Episode 368

“Gee, that was real nice of you,” Kipp helped Kellen into the hallway with a small laugh, seeing the way that Kellen’s blue eyes glanced over at him confused. “The way you said those things to Andy sure was very nice of you.”

“What did I say?” Kellen questioned running his fingers in over his forehead letting out a long breath, remembering the face of Cary all too well after seeing Andy. “I don’t think I said anything that I didn’t feel was right.”

“That’s the thing, sometimes when you say how you feel, it comes off as you kind of being a jerk,” Kipp pointed out truthfully seeing the way that Kellen’s jaw dropped and he turned to look at him, running his fingers through his hair. “You say some things that you may not mean to but you just told Andy that he was basically fat in there and looked bad compared to your brother.”

“No, I meant to say that, I was just trying to tell myself to calm down in a way I suppose. I was thinking about Cary and yeah, sure he was kind of an ugly man, but honestly, he wasn’t that ugly,” Kellen insisted rubbing at his chin hearing the way that Kipp laughed and he shrugged his shoulders not quite sure knowing what to say after that. “Trust me, I just found myself thinking about my brother and honestly, my brother would have never ever let himself go like that. It may sound weird, but my brother at times had more muscles than I actually did. Kevin was a good looking guy back in the day, better looking now, but he kept his body up and Cary was upset that he got more attention at times, so he kept his body up great. If that was Cary he would definitely be jealous of Kevin now because that guy looks like crap in shape wise.”

“That’s not nice,” Kipp hit Kellen in the shoulder seeing him stumble back a bit considering the fact that he was still probably a little bit dizzy from earlier. Seeing Kellen fall into the arms of someone else Kipp let out a small laugh before meeting the green eyes of Russell Denton. “Sorry about that.”

“Well hey, at least I was here to catch your fall,” Russ half teased helping Kellen up to his feet seeing Kellen smile before nodding slowly and rubbing at the back of his neck. Stepping back he wrapped his arm around Avery’s waist who stood next to him as he cleared his throat uneasily. “We were actually here to see how you were doing, we heard that you had quite a day.”

“If that’s what you call it,” Kellen chuckled rubbing at his forehead with the back of his hand again before shrugging his shoulders. “I have to be honest with you though, I haven’t passed out this much since Kyle and Kevin both modeled in their underwear back in the same day. Not that you needed to know that, but never mind.”

“See what I mean about saying things you shouldn’t be saying?” Kipp muttered seeing Russ’s green eyes widen as he looked to the side and away from Kellen letting out a small laugh. “That surely wasn’t something they wanted to know.”

“Hey, it’s okay,” Avery blurted out seeing Kellen’s blue eyes stare up in her direction as she shrugged placing her hand in over the center of Russell’s abdomen, offering up a bright smile to Kellen. “We all make those mistakes sometimes. So what‘s going on Kellen?”

“Do you want the whole story? Heck, I’ll give you the full story and then some. First, I found out that I am married to Angel because
I screwed up while trying to be nice and not only that, but I’ve been married to Angie probably for a couple of years. Oh my goodness, do you know what that means? That means I’ve cheated on my wife, but I really don’t love her so that must mean I am a total jerk and oh man who am I kidding?” Kellen muttered hearing Avery and Russ let out a small laugh as Kellen shrugged his shoulders and thought about what else to tell them. “So after that, I wake up after passing out the first time and then I’m trying to walk and take a firm grasp of what was going on. Then all of a sudden, I felt like hell was erupting because Andy looks so much like my brother. The one that was supposed to be married to Angel, but I’m the one that is married to Angel and man, I’m having a bad day.”

“You know, with that whole Angela situation,” Russell started with a small smile seeing the way that Kellen’s blue eyes met his and he nodded slowly. “You know, I’m sure Grady could help you out with that so there is no more Mrs. Meloni there.”

“Hell, I’m more of a Mrs. Meloni than Angela is,” Kellen blurted out hearing all of them start to chuckle as he threw his hand up in the air and shrugging his shoulders. Letting out a laugh of his own he pointed to Kipp before shaking his head. “I mean I have a ton of people that can get me divorced, but me being married to Angel, I never imagined. It’s a horrid thought, she is so not my type. No offense Avery, but honestly I’m more into the…”

“Men?” Avery questioned seeing the way that Kellen nodded before shrugging his shoulders and looking toward the floor letting out a long breath. Holding onto Russ tighter she shrugged her shoulders and spoke up again seeing Kellen’s blue eyes meet hers. “All you have to do is fill out some papers and you are no longer connected to a woman.”

“Well, I have to do that soon because now I feel like a cheater, even though I’m not a cheater. I still feel like one though so when I look or do something, I’m going to feel like I’m cheating even though I have cheated and oh my goodness, I’m making no sense at all,” Kellen blurted out throwing his hands up in the air before taking in a long breath and resting his hands against his hips. “If you two were interested in seeing Brant or Kevin, they both just walked in to be with Angel. If you two want to go see them, since I can give the permission here, you two are totally allowed to.”

“No, no,” Russ shook his head quickly turning down the offer letting go of Avery for a moment to look in the room and see Kevin and Brant at the side of Angela’s bed. “I think the best thing for them right now is to have some space alone and we’ll give them that.”


“Thanks for lunch Heather. I really appreciate your taking me out like that,” Becca offered up following Heather into her apartment. “I don’t really have a lot of friends in town and I am glad that you decided to take me out.”

“Oh don’t worry about it. I should be the one thanking you for the way you handled Sarah,” Heather admitted carrying Charles into the living room with her. He was tired from his long day of lunch and then shopping with Heather and Becca. Now as he lay on her shoulder she tried to keep quiet so not to disturb him. “I can honestly tell you that I’ve never seen Sarah get so quiet so fast. It was really nice.”

“It was even better when she left,” Becca added with a small laugh looking around Heather’s apartment. “I really can’t believe the nerve of some people.”

“Tell me about it,” Heather added with a small nod. “It’s as if half the world thinks that they can point their fingers at you for your mistakes, but you aren’t supposed to notice theirs.”

“Exactly,” Becca replied wholeheartedly. “The world expects you to behave a certain way and live by their rules, but then when they do everything they can to take you down, you’re just supposed to ignore them and let them belittle you. It isn’t right.”

“No it’s not,” Heather continued to agree with Becca before she realized that Charles was falling asleep. “I’ll be right back. I’m going to just put him down to bed. If you want to get a drink or something the bar is over there.”

“Okay,” Becca nodded waving at Charles, “Sleep well little man.”

“I guarantee he’ll be out in a few minutes,” Heather added thinking about how well her son was at getting his sleep. “I’ll be back.”

“I’ll be here,” Becca promised watching Heather slip down the hallway to put Charles into bed.

Once she was alone Becca moved around Heather’s living room taking in all of the decorations that surrounded her. She honed in on a framed photo of Heather and Kyle--one that seemed to be taken a great many years ago. Curiously Becca stepped over to pull it off of the shelf it was on. She could see full well that the photo was clearly weathered by time, but there was no mistaking the expression on Heather’s face as she stood beside Kyle, with her overalls on and her hair tied up in a loose ponytail.

“That was before I knew all about fashion,” Heather explained catching Becca off guard. She spun around to see a smiling Heather standing behind her. “I was more of a tomboy when I was younger and everyone kind of teased me about it.”

“You both look very happy here,” Becca moved to set the photo back down, “I just couldn’t help but notice it when I was waiting.”

“That’s okay,” Heather motioned over to the photo again, “He was honestly probably the only friend I had back then.”

“And now he’s the love of your life,” Becca replied with a thoughtful expression, “There is always something to be said about best friends that fall in love, isn’t there?”

“For a long time I never thought it would happen for us again,” Heather admitted with a long sigh, “Sarah pulled so many things to try to keep us apart and then I made a lot of stupid decisions that I wish I hadn’t.”

“Such as?” Becca arched a curious brow seeing something cross over Heather’s features.

“Let’s just say that I gave up my childhood far too soon,” Heather shuddered at the memory of what happened after she’d run away from home. “Fortunately fate had other plans for me and I’m still here today closer to having the kind of life I always wanted back then.”

“So then it’s safe to say that dreams really do come true if you wait long enough for them, eh?” Becca smiled in response moving in to circle around Heather’s living room.

“Kyle’s a dream come true for me and I don’t know where I would be without him. He’s truly turned my life around and even though I know Sarah’s going to give us hell, I know we can face it together. As you can see she’s not ready to let go of what she and Kyle had even though she wasn’t interested in it when she had it,” Heather noted thinking about her sister’s unbelievable outburst.

“That’s how most people work though. They don’t want what they can have when they would much rather try to take what’s yours,” Becca added in a solemn tone, “It’s unfortunate, but when they do that it’s the time when you need to show them their role and put them in their place.”

“I think you sure did that with Sarah tonight. You’re actually very good at it,” Heather added with a small laugh, “Granted I didn’t really expect it, but neither did she.”

“People very seldom see a threat until it’s too late,” Becca informed her point blank, “and that’s how you know you can get the best of a person. When they let their guard down that’s when you know you can move in for the kill.”

“Kill or not I have a feeling that Sarah might ease up on Kyle and I for a bit,” Heather stepped back motioning over to the kitchen area, “I say a drink is definitely in order.”

“I agree,” Becca decided following Heather over to the bar. She watched Heather pull out a bottle of champagne and smile.

“I was saving this one for a special occasion, but I think this fits,” Heather explained popping open the cork before pouring the both of them a glass. She handed one over to Becca before raising her glass as well. “To not having to deal with people who make you miserable.”

“To keeping them from destroying you as you destroy them first. May they never stop you from having what you want ever again,” Becca toasted in response clinking her glass to Heather’s.

“I’ll second that,” Heather lifted her own glass to her lips relieved that Sarah would finally have some motivation to back off and leave her and Kyle alone for a little while.


Stopping in front of his next destination, Kyle stopped his truck in front of the Ashford mansion, looking out at the area before him taking in a long breath before thinking back to the original reason he came here. Sure, he really wanted nothing to do with Brant or Ken, but the fact of the matter was that Blake and Seth were here and that’s why he was here. After leaving Jason and Mindy alone he decided that maybe with his free time he could see some old friends considering he hadn’t seen them in quite a while.

Moving out of the truck he walked up the sidewalk and up to the steps before ringing the doorbell waiting for someone to answer. Just when he was about to leave he heard a small gasp after what sounded like the door opening.

“Kyle, what are you doing here?” Blake questioned moving out onto the step wrapping her arms around his shoulders to hug him as he let out a small laugh and hugged her back. Seeing Seth step out on the porch he let her go and shrugged his shoulders before stepping back. “What’s up?”

“Well, I was out for a while with some free time and I figured I would drop by to say hello. I know we haven’t seen each other in a while and I know Sarah isn’t my girlfriend anymore,” Kyle took in a sharp breath seeing Blake staring up at him with her light blue eyes before she nodded slowly and he rubbed the back of his neck. “But, I still like you guys so I don’t see much of a difference with visiting you even if I’m not with Sarah anymore.”

“Who cares about Sarah,” Seth blurted out seeing Blake look back at him with her blue eyes before he shrugged, moving forward to motion Kyle into the mansion seeing the way Kyle laughed. “Well, I’m sorry. She’s you’re friend Blake, Kyle is more of my friend.”

“Well even so, I like the both of them, but Sarah is still my friend,” Blake closed the door behind them and motioned Kyle and Seth over toward the library to sit down as she looked to Kyle seeing him smiling. “I still love you Kyle because I think you are great and what happened to was totally stupid. Sarah really was a bitch then, but she is still my friend even if I don’t like half of her.”

“Hey, I liked the nice half of her too so there is something I can agree on with you,” Kyle pointed out with a small nod seeing Seth nod slowly when Blake glanced over at him. A laugh escaped his lips as he shrugged his shoulders and caught the look in Blake’s eyes. “Even though I know you hate Heather, she’s still someone I love all of and that’s why I’m with her and not Sarah.”

“Well, I never saw what you saw in Heather, but then again she’s not cheating on you,” Blake added sitting down next to Seth feeling him wrap his arm around her. “Even thought I would watch out for her there, she will jump some guy the first chance she gets.”

“She doesn’t need to jump any guy when she has me to jump,” Kyle teased hearing her let out a small squeal before hearing Seth let out a laugh shaking his head slowly. “In all honesty, Heather has always loved me and I’m one hundred percent sure I’m the only man she’ll even be with again. She’s loyal to me and I know that from here on out.”

“Hey, you believe what you want,” Blake held her hands up in the air shaking her head slowly, her hair bouncing with the movement as Seth looked down at her. “Let’s just say I hope you aren’t wrong about that Kyle.”

“She also wants to add that we are happy for you,” Seth broke into the conversation seeing Kyle lean back into the seat he was on and rest his elbows against the sides. Seth leaned forward unwrapping his arm around Blake before arching his eyebrow up. “Heather is a better match for you and I’m glad you found the one thing in your life that makes you happy.”

“Yeah, I was going to say that,” Blake poked at Seth’s ribs hearing him let out a noise before hearing Kyle laugh. Looking into his hazel eyes she nodded again seeing Kyle smile widely. “Don’t let Sarah get in your way, in fact ignore her. You’re bad for each other because she is different, not your style.”

“I know that now,” Kyle agreed taking in a long breath leaning forward on his elbows, pressing them against his knees as he glanced over at Seth. “So about the whole Valerie situation, how did that work out for you?”

“It hasn’t,” Seth hissed rolling his eyes at the thought seeing the curiosity behind Kyle’s eyes and he nodded slowly. “I’ve been trying to get her out of my life for good, but she doesn’t go away. She’s like a thorn in my side, in a place where I can’t reach and get it out. It bothers me that she doesn’t get the point and go away.”

“Trust me, I know how that feels, I felt that way with Sarah at first,” Kyle thought for a moment taking in a long breath seeing Seth agree with him before Kyle looked to Blake a moment. “To be honest with you, I still feel like that with Sarah, but I’m not married to her, so I really don’t know what kind of position you’re in.”

“Well, we all know your thorn got pulled out,” Augustus’s voice erupted through the room, seeing the eyes of all three of them glance in his direction. “Sure, if you look here and see that Kyle, you’re no longer worried about Sarah. Seth though, you’re married to my granddaughter and she doesn’t deserve someone trying to walk into her life and steal the man she loves away from her. There is no way I’m going to let that happen and I’m here to help you with my opinion because I think I have a very valid point here.”


Nate looked around the hallway feeling an apprehension creep in over his shoulders before he took in another breath. He realized that he was taking a risk, one that would undoubtedly lead him back behind bars if he wasn’t careful. However, as he thought about what Jewel had hinted at earlier in their meeting, he realized she was worth the risk. When they’d first met, he’d found himself immediately drawn to her--taken in by her beauty, but now knowing that she was Cori’s sister it all started to make sense. He’d been trying to get Cori to notice him for a while, yet with Jewel he’d pretty much just had to say hello and then…

“There you are,” Jewel slurred rounding the corner of the hallway and seeing him standing in front of her. She tipped her head up as she sauntered over to him, her grin expanding while her finger nails reached out to graze over his shoulder gently, “You know Nate, I never pegged you for a doctor, but I happen to find that very sexy.”

“Well, I don’t like to brag,” Nate shrugged his shoulders feeling her palms pressing out over his arms.

“So strong too,” Jewel mouthed leaning in closer to him. He could feel her body skim up against his hardened chest before he sucked in a sharp breath, “and I’ll bet that you’re very talented with your hands. Oh who am I kidding? I remember full well how talented you were with your hands when we were together the other day.”

“Again, I don’t like to show off in public,” Nate glanced around the hallway fearing that someone might see him in his impromptu doctor’s gear and he’d wind up in some hot water.

“You should,” she slurred leaning up just enough to press her mouth over his. She dragged her tongue over his bottom lip before offering up a giggle, “because you’re so very good at what you do. In fact I haven’t stopped thinking about you since we met. When I remember what it was like to have your hands all over me…”

“You know Jewel,” Nate cleared his throat uneasily, his green eyes shifting through the corridor, “maybe we should meet up later at your place or something…”

“Or we could just pick up where we left off right here and now,” she suggested her fingers dropping down to the top of his pants. “I don’t mind the whole idea of instant gratification. It does tend to have a really nice ring to it…”

“I can respect that you feel that way, but…” he paused feeling her massage him through his pants. He sucked down a gulp before meeting her determined eyes again.

“Tell me something,” she questioned nibbling on his neck once again, “Should we go to your office or somewhere a little more risky?”

“I think my office is out of the question,” Nate blurted out feeling a low moan rise up in the back of his throat.

“Oh, a thrill seeker,” she teased with a small laugh, “I like that. In fact, I think I saw the perfect place. There was this supply closet over there across the hall and…”

Nate’s green eyes widened as he spotted one of his supervisors rounding the corner of the hallway. In a moment of panic, he reached for Jewel’s arm and yanked her over to the closet in question before she could say anything further, “Done.”

“Oh Nate, I love a man who is aggressive and takes charge,” she mused with a flirty overtone as Nate kept his hand on the door hoping like hell that no one would discover him and his blonde companion.

“Well, what can I say?” he shrugged his shoulders before pressing his ear to the door and taking another listen. “I know what I want.”

“And so do I,” she stepped forward sliding her arms around his waist and causing him to leap up in the air.

“Hey,” he spun around to face her, worry evident behind his green eyes.

“Nate, I’m right here,” she frowned up at him giving him a brief once over before meeting his eyes again, “I thought you wanted to…”

“I do,” Nate paused again ready to listen to see if anyone was out in the hallway, but before he could follow up on what he was thinking he heard a sound from where Jewel was standing. He spun around to face her realizing that she’d untied the thin straps on the top that she was wearing. The material pooled around her slender waist revealing her naked upper half to him. His eyes widened and a gulp built up inside of him.

“Good because I don’t believe in wasting time,” she slurred slinking her arms around his shoulders and pulling him in for a ravenous kiss as Nate prayed that he wouldn’t wind up in deep trouble for getting caught up in this little lie with Jewel. He kissed her in response finding himself pleasantly distracted by the fact that even if he got thrown out of his work, he would at least have this one night memory to tide him over for a very long time after today.


“Nurse, please this is ridiculous,” Chris blurted out after trying to tell the second nurse how much he needed to be in Angela’s room and this was the second one to walk away from him. “Doesn’t anyone understand that I must be in there with Angel? I mean honestly, no one is listening to me and this is becoming a pain.”

“Sir,” someone tapped on his shoulder seeing him turn around and they shook their head slowly. Chris eyed him over slowly seeing him in a doctor’s jacket and the man stepped forward. “You have to be quiet or I will get security.”

“Okay fine doctor, but first you have to help me,” Chris stated firmly seeing the way the doctor’s brown eyes stared into his angrily before looking toward his watch. “You help me get into my friends room and,” he went to speak more seeing the doctor walk away from him after being paged and he threw his hands up in the air angrily. “You have to be kidding me.”

Looking around for some clue to try and help him get into the room he stomped his foot on the ground thinking back to Cameron. If Cameron would have just made a move to help him get in, there would have been no trouble.

“No one here gives a damn,” Chris rolled his eyes thinking to himself before spotting Ria with two people out of the corner of his eye as he saw a bright opportunity. Moving forward in closer to Ria he placed his hand on her shoulder, seeing the woman she was with wrinkle her nose in question of who he was. “Ria, may I speak with you?”

“Trisha, I’ll be right back. Just you and Chase sit down for a moment, I know him,” Ria explained seeing her younger sister nod after she came to the hospital to see her and Ria turned towards Chris folding her arms out in front of her chest. “What could you possibly want from me right now since you’ve already tried to screw me and Kevin over millions of times.”

“Honey, that was for your better,” Chris tried to explain before shaking his head slowly and moving forward in closer to Ria seeing her place her hand in over his chest to keep a distance between them. “You know how much I’ve heard about you around here? I’ve heard that you are absolutely the best doctor in this area of town and…”

“Chris, what do you want?” Ria blurted out seeing his eyes widen as he took in a long breath and rubbed the back of his neck. Stepping back she threw her hands up in the air before pushing back her dark hair. “I know you wouldn’t be talking to me unless there was a point and I don’t need to hear you kissing up to me. What do you want?”

“Ria, would you please--please talk to Kevin about me getting in there with them to see Angel?” Chris begged seeing her dark eyes widen with amazement before she let out a small laugh and shook her head slowly. Slamming his hands against his hips he rolled his blue eyes before glancing back down at her. “Come on you’re screwing Kevin, you have to have some kind of charm over him to let me in there.”

“Very nicely said Chris,” Ria clapped her hands sarcastically seeing him roll his eyes and push at his brown hair, folding his arms in front of his chest after he was done. “If this was your plan the whole time you can go get your flowers out of the trash. I threw them out because I don’t need you kissing up to me.”

“Flowers?” Chris itched his chin at the thought trying to think of what she was saying before shrugging his shoulders and looking around the area. “Okay, I’m stumped. What flowers are you talking about exactly?”

“You mean you don’t know?” Ria questioned seeing him itch his head and open his mouth to say something before shaking his head slowly, letting out an exaggerated breath. “That means you weren’t the one that sent me those flowers and someone else did.”

“Hey, whatever you would like though. If you tell me your favorite flower I will get you a thousand flowers. I just really need to see Angel,” Chris insisted seeing the way Ria rolled her eyes and looked toward the ground when she bit down on her bottom lip. “Listen, other than Angela you are the only other girl to really keep his attention more than an hour so would you please try talking to him to see what’s up. Better yet, will you get me in there to see Angela? That’s all I’m asking of and that’s all I want. I will leave you alone anytime afterwards.”

“Listen Chris, you’re an asshole,” Ria stated her feelings seeing his jaw drop at her comment and she shrugged her shoulders before looking back at Chase and Trisha. Letting out a long breath she saw his blue eyes staring into hers and she shook her head slowly. “Let me put this nicely for you Chris so you don’t get upset--screw off. We don’t need you around here. Brant and Kevin want nothing to do with you and you shouldn’t be around trying to cause them trouble. I suggest you leave before they kick you out themselves. I’m going back to my sister now.”

“Oh yeah, that’s right. Just like you and Angel, you make the wrong choice, walking away from me,” Chris kicked at the ground letting out a small hiss after hurting his toe and he let out a small yelp seeing Ria glance back at him once. “I’m better than Kevin, that’s one thing I know. And Brant too, just you see, I’ll do something and none of you will see it coming, I promise.”


Michelle sank back into the blankets in the center of her bed feeling Cary’s arm wrapped around her possessively after they’d taken the time to rediscover one another again in her hotel room. She curled onto her side and her dark eyes met his with brewing curiosity.

“I thought that you were dead,” she mused teasing her fingertips over his now bare chest. “How in the hell did you escape that? I saw Kevin take you down.”

“Looks can be deceiving sweetheart,” Cary informed her with a proud grin, “And while I would love to tell you that what he did to me didn’t hurt like a bitch, that would be a lie. It caused me many years of misery and agony, but it also gave me perspective.”

“I still can’t believe that you’re here with me--that you’re in my bed and we’re like this,” Michelle closed her eyes and sank her head onto his chest once again. “I thought that you were gone forever--that we wouldn’t be able to see one another again. You have no idea how hard I took the news that you were gone.”

“Oh I missed you too baby,” he teased his fingers over her spine in a slow, tentative movement, “You always were the best at what you did and time has done you well.”

“Likewise,” Michelle picked her head up once again before patting his abdomen, “Although I do see you let some things go.”

“If you say I’m getting soft I’ll have to hit you,” he warned sharply before rolling his eyes, “because I’ve already heard it enough from my little fruit brother.”

“Brother?” Michelle’s eyes widened in astonishment, “How did you hear it from him unless…does Kellen know that you’re still alive? Have you made contact with him?”

“Let’s just say the drama queen found me,” he mouthed with a dry scowl, “and as always he’s right up there ready to annoy the hell out of me.”

“I don’t understand,” she stammered a bit clearly confused by what he was saying to her, “If everyone thinks you’re dead, then why would you and Kellen cross paths? You know that he would go straight to Kevin and…”

“I’ve seen him too,” he broke into laughter thinking about his confrontation with Kevin, “and you wouldn’t believe the look on his face. He looked like he was going to dump in his pants there after I walked into the room. Granted I had always anticipated seeing him again only the next time I had planned on doing it in such a way that he would be facing down the barrel of a gun all over again--only this time there would be no hesitation. This time he would be the one to go over the edge and lose everything.”

“I just don’t…” she found herself at a loss remembering the night that he had gone over the cliff and had been taken out of her life. “Kevin killed you. He was angry and…”

“And he wasn’t nearly as skilled as Cyrus thought he was,” he informed her bluntly, sarcasm thick in his tone, “And obviously he wasn’t nearly in love with that bitch as I thought he was either. I mean there he was ready to risk life and limb for a woman that isn’t even with him. Hell, did you know that she’s knocked up again?”

“I’d heard a rumor of sorts,” she nodded in confession thinking about what she’d been trying to use to tear Kevin and Ria apart.

“There’s an even more exciting twist to this one though,” he admitted thinking about what he’d seen at the hospital. “This time she’s not having one, but two children which means that it’s worth double what it was before.”

“You mean you’re thinking about…” her eyes widened in surprise remembering Cary’s earlier plans for Angela. “Cary, if you make contact with her then…”

“I already have,” he couldn’t help but burst into laughter, “and here’s the kicker. That idiot Cameron brought me back into her life. He learned about an incident with JT and thought he needed some help.”

“From you?” she arched a weary brow.

“No, not from me. Well, at least not the me that I was before. You see he had some situation with JT where some little skank broke his heart and it just so happens that Cameron was calling on one of her ex-lovers to rip her heart out,” he broke into a full blown grin. “Naturally when Cameron beckoned me I had my doubts, but he was so fixated on destroying this woman that he didn’t make the connection that Kellen the queer or Kevin made. Of course I have enough credibility in this town with my new identity that clearly no one will give Kellen or Kevin’s concerns any second thought. They will be chalked up as two nutcases who can’t let go of the past.”

“You mean they are both onto you, yet you’re not going to run?” she replied with wide eyes.

“Why would I run when I have not one, but two wives to take care of,” he answered with a cryptic expression reaching out to tug her into his arms again, “but right now I don’t want to talk about them. Right now I want to talk about you and show you all of the things that I’ve been thinking about doing to you all those years we’ve been apart.”


“I just wish she would wake up,” Brant admitted thinking about all that he and Angela had ahead of him. His dark eyes were fixated on Angela and he couldn’t help but reach out to massage her abdomen gently thinking about his children inside of her. “We have so much that we have to talk about--so many things that we still need to share.”

“She’ll wake up and when she does she’ll be ready to pick up where you two left off I’m sure,” Kevin patted Brant on the shoulder gently before glancing over at Angela. “If for no other reason she’ll open up her eyes and be stubborn because it’s in her nature.”

“I don’t mind her being stubborn,” Brant admitted with a thoughtful expression, “Hell it’s part of what I love about her. She challenges me in a lot of ways yet she is the one woman in this world that completely understands me.”

“She loves you a lot,” Kevin offered up with a small smile circling around to the other side of Angela’s hospital bed. “I know Cameron did and said some things to complicate your relationship, but I have to admit that I never saw Angela get as hung up on someone as she did with you. Even after that first time you two met one another she wasn’t the same.”

“What do you mean?” Brant questioned glancing over at Kevin curiously.

“All my life I have known her to be passionate and impossible, but there is one good thing about her. When she falls--really falls for someone she goes into it wholeheartedly. Sure, she and I had something wonderful and I wouldn’t trade any of our time for anything in the world, yet,” Kevin’s brown eyes fixed on Brant again, “I knew from the first time I saw her after she met you that I was in trouble.”

“Trouble huh?” Brant repeated his gaze lingering back to Angela as he tried to memorize her face.

Kevin nodded, “She and I were fighting before you met her. She went away to be stubborn and I, well I had somewhere else I wanted to be. After I came back though I knew something changed. Sure, she was upset about the way things ended with the two of you, yet it was clear you’d made an impact on her life and not just because of the twins. Even though she tried to pretend that she was moving on, I knew she hadn’t. I knew that she was still hoping that you would be back in her life again--that you two would cross paths with one another.”

“And here we are,” Brant laced his fingers with Angela’s, “and it feels like we’re worlds apart somehow.”

“It only seems that way, but I know that it’s not the case,” Kevin continued to explain seeing the way in Brant stayed at Angela’s side, his thoughts and concerns focused upon her and their family. “Even though she’s not awake and yelling at us, I know that she’s thinking about you--about the life that you two are going to have together with your children. She’s no doubt planning all the things that you’ll be doing together once she’s well enough. You’ll probably be up to your eyeballs in projects when she’s awake.”

“I wouldn’t mind that at all,” Brant admitted with a thoughtful expression, “We were thinking about the nursery before Cameron pulled all of this. It was actually something that we were having a difficult time with considering that we have to find a way to accommodate pink and blue.”

“Pink and blue,” Kevin repeated giving Brant a strange look when it suddenly occurred to him what Brant was saying, “A boy and a girl?”

Brant nodded proudly, a smile touching over his lips, “It’s amazing isn’t it? I mean I’ve always wanted to be a father and I didn’t care if I had a son or a daughter first, but now well to know that I’m getting a shot at having both from the start…I mean what more could a man ask for? It’s like I’m having all of my dreams coming to life right before my eyes. Well, I was…”

“And you still will,” Kevin offered up to his friend seeing how lost Brant seemed to be now that the reminder of Angela’s condition hung over him. “You two will be able to have all those dreams and more Brant. I mean I had no idea that you were having a boy and a girl, yet…I think it’s everything Angela ever could’ve asked for. I’m happy for the both of you. I truly am.”

“Thank you Kevin. That means a lot to both of us,” Brant replied with a small smile before turning his attention to Angela again in the hopes that one day things would finally turn out as they had dreamt of for their happily ever after.


“While Russ and Avery are gone,” Kipp motioned Kellen to take a seat as they sat in the chair before them and Kipp rubbed his hands together uneasily. Seeing Kellen’s blue eyes glance over at him Kipp reached out to touch his face softly. “With Andy, why were you so scared when you saw him today?”

“I told you Kipp, it’s because he looks like my brother,” Kellen explained seeing the way that Kipp watched him and Kellen nodded slowly letting out a small laugh. He closed his eyes remembering his past with his brother and it bothered him just to remember what he was like. “My brother was such, he’s such a bad memory that I don’t know what to say.”

“Hey, you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to,” Kipp pressed his hand in over Kellen’s back soothingly seeing the way that Kellen glanced over at him before looking back toward the floor letting out a small breath. “You really don’t have to tell me a thing.”

“No, it’s okay. He’s just the reason, I did things when I was younger, so I could get away from him. I got muscular to try and defend myself against my brother,” Kellen explained seeing the way Kipp’s brown eyes stared into his and Kellen shuddered at the thought of seeing Cary in the back of his mind. “When I was young, he tortured me so badly not only physically, but mentally. He would beat me up so badly when I was little, my brother wasn’t a good guy. He would treat all the women he was with horribly, he treated everyone just plain awful. I tried to stand up to him one day when I was younger--I think I was nine years old and he was almost eighteen. Of course I couldn’t hurt him back then, so I tried beating him back up and I got a broken arm and a few broken ribs because he pushed me down the stairs. That’s when I decided to be in wrestling and everything because I didn’t want to get hurt anymore. I lied to my mom when that happened too because I was afraid if I told her what really happened I would get hurt worse by him when I got home.”

“He really wasn’t a good guy,” Kipp reached out to rub at Kellen’s back hearing him let out a long breath obviously upset about the memory of his brother. “I’m sorry you had to deal with that Kellen, you should have never had to deal with something so horrible when you were that little.”

“It wasn’t just me though, he ruined everyone’s life. Not only mine, but Angela and Kevin’s too. I mean when Cary married Angela, I knew it wasn’t a good idea because she seemed like a great girl and I knew he would hurt her. He is fake for only so long because the real colors shine brightly when he is ever around anyone else. When I first met Kevin, the guy was so adorable and not just looks wise. He was hardcore in love with Angela and he was adorable, nothing like my brother,” Kellen explained seeing Kipp’s jaw tighten as he listened to him and Kellen shook his head slowly running his fingers through his gelled hair. “I remember being at my brother’s boxing match against Kevin and they were fighting for the belt. Kevin had it at that time and he was ready to lose the belt just to let Cary win it because Angela loved Cary. When they really started to fight Cary pulled off his gloves and wouldn’t stop hitting Kevin because Kevin wouldn’t hit him back. He broken Kevin’s nose that day and hurt him pretty bad.”

“Kevin took that?” Kipp muttered seeing the way that Kellen nodded before shrugging his shoulders and Kipp leaned back in his seat seeing the way Kellen closed his eyes thinking back to that moment. “I don’t see Kevin being that kind of guy.”

“Well what do you expect him to do when he thinks that guy is the one that Angela loved? He was stupid back in the day because if he was smart he would have killed my brother faster. I knew he killed my brother and if I was there I would have set my brother on fire. I would have hid the ashes for Kevin,” Kellen blurted out knowing how Cary fell over the side of the hill that day with Kevin, but he still couldn’t feel his anger return at the thought of the man he despised. “He may have been my blood, but the first person who really acted like my older brother was Kevin. He treated me like a normal person, he taught me to box, he helped me protect myself from Cary. Cary still would push me around and once they got in a fight over me. Angela had gotten mad at Cary because that day Kevin actually knocked him out on his ass. It’s just when Cary came around anyone’s life it was ruined, this guy was death to anyone.”

“I don’t see what he would have done to be able to hide himself from Angela when he had a fake marriage with her considering she was married to you back then,” Kipp added seeing Kellen’s blue eyes widen before he rubbed at his chin and shook his head slowly. “He sounds like a horrible guy.”

“He was a horrible guy and he was planning on killing Angela to get the money and just because she was pregnant there was an added bonus. Now I know I would have been the one to get it and his plan would have never worked, but how could you do that to someone. How could you kill the person you’re suppose to love and cherish--especially when they are pregnant with your child?” Kellen questioned angrily still despising his brother to this very moment hating the thought of even that man looking like him. There was no way that he would ever be close to liking that guy even if he wasn’t his brother. “All I know is that I’m damn glad that Kevin killed him, I would have done the same. If I found out he was still alive now, I’d kill him myself. I don’t care the consequences, I don’t care what would happen to me, he doesn’t deserve to breath the air in this world. He’s a piece of trash that I would be happy to relieve this world from. Hell, I’d team up with Kevin, cutting him into tiny little pieces and sending a piece to every part of the world. Someone will open a box and have a finger or something, I just don’t like the idea of that man ever coming back. I never want him and I would never ever say that to my mother, but to be honest with you, I was relieved when Kevin said he killed Cary. Not only did I appreciate Kevin more and trust him more when he told me, I knew I would no longer be afraid of that one person. Now I know I could take him down and he could never hurt me like he did before but I wish I could have taken him out myself. I hated him so much.”

“Lets be thankful he is gone and never coming back then,” Kipp patted on Kellen’s shoulder seeing the way that Kellen nodded slowly, biting down on his bottom lip angrily. “At least we know we’re never going to be seeing him again.”

“Yeah, hopefully. Only in my nightmares now will that man live. At least I hope so,” Kellen muttered to himself feeling a hand move in over his shoulder and he looked up to see Avery before him. “Hey, you’re back.”

“We figured we could get you some coffee,” Russ stepped in behind Avery holding two coffees in his hand, handing one of them to Kipp and the other to Kellen. “I know this will help you get a picker upper.”

“Thanks Russ,” Kellen stood up from the chair he was sitting in letting out a long breath before taking a small sip of the coffee they got him. “I really thank you guys for doing all this for me. Thanks for helping me with everything, trying to make me feel better.”

“Hey, no problem,” Avery reached up to squeeze at Kellen’s shoulder seeing his eyes look down toward the ground. Kellen nodded slowly before glancing over at Russ and Avery who stepped in closer to her. “That’s what friends are for. We’re just here to make sure you’ll be alright.”


Nate adjusted his shirt before drawing in a breath and thanking his lucky stars that he didn’t wind up in big trouble after the situation he’d found himself in with Jewel. He’d been worried that one of his supervisors would find him in his moment of sin with the blonde vixen, but fortunately for him he’d been able to sneak in and out of the closet undetected. He’d even managed to return the ‘props’ that he’d needed to bring Jewel’s fantasy to life without anyone spotting him

Of course even after the moments of elation he’d received, Nate couldn’t help but find himself thinking about what he’d witnessed between Cori and Jewel. Sure, Cori had some issues, but Nate couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. Prompted by that thought in itself, Nate made his way over to her room and peered inside spotting her near the corner of her room on the floor with her knees pulled up to her chest. It was clear she was miserable and in that moment Nate couldn’t help but want to help. He slipped his hand into his pocket thinking about how he’d swiped the keys to her room on the way back from returning the things he’d borrowed earlier. He unlocked the door and drew in a breath before stepping inside and looking at her worriedly.

“Go away,” Cori groaned inwardly refusing to look up at the new arrival in her room, “I don’t have anything more I want to talk about and I think I’ve got enough sedative in my bloodstream to put me into a coma.”

“I didn’t come here to give you anymore drugs, though some people in your position might be eager to just be knocked out,” Nate half teased before catching the glare she threw at him behind her brown eyes. “Seriously though I didn’t come in here to fight with you.”

“Then why bother to come in here at all? Don’t you know by now that Crazy Cori could lose it at any time?” she threw her hands in the air, “You saw me try to kill my sister so shouldn’t you be afraid I might try to murder you as well?”

“You haven’t done it yet,” Nate pointed out before taking a seat beside her on the floor, “Besides, I don’t think it would bother me all that much if you did just go for it. I mean why not?”

“You’re kidding, right?” Cori blurted out before looking over at him once again, “What do you have a death wish or something?”

“I’m starting to wonder that myself,” he admitted with a half laugh before bringing his hands through his sandy colored hair. He glanced over at her once again before drawing in a breath, “Let’s just say I know how it is to make a mistake and have the rest of the world trying to rub your nose in it so to speak.”

“Yeah right,” she rolled her eyes at him, “Somehow I highly doubt that.”

“It’s true,” he paused giving her another brief look, “Tell me do you honestly believe that I wanted to spend the rest of my life changing bed pans or getting kicked in the balls simply because I pissed off the wrong person in a moment of emotional crisis? Trust me it’s a far cry from being a rock star and having women throw themselves at my feet after a concert back in my limo. You know the kind that has a Jacuzzi in the back of it. I always pictured a couple of blondes with me, maybe a brunette or even a fiery redhead just for kicks and giggles worshipping me and…”

“You’re even more delusional than everyone thinks I am,” Cori noted with a wrinkled expression, “I’m sorry, but you’re a far cry from being famous or even desirable for that matter.”

“Depends on who you ask,” Nate shrugged his shoulders once again, “Some women find me irresistible.”

“And some women are desperate for attention,” Cori pulled her legs in closer to her chest again. “My sister is one of them. You’d probably be her type.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Nate couldn’t help but ask while thinking about his union with Jewel.

“Well for starters you’re eager to please and you think you’re more important than you really are. My sister Jewel feeds into that and generally tries to make a guy feel important for the five minutes that she notices him until she moves onto her next bedmate,” Cori spat out with a groan, “The poor sap doesn’t even see it coming after she screws him over every which way imaginable.”

Nate frowned at her confession. Clearing his throat uneasily, he tried to take a new spin in the conversation, “Yeah well at least she doesn’t try to shoot the guy she’s with because they have a difference of opinion.”

“I didn’t really mean to shoot him,” Cori admitted glancing over at him and seeing the skepticism in his green eyes. “I don’t care if you believe it or not, but it’s the truth. I mean, yeah sure, I bought the gun and I entertained the notion, but by the time I got to the church I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to do it.”

“Hmm, well your actions speak otherwise,” Nate noted with a frown of his own, “You could have hurt a lot of people with what you weren’t planning on doing.”

“I tripped,” Cori blurted out feeling a color rise over her features, “I was moving too fast and I tripped over the runner down the aisle, but after that first shot went off I guess I got carried away.”

“I’ll say,” Nate shook his head at her, “You shot a man in his rear end.”

“If I really wanted to shoot him and kill him I wouldn’t have missed,” Cori explained matter of fact, “When I was six I was already an expert marksman. My father took me to the range almost daily and I could shoot a man between the eyes from miles away. Believe me, I wasn’t trying to kill Diego. Shooting him was just a fluke.”

“A fluke that wound up causing some damage. Plus with you threatening everyone…” Nate sighed scratching his chin lightly, “You clearly were ready to do some damage.”

“And now I’m in here, so what has it taught me?” Cori tossed out at him pushing her long, blonde hair over her shoulders. “Everyone thinks that I’m a whack job and I’m stuck here.”

“I don’t think you’re a whack job,” he paused before giving her a brief once over, “Come to think of it, you’re more lucid right now than I’ve ever seen you. What are they giving you right now?”

“Nothing,” she admitted with a small shrug of her shoulders, “I guess I was just feeding into their expectations earlier.”

“What do you mean?” Nate couldn’t help but ask curious by her mood shift.

“I’m still really pissed about what happened with Diego, but most of the other stuff with the drawings, the ranting and the manic episodes are for show. I mean think about it, you said it yourself that you believe that I tried to kill him. Imagine what a jury would think if I wasn’t acting like I’ve been out of my mind,” Cori’s dark eyes met his once again, “Plus this place might be bad, but I’ve seen worse.”

“Spoken from experience?” Nate couldn’t help but ask.

“When I was younger, I was sent to a place that makes this look like the Ritz Carlton,” she revealed with a tiny shudder before closing her eyes and reflecting for a moment. “But I don’t look back, only forward.”

“If that was the case, then why did you decide to go through with showing up at that church with that gun?” he couldn’t help but question.

“I guess I felt like I lost control in my life all over again,” she sighed fighting to keep her words cool and even despite her raging emotions, “I thought Diego loved me. I really believed that he thought I was someone special, but I was wrong.”

“Diego’s an idiot. You are special Cori and just because one loser didn’t see it, doesn’t mean that you should throw your life away like this,” Nate paused thinking about the fact that they were having an almost normal conversation with one another, “Guns are dangerous and it could have caused you a lot more trouble than all of this.”

“I don’t see how,” she sighed heavily, “Even if a jury says I’m mentally incapable of trial, I may still be stuck here forever.”

“Guns kill people. I should know,” Nate paused choked up on his emotions, “A friend of mine was murdered by someone who lost control while carrying a gun. They shot him and didn’t even think twice about what they stole from him.”

“Nate,” Cori’s brown eyes widened before she grew increasingly quiet. Finally she spoke up in a small voice, “I’m sorry to hear that.”

“It just shows you that you don’t know how the hell life is going to go,” he dropped his head down looking to the floor and trying to contain his emotions. He closed his eyes for a moment before feeling her fingers press in against his in a small, unsure squeeze.

“When I was very young my father took me to a park, then to a movie and a picnic. I thought it was the greatest day of my life,” Cori divulged with tears glistening behind her eyes. “It was something special because we didn’t really take much time together since he was always working. He was a cop like my brother you see and the job was pretty much his life. I was the youngest so I took what I could and that day I really felt like I was something special. I can still remember him telling me how much he loved me--about how special I was and how someone would come along and give me the world because I deserved all that and more.”

“You do,” Nate turned to look at her feeling her stiffen beside him.

“I believed it for about an hour after he said it,” Cori paused feeling her entire body tighten at the memory, “that is until I watched him blow his brains out of the back of his head right in front of me.”

“What?” Nate’s eyes widened in astonishment at her declaration.

“He thought I was sleeping, but I had a nightmare,” she recalled tears pooling in her dark eyes. “I wanted to see him, to have him tell me it would be okay, but there he was his face devoid of all emotion. I watched him put the barrel into his mouth, pull the trigger and…”

Nate realized she couldn’t say another word as she buried her face in her hands, tears overtaking her. She started to tremble as she pulled her legs in closer to her chest.

“I never should have taken that gun to that church. I never should have lost control like my father did. I never should have let things get that far,” Cori sobbed lost in her own personal hell beside him. He could see so many things beneath the surface and even though he knew full well she could destroy him, he couldn’t help but reach out to her. Touching her shoulder lightly, he felt her shiver beneath him.

“It’s okay Cori,” he spoke up in a small, soothing tone.

“No Nate, it’s not okay. It won’t ever be okay again,” she sobbed leaning into him and burying her face in his chest, “After what I’ve done nothing is ever going to be right in my life again.”


“So there we were minding our own business when this cop shows up at the back of the truck,” Heather felt her face grow hot with embarrassment thinking back to the tale she was telling Becca. “He caught us with our pants down so to speak and I was mortified.”

“What did Kyle do?” Becca couldn’t help but ask curling her feet underneath her on the couch as she listened to Heather’s story intently. Sipping on her glass of champagne, Becca leaned in closer to her. “Did he freak out?”

“Kyle never freaks out,” Heather waved her hand dismissively, “He just kind of sat there and then when the cop started talking like he knew us, we realized it was someone that we had gone to high school with. Then it turned into this big, long conversation that Kyle had with him while we were there in the back of the truck naked and in no need for an audience. It was mortifying--or it would’ve been if I wasn’t there with Kyle.”

“Somehow I can see him being casual about it--just living in the moment while you were trying to cover up, right?” Becca laughed lightly picturing the story that Heather was telling her about.

“Oh God, don’t you know it,” Heather shook her head at the memory, “but that’s what I’m telling you about Kyle. He doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. He’s very proud of who he is and all of his finer qualities. Why we were at our…”

“Your what,” Becca questioned seeing the color rise over Heather’s features. She watched Heather clasp her hand over her own mouth before letting out a small giggle.

“I think I’ve drank more than I should have of this champagne,” Heather teased with a light laugh setting her glass down. She snickered before repositioning herself on the chair, “I think I’m getting a little drunk.”

“Just a little,” Becca pinched her fingers out in front of her watching Heather let out another giggle.

“I don’t usually get this way over a drink,” Heather noticed the bottle in front of her was practically empty, “Wow I really wasn’t paying attention to how much I was drinking as we kept talking.”

“It’s okay. You can only live once right,” Becca noted reaching for the bottle and pouring more into Heather’s glass. She set the bottle down before lifting the glass and holding it out to Heather again, “Now come on. You know you have plenty to celebrate.”

“I sure do. I mean after all I have a hunk like Kyle in my life,” Heather nodded in response, a proud smile carrying over her. “Though it’s not just about the way he makes love to me or his good looks, but rather it’s about his heart. He’s just got so much heart and I love him so much. I have waited forever to be with him and now, well now I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop. I’m half expecting to wake up tomorrow and have him gone because on some level I feel like I don’t deserve any of it.”

“I’m sure that’s not true,” Becca added seeing Heather sip her drink once more, “I mean you were the better sister, right? You defeated Sarah and beat her at her own game.”

“I was honest for the first time in a long time and that’s all I needed,” Heather let out a hiccup before bringing her hand up to the side of her face. “Oh boy now I know I’ve had too much to drink. I’m going to put some coffee on.”

“I can do it for you,” Becca suggested watching Heather closely. “You can just sit here and…”

“No I can do it,” Heather attempted to stagger up off of the chair before letting out another giggle. “Boy am I feeling the effects of this one.”

“I’ll go make the coffee,” Becca decided springing up to her feet and helping Heather sit back down. “You wait here.”

“Okay,” Heather finally nodded plopping down into her chair and closing her eyes, “but I swear I’ll give you a raise for helping me like this.”

“Oh now you know that’s not necessary,” Becca shook her head patting Heather on the shoulder before going into the kitchen. She searched around for the coffee and then put on a pot. Walking back over to the living room she noticed that Heather was hunched over in the chair.

“Heather,” Becca spoke her name moving in to take a closer look. “Oh Heather…”

Heather made no response and Becca smiled. Reaching into her pocket she pulled out the bottle of sedatives that she’d managed to crush up and put into Heather’s champagne earlier when Heather hadn’t been paying attention. Now that Heather was out of it, it was time for Becca to take a closer look at things. Carefully stepping around the living room Becca made her way down the hallway. She paused outside of the bedroom door before looking back towards the direction she’d left Heather in. Hearing nothing she focused on the door in front of her once again.

“I’ll just take a little look and you won’t even know I was here,” Becca whispered to herself pushing the door open and taking a look around. She walked directly over to Heather’s closet and opened the doors. There in front of her she spotted various clothing by top designers all hers for the taking. Reaching for one navy colored suit, Becca pulled it out of the closet and held it up to herself. She spun around to take a long look at her own reflection. Smiling proudly she moved forward and spoke into the mirror.

“Why are you talking to me? Are you talking to me?” she repeated curling her lips in a sultry pout before flipping her hair over her shoulders, “And just what makes you think that you could be able to talk to me?”

She giggled hearing a small noise before she went silent. She listened for another moment until she spotted something out of the corner of her eye in the mirror. Turning around she walked over to the closet and reached for the familiar red dress that she’d seen more than once. She could still recall the headline that was accompanying the dress as Kipp and Heather were splashed on the cover of a tabloid arm in arm with one another. Smiling she selected it from the closet before walking over to the vanity area again.

“What was that Kipp?” she questioned with a flirty laugh, “You would like to dance with me? Well if you insist…”

Becca moved around the room for a moment imagining being with Kipp, having him spend the night flaunting her off on his arm. Unable to repress the smile that swept over every inch of her, Becca imagined what it would be like when she was able to have Kipp see her like she wanted him to. He would be caught up in her spell and they would be together from here on out. He would have no choice but to want her and only her. He would desire her and make love to her in all the ways that he had in the past with Heather only unlike Heather she wouldn’t toss him aside.

“We’re going to be so happy together,” Becca spoke out to herself as she opened up a few of Heather’s drawers finding the right accessories for the dress she’d selected. Sure, Heather had no idea what it was that she had in Kipp, but soon the whole world would see just how much he was going to have with her instead of Heather. Becca was sure of it!


“So what are you planning on doing Seth?” Kyle questioned pulling himself up on the corner of the deck, sitting on the post seeing Augustus standing in the middle of the deck. Glancing over at Seth and Blake sitting on the swinging chair as Kyle cleared his throat uneasily. “You know what me and Augie over here think, so what’s the deal?”

“Well, I don’t know what she is planning to do,” Seth tried to explain seeing the way that Augie glanced over at him with his dark eyes and Seth felt a bit out of place. “I know the type of person Valerie is and she will never sign the divorce papers.”

“She is quite the bitch,” Blake blurted out seeing the way that Kyle’s eyes widened as he glanced over at Augustus and Blake let out a small gasp. Placing her hand over her mouth she heard Augustus let out a small laugh and she shook her head slowly. “I’m sorry grandpa, I didn’t mean to say that.”

“Hey, we all make mistakes,” Augustus chuckled seeing the way she nodded as he folded his arms out in front of his chest glancing over at Kyle. “You know Seth, I am not against having you hire someone to scare her a little bit.”

“Yeah, he knows what he’s talking about,” Kyle jumped back down to the deck moving in next to Augustus and placing his hand in over Augustus’s shoulder. Giving it a small squeeze Kyle patted his shoulder quickly before looking to Seth with a small nod. “Someone to rough her up a bit before signing the papers. They will force her to sign the papers.”

“As good as that sounds, she’ll never do that,” Seth pointed out standing up from where he was sitting, reaching out to Blake’s hand to pull her up with him. “You know, I have no idea what I’m going to do about this whole thing, but hopefully I'll come up with something. I don’t want her in my life forever.”

“Which hopefully you wont,” Blake replied before taking in a deep breath pressing her hand in over Seth’s abdomen glancing over at Kyle and Augustus standing together. “How about we go inside and we can try and come up with something to eat. I’ve had quite a long day.”

“Okay sure,” Kyle went to follow Blake and Seth back into the house before feeling Augustus squeezing onto his shoulder to pull him back onto the deck. “Yes Augie, something you need some help with?”

“Oh, nothing really son,” Augustus began seeing the way that Kyle looked back toward the house and Augustus pulled his hand back to his side. Glancing down at Kyle’s left hand he cleared his throat before shrugging shoulders. “I was just wondering how long you’ve been married.”

“Well, I’ve been…you know that I’m married?” Kyle turned facing Augustus seeing the way that he reached for his hand and held the ring up to Kyle to show that it was in plain sight. “You are the only person other than the ones I have blurted it out to that has actually seen that. How did you catch that?”

“When someone as verbal as you throws their hands around, you see the things that like to shine when it hits light,” Augustus pointed out with a small nod sliding his hand into his jacket pocket after letting go of Kyle’s hand. “So, Heather I must assume?”

“Yeah, listen Augie, no one really knows,” Kyle explained seeing the way that Augustus’s eyes raised up and his eyebrows tightened together. “Augie, can you do me a favor and actually not tell anyone? That would really help me out. I mean you don’t have to, but I promised I wouldn’t go there.”

“Hey kid, she’s all yours. I won’t say a word,” Augustus held his hands up in the air and shook his head slowly taking in a long breath. Seeing the ease in his eyes Augustus let out a small laugh seeing the way that Kyle was worried at first. “You can have her and her very small breasted body.”

“Hey now, I don’t find a problem with them,” Kyle replied firmly seeing the way that Augustus smirked when he moved in closer to the door. “They are quite fun to play with in my opinion.”

“Too much information kiddo,” Augustus’s deep laugh filled Kyle’s ears as they stepped into the house seeing Seth seem to be looking upset at a letter. “Oh no, what’s going on Blake, what happened now?”

“He got a letter from Valerie and he’s not happy,” Blake informed him seeing the way that Seth rested his hands against the counter as she shook her head slowly pressing her hand in over Seth’s back. “I don’t know if this is ever going to work.”

“You know what, I have just the thing to finally get you two away from her forever,” Kyle promised pulling out his cell phone seeing the way that Seth looked up at him from the counter and Kyle nodded slowly. “Just trust me and everything is going to be okay. I promise.”


“Thank you for picking me up,” Deana smiled tipping her head up to see Grady’s mesmerizing green eyes fixed on hers. She leaned up against the wall leading to her apartment and grinned widely, “You have no idea how much I enjoy spending this time with you after a day like I had a work.”

“You work way too hard,” his fingers fanned out to touch the side of her cheek gently, “It was the least I could do to take some of the load off of you.”

“I really appreciate it,” she leaned into his touch savoring the warmth that his finger tips had created against her skin. “You are exactly what a girl needs to wind down her day.”

“I was kind of hoping you wouldn’t completely wind down just yet,” he wiggled his brow at her suggestively before motioning to her apartment door. “However I was hoping we could get inside first before we get into what I have in mind for tonight.”

“Afraid Jackie might catch us making out in the hallway,” she teased with a playful laugh thinking about her neighbor’s teenage daughter.

“Jackie is the least of my concerns,” he confessed in a low, sensual tone brushing his lips against hers. Their lips caressed one another for a long moment before he inched back in a tentative movement, “We could continue this out here or we could go inside.”

“Well since I’m curious to see what you have in store for me inside, I suppose we can get into my apartment,” she mouthed breathlessly reaching for her keys with shaky hands. She managed to get her key in the lock and open it as Grady stepped in behind her wrapping his arms around her waist.

“I want tonight to be special for us,” he confessed watching her open up the door to reveal the candles that illuminated the living room in front of them.

“What in the…” Deana’s brown eyes widened in astonishment at seeing the romantic setting that was splashed out in her otherwise boring and unappealing living room. She glanced over her shoulder seeing the smirk that touched over Grady’s ever-so-kissable lips and she couldn’t help but smile as well, “How did you do all of this?”

“Let’s just say I had a little help,” he mused with a cryptic expression guiding her into her apartment. “I thought that maybe you and I should have something together--something that we could both enjoy tonight.”

“It’s amazing,” she confessed seeing the rose petals on the floor. Unable to stand still she spun around in his arms and faced him with a bright smile, “Grady, I love you.”

“I love you too,” he leaned in to steal another kiss from her lips, “and I intend to show you how much tonight after dinner.”

“I can’t see how you could make me love you anymore than I already do,” she admitted wishing she hadn’t said it because it was far more than she’d wanted to reveal about how much he’d gotten to her. However, judging by the expression on his face she could see that he was touched by her words.

“That’s how I feel when we’re together,” he revealed cupping her face in his hands, “From the moment I met you I’ve become a new man--a man who finds himself lost without you. I know that we might’ve felt like we rushed into something, but I can’t even begin to imagine my life without you and Zane in it. I love you.”

“Oh Grady,” she sighed feeling a warmth carry over her from the top of her head to the tips of her toes when he bent in to kiss her. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she found herself wanting to get lost in him--to savor the way it felt to be close to him loving him in ways that she swore she would never love another man after Zane’s father had been such a tremendous let down in her life. However, with Grady he found a way to make her want to believe in more than she had before.

“If you think you love this now, wait until you see what I have planned for dessert,” he whispered warmly moving in to kiss her once again when he felt his cell phone buzzing in his pocket.

“Sounds like someone doesn’t want you to tell me about it,” she sighed placing her hand over the center of his chest.

“It doesn’t matter what anyone else wants,” he promised moving in to kiss her again when the sound continued. Abruptly he pulled back with a groan, “Give me a few minutes.”

“Sure,” she nodded moving in to inspect all that Grady had put together for her. There was a table with the same candlelight that filled the rest of her room. In the center of it was a silver tray with dinner and a bottle of champagne. Of course at closer inspection she realized that the champagne was sparking grape juice, but it was still romantic as ever. Thinking about how special the night was going to be she turned around to face him again only to see a brooding expression on his face. “Grady, what’s wrong?”

“That was Kyle,” he revealed with a heavy sigh, “I know I said nothing would get in the way of tonight, but he needs some help with something and…”

“You’ve got to go,” she finished for him already reading the truth about the call in his eyes.

“I don’t want to, but he asked me for a favor and…” Grady hesitated thinking about his call from Kyle. “I can call him back and tell him that I can’t make it. I’ll just have to reschedule.”

“No, if it’s important enough for you to think about going, then I’m sure it’s not worth canceling,” she stepped forward reaching out to wrap her arms around his shoulders, “Besides you and I can just have this later. I can put it all away and then when you’re ready to return I’ll just warm it up for us and then maybe we’ll have something else.”

“Are you sure?” he searched her eyes for a long moment, “This wasn’t how I planned it and…”

“It’s okay,” she nodded in response leaning up on her toes to kiss him tenderly, “I’m kind of tired anyways and I’m sure I would’ve appreciated this a lot more when I was actually a bit more cohesive. You go and see what Kyle wants. I’ll be here when you’re finished.”

“Alright,” he sighed pulling her into his arms once again, “but I hope you know I’m going to give you a rain check on this.”

“I’m counting on it,” she smiled in response a tired smile sweeping in over her, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Grady replied vowing that after he tended to his friend that he would find a way to make it up to Deana for tonight’s let down with one another.


Michelle tipped the man at her hotel room door before scooting him out of the room. Carefully wrapping her robe around herself, she turned to the bathroom area where Cary had been waiting for her. She stepped forward pushing the tray of room service along with her before beckoning to him.

“You can come out now. It’s clear,” she explained seeing him pop his head out of the bathroom, “though I don’t know why you are hiding in there considering that I’m sure no one will think anything of you being here.”

“They won’t think anything of Andy Byrne being here, but if Kellen sees me or Kevin, well then someone might start talking,” he explained breezing through the hotel room to join her at the small table where she had the room service now set up. “You see while the world might think they are crazy, they may find someone to listen to them.”

“Such as?” Michelle arched a curious brow taking a seat at the table.

“Angela’s new love,” he rolled his eyes dropping down into the seat across from her, “A man by the name of Brant Ashford. Perhaps you’ve heard of him.”

“In more ways than I care to admit,” she groaned inwardly feeling a shudder pass over her. “That jackass is just begging for me to pay him back for what he did to me.”

“An ex-lover of yours?” he arched a curious brow searching her eyes. “My you and Angela really are into sharing, aren’t you?”

“Are you kidding me,” she wrinkled her nose at him before shaking her head, “I wouldn’t give that loser the time of day. He’s pathetic and not worth my time, but his brother Ken made a good mark.”

“Ah yes Ken,” he rolled his eyes in response before reaching for a roll in front of him, “The do-gooder with a heart of gold. I have crossed paths with him a few times already. Hell, he’s one of my best friends.”

“Come again,” Michelle blinked back at him before letting out a dry laugh, “You have to be kidding, right?”

“Unfortunately I’m not,” he reached for some butter to put on his roll before continuing, “The man happens to be someone that apparently had the hots for my current wife.”

“Current wife?” she repeated giving him a second glance. “You had mentioned something about two wives so what gives?”

“Naturally I had to have a cover story and I found mine in Atlantic City,” Cary let out a long laugh remembering the day his life began again. “You would not believe that I found myself a dead ringer for, well me. Granted he wasn’t nearly as good looking as I was, but he worked for what I needed. I met him in the bar and we started talking one night. He was part of the plan that I had for us doll when we got our hands on all that Stone fortune and split the country, but unfortunately Kevin caused me to alter those plans for us.”

“I don’t understand,” she replied reaching out to take a sip of her champagne. “Cary, you said that you had a dead ringer, but…”

“Someone had to take the fall that night your ex tried to kill me, right?” he mused with another proud smirk. “I damn near drowned in the water there and then well I think Kevin broke my neck, but by an act of fate I survived. I washed up onto the shore and made a phone call to my new friend--to the guy who was about to start his life so to speak. He happened to be a doctor and when I called he was more than willing to help--so much so that he offered to take my place in that water when the police needed to find a body.”

“Are you saying that you…” her jaw practically dropped at the weight of the confession he was giving to her.

“Let’s just say that I did what I needed to do and now that I’m back I fully intend to finish what we started all those years ago. Sure there are a few more complications than there were back then, but right now honey we’re going to find a way to overcome them and claim what is rightfully ours,” he leaned in to take her hand from across the table. “By the time we’re done no one will know what hit them and revenge will truly be ours!”


“You know I have to admit six months ago I never, ever would’ve thought that I’d be sitting here with the man who shook up her world and sharing this kind of moment with him,” Kevin revealed to Brant from the opposite side of Angela’s bed. “Here I figured if I ever met you that I would want to kill you, yet here we are actually friends after everything.”

“I really thought you were going to kill me that first night you realized that I was in love with Angela,” Brant noted thinking back to the first time he and Kevin clashed outside of Angela’s hotel room.

“Well that was my original intention, but then after I heard you and listened to what you had to say for a while, well I realized you aren’t nearly as bad as I anticipated you being,” Kevin laughed lightly thinking about that first night he’d encountered Brant. “You’re actually pretty decent when it gets down to it.”

“You’re pretty decent yourself big guy,” Brant teased in response thankful that he didn’t have to endure all of this waiting alone now that Kevin was there with him. “I know you’ve always had her best interest at heart and that means a lot to me.”

“It means a lot to me that you make her happy,” Kevin added with a thoughtful expression, “I know that you’ve given her another chance at something she thought she wasn’t going to have again after our daughter died and I’m sure that you’ll make her happy.”

“I want to give her and the twins the world,” Brant added thinking about all the love he’d felt in his heart for Angela. If only she would open up her eyes and see him again--if she’d come back to him and give what they had another chance. “I just miss her so much.”

“She’ll be back,” Kevin offered up as there was a change in the sound the monitors made behind where he sat. He looked up seeing that something had shifted in Angela and when he turned his attention to Brant once again, he realized that Angela was squeezing his hand.

“Angela,” Brant whispered her name warmly as her brown eyes fluttered open. She let out a small breath before she spoke up in a low, hoarse voice.

“Where am I?” she questioned weakly her lips parting to take in another breath.

“You’re safe now,” Brant whispered reassuringly touching the side of her face as he said a prayer thanking the heavens above for bringing Angela back to him. “I’m not going to let anything hurt you ever again.”


...to be continued...