to her. “What do you want to talk about?”

“I don’t really want to talk about anything right now,” he answered looking over at her and seeing the glare that she shot out at him. “I’m just thinking about my mother and how everyone has let me down. I depended on her so much my whole life and this is what I get?”

“Believe it or not, you are going to go through your life and everyone you love or care about is going to let you down at least once,” Mindy began in a small breath shrugging her shoulders as she came up with a story to tell Guy. “When I was a kid I loved Frankenstein.”

“I highly doubt this is going to be anything like my mother that is a true monster,” he pointed out with a small shake of his head, looking down at the ground below them. “My mother tops off all of them because she is a horrible monster and I hate her.”

“Frankenstein is a monster too,” she pointed out with a frown, elbowing Guy in the ribs gently before letting out a small laugh. “Just let me finish my story. When I was little, I loved Frankenstein. I grew up thinking he was the coolest and then there was this one day I went to a park where I knew they would have Mr. Stein himself and I was so happy because I looked up to him the most. When I got there, I realized not only was a guy in the suit playing Frankenstein a jerk, but he was kind of scary too. When he kept trying to scare me, I realized that the person I liked the most let me down.”

“That hurts when you're young,” Guy pointed out seeing her nod slowly before he shook his head slowly. “I don’t know what I would do if I went through this that young.”

“Well, it hurts no matter what age you are,” she pointed out with a small shrug before looking back towards the door they came out of earlier. “What I think you need to do is realize things aren’t really all about her. They are all about you and you only Guy.”

“I know that,” Guy let out a deep sigh looking over at her with a small shake of his head and slowly getting up off the side of the building carefully. “I realize it, it just takes a lot out of me to show that.”

“Well, when we walk back through that door,” Mindy carefully got up and walked behind him, caressing his shoulders gently before letting out a small laugh, “you are going to be a whole new person that looks at things differently than you do right now. Promise?”

“For you,” Guy offered up a small smile before shrugging his shoulders and thinking things over. “I could try.”


Gabe waited over by the front of the room for Brittany to get done with her swimming lesson as he leaned back against the wall thinking about Guy and how he left him alone with Mindy. Hopefully, Mindy would come up with a way to get Guy’s mind off of his mother and somewhere else.

It killed him inside to see Guy so hurt by someone that was so mean and cold to the world around her. Guy was such a good person and hopefully he would be able to move on in the world like his father did. It was better for him to realize that this was more of a good thing than a bad one.

“Daddy,” Gabe heard Brittany’s voice call out his name as he opened his eyes to see his daughter and a little boy standing in front go him. He kneeled down to their height as his green eyes looked out at her and a small smile appeared over his lips. “Daddy, I want you to meet Matt Leveski. He is the best swimmer in our class.”

“Well, hello Matt Leveski,” Gabe reached his hand out to the blue eyed boy before him, shaking the boy’s hand gently. “It’s nice to know that there are some good swimmers around her.”

“Well, my father taught me sir and he is quite an amazing athlete,” Matt spoke up in a bright tone, shaking Gabe’s hand in his before shrugging his shoulders. “When you are the son of a great athlete, you really don’t need to try it just kind of comes to you.”

“Really?” Gabe questioned with a small laugh hearing how sophisticated Matt was sounding right now. He never met the boy before now, but he was already starting to like the kid. “Who is your father?”

“My father is Don Leveski and my grandfather is Robert,” Matt informed him with a small shrug before looking back towards the door waiting for someone. “My father was a replacement in the Olympics so I kind of just get it from him. He got it from my grandfather who owns a gym and…”

“Matt,” Shannon quickly came up from behind them as Matt turned around to look back at Shannon who was now coming in to pick him up. “Are you okay? I didn’t mean to be late.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Gabe replied with a small shake of his head and standing up straight as Matt and Brittany walked over to go grab their towels. “We were just talking about his father and how much he loves him.”

“He really is close to his father,” Shannon smiled before seeing Matt return and reach his hand up to hers, holding it tightly. “His father is really important in his life.”

“Just like mine,” Brittany popped into the conversation sneaking in behind her father and grabbing his hand in hers tightly. “My daddy is the best.”

“That’s cute,” Shannon chuckled before looking down at Matt and offering up a small smile, “you ready to go buddy?”

“Yep,” Matt let go of Shannon’s hand quick enough to walk over to Brittany and give her a small kiss on the cheek before waving goodbye to her. “I’ll see you next week Brittany.”

“Bye Matty,” Shannon heard Brittany call out to Matt as they walked away and out the door slowly. Shannon looked down at Matt slightly shocked before seeing his eyes widen and he shrugged his shoulders. “What was that all about?”

“Brittany?” Matt offered her name off in a small whisper seeing Shannon nod slowly before he spoke up again. “She is one of my girlfriends.”

“You have more than one?” Shannon chuckled opening the door to the car for Matt before closing it and quickly getting in on the other side. “You really are your father’s child aren’t you?”

“Hey, they both asked me out,” Matt pointed out with a small shrug before thinking things over for a minute and pulling his seatbelt on slowly. “It’s not like I asked the both of them out--they asked me.”

“Alright little buddy,” Shannon laughed playing with his short dark hair for a moment before stopping to think about where they could go next. “You want an ice-cream?”

“No thanks,” Matt quickly answered before thinking of a place he wanted to go. He pointed to the right before shrugging his shoulders and speaking up again. “Why don’t we go get some fruit from the fruit market. I could really go for some strawberries and apples right now.”

“Okay,” Shannon nodded slowly letting out a small laugh as she realized Matt wasn’t like most kids that would jump at the thought of ice-cream, but not Matt. “Strawberries and apples it is then.”


“I can’t believe you’re going to represent him,” Dave shook his head at Carly wondering why in the world she could think up something so stupid. “I mean honestly what do you think you’re going to accomplish here in doing this? I mean really!”

“First of all in case you didn’t notice, I’ve been trying to find some work here since love can’t pay the bills alone and I refuse to just mooch off of you,” Carly snapped back at him, “and secondly, I am not doing anything wrong. It’s a divorce case. This happens to people all the time Dave!”

“Yes, but it’s Deidra and Andy we’re talking about here. He’s a snake and…” Dave objected further.

“Dave, I don’t care what he’s done. I just want to get this over with for both him and Deidra. You and I both know that she wants her freedom anyways. She’s with Dean and I’m sure that she would be much happier to have this marriage behind her,” Carly added further in attempt to plead her case with him, “This is only going to help them both in the long run.”

“Yeah right,” Dave rolled his eyes, “Andy’s just going to use this as an excuse to slander her name and…”

“Dave I’ve seen what he’s asking for in the divorce,” she frowned back at him, “He didn’t come here to make things difficult. He just wants to put and end to a bad situation which is exactly what I would like to do right about now. I don’t want to fight with you over this.”

“Carly, if you’d just see you’re being impossible and,” Dave began again.

“I’m just doing my job Dave and I’m not going to be made to feel guilty because of it,” she huffed back at him impatiently, “I don’t tell you how to run the police station, so please don’t tell me how to deal with my clients.”

“I just wish that you didn’t have him as a client,” he sighed heavily, “He’s trouble Carly.”

“Trouble or not, I’ve taken the case and you should trust me enough to know that I’m not going to do anything unethical in this one. It’s just a divorce,” she shrugged her shoulders, “When Deidra signs the papers, she and Andy will both have what--and end to an unpleasant experience.”

“And what about us? What will this do to us?” he couldn’t help but ask fearing that Andy had purposely sought out Carly to cause a rift between them.

“You and I should focus on more important things like the trip you promised our daughter. She’s been looking forward to that Dave and I’d like her to have a good time,” Carly replied giving him one last look before moving past him and leaving Dave to wonder if Andy was back for more than anyone thought possible now that he’d made his return to Coral Valley!


Cameron sat in his private study at the estate looking through the computer files he’d had put together on Avery and Angela. While he knew that he should just let it go, there was something unsettling about Brooke Morrison’s refusal to take his out and leave town. She might be away for the moment, but Cameron feared what might happen should she return to town in full swing and uncover what Cameron believed to be truth. That in itself had him worried--very worried.

“Avery might’ve had to deal with you all those years, but I won’t let you hurt Angela,” Cameron mouthed to himself knowing that he would have to find a way to confirm his suspicions and see to it that he was certain about the two women. He’d already taken steps in looking into Avery’s background but now…

There was a knock at the door.

“Sir, I hate to intrude, but your appointment is here,” Franklin explained to him with an apologetic expression.

“And here I thought he’d changed his mind about coming here,” Cameron nodded, “Please show him inside.”

“Alright,” Franklin disappeared and a few seconds later another man stood at Cameron’s door.

“Mr. Stone,” the man greeted him with a small smile, “I heard that you wanted to speak with me.”

“That I did,” Cameron nodded motioning to the chair, “How was your flight in Mr. Byrne?”

“It was,” Andy stretched his arms out behind his head before settling into the chair, “relaxing and pretty nice considering.”

“I’d promised you top of the line accommodations,” Cameron reminded him before sitting up straighter in his own chair, “Of course I was hoping that you’d considered my proposal we’d discussed on the phone.”

“I’ve thought about it, but I have a few questions,” Andy explained getting more relaxed in his seat, “I think I need to know a few more details before I accept.”

“Understandable,” Cameron nodded appropriately, “And I can promise you Mr. Byrne if you do this, then I will make it very worth your while in ways that go well beyond your wildest dreams.”

“In that case,” Andy cracked a smile, “Start talking because I’m all ears!”


“We're not getting caught by anyone,” Blake decided seeing Sarah nod slowly as Sarah pointed over towards the bar. “I don’t think we should go that way because I thought that’s where I heard Kyle earlier.”

“Don’t worry about it--Kyle is too much of a wimp,” Sarah informed Blake with a small smirk walking into the bar and turning to face Blake. “We will never get caught with this by Kyle because he would never drink.”

“What am I going to catch you with?” Kyle couldn’t help but ask as his attention went from Russ to Sarah within a second of hearing her voice. He set his drink down before giving Russ a small glance and looking back towards Sarah.

“Good job idiot,” Blake hit Sarah in the arm before rolling her eyes and looking over at Russ with a small frown. She thought back to warning Sarah before shaking her head slowly. “We try to avoid Seth and run right into Kyle.”

“Shut up for a second,” Sarah warned Blake seeing the way that Blake was running her mouth off not caring what she was saying after they were caught. “Don’t worry about it right now.”

“Don’t worry about what?” Russ questioned walking in next to Kyle as they stood in front of her and Kyle’s dark eyes narrowed over at her as they watched her carefully. “What aren’t you telling my best friend.”

“You see,” Blake folded her arms out in front of Kyle knowing there was no way to hide it now that she had a pregnancy test in her pocket that was probably clearly showing. “Me and Sarah were…”

“Trying to look for some medicine because I really wasn’t feeling that great,” Sarah informed Kyle with a small frown placing her hand in over her stomach gently. “I kind of have been having a stomach ache, I must have ate something wrong.”

“Well,” Russ began taking in a deep breath shaking his head slowly as he spoke up once more, “I don’t recall you ever eating something in front of me Sarah.”

“And you don’t look that sick,” Kyle replied looking over at Russ seeing Russ’s green eyes staring into his as he shrugged his shoulders. “What’s really going on?”

“I’m not kidding I…” Sarah’s voice came to a stop as she ran her hand in over her head and let out a deep breath before feeling her knees give out on her.

“Sarah,” Kyle gasped catching her in his arms tightly and holding onto her as he fell to the ground on his bottom holding her in his arms as he pushed a piece of hair behind her ear. “Sarah? Come on, open up.”

“What do you want me to do?” Russ questioned worriedly seeing Kyle tapping the side of Sarah’s face gently before pulling her up more in his arms and cradling her in against him. “I’ll go get a cool cloth.”

“Okay,” Kyle gulped down kissing Sarah’s forehead gently as he rocked her back and forth slowly. “Come on baby, wake up.”

“Sarah,” Blake leaned down worriedly touching Sarah’s hand as she saw Sarah peak her eye open when Kyle turned around to look for Russ and if he was coming back. Blake let out a small frown realizing that Sarah was only pulling this off so she could get out of the conversation with Kyle. “That’s real great.”

“What is?” Kyle questioned turning to face Blake when Sarah quickly closed her eyes before Kyle could see her as he felt for a fever and let out a small frown. “What do you think is wrong.”

“Not much,” Blake replied seeing Kyle holding Sarah close to his chest and trying to get her back awake. If Kyle only knew what she was doing right now, it would prove to him how bad Sarah really was.

“Come on honey,” Kyle whispered feeling a slight bit guilty of accusing Sarah of faking. “You have to wake up. Come on baby don’t do this to me right now. I’m sorry.”


...to be continued...