Episode 313

“Will you marry me,” were the words that kept flying through Kyle’s head as he felt Sarah’s arms wrap around his shoulders tightly as he caressed her back gently with his right arm letting out a small sigh. Somehow, he never found himself asking Sarah to marry him like this and still, he really didn’t expect her to say yes.

“I love you so much,” Sarah whispered in Kyle’s ear as he took in a deep breath, feeling her arms tighten around him as he looked over towards the corner of the stage seeing Blake and Seth together. “I can’t believe we are going to be getting married.”

“It’s great,” Kyle let out a small laugh before faking a smile and trying to look happy through this whole thing. “It’s the one thing I hoped for my whole life.”

Kyle thought about his words before letting out a deep sigh, he knew that wasn’t the truth. It was far from the truth because for the longest time he could remember that Sarah wasn’t the only one he loved. There was a while back when they were together when he couldn’t help but think about someone else.

“Where are you going?” Kyle remembered Sarah asking as he got out of bed and grabbed his shirt, pulling it on slowly. “Kyle? It’s storming out, where are you going?”

“I have some work I need to get done,” Kyle lied reaching for his keys and shrugging his shoulders. He grabbed his leather jacket from the corner of the room hearing the rain slamming up against the house before turning off his cell phone. “I forgot I had something that needed to be done and I have to get it done quick, so I will see you in the morning.”

“Just be careful honey,” Sarah whispered seeing Kyle nod before kneeling on the bed and kissing her quickly. “I don’t want to lose you on a night like this.”

“I’ll be alright,” Kyle promised walking over towards the door before giving her a small wave. “I’ll be back by morning.”

When Kyle had left that night, he left with another woman in mind. There was another person that he knew should have someone with her that night and that one person was Heather. He had lied to Sarah that night just to make sure he could go and see Heather after Sarah and Diego had thrown her into the mental hospital. He knew himself that it was a horrible idea, but still--his voice had no say in it back then. He could remember being with Heather that night, not knowing if Heather remembered what happened with them. With the way she was acting with him, she probably didn’t because of the medication they were giving her. There were so many things he said to her, so many things that made him wonder if what he was doing right now was the right decision.

“Thanks,” Kyle smiled pulling off his jacket and setting it down in the hallway after one of the doctors Kyle knew opened up Heather’s room for him, making him take out his keys before he went in. “I’ll tell you when I’m leaving.”

“No worries,” the doctor nodded seeing Kyle enter the room before shutting the door behind him.

“Heather?” Kyle whispered trying to look around the dark room the lightening flash through the room as he tried to see where she was. “Heather honey, it’s Kyle. Where are you?”

“Why did you put me in here?” Heather’s voice spoke up as the lightening lit up the room once more, making him turn to see her in the corner of the room sitting on the ground. “Of all people, I can’t believe you agreed to this.”

“I never agreed to this,” Kyle whispered seeing her get up slowly and fold her arms out in front of her chest. He reached out to touch her seeing her pull away from him as he let out a small sigh and shrugged his shoulders before speaking up again. “Heather, this was all Sarah’s idea and…”

“And you decided to listen to her Kyle?” Heather questioned angrily reaching her hands out and pushing him back roughly over and over again until he was up against the wall. She pounded her fists into his chest roughly as her sobs started to fill his ears. “You decided to listen to her again when she wanted to ruin my life…”

“Heather stop,” Kyle begged grabbing her wrists in his hands to get her to stop beating on him as he stared out at her and her sobs became worse. Feeling his heart swell up with pain Kyle pulled her into his arms tightly, resting his chin against her head as she cried into his chest. “I swear Heather, I had no say in this. I would have taken care of you myself. I never wanted this for you, I had no say.”

“Why did they do this to me Kyle?” she cried against his chest feeling him caress her back gently as she began to feel her body shiver. “Why would they do this to me without thinking what it would do to me?”

“I don’t know, what they are doing is cruel,” Kyle frowned pressing a small kiss against her forehead falling to the ground with her as he cradled her in his arms tightly. “I swear I’m going to do whatever it takes to get you out of here. I promise.”

“You can’t do that,” Heather looked up at Kyle feeling his fingers brush in against her cheek gently, making her lean into his warm touch. “I can’t let you get in trouble, you don’t know how to get me out of here.”

“I’ll do whatever it takes,” Kyle assured her once more pushing a piece of her blonde hair behind her ear. “I don’t care if I get in trouble, you don’t deserve to be here, you don’t deserve any of this and I’m not going to let you take it any longer.”

“Why would Sarah do something like this to me?” Heather questioned with a small sniff, feeling Kyle brush away her tears before holding her tighter in his arms. “She always does things like this to hurt me. Like taking you away from me.”

“She never took me away from you Heather, I’m always going to be here,” Kyle pointed out in a small hush seeing her green eyes look up into his as another light flashed through the room because of the lightening. “I’ve always been here for you, you should know that.”

“Of course you have,” Heather rolled her eyes looking away from him only to feel his index finger slide in underneath her chin making her look back up at him in the dark. “You have been in love with Sarah and there is no room left for me in you life.”

“If you haven’t noticed, I’m with you right now,” Kyle informed her leaning down and capturing her lips in a kiss, feeling her hand slide in over the front of his chest carefully. He pulled away from her, seeing her eyes still closed until he brushed his thumb in over the hollow of her cheek. “I have more room in my life for you than I will ever have for Sarah.”

“Please tell me this isn’t a dream?” Heather begged seeing Kyle smile and push back another piece of her hair carefully. “Why are you saying this to me?”

“Because it’s true,” he spoke up in a tight whisper before leaning forward and pressing his lips up against hers, feeling her mouth open up against his as he brushed his tongue up against hers. Her arms wrapped around his shoulders as he picked her up in his arms and walked her over towards her bed, setting her down carefully before getting in next to her. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders, making her snuggle in against him as he saw her green eyes look up at him. “I love you Heather.”

“Are you just saying this because you feel sorry for me?” Heather pondered his answer as she made sure her hair covered her face from where her burn was. “I mean, I would understand because I am burned and everything…”

“Burned or not,” Kyle pushed back the hair she placed in front of her face behind her ear as he leaned back down to give her another small kiss. “I still love you. You’re just as beautiful either way because you’re still my Heather Marx.”

“Your Heather Marx?” Heather muttered his words seeing him nod slowly as she looked up at him worriedly. “I’m not Heather Marx anymore Kyle.”

“You’re always going to be Heather Marx,” Kyle promised pressing another small kiss up against her lips, feeling her arm curl around his shoulders as he moved in over her carefully. His lips beckoned hers time and time again, feeling her hands slide up and over his shoulders slowly. “You loved me when I was at my lowest Heather, I’ve always loved you no matter what.”

“I’ve always loved you too Kyle,” she whispered reaching up to touch his face softly, feeling the rough stubble against her fingers as he let out a small smile. “No one was able to take your spot, no one.”

“I want you to remember that because the same goes for me,” he laid back down on the bed next to her holding her in his arms tightly before looking up towards the ceiling. “You should get some sleep though, I’ll be here for a while.”

“You’re not going to leave me are you?” Heather questioned in a small whimper seeing Kyle shake his head slowly as she bit down on her bottom lip. “I don’t think I could handle being alone right now.”

“Don’t worry about it Heather, I’m not going to leave,” he promised with a small nod feeling her cuddle in up against him as he pressed a small kiss against her temple. “I wouldn’t be that cruel.”

Even now it hurt Kyle to think about what he had promised her a couple of months ago. There he was back then telling her she was his only one and now he was here with the one he always thought he would be with. Kyle had left when Grady called him, but when he saw Heather the next time he knew that she didn’t remember what happened or remember what he said. Weeks later she was back to being with Brant and loving Brant all over again, so that showed him right there where her heart truly was.

“I wonder if that was a good thing,” Kyle sighed seeing Sarah pull back and look up at him as he realized he spoke aloud. A small smile developed over his features as he rubbed her stomach with the back of his hand carefully. “We did this whole thing backwards you know.”

“It will be worth it in the end,” Sarah promised seeing Kyle nod slowly as she looked back to see Blake motioning her over towards the corner. “Come on.”

“I’m so happy for the two of you,” Blake informed them, wrapping her arms around Kyle’s neck tightly and she patted him on the back softly. “I can’t believe you two are finally doing it.”

“Me neither,” Kyle smirked feeling Blake let go of him as he wrapped his arm around Sarah’s shoulders and slid his hand in over her stomach gently. Now that Sarah was pregnant with his child, it was the best for him to just give up on those dreams he had once had. It was just the best to just erase those memories he shared with Heather because he couldn’t leave his baby. “I’m looking forward to marry the mother of my child.”


“What is she doing?” Diego questioned seeing Sarah wrap her arms around Kyle’s neck tightly as Kyle held her close to him. Moments earlier Sarah was with him, making love to him and promising him the future he had wanted with her, but now she was with Kyle saying yes to marrying him. “Why would she do something like that?”

Diego watched carefully as Sarah looked down at the ring Kyle had gave her and a bright smile spread throughout her features. Yet again one of the people he loved had ran out of his life just like that. There was no reason Kyle and Sarah should be together, Diego loved her just as much and wasn’t about to just let her go like that.

“I’m not going to let you slip through my fingers Sarah,” Diego whispered to himself patting his pocket carefully and then looking up towards Sarah and Kyle. “I’m not going to let you go now that I know there is a possibility you could be having my baby. Engaged to Kyle or not, I love you and you can’t change that.”

“Oh, tough break,” Diego felt someone’s hand rest against his shoulder as he turned to see Cori behind him with a drink in hand. She took a long sip of her drink before shaking her head slowly. “That sucks doesn’t it?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” Diego cleared his throat uneasily seeing Cori finish off her drink before quickly setting it down on one of the trays a waiter was carrying. “Why are you here right now Cori?”

“Oh Diego, I’m here to party,” Cori’s voice squeaked with every word as she shrugged her shoulders and wrapped her arm around his shoulder. “What about you though? You don’t seem to be in the partying mood. Is it because Sarah is marrying the very sexy Kyle Houston? Would you look at them? They are an adorable couple.”

“No they aren’t,” Diego snapped looking over at Cori seeing her throw her hands up in the air before shrugging her shoulders. Diego looked back towards Kyle and Sarah, seeing them talking to Blake and Seth as he shook his head. “You don’t know the first thing about Kyle Houston. You don’t know that he…”

“Saved four people lives by going up against Bruce Mathis. He saved Grady Denton from going to jail and just thinking about it I know this guy has a long list of things he has done,” Cori wrapped her arm around Diego’s shoulders before giving them a small squeeze. “He sounds like a true hero Diego, I can see why she left you for him. I mean just look at him, he oozes with the word sexy.”

“She didn’t leave me,” he snapped at Cori swiping her hand away from his shoulders before shaking his head slowly. “You don’t know the first thing about this whole situation. She loves me and I know…”

“She just said yes to marrying Kyle,” Cori added seeing his face drain of all color as she patted him on the back roughly. “All this time you thought you had Ms. Marx wrapped around your big old finger, but man--I guess that one just came back to bite you in the balls didn’t it?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Cori,” Diego looked back down towards her letting out a small scowl as she looked up at him with her big brown eyes. “She’s just confused right now…”

“Confused over Kyle Houston? The only woman that would be confused is if she did choose you over Houston,” Cori pointed out taking in a deep breath before shrugging her shoulders. “I guess this means she didn’t think you were man enough either, did she?”

“Whatever,” Diego muttered seeing Cori give him a small wink before walking off the other way leaving him to think about everything that was happening right now before him. “What are you thinking Sarah?”


Kellen watched Sarah embrace Kyle on the stage and he felt his jaw drop in horror unable to believe what he was seeing. Instinctively he started to move forward wondering what in the hell had possessed Kyle to do something so stupid given that no more than half an hour ago Kellen had seen major sparkage happening between Kyle and Heather. He took another forward movement only to hear Heather let out a small groan.

“Kellen that’s my arm you’re taking with me,” she mouthed in clear agony another moan pouring past her lips. She tipped her head forward and sucked in a small breath, “I know I must be drunk because I could swear I just thought I heard Kyle ask Sarah to marry him.”

“He did,” Kellen replied with a tight scowl realizing that he wanted nothing more than to walk up to Kyle and knock some sense into the man before he made the biggest mistake of his life. However, as Heather’s knees grew wobbly, Kellen wrapped his arms around her in an attempt to keep her from falling, “Hey.”

“Kellen, I don’t feel so good,” Heather groaned fighting to hold herself together as her green eyes met Kellen’s. “In fact, I feel like I’m going to throw up.”

“Oh no you’re not,” Kellen mouthed in a moment of panic turning to lead her towards the exit when he heard a voice call out to them.

“There you are Heather,” Cameron moved forward his dark eyes fixed on her in Kellen’s arms, “Look I don’t know what that was about before with Kyle, but I think I’m ready to take you home since it’s obvious you need to rest.”

“She’s not going home with you,” Kellen shook his head at Cameron catching Cameron’s surprised expression.

“Kellen, she’s sick,” Cameron pointed out seeing Heather’s head fall against Kellen’s shoulder in a distinct drop, “Don’t argue about this now.”

“Look Cam, I have no problems with you at all. I’m sure that you mean well, but right now I’d feel more comfortable with Heather staying with me. No offense,” Kellen explained keeping his arm around Heather’s waist as she sank further against him.

“Kellen I know you mean well, but I came here with Heather and I think it would be best if I leave with her,” Cameron tried to explain smoothly, “I’ll just take her home and…”

“No, that’s okay. Kipp and I already agreed to take her home with us, so please don’t bother pushing the issue any further. She’ll be in good hands,” Kellen picked Heather up in his arms realizing how easy a task it was given that Heather was like a rag doll flopping in his hold over her. “I’ll have her call you in the morning when she’s more cohesive.”

“Kellen…” Cameron frowned watching Kellen carry Heather out of the room. Despite the fact that Cameron had wanted to push the issue further, he remembered how Kyle had decked him and he thought twice about it. Maybe Kellen was right. Maybe it was better to cut his losses tonight since he had other more important things to attend to.


“That’s your buddy I stitched up right?” Deana questioned looking over at Grady who was clapping his hands with the other people around the room as he saw Kyle kiss Sarah before motioning everyone to go back to what they were doing. “He doesn’t seem like the type of guy that loves the spotlight.”

“Believe me, he loves it,” Grady informed her with a wide smile, enclosing his fingers with hers before motioning over to Kyle and tugging her though the crowd. “Lets go congratulate him, you have no idea how long he has wanted a child of his own.”

“So this is a good thing for him?” Deana muttered seeing Grady look back at her before quickly nodding as she looked over Kyle and noticed that he was turning slightly pale after what happened. “He doesn’t look like he’s alright.”

“He’s okay,” Grady assured her before finally reaching Kyle and tapping him on the shoulder seeing Kyle turn around as Grady wrapped his arms around Kyle and hugged his best friend tightly. “Congratulations Mr. Houston, looks like you are finally getting to have that dream you wanted.”

“Yeah,” Kyle laughed patting Grady on the back before feeling Grady let go of him and he shrugged his shoulders pushing his hands back into his pockets. “I guess I just didn’t assume Sarah would be pregnant right now.”

“Well, congratulations to the both of you,” Deana stepped forward feeling Kyle give her a small hug before smiling widely when he looked down at her and then to Grady. “What’s got you smiling so wide?”

“You’re the girl who stitched me up so good,” Kyle winked down at her before offering up another wide grin. “Nurse Sherman--if I do say so myself you really look good tonight. Maybe you should dress up like that every day going into work, you would really excite a couple of the patients you know.”

“Okay dude,” Grady pushed Kyle back softly letting out a small laugh as Kyle held his hands up in the air before laughing himself. “She’s my date tonight, you’ve got your own--stop flirting.”

“Hey, if I do recall,” Kyle looked over towards Deana winking down at her before folding his arms out in front of his chest. “She was the one that called me a cutie pie in that sweet southern accent. Isn’t that right Ms. Sherman?”

“Hey now Mr. Flirty,” Grady frowned wrapping his arm around Deana’s shoulders tightly before motioning Kyle to back off. “You’re engaged now, I think your fiancée would kill you if she heard you talking like this.”

“Don’t worry about that,” Kyle blew it off holding his hands up in the air before shaking his head slowly and looking back at Sarah. “She’s going to get mad at me for something sooner or later.”

“You don’t sound too happy,” Deana frowned seeing him shrug his shoulders before she placed her hand over Grady’s offering up a small smile. “By the way Grady, I did call him a cutie pie.”

“Oh,” Grady pulled away from her placing his hand over his heart as if to act wounded by her words. “I can’t believe you would say something like that. I thought you were supposed to be my date, but here you are saying my best friend is a cutie? Where is this world coming to?”

“Come on Denton,” Kyle frowned offering up a small smile before wrapping his arm around Deana. “Who wouldn’t love this irresistible smile? I mean yeah, you’re okay, but I’m one hell of a man.”

“I don’t need a flashback to how much of a man you are,” Grady cleared his throat uneasily before loosening up his tie and offering up a small laugh. He reached out to grab Deana again, pulling her back towards him as he saw Kyle shrug his shoulders and arch his eyebrow in response. “I don’t think my date needs to know though, I think your fiancée would really be mad about that.”

“About that,” Kyle looked back at Sarah before sitting on the edge of the stage seeing Grady step in closer to him. He looked over towards the corner of the room seeing Kellen, Heather and Cameron together as Kellen held onto her tightly. “I don’t think Sarah would notice anyways.”

Kyle worriedly watched on as he saw Heather hold onto Kellen and the look on Kellen’s face told it all as Kyle let out a small breath. Hopefully Heather was going to be okay and she wasn’t hurt right now.


“How do you know Cameron?” Avery questioned an urgency building behind her dark eyes. She stood taller trying to face down the oversized man in front of her, but she knew it would be no use. There was no way her size would be intimidating to the man who towered over her and clearly longed to break away before he could answer her questions. Still she wasn’t about to give up. Reaching for his arm again, she met his dark eyes with her own penetrating stare. “Kevin, talk to me.”

“Look Avery, I really can’t get into this now especially considering that I don’t want to hurt you,” he explained with an apologetic expression offering up more of a mysterious feel in the air between them, “I like you too much to get into this. Funny that I am saying that considering that I wasn’t really sure what I would think when I met you…”

“When you met me,” she repeated giving him a long look, “Kevin, is this about Russ? Is this about why you came to my house the other day? Because somehow Cameron was involved in all of this?”

“Avery, look it’s complicated, but you have to trust me when I tell you that it’s best that you don’t hear what I am trying not to tell you,” he offered up with a heavy sigh, “I can see you’re a woman with a lot to hold onto in her life and you shouldn’t be worrying about me or Cameron or…”

“I wasn’t worrying about Cameron until you made it something for me to worry about,” she snapped her frustrations mounting, “so why don’t we cut the crap and you start telling me the truth right here and now?”

“Look Avery as I said before I really don’t think it’s my place to tell you…” Kevin started uneasily knowing that she was just as stubborn as Angie was. That was a given when he noted the defiance in her dark eyes, but before he could utter another word he heard a sound from behind him.

“Anything,” Russell marched up to the two of them carefully placing himself between Kevin and Avery. His arm wrapped around Avery’s waist protectively before his eyes darted up at Kevin with a warning, “I’m not sure what’s going on here, but I can see you’re upsetting her.”

“Something gives me the feeling I’m not the only one who is capable of that,” Kevin remarked sourly giving Russ a ‘don’t screw with me’ look. Still Kevin could see that Russ was unyielding in his attempt to make sure Kevin didn’t upset Avery.

“Listen, I don’t know what’s going on between the two of you, but it’s clear that someone’s lying to me,” Avery demanded catching the obvious tension between the two men, “So how about you both stop dancing around the issue and tell me what’s really going on starting now?”

“Look as much as I’d like to, there’s someone I have to find. I can’t sit around and talk, but I promise you everything will become clear later,” Kevin explained in a quick breath before rushing off down the corridor in search of Angela.

“What was that all about?” Russell couldn’t help but ask brushing his fingertips against her shoulder gently, “He didn’t hurt you or anything, did he?”

“No, but for a minute there I got the feeling that he believed I was someone I wasn’t,” she felt a tiny shiver race over her, “I can’t explain it, but the way that he looked at me before he realized it was me was just…”

“Avery I think it’s probably best if you stay away from him,” Russ suggested an uneasiness settling in over his stomach, “There are a lot of things about Kevin that you don’t know.”

“You mean like the fact that he’s somehow tied into Cameron Stone,” Avery watched the color drain from Russell’s face, “Russ, what is it? How deep is he in with Cameron?”

“He’s…” Russ paused awakening pressing in over him, “Oh my God.”

“Russ, what is it?” Avery tugged on his arm seeing the way his green eyes flashed with an emotion she couldn’t quite read.

Finally he looked to her with a solemn expression, his face a mask of anxiety and tension at the thought of what Kevin’s presence meant to his future. Now that he could remember a distinct moment in his time with Angela--a moment when she’d made a confession about her past--about where she’d come from, Russ realized that not only had he been living on an island prepared to pledge his life to another woman, but rather that woman was none other than Cameron Stone’s sister. She might have had Avery’s face, yet she was related to one of the worst dangers that had ever come into his family. Knowing that Russ feared what could happen if Kevin was truly linked to Cameron on a level that would bring nothing but more misery to his family. If Cameron found out about Russ and Angela…

“Russ, talk to me,” Avery pleaded tugging on his arm gently to break him from his thoughts.

“Avery, we need…” he paused eyes scanning the room fearing that he would spot Cameron or anyone else who could use the past to blow up his future with Avery, “We need some air because there are some things I need to tell you--things that simply cannot wait a moment longer.”


“You’re pregnant,” Brant repeated his eyes widening in astonishment. His gaze immediately dropped to her abdomen, to the warmth burning beneath his touch. There was no mistaking that she was certainly different than he’d remembered, yet up until she’d pointed it out, he hadn’t even been aware of the fact that…

“That’s right,” she brought her hand down over his, tears slipping past her cheek as she tried to keep it together for a few minutes longer, “You gave me a whole hell of a lot more than multiple orgasms there Brant.”

“But I…I mean how…” he stammered finding himself at a loss. He took a step backwards seating himself on the edge of the bed as he looked at her. Despite his best efforts, his eyes couldn’t hide the shock and astonishment rushing through him. Bringing his hand up through his hair haphazardly he tried to find the right words to say to her especially considering that he’d been rendered speechless. Finally he was able to spit out a few words, “But we were careful. We were safe about things and…”

“Yeah well surprise, I’m a poster child for the fact that being safe isn’t always effective,” she replied reaching for her sheet once again to cover herself up. She wrapped the sheet around her body before holding it to her tightly, “and in this particular instance, I’d say I’m a shining example of how wrong birth control methods can be two times over.”

“I mean it’s just…” he stumbled to find the right words, watching her step back to place an even greater distance between them, “I just never thought that…I mean sure we had a lot of fun, but…”

“But it doesn’t exactly fit into your whole fantasy you’ve had going does it? I mean you said it yourself you’re not really all about anything more than this fantasy of me you’ve weaved,” she waved her hand around in the air, before wiping at her face, “You don’t want anything more than this.”

“I never said that,” he pointed out with a frown, “It’s just I wasn’t expecting you to toss it on me like this that you’re pregnant. I mean we haven’t seen one another in months and…”

“And what?” she questioned in an accusatory tone seeing something spark behind his eyes, “What’s on your mind Brant?”

“Well, are you…I mean are you sure…” he hesitated not quite sure how to ask what was on the tip of his tongue, “Are you sure they are mine?”

Her eyes widened in shock, horror sweeping in over her face before her lip curled in anger. Her eyes narrowed at him as she stomped forward making her way past him over to the bed with a squeal. She bent down to search for her dress, anger burning over her.

“Look I’m not trying to be rude, but I’m just asking…” he confessed knowing almost immediately he’d pushed the wrong button with her.

“I wish to hell that they weren’t especially considering I don’t know a thing about you and the more time I spend with you, the more I find myself wishing that I didn’t ever come into contact with you again,” she snapped refusing to look back over her shoulder at him as her hands shook with anger.

“Yeah, well you seemed like you must’ve been going down that route given that you didn’t try to reach me. I mean did you ever think that maybe I should’ve known somehow that you were pregnant if you thought you were having my children,” he challenged seeing her scoop her dress up in her arms.

“Why would I bother? You’re a married man with a life of your own and it’s clear that someone like you wouldn’t want to be involved with me or my children,” her voice raised with heavy agitation, “It’s clear that you just thought of me as some dumb bimbo you could screw and dump when the mood hit. I mean that whole line of bull that you gave me about wanting something more…tell me was that just so that you could get me into bed again? On second thought, don‘t answer that. I think what just happened before spoke for itself.”

“Oh come on,” Brant threw his hands up in the air with a groan, “Don’t even go there with me. You knew full well what you were getting yourself into when you hopped into bed with a complete stranger. Surely it might’ve dawned in on you what we were getting into…”

“But I didn’t bargain for this. I didn’t ask to be pregnant and I most certainly didn’t ask to encounter a self-centered narcissist like you who thinks he’s God’s gift to women,” she spat out at him dropping the sheet that covered her and attempting to step into her dress, “which by the way I have to tell you that you’re far from being the best I ever had. In fact you could learn a few things or two about pleasing a woman since you fall flat in your attempts causing us to fake it with you…”

“Bull,” Brant shook his head at her, “You’re just saying that because you’re upset. I know damn well that you enjoy being with me just as much as I enjoy being with you. You can’t deny how hot we are together…”

“I don’t need hot Brant. I need someone who isn’t going to flake out on me. Someone who is going to accept responsibility and be a father. I need someone who isn’t going to treat me like some common whore and expect that I worship the ground he walks on when he thinks he can stomp on me over and over again. I’m done.”

“No you’re not,” he shook his head at her, taking a small step towards her. He saw her fighting with the zipper on her dress trying to get it unstuck, but it was caught in the material and she couldn’t get it up any further than her legs. She kicked out of the dress bringing it up for a closer look.

“Yes I am. I’m so beyond done with you. I don’t know why in the hell that I thought that you’d actually be someone worth spending the rest of my life with. I don’t know why I even believed for a second that you’d be a good father or that you could give our children what they need in their lives. You’re so far from being what I wanted you to be that…” her words came to an abrupt ending as he pulled her into his arms. A gasp fell from her lips as their eyes met once again.

“And you’re so far from telling the truth right now that it’s not even funny,” Brant declared tipping his head down to kiss her with all the fire and intensity that her anger had stirred up inside of him. Sure, nothing made sense and the fact that she’d told him he was going to be a father was something that still had him on edge, yet there was one thing that felt right--holding her in his arms. He felt her tense up against his kiss, before sliding her arms around his neck and pulling him in closer to her, kissing him with a hunger that conveyed the message to him that she too was in a state of denial about what was really going on between them.


“It’s so good to see you out enjoying yourself again,” Diane hugged her mother offering up a small smile now that she could see that Richard and Judy had finally reunited with one another. “All I have ever wanted was to see you happy and I’m sure that Deidra would agree with me on that.”

“I am happy,” Judy touched the side of her daughter’s face, “but I’m even happier when my girls are happy too.”

“I am happy mom,” Diane admitted casting a glance over at Ben, who was still talking with Richard. “We’re very happy with one another and even though Ben and I hit a rough spot I think we’re going to make through things okay with one another. He’s everything to me.”

“And I know you’re everything to him. He’s a good man,” Judy noted thinking about Ben’s unyielding devotion to Diane. “I’m happy that you found him.”

“So am I,” Diane noted with a loving expression as her gaze swept over Ben once again, “but I know I don’t deserve him.”

“Of course you do,” Judy offered up hoping to give her daughter a pep talk. “You’re just as worthy of love as the rest of us and I hope you know it.”

“I’ve done a lot of really terrible things mom--things that I’m not proud of, but I’m trying to change,” Diane admitted with a small sigh. “After we lost the baby, well it’s given me a whole new outlook on life and I want to try to get things right this time around. I’m not happy with who I used to be and I really want to do things the right way with Ben.”

“I have faith in you sweetheart and I’m sure you’ll be happy,” Judy touched the side of her daughter’s face once more. “You are my little girl after all.”

“I know,” Diane nodded in agreement before looking around the party, “but on another note I haven’t seen Deidra around here at all tonight. Have you?”

“No and that is strange considering that she was invited,” Judy added thinking about an earlier phone conversation she’d had with her daughter during the week. “She mentioned that she and Dean would be stopping by tonight, but I haven’t seen either one of them.”

“Neither have I, but maybe it’s for the best that they aren’t here,” Diane pondered the thought for a long moment.

“Why do you say that?” Judy questioned with a worried expression. “Is there something I should know about what’s going on between Deidra and Dean?”

“No, not at all,” Diane stood up straighter not wanting to get into her worries about Andy right about now when it was clear that her sister was probably much better suited staying as far away from the man as possible. Looking around the room Diane felt as if someone was watching her and a tiny shiver raced over her.

“Honey are you okay?” Judy questioned with a worried expression seeing Diane nod quickly.

“I’m fine,” Diane assured her mother with a small smile, “and if Deidra is off with Dean I’m sure she’s fine as well.”

“Are you sure that’s everything?” Judy searched her daughter’s eyes for a long moment.

Diane nodded, “I guess it’s just been a big night for all of us and I’m ready to call it quits. Ben said he’d pamper me when we got home so I’m kind of looking forward to that.”

“I can’t say I blame you. It’s always nice to have someone who pampers you,” Judy added with a small smile, her gaze drifting over to Richard once again.

“And I’m glad you finally have that. You deserve the best mom,” Diane leaned in to give her mom a good-bye kiss.

“So do you sweetheart,” Judy replied offering up an embrace as it seemed that things were finally turning around for her daughters and herself at long last. Things were finally getting back on track again and Judy found herself very thankful for that.


“Do you feel guilty about us skipping out on the party?” Deidra questioned snuggling in closer to Dean beneath the blanket now that they lay together on his sofa watching old movies.

“Truly?” he asked arching a curious brow. He saw her nod before he grinned, “Not at all. You?”

“Not in the slightest,” she shook her head wrapping his arm around her more securely, “I mean it’s nice to get all dolled up sometimes, but tonight I’m exactly where I want to be.”

“You and me both,” he replied bending down to kiss her gently, “I’m glad that we had this time together.”

“So am I,” she confessed with a tired sigh, “I guess I just didn’t realize how much I wanted us to be alone tonight until we made it happen.”

“Funny how we came about doing that,” he noted with a sly grin. “It almost makes me wonder if you helped play a hand in our getting a flat tire so that you’d purposely keep us from that party.”

“No, I can’t take credit for that,” she laughed lightly, snuggling further into him, “but I wish I had thought of it. It might’ve saved us a couple of hours there if we’d have had that flat from the start.”

“Yeah well either way I’m just happy that I wound up with you in my arms here tonight,” he whispered kissing her once again, “especially considering that there was a time when I figured this wouldn’t ever happen again for us.”

“I don’t know what I was thinking back then,” she sighed emphatically, “I was a fool.”

“I wasn’t exactly too forthcoming with you and I apologize for that,” Dean mouthed remembering their time apart.

“Hey, it’s okay. We all make mistakes,” her eyes lingered to where she’d stabbed him in a moment of confusion, “some more than others.”

“We all learn from our mistakes,” Dean reached for her hand bringing it to his lips in a gentle kiss, “and I’m sure that’s what is important.”

“I hope so, but I just want you to know how sorry I am about before…” she started guilt eating away at her, “If I would’ve only listened…”

“I should’ve told you the truth from the start, but don’t worry I won’t keep that from you any longer. Regardless of what happens, I’m going to try to be up front with you about everything. You have my word on that,” he promised with a small kiss taking the time to savor this quiet time they shared with one another after all the craziness that had surrounded their relationship over the last few months.


Rob looked out at the people around him at the party after he had got done dancing with Cori, seeing everyone who seemed to be happy with the ones they were with. He looked to his daughter seeing her laugh with the boy she was dancing with as his eyes narrowed in over at her.

“Who are you?” Rob couldn’t help but ask himself as he watched Lindsay dance with the young man. Getting more eager to know who this boy was Rob took a closer step towards Lindsay before something else caught his eyes. “What in the world?”

Rob was interested to know what was going on with Lindsay, but as he looked to the other side of the dance floor he saw Alicia dancing with Walt Steiner. Walt Steiner, the one man that had always tried to put an end to Rob and Alicia’s relationship.

There were so many times that Walt had plotted on separating Rob and Alicia and now there Alicia was dancing with Walt right before him.

“Lindsay can wait, she’ll be okay,” Rob told himself as he started walking around the people and over towards Alicia and Walt as he grabbed Walt by the shoulder pulling him back roughly. “What the hell do you think you are doing?”

“I’m dancing with Alicia Rob,” Walt explained in a calm tone seeing Rob’s eyes filled with anger as he took a step back and held his hands up in the air. “It’s no harm, I just saw you enjoying your time dancing with that young woman and I figured Alicia should have some fun too.”

“She can have fun,” Rob replied reaching out to grab Alicia’s hand in his tightly before motioning her to take a step back towards him. “I don’t know what you are up to Walt, but just leave her alone. She doesn’t need you running around here to bother her.”

“I wasn’t doing anything Robert,” Walt whispered shrugging his shoulders as he spoke. If there was one thing Walt knew would anger Rob it would be playing it calm. If he acted like nothing was wrong, he knew that he could get Rob angry and show Alicia how much of a hot head her husband was. “I don’t know why you have to jump on everyone so quickly. It really shows the worst of you, you know.”

“Like you know anything about me,” Rob snapped right back feeling Alicia place her hand over his chest carefully, motioning him to take a step back as he pointed at Walt. “You better leave her alone or I will make sure you don’t leave this party all in one piece.”

“Rob,” Alicia tried to hush him as she pulled him away from Walt, making sure that Walt couldn’t say something else to anger Rob in anyways. “Honey, you have to be nice to him.”

“I have to be nice to him?” Rob questioned with a small shake of his head seeing her dark eyes looking up into his. “I don’t have to be nice to him when he tried to ruin my life time and time again in the past Alicia. That man doesn’t deserve my respect.”

“He’s dying Rob,” she informed him seeing his blue eyes widen as she nodded slowly and watched a muscle in his jaw tighten as he looked back towards Walt. There were many things that Walt had let her learn while she was dancing with him, but that was the one thing that stuck out the most. “I was being nice to him because Rob, the man is dying.”

“I don’t care Alicia,” Rob bit down on his bottom lip shaking his head slowly as he felt her hug him in her arms tightly. “I can feel that man is up to something and I won’t let him pull you down with him.”


“I want you to meet someone,” Ken enclosed his fingers with Wendy’s tightly as he motioned her to follow him over towards the dance floor. “You see, I know you have met them before, but the last time you saw them, they were probably about knee high.”

“Knee high?” Wendy questioned with a small laugh seeing him nod slowly as he led her over towards the right corner of the dance floor. “Who could that be?”

“You’ll see,” Ken held his index finger up motioning her to wait for a moment as he reached out to place his hand over Daniel’s shoulder seeing his cousin’s dark eyes look back at him. “Say hello Danny.”

“Ken,” Daniel smiled widely letting go of Lindsay for a moment to give his cousin a small hug before looking beyond Ken, arching his eyebrow in curiosity knowing that his memory must be at a loss. “Who is she?”

“Danny,” Ken cleared his throat letting go of his cousin and motioning Wendy to take a step forward. “I don’t know if you will remember, but this is Wendy. She used to play with you when you were younger.”

“Power Rangers?” Daniel questioned seeing Wendy smile as he took a step forward wrapping his arms around Wendy tightly before giving her a big squeeze. “How could I forget someone as cool as you. Wow, it’s been a long time.”

“I can’t believe you still remember that,” Wendy chuckled to herself surprised at how much Daniel had grown up. He grew up from a young boy to be a handsome young man. “Look at you, last time I saw you--I think you were this tall.”

“Well,” Daniel let out a small laugh seeing her motion with her hand how tall he was when he was a young boy. “I can get on my knees and be that tall if you would like.”

“You’re funny kiddo,” Ken reached out to pat Daniel on the shoulder before noticing Lindsay standing behind Daniel. “Lindsay, hey kid. How are you doing? How’s your big brother?”

“I’m doing okay,” Lindsay replied letting out a small smile as Ken moved around Daniel to give her a small hug. “Don is doing pretty good, I think the last time I saw him at the party he was starting some trouble.”

“Like always,” Ken replied wrapping his arm around Lindsay’s shoulders before shrugging his shoulders. “You know your brother and my brother are probably working together on something.”

“Speaking of the crazy one,” Daniel cleared his throat seeing Ken looking over at him as Daniel slid his hands into his pockets. “Where is Brant? There is something I need to ask him that's pretty important.”

“I have no idea where he is,” Ken looked around the room before shrugging his shoulders. “I guess he is out there probably having a pretty good time.”


“Kipp, honey,” Zoë ran in behind Kipp seeing him turn to face her as she threw her arms around her son’s shoulders, hearing him let out a small gasp. “I was starting to wonder if I was going to see you here at this party. What’s wrong sweetheart?”

“Nothing,” Kipp lied after just watching Kyle and Sarah embrace each other once more. “Nothing is really wrong, I’m just worried about a friend that’s all.”

“Oh,” Zoë looked over towards the direction Kipp was staring in seeing the couple that had just gotten engaged. “That’s your friend over there? The one that just asked the girl to marry him?”

“Yeah,” Kipp nodded slowly looking over at his mother before shrugging his shoulders and thinking things over for a moment. “That’s Kyle Houston, he’s the one that brought me back here. I guess you could say he saved my life.”

“Well then,” Zoë wrapped her arm around her son’s shoulders staring out at Kyle and seeing him offer up a fake smile. “You can see that man is trying way to hard. Is there anything you think I can help with? Anything at all?”

“No,” Kipp shook his head thinking about Kellen and the way he was acting about Kyle and Heather. “I think Kyle has to finish something himself. All by himself.”

“He’s a cute man, kind of looks like your Uncle Rex,” Zoë informed Kipp with a small nod before holding her right hand up in the air. “You know the one that lives down in Texas?”

“I’ve seen him before,” Kipp nodded eyeing his mother over slowly before looking over at Kyle and letting out a small laugh. “How do you get Uncle Rex out of Kyle? That’s crazy, they look totally different.”

“I don’t know, they got the whole face shape thing going on,” Zoë shrugged her shoulders not bothering to go on with her story as she shook her head slowly. “I was actually hoping I could see you because I want you to meet your little brother Kipp. I know he is around here somewhere.”

“Great,” Doug stepped in behind Kipp catching the two off guard as he placed both his hands on Kipp’s shoulders. “I’m sure Kipp is loving--just loving being a part of the whole Ashford family. Isn’t that right Kipp?”

“Actually,” Kipp pulled away placing his hand over his mother’s mouth before she could come back against Douglas. He eyed Doug over slowly before shaking his head slowly. “I’m having a great time getting to know my mother and to tell you the truth--I don’t give a damn what you have to say dad. I don’t want to listen to you, I’d just rather meet my brother then go home to my son. Ready mom?”

“Yeah,” Zoë nodded slowly proud of the way Kipp had handled the situation as he led her over towards the dance floor. “I’m proud of you Kipp, I hope you know that.”


Kevin moved through the hallways trying to stay focused after his encounter with Avery. He wasn’t planning on finding her tonight, yet after he’d spoken with her, his mind was reeling with so many things--things he didn’t want to think about. How he could’ve mistaken her for Angela blew his mind, but more so the fact that they could pass for identical twins had him even more baffled there. How could it be that two very different women were sharing the same face and the same eyes? There was something about them that was so…

“Kevin!” Kellen called out to Kevin.

Kevin turned his eyes towards Kellen seeing Kellen waving his hand in the air frantically. On his arm was a blonde woman who looked like she’d been better days as her head lay over Kellen’s shoulder. Still Kellen continued to wave at Kevin urgently.

“Hey Kel,” Kevin moved in to greet him, “You wouldn’t have happened to see Angela around here, would you?”

“Not recently although,” Kellen felt Heather slump in against him further, “I have a little bit of a problem going on here Kevin.”

“I can see that,” Kevin noted hearing the woman in Kellen’s arms groan ever so slightly.

“No, you don’t get it. I have a real problem here. I was supposed to be taking her home, but her ride kind of well, he um kind of ditched her and Kipp isn’t around and…” Kellen’s blue eyes widened in a panic, “Help.”

“What do you want me to…” Kevin started noticing Heather was sliding out of Kellen’s arms. Instinctively he reached forward to catch her before she fell to the floor. Holding her up with his arm around her waist, he saw by the expression on her face that she was totally plastered.

“Hi,” she slurred up at him with a goofy grin, her hand falling haphazardly to the center of his chest, “Who are you?”

Kevin’s dark eyes perked up to look at Kellen again with a curious brow.

“Sweetheart, he’s Kevin and he’s going to take good care of you while I go look for Kipp. Aren’t you Kevin?” Kellen grinned over at Kevin, who now realized that Kellen had allowed Heather to slide out of his hold on purpose in order to get Kevin to reach out for her.

“Kellen, no you can’t…” Kevin started to object.

“Heather needs to get home and I need to find Kipp,” Kellen waved at him with a small grin, “I promise I won’t be long and you’d better take good care of her because if you don’t Adonis…”

“Kellen I’m looking for Angie and…” Kevin felt Heather fall forward into his muscular chest, her words coming out in a muffled, incomprehensible tone.

“I’ll be right back and hey if I see Angie I’ll let her know you’re looking for her,” Kellen promised starting to walk away. He turned around to toss out a wave of his finger, “And take care of my Heather there. I’ll be back soon.”

“Soon yeah right,” Kevin glanced down to the woman in his arms and let out a long sigh, “Well Heather I guess it’s just you and me now…”

“I think I’m going to be sick,” Heather let out a small groan causing worry to wash over Kevin.

“Not yet you aren’t,” Kevin decided scooping her up into his arms and heading towards one of the bathroom areas.

“I’m going to throw up,” she groaned tilting her head into his chest.

“Not here you’re not. Just hold on,” Kevin gulped fearing that she’d puke all over his tuxedo as he rushed out onto one of the balconies hoping that he could find a way to spare both him and Heather the agony of her losing the contents of her stomach all over the both of them.


Russ lead Avery through the party knowing that this was the last thing he’d wanted to be doing tonight, yet he was well aware of how much was riding on his telling Avery the truth about his time away from Coral Valley. He wouldn’t let his amnesiac time tear away all that he’d worked so very hard to gain in returning home. He felt her fingers laced in his tentatively as he lead her through the ballroom towards the balcony.

“Russ, are you sure you’re okay,” Avery couldn’t help but ask with a worried expression, “If something’s going on, then…”

“Avery, I…” Russ stopped himself walking out onto the balcony and taking her with him. He pulled her into his arms savoring the warmth of her beside him before his dark eyes met hers with obvious worry, “You know that I have spent my whole life loving you. Even when we were apart, it was always you. You have always been in my heart and my soul…”

“I know,” she smiled at him warmly, her hand teasing out over the side of his face, “and even when I thought you were dead, you were always the one man I wanted to share my life with. I can’t even begin to imagine how much it hurt you after you came home to discover that I had married Brant. I know you’ve been through hell and back and for me to move on like that…”

“Avery,” he placed his finger over her bottom lip to silence her, “Please don’t do what I think you’re doing. Don’t apologize.”

“How can I keep from apologizing when I should’ve known that you were still out there? I should’ve felt that you were out in the world wanting to find me again,” she replied with tear-filled eyes. “When they’d told me you died in that bombing I was convinced that you were still alive. I was certain that the man that they’d identified in that fire wasn’t you--so much so that everyone around me thought I was losing my mind. After a while I found myself wanting you back so badly that I started seeing you in my dreams and in my waking hours. There wasn’t a moment when you weren’t in my head and with everyone telling me that I was going to drive myself crazy, I started to believe that was the case. I let the world outside me influence me to turn away from what I felt in my heart and because of it you were out there longer suffering…”

“No,” he shook his head at her cupping her face in his palm, “Avery this wasn’t your fault. It was my fa…Nicholas that did this. He was the one who tried to rip me out of your life and he almost succeeded. He put you through hell when I was away and when I think of what Brooke almost did to Erin, it makes me want to…”

“I know,” she cut him off seeing his intentions behind his eyes, “and when Brooke did what she did to me, I fought like hell to keep her from destroying Erin. That’s when I pushed her out of that window in my office and everything kind of spiraled out of control. One minute I was by myself trying to face the thought of being without you, then I was defending Grady and fighting for Erin and somehow Brant fell into the picture at the time when I needed someone’s help…”

“I know that,” Russ nodded letting out a heavy sigh, “and I don’t blame you for turning to him Avery. I’m not going to say that I’m not upset about it because I am, but in the same breath I am the last person in the world to judge you. You thought I was dead and you were trying to protect our daughter. You had no idea what your mother and Nicholas were doing and no one could’ve seen it coming. I know you were doing what you felt in your heart was right.”

“But look at all the pain it caused. Brant hates me and I could’ve lost you,” she blurted out unable to repress her tears a moment longer. She leaned forward hugging him tightly as she buried her head in his chest, “Russ I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you again.”

“I promise you Avery that you’re never going to have to worry about that,” he whispered placing a kiss on the top of her head praying that his words were truth. He squeezed her closer to him trying to find the right words to say that would soften the blow of what had happened during his time with Angela, but before he could speak up again, he heard a sound from behind them. Looking up he saw Kyle approaching.

“Hey guys,” Kyle cleared his throat sensing that he had interrupted a moment between the two of them, “Can I talk to you for a second?”

“Sure,” Avery cleared her throat standing up taller and wiping at her eyes, “What’s up?”

“You okay,” Kyle questioned glancing over at Russ worriedly fearing that Avery had found out about Russell‘s island girl. Russ shook his head at Kyle indicating that he hadn’t said anything to upset Avery and Kyle nodded back refocusing on Avery.

“Yeah I’m fine,” Avery added issuing him a small smile, “What’s on your mind?”

“Have either one of you seen Heather around here,” Kyle asked thinking about the reason that he’d stepped out on this particular balcony. He’d heard someone had seen her go out on one of the balconies, but he hadn’t figured which one it was.

“Um no,” Avery wrinkled her nose at him, “Why would I see Heather given that she and I can’t stand one another? All she does is insult me whenever I’m around so I try to avoid her as much as possible.”

“I haven’t seen her either,” Russ eyed his friend curiously, “Is something up?”

“I’m not sure yet,” Kyle confessed rubbing his hands together, “but I have to talk to her. If either one of you should happen to see her, would you tell her I’m looking for her?”

“Yeah sure,” Russ nodded keeping his arm around Avery.

“Yeah we will,” Avery added with a frown, “though if you’re smart you’ll stay away from her Kyle. She’s trouble and you’re too good to get caught up in all of her drama.”

“Thanks,” Kyle noted before adding, “and as for the drama, well hey we could all use a little more of it every now and then. Heather might seem venomous but she’s really very tame and mild when it gets down to it. Trust me.”

“I trust you Kyle, but her, well that’s asking far too much right now,” Avery replied watching him give them a quick wave before leaving. She tipped her head up eyeing Russ curiously, “What was that all about?”

“I have no idea, but something tells me whatever is on Kyle’s mind right now it looks pretty serious,” Russell noted thinking about the expression on his friend’s face.

“Yeah well when Heather’s involved, it’s always serious whether we want it to be or not,” Avery sighed heavily thinking about her long time adversary as she hoped that whatever Heather was getting herself into now, she wasn’t going to take Kyle down with her.


Sarah stood at the bar eyeing the alcohol bottles behind the countertop wishing like hell she could get herself really, really drunk right about now. In fact, the more she thought about it, the better it sounded. Raising her hand she motioned to the bartender who eagerly approached her.

“What can I get for you?” he asked with a smile.

“How about something like a martini or a Cosmopolitan?” Sarah decided with a long sigh.

“Better make it a cranberry juice instead,” Diego piped in stepping up beside her at the bar with a disapproving expression.

Sarah spun around to glare at him, her frustrations mounting when she saw the way his dark eyes were fixed on her. Seconds later the bartender returned with her drink and Diego reached for her arm guiding her out of the crowded room. Once they were aside away from the party, he looked down at her disapprovingly.

“What do you think you’re doing? You can’t drink,” Diego snapped at her, a frown touching over his lips.

“Of course I can drink. It’s one drink and…” Sarah argued with a scoff.

“And nothing. If you’re having my baby, then I’m not about to let you start doing things to hurt our child,” Diego shook his head at her not happy with the way she was making her choices, “You know as well as I do how damaging that can be.”

“It was one stupid drink and besides, why don’t you just leave me alone?” Sarah pushed his hand off of her arm, “I don’t want you around. In case you haven’t noticed I’m going to marry Kyle.”

“Yeah, I kind of saw that one and I have to wonder how in the world you could’ve said yes to marrying him when you and I just made love no more than a half an hour earlier,” Diego demanded his dark eyes filled with hurt and confusion, “I thought we meant something to one another Sarah.”

“We’re friends,” she blurted out stubbornly sipping her cranberry juice before tossing the glass across the hallway and causing it to slam into the wall, “and friends don’t stay together or screw Diego. They just stay friends and live their own lives away from one another.”

“I can’t believe I’m hearing you say this,” he shook his head at her, “Sarah, what’s happened to you? Only an hour ago you were telling me that you felt for me and now this…”

“I’m marrying Kyle. All my dreams are coming true, so I don’t want you with me,” she blurted out defiantly, her fingers clenching into balls at her sides, “I don’t need you around Diego. I don’t care about you and my saying yes to Kyle should be a good indication of that.”

“You said yes because he heard you say you were pregnant. He has no idea that this baby could be mine or…” Diego tried to reason with her, a frown overtaking him, “Sarah, I love you, doesn’t that mean anything to you?”

Sarah watched him for a long moment, her brown eyes growing wider before she shook her head, “Diego, it was just sex plain and simple. It was fun while it latest, but now it’s time to move on. I already have.”

“I can’t believe I’m hearing this,” he replied with a wounded expression, “This isn’t like you at all. It’s not like…”

“Get used to it Diego because it’s exactly the woman I am. It’s the woman I’ve always been and no matter what you do or say to try to convince me I made the wrong decision with Kyle, well that’s tough. I know what I want and it most certainly isn’t you,” she huffed stomping her foot on the floor.

“Yeah, well don’t think that this will make me forget about the baby Sarah. If this is in fact my child, then I will do everything in my power to find a way to be a father,” Diego warned her spinning around on his heel and marching away from her.

She watched him for a long second before letting out a breath, “Diego wait.”

“What?” he spun around on his heel to face her.

“Look I’m sorry. It’s just…” Sarah sighed with heavy exaggeration, “complicated okay?”

“Don’t you think I know that? Don’t you think I realize how complicated things are? Only you made them even more complicated when you told Kyle you would marry him,” he mouthed back at her fighting to keep his voice down. “You made things harder then they had to be.”

“I had to say yes. He put me on the spot like that and I couldn’t tell him no,” she reached out to him sliding her fingers over the center of his chest, “You have to understand that. No matter how good we are together, I can’t ignore Kyle. He’s wanted to be with me for all of his life and who am I to deny him the one thing he’s lived for? If I left him now, he’d fall to pieces.”

“And what about me? Where do I fit into all of this? Don’t you think Kyle has a right to know about us?” he added with a small scowl. “He deserves better than the lies.”

“Tonight he deserves to be happy and I’m not going to steal that from him. After what we did together I think it’s the least I can give him,” she huffed standing up taller and glaring at Diego, “and if you can’t understand that, then there’s no way in hell that we could even come close to having any kind of future with one another. If you can’t trust me to do this all under my own terms, then it just proves you don’t really love me like you say you do Diego.”

“Sarah, that’s not what I’m saying. I’m just trying to explain to you that…” he cut in uneasy about the whole situation happening around them.

“Well don’t explain it because I know what I’m doing,” she mouthed reaching for the long skirt on her dress before glaring up at him. “Now I’m going to find Kyle and you’d be best suited not to try and find me tonight. We’re finished for now.”

“Sarah,” Diego sighed watching her walk away as he wondered what he was getting himself into. He thought he’d known where he’d stood with her earlier in the night, but now watching her retreat he found himself staring at a stranger--one who held his heart in her hands and could no doubt crush him should she choose to do so from here on out. “Damn.”

Shaking his head Diego walked away trying to push Sarah out of his mind for the moment, but little did he know was that when he stepped back into the party, Cori revealed herself from the shadows, shock overtaking her after she’d learned of the horrifying truth between Sarah and Diego. Oh yes, they were so going down. That much she was sure of!


Ken walked over to the bar ready to order himself a drink. He was almost to the bar when he felt someone bump into him from behind. He spun around hearing the man’s apology and he offered up a small smile. He felt the spill of drinks on his arm and another sound rushed over him.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to run into you. My hands were full and someone was pushing past and,” he heard an apologetic tone from behind him.

“It’s no problem. Really,” Ken explained ready to say something more when he realized that the person who had bumped into him was Dave. Suddenly he went silent and found himself at a loss. Clearing his throat uneasily he stood up straighter and wiped off the side of his suit jacket with his palm. “It’s not a big deal.”

“Right, well still I didn’t mean to run into you,” Dave stepped back preparing to turn around and leave.

“Dave wait,” Ken finally called out to his former friend. “Can we talk for a second? Please?”

“I really don’t think we have anything to say to one another Ken,” Dave answered tightly feeling a knot in his stomach at the thought of having to be polite with a man who tried to destroy him not so long ago.

“Maybe that’s how you’re feeling, but I think I have something to say to you,” Ken offered up clearing his throat again with an obvious hesitation. “Look Dave I know that an apology really doesn’t cut it after what I did to you and Carly, but…”

“You’re damn right it doesn’t cut it,” Dave spun around to glare at his former best friend. “I mean really where the hell did you get off trying to make everyone around you miserable like you did?”

“I had no right to do that and I’m sorry,” Ken started again struggling to find the right words about the situation that had passed. “I was feeling a lot of rage and anger after I lost Caitlin and I wanted everyone to feel like I was feeling at the time. I know it was wrong, but…”

“But nothing. I know that you think what Susan did to you gives you an excuse, but it doesn’t Ken,” Dave shook his head with heavy disapproval. “In fact I can’t even believe you had the nerve to string Wendy back into your life again. If she had any idea about what kind of person you’d become I’m sure that she wouldn’t want to be seen with you.”

“You’re probably right and I know I don’t deserve her or even a second chance at our being friends again, but Dave I love her. Surely you can understand that,” Ken tried to appeal to his former friend knowing full well that there would be a lot of ground they would have to cover before they could ever be civil with one another again.

“Just like you understood that I loved Carly, right?” Dave spat back at him sharply, his eyes narrowing with bitterness and rage. “You did everything in your power to take that happiness we had together away from me…”

“You were the one who pushed her away,” Ken argued with him with a frown. “You were the one who told her things were over. When she and I slept together before…”

“I’m not talking about what happened after Susan drugged you. I’m talking about what happened before. When she left town, you took full advantage of our split and…” Dave snapped back at him, anger carrying through every inch of his body.

“I made a mistake. It was after Wendy left me and I was hurting. Carly was hurting too and things just kind of happened for us. Neither one of us planned on it happening, but when it did, it wasn’t because she and I were in love with one another. We were just looking for a way to fill the void that we had when we lost the people that we love in our lives.”

“And I’m sure it did one hell of a job in doing that for you didn’t it Ken?” Dave snarled in response shaking his head once again. “And to think I called you friend once upon a time.”

“I’m trying to make up for what I’ve done Dave,” Ken watched Dave turn away from him to leave. “Besides you and Carly have Kayla now. You have a family and despite what I did you two were able to find your way to one another again.”

“That’s right,” Dave stopped himself from walking away. He spun around to face Ken again with a sharp, warning look. “We have a family now and you better make damn sure that you stay far away from it. I don’t want you coming near Carly or my daughter ever again. You are the last thing that either one of them need in their lives and if you are smart and really want to change, then you won’t bother them. They have been through enough because of you. We all have.”

“Dave, I would never hurt Carly or your daughter,” Ken offered up apologetically. “I know I’ve done a number on you and I don’t expect you to forgive me for that, but at least maybe one day we could try to be friends again. I’m trying to change.”

“I’ll believe it when I see it,” Dave noted with a scowl giving Ken a long once over, “and if Wendy’s smart she’ll start running now before she’s in over her head with you.”

“Look Dave, you don’t understand. Wendy’s…” Ken stopped himself before shaking his head. “It doesn’t matter. Look, I’m sorry and that’s all I wanted to say.”

“Yeah well forgive me if I have to say that right now coming from you they are just words Ken,” Dave shrugged his shoulders refusing to budge an inch as he turned around to go seek out Carly. While Dave knew full well he couldn’t avoid Ken forever tonight he’d almost lost his cool and in doing so he’d almost blurted out something about Kayla. Silently damning himself for getting so worked up, Dave made a vow not to let his own emotions get the best of him as it was clear that in doing so it would be the key to his undoing. Ken may be trying to change, but no matter what happened Dave would never, ever let Ken destroy his family ever again. The last thing Ken would ever do was get close to Kayla and even if Dave had to keep Ken as an outsider to make that happen, then so be it.


Carly walked into the bathroom hoping to calm her nerves a bit after the drink she’d just had. While she’d done alcohol in the past, she knew full well that it often made her a bit tipsy. Still she was fighting it pretty well. That was until she found herself face to face with Wendy. Immediately she put on a strong front there.

“Wendy, hi,” Carly smiled at her politely suddenly aware that Wendy looked rather pale.

“Carly,” Wendy nodded taking a step forward only to fall towards Carly.

“Hey,” Carly dropped her purse reaching out to Wendy, seeing that it was obvious something was wrong. “I think you should sit down.”

“I’m fine. Really,” Wendy started a rush of nausea flooding over her. She sank into the small couch in the ladies room and closed her eyes.

“Are you sure?” Carly eyed her intently, “Do you need me to go get Ken?”

“No,” Wendy blurted out with wide eyes, “Please this will pass. Just leave him out of this for now.”

“Okay, but you look like…” Carly watched Wendy cough a bit before she noticed blood at Wendy’s lip. “You’re bleeding.”

“Damn,” Wendy pulled together enough strength to stand up off of the couch. She walked over to the sink and turned it on doing her best to clean up the signs of her moment of weakness.

“You’re not alright are you,” Carly couldn’t help but ask seeing Wendy’s shaky hands move to her face, “What is it?”

“I’m…” Wendy thought for a moment about something to say before finally settling in on the truth, “I’m dying Carly.”

“Dying,” Carly repeated with wide eyes, “But how? I mean you looked like you were fine and…”

“I’m getting good at hiding it,” Wendy offered up with a tired smile, “but obviously not as good as I used to be.”

“Does Ken…” Carly hesitated, “Does Ken know?”

Wendy nodded, “It was why I left town in the first place, but when Brant told me about all the trouble Ken had gotten himself into, I knew that I couldn’t let it keep me away. I had to see him again.”

“How is he taking it,” Carly couldn’t help but ask, “I mean how is he holding up?”

“He’s been wonderful, but I know this is killing him. It hurts me to know that I could leave him at any time when he’s already building so many hopes and dreams around us being together,” Wendy paused, “I feel guilty for bringing this into his life, but when I heard about that Michelle woman…”

“You did the right thing,” Carly added quickly, “Ken was miserable for so long, but I can see that’s changed. He looks happy now.”

“I would like to think so, but still…” Wendy trailed off, “Carly, you can’t tell him that you saw me like this. Please if he knows that I‘m getting worse…”

“I won’t say anything,” Carly promised quietly, “but if you need anything--anything at all even if it’s just someone to talk to, you have to promise me that you’ll call. I’d be more than willing to listen and help you in any way that I can.”

“Thanks, you have no idea how much I appreciate that. I know Ken is going to need someone when I’m…” Wendy trailed off her words lingering around her.

“I know,” Carly nodded realizing that despite the fact that Ken seemed like he was pulling his life together again, it was threatening to fall to pieces all over. She just prayed that fate wouldn’t be that cruel to take away Ken’s happiness one more time.

“This is great,” Ria leaned back into the corner of the wall, waiting for Kevin to come back after he ran off to go find Angela for some new reason now. “I don’t know why you continue to go after her Kevin, she’s a big girl.”

“If you’re talking about his dearest Angie,” Ria heard a voice coming from the right side as she turned to see Michelle before her with a martini at hand, “Kevin will never let go of his true sweetheart.”

“Whatever Michelle,” Ria rolled her eyes seeing Michelle take a sip of her drink before shrugging her shoulders. “You hardly even know who Kevin is, so don’t even talk about him.”

“Honey, he is my ex-husband--thank god,” Michelle let out a deep breath before shaking her head slowly and thinking about what it was like to be married to Kevin. “I wished I would have never married the guy in the first place. He was very good in bed, but his heart was always somewhere else.”

“Like you knew where his heart was,” Ria shook her head slowly, not believing what Michelle was saying as she held her purse closer to her. “You told Kevin you were pregnant and got him to marry you. Big shocker, the day of your wedding you found out you were wrong. You just liked him because he was a boxer and had money.”

“He had more than money and honey, I think you know that by now,” Michelle added seeing Ria’s dark eyes narrow in at her as Michelle shrugged her shoulders. “All I’m saying to you is watch out because once Kevin has his dear Angie in mind--he can never really accept anyone in his heart.”

“He’s not doing anything bad,” Ria tried to hush Michelle seeing Michelle take another sip of her drink before staring Ria in the eyes. “The last time Kevin and Angela were together they were fighting, I’m pretty sure that…”

“You don’t know?” Michelle questioned seeing Ria shake her head slowly not quite sure what Michelle was about to come up with next. “Ria honey, those two go at it so long when they fight. You get them fighting and moments later, they are taking it out in a sexual way if you get my point. Dating or not--hey, even when Angie was married…”

“He’s not with her right now Michelle,” Ria snapped seeing Michelle take a step back and away from her. “I know Kevin and he wouldn’t do something like that.”

“Obviously, you don’t know him very well then,” Michelle added in a small whisper before motioning Ria to step in closer. “If I were you, I would check every hallway because you are probably bound to find Kevin with his pants around his ankles. That’s what it was always like back in the day and I’m pretty sure it’s not changed.”

“Whatever Michelle,” Ria walked away from the woman that Kevin was once married to knowing that Michelle was just trying to start something between the two of them. Even though she knew Michelle was trying to start something, she couldn’t help but wonder if what she was saying really was part of the truth. Even after what Angela had told Ria that day back at the diner, Ria couldn’t help but find herself wondering if Kevin really was like that.


“It’s going to be okay,” Kevin mouthed smoothing his fingers gently over Heather’s spine while she was knelt over the balcony railing. He felt her stand upright, a groan spilling from her lips.

“I feel like I’m going to die,” Heather confessed with a soft sound of agony.

“I’m sure you’ll start feeling better soon,” Kevin smiled at her in an attempt to lighten the mood, “I mean look on the bright side, you don’t have much more of you in there to throw up with, right?”

“Ugh, don’t mention those words,” she clasped her hand over her stomach. “Just the thought makes me want to…”

“Okay, then how about we change the subject,” Kevin suggested with a small smile, “Kellen mentioned your name is Heather.”

“That’s right,” she nodded with a small groan.

“And I’m assuming your date was…” Kevin searched her features once she spun around.

“Missing in action, though I’ve come to expect nothing less from Cameron,” she sighed heavily closing her eyes again, “You’d think I would’ve learned when we were married.”

“Wait a second. You were married to Cameron?” he replied seeing her nod further.

“For like a millisecond and it was the marriage from hell,” she explained in a slurred tone. Her blue-green eyes opened and she looked up at him curiously, “What about you Kevin? Are you married?”

“Well, I was, then I wasn’t and now,” Kevin paused thinking about his engagement to Ria, “I’m in the process of working on it with someone really special and…”

“Okay, now I know I’m going to throw up,” Heather announced leaning in over the balcony again unable to hold back any longer.


Kyle walked towards the doors to the balcony thinking about Heather, his worries mounting exponentially now that he remembered what state she’d been in when he’d left her. He still needed to talk to her about what happened with Sarah, yet he wasn’t finding the right words to start the conversation.

“I hope you’re out here,” Kyle began moving to the doors to see Kevin and Heather through the window. He watched Heather sink into Kevin’s arms and Kevin brought his hand up to her blonde hair in a tender gesture before tipping his head down to whisper words that Kyle couldn’t hear, yet he found himself increasingly jealous over. He moved to open the door to go out and stop whatever was happening, but before he could do just that he felt a distinct tug on his arm.

“There you are. I’ve been looking all over for you,” Sarah blurted out impatiently, “I want to go home.”

“Just give me a second. I promised we could give Heather a ride home and…” Kyle reminded her with a frown.

“Forget Heather. Kyle I’m tired and I need my rest,” she placed her hand over her abdomen, “The baby needs me to relax.”

“I realize that, but….” Kyle’s gaze drifted to the doorway again as he found himself wondering what Kevin and Heather were talking about.

“But nothing. We need to leave,” Sarah explained impatiently.

“Hey you two,” Grady walked up to them with a grin, “What’s going on?”

“We were just leaving,” Sarah explained linking her arm in Kyle’s protectively.

“Actually I just wanted to go check on Heather. She had a bit too much to drink tonight and I think she’s sick and…” Kyle began motioning to Heather out on the balcony.

“Forget Heather. Kipp will take her home. She’s not our problem,” Sarah continued to persist with the issue, “Kyle, I’m not feeling well and I want to go home.”

“I realize that, but I promised Heather I would take her home and…” Kyle started with a small groan.

“I can keep an eye on her,” Grady suggested trying to help his pal out, “I’ll go see what’s going on and if Kipp doesn’t show up, then I’ll take her home.”

“Grady I can’t ask you to do that especially considering that…” Kyle paused uneasily wishing that he could have a few minutes alone with Heather before…

“That sounds wonderful,” Sarah blurted out excitedly rushing out to embrace Grady, “Thank you for lending a hand.”

“Sure,” Grady nodded catching the expression on Kyle’s face, “You okay man?”

“Yeah, I’m just…” Kyle started watching Sarah skip over to him. She laced her arm in his once again.

“Ready to go home and that’s exactly what we’re going to do now that Heather’s taken care of,” Sarah informed him with a bright grin as Kyle resigned himself to the fact that there was no chance he’d be talking to Heather again tonight. He’d have to wait until later to tell her what was on his mind. He just hoped it wouldn’t be too late!


“I hate you. I hate you,” Angela murmured against Brant’s lips, her fingers weaving through his dark hair as he pulled her up in his arms, “Oh God do I hate you.”

“No you don’t,” he shook his head disbelieving the sounds that fell from her lips. He dove in for another wild kiss feeling her wrap her legs around his waist. He carried her back over to the bed setting her down carefully before moving in over her, “You don’t hate me.”

“Yes I do,” she argued scratching her nails over his shoulders, her legs pulling him in closer to her. Their eyes reconnected and she couldn’t help but lean up to nibble on his lower lip, the intensity of everything that she was feeling washing over her. She’d waited what felt like an eternity to find Brant. She’d wanted to believe that if they’d ever cross paths with one another again that it would fall into place, but now all that was happening was that they were reconnecting on that same level that had gotten them into trouble in the first place. She tore her lips away from the kiss, her eyes narrowing up at him angrily, “I’m not going to let you make love to me again. I’m done with you.”

“Done, yeah right,” Brant nodded disbelieving her words as he dipped his tongue between her now parted lips once more. He felt her arms wrap around him before he rolled onto his back pulling her in over him.

“I mean it,” she hissed, running her fingers down over his chest, teasing them over his abdomen before reaching for his hands again.

“I don’t buy that for a second,” he mouthed lazily squeezing her hands for a moment before sliding them around her waist. She arched her back, her hips pressing in against his and he let out a small groan.

“This is it Brant. We’re so over,” she insisted in a husky voice, her body falling into the old familiar rhythm with his. She closed her eyes feeling his hands over her, burning her to the core as they were together as one.

She tried to deny it, tried to bite back on her reactions to him, but when she felt him holding her, his arms around her, she couldn’t help but let out a soft moan. She opened her eyes seeing him placing a small kiss over her body before her fingers tangled into his hair. She pulled him in closer to her, tasting his lips fully. Moving over him in a skilled, drawn out motion, she felt the tension build between them, the electricity bouncing between them. She felt another repressed sigh pass over her lips and she tried to convince herself that she hadn’t caved in.

“I’m not letting you make love to me,” she repeated kissing him again and again, “I’m just giving you something to miss once I’m gone…”

“You’re not going anywhere,” Brant mouthed in a confident groan, holding her tightly in his arms, “You’re not leaving.”

“Yes I am and you’re going to regret what you’ve done--what you’ve said…” she explained in a shallow breath feeling the urgency building inside of her until she found herself at a loss for words. Kissing him again, she continued to let the moment carry over her, refusing to believe that this was anything other than her ultimate payback to him before she slipped out of his life forever even if her heart was telling her otherwise.


Kellen popped his head into the room taking a good look around before stepping inside. While he’d been off looking for Kipp or even Kyle, he’d found himself completely clueless on his search. He scratched his chin lightly before speaking up.

“Hello, is anyone in here?” Kellen questioned noticing the extensive book collection lined up on the walls in front of him. He took a small step forward taking note of the oversized piece of art on the wall and he smiled. “Well this place looks like it might be interesting. A little work up and I’m sure it could be stunning especially with that painting…”

He took a step forward admiring the two dueling Greek warriors in the image before him. He began to inspect the name of the artist when he heard a sound from behind him. He spun around to investigate.

“What the…” Kellen began spotting that one of the bookshelves had somehow swung out from the main wall. There was a darkened door in front of him peeking out from behind an otherwise quiet library. It was tempting him, daring him to take a closer look and with a tiny grin, he moved forward, “A little sneak peek couldn’t hurt, could it? I mean I’m all about secrets and adventure.”

He laughed lightly reaching for the doorknob and half expecting it to be locked, but much to his excitement and curiosity it swung open to reveal a darkened room before him. He spotted a small light in the corner and he took a step forward to check it out, but stopped. Moving back out into the library, he reached for one of the oversized paperweights on top of the desk and set it down in front of the now opened door so that he wouldn’t get locked inside and be lost from the rest of the world. Sure mysteries were nice, but he wanted to be able to get out and tell Kipp all about it.

“How Nancy Drew,” Kellen thought aloud spotting a small light further into the room. He kept moving forward wondering what hidden treasure was within, but before he could really absorb the atmosphere, he heard small sounds in front of him. He paused taking a moment to listen to what was ahead of him.

“That sounds a lot like,” Kellen thought to himself moving forward just enough to see two people draped in a canopy bed with sheer white curtains masking their identities. Oh yeah, he knew full well what that sound was. In spite of himself he stood there for a moment letting them have their time to finish up with one another before he let his presence known. After a few moments he figured he’d waited long enough and he stepped forward ready to see just what or rather whom he’d stumbled in upon.

“I hope you two were playing it safe in here because I have to tell you we could hear you two going at it all the way back inside the party,” he lied taking a small step forward into the room only to discovere two very shocked people in front of him. He watched the woman in bed shuffle to cover herself with the sheet as he raised his hand in the air, “No no you don’t have to stop on my account. I was just teasing and I’m sorry to barge in, but…”

“Kellen,” he heard the woman’s puzzled voice ask.

“Yes,” he replied tentatively wondering if he’d stepped into the Twilight Zone or something. He was about to ask how she knew his name, but before he could he saw the white curtain be swept aside and he was met by a familiar face, “Angela?”

“Kellen, what are you doing in here?” she couldn’t help but ask her face flushed now that she clung to the sheet, stealing it enough to greedily keep it away from her companion, who now lay before Kellen out in the open.

“I was about to ask you the same thing, but I think I know,” Kellen’s eyes dropped over her bedmate for a brief moment before the man swiped a pillow and placed it over his lap to cover himself.

“Do you mind?” Brant questioned in a gruff tone watching the way that Kellen’s eyes perked up.

“Oh not at all,” Kellen shook his hand in the air waving it at Brant before turning his attention to Angela once again, “Though I have to tell you girlfriend I had no idea when I came in here that it was you causing all that commotion. I mean normally I would’ve paid no attention, but you sounded like you were having fun and…”

“And you two know each other?” Brant questioned in an uncomfortable gulp, his dark eyes pleading with Angela to make her friend go away.

“Of course we do,” Kellen nodded brightly, making a small step towards them, “She’s my sister-in-law, well my former sister-in-law, but still she and I are pretty tight.”

“I…I can’t believe you’re here,” Angela reached out to embrace Kellen the sheet sliding away from her just enough for Brant to swipe at it and bring it in over him instead of the pillow.

“Oh girlfriend I know that this place is nothing like the island, but it’s good enough for now. I got a job working in a gym, which is yummy considering all the hunks that workout there, but still it’s respectable and…” Kellen started to recount his time in Coral Valley to her as he took a seat on the edge of the bed beside her.

“Kellen that’s incredible. I mean that’s wonderful news…” Angela began with a bright smile, “You’ve always wanted to do something like that and…”

“Um excuse me here, but um is anyone else having any issues here about this being a bit of an inappropriate time,” Brant cleared his throat uneasily thinking about how Kellen had just barged in upon them in a very intimate moment.

“No not really,” both Kellen and Angela continued to chat away until Brant spoke up again.

“Look, I’m glad that you two can catch up, but if this is going to be a party here, I’d like to at least get my pants on,” Brant started uneasily holding the sheet closer to him.

“Oh trust me sweetheart, I’ll behave. You have plenty to brag about there from what I saw, so don’t be ashamed in being naked, and you,” Kellen looked to Angela with a bright grin, “all I can say is you go girl. I’m so very proud of you for moving up in the world. With what I can see here, I have to say that you’ve certainly gotten yourself a man who puts most men to shame and I could hear that he‘s a stallion in bed and…”

“Um hello,” Brant waved his hand in the air, “I’m still in the room here.”

“That’s right and you should be proud of the praise and you,” Kellen patted Angela’s hand gently, “Girl, you should most certainly be smiling for a week after what I heard. I didn’t mean to intrude and I can see you’ve got some more private time ahead of you, but I guess I should probably tell you that Kevin’s looking for you. He’s all doom and gloom over something, but if he could see you now…”

“Kevin,” Angela repeated with a gulp feeling her face grow hot with embarrassment, “Kellen you can’t tell him that you found me. He can’t know that…”

“Who is Kevin?” Brant blurted out pushing his way into the conversation with a frown, “And why are you still in here?”

“Listen grumpy,” Kellen wrinkled his nose at Brant, “Most men I know are feeling mighty jolly after a romp like the one you just had and…”

“And most men don’t usually have other men hop into bed with them after…,” Brant argued with a scowl.

“Yeah, well where I come from it’s pretty common,” Kellen waved his hand dismissively, “and with the right man you might enjoy it…”

“That’s it. Get out!” Brant snapped motioning for Kellen to get off of the bed. “I mean it…”

“Oh relax stud muffin,” Kellen shook his head at Brant before standing up, “He’s sure cranky isn’t he?”

“He’s something,” Angela replied glancing over at Brant thinking about what just happened between them.

“Would you care to tell me what’s going on here?” Brant pleaded with a small whisper, “Who is he and why in the world is he in bed with us?”

Kellen raised his hand in the air, “I think I can answer this one, though if you want to be technical, I’m not really in bed with you anymore. I just sat down and…”

“Kellen, maybe you should wait outside because I think I need to talk to Brant,” Angela inhaled slowly feeling her stomach tied in knots. “And it can’t really wait.”

“Oh sure,” Kellen nodded with a small smile, “You kids just take your time and I’ll be out there not listening, well no really I might be, but I’ll try my best to behave.”

“Thanks…I think,” Brant watched Kellen slip out of the room before he turned to Angela once again. “Okay so spill it…”

“Fine, but just remember you asked for it,” Angela warned ready to find a way to set things straight with her and Brant once and for all. There would be no more skirting around the issue between them any longer. She was going to cut to the point and get things over with once and for all.


...to be continued...