Episode 393

“So what do you really think about this one?" Trisha looked out at Mindy seeing the way she looked around the empty apartment and let out a long breath. “I really think this is the one. This is the one you and I need to move into. Think about it, Mindy you are living with two men who have problems of their own. You can’t tell me that there is another thing wrong with this one. It’s perfect and you know it.”

“I know Trisha, it’s just the thought of everything,” Mindy played out what it would be like moving in with Trisha and she didn’t quite know if it would be something she liked. She had been so used to being with Brittany, Guy and Gabe and everything seemed to be going so good. She didn’t know if she would be able to get used to what it was going to be like living with Trisha and being away from the family. “Are you sure we can even afford everything?”

“I don’t know,” Trisha moved forward into the room knowing that Mindy seemed to be having a few different thoughts about this and Trisha was down right ready to move away from her mom’s place. And even though she enjoyed walking in on Kevin and Ria time to time, she knew she had to actually grow up now that she was at the age she was. Looking to Mindy she could see the worry and she couldn’t understand why, but they were two different people with two different feelings. “Mindy, honestly. Look at this view Mindy. This is beautiful.”

“I know it’s beautiful and I love it,” Mindy tried to show the values of what would be the good reason to be moving here, but somehow the hard and wrong reasons kept winning her over. There was always that point that she should move on, live a new life and make something her own. Now was her chance to actually jump on the train to making a new paved life for herself. One where she wouldn’t always be reminded of her past and have that shadow of all the mistakes she has ever made. She really loved the idea of staying with Brittany and Gabe was always a great house guest--even Guy was, but Mindy was right. It was time to move on and she knew it, she was just edgy at the thought. It was something new, something that she had to get used to, but now was her time and if she didn’t take it--she may never have the chance again. “Are you really sure about this Trisha? You’re ready to dedicate yourself to sharing this?"

“You sound like my mother Mindy, but yes,” Trisha stepped in closer to her new best friend, resting her hand on her shoulder. Sure, she was a bit in the clouds with some of her ideas, but she knew what it was she had to do to keep a place like this. Most of her choices were a bit, well…crazy so to speak, but when it got to something like this she knew she had to be responsible. “I know I can’t screw you over Mindy, that would be the worst thing, but would you just take a look at this place. You have to admit that for two people this would be extremely awesome. I can have Chase over and you can invite anyone you want. I won’t mess things up for you, I won’t be a nut. We can have so much fun, two friends just hanging out all the time. Finally having something we can call our own instead of always living off other people. Which I know is something I do a lot and at first I didn’t care much, but now I know it’s kind of annoying. I’ve heard it from Ria plenty of times and I think it’s time to show everyone that I can grow up and stand by myself for once.”

“Which is a good thing and making something my own…well something ours, I think is a good idea,” Mindy moved to look outside again and realized this was almost too perfect to not take it. She knew it was so good that if they didn’t agree to buy it the next person would most likely take it. It was spacious, not huge, but good enough for two friends to live in it. It was a great view and something she could most certainly feel homey in. “You do realize how much this is going to be though right?"

“I realized that the first moment I saw it and I thought the same thing,” Trisha nudged Mindy in the side and the thought had also occurred to her a couple of times. Sure, it was expensive, but if she worked hard she knew she could make it and still have a good life ahead of her and Mindy. “I think it’s worth it though.”

“You think?" Mindy saw the nod and thought it over a second turning to the realtor knowing that they were waiting for some kind of answer and she nodded moving forward. It was finally to break free for herself and start over for once, now that Hunt was gone--seeing him die so young made her realize you need to live to the fullest. Sometimes it was hard to move on, but you had to make an impact because it might be your last when you don’t expect it. “We’ll take it.”


“Zane, honey be careful. That may be a little too big for you,” Deana tried to warn her son seeing him pick up a box that was at least half his size and stumble to walk around the room to try and help them. She saw him swaying back and forth, spinning a couple of times before letting out a small noise when the box fell. “Oh no.”

“Ooops,” Zane bit down on his bottom lip stepping away from the box and covering his eyes from getting in trouble. Hearing Deana moving over toward the box to make sure that he didn’t break anything, he curled his lip in a frown and shrugged his shoulders. “I didn’t do it.”

“You didn’t do it?" Deana laughed seeing the way that Zane nodded and shrugged his shoulders before hiding his eyes again making his mother let out another small laugh. Seeing Blake step into the room after hearing the crash she motioned her to wait a second before reaching out to tickle at her son’s stomach. “Then who did it if you didn’t?"

“Uncle Jason?" Zane laughed seeing the way his mother stared out at him as he laughed and nodded for a moment. Looking around he threw his hands up in the air, swaying back and forth as he thought. “While you blinked he ran in here, grabbed it dropped and then ran. You would believe how fast he is mommy.”

“Well I know Jason likes to run away from some things, but I don’t think he’s that fast,” Deana laughed seeing Zane side step away from the box and move away from what he may have possibly broken while his mother started to open it up more. It was really cute that he would blame Jason for this, but she was just worried that he may have broken something really expensive which made it funny for only a few seconds. “I just hope that nothing was broken.”

“If anything was broken, I don’t think Jason has to worry about,” Blake moved down to pick up the box not even worrying if anything was broken seeing Deana look up at her with her dark eyes. Knowing that Deana seemed to be the type of person that freaked out easily, she didn’t want that at all and decided to just throw the box in the other room. “If anything got broken, it could easily be replaced.”

“Are you sure? I mean, I can pay for it if you need,” Deana tried to offer seeing Blake shake her head before quickly moving to take the box into the other room. She didn’t like it when people would reject someone helping, but in this case it was alright coming from Blake. Sure, she would love to help pay for something her son may have broken, but Blake seemed sincere about it being okay. When she had it happen in the past people seemed to get really angry and then just tried to brush off the subject to make the conflict slim to none even though she knew they were pissed. Hearing the door opening she saw that Blake was entering the room as Jason walked into the room they were in. “Speaking of the person that broke everything.”

“Oh, so here is the convict,” Blake moved out seeing Jason smile as he walked into the room seeing her before him. Reaching out she wrapped her arms around the man she used to have the biggest crush on back in the day when she would go to picnics with Brant and Don when Jason was there. Of course, that was when she was younger, but she could see the sexy smile was still there that she fell in love with years ago. “Why Jason Sherman, you have grown up so much since the last time I saw you. You look great.”

“Well look at you Blake, you look amazing,” Jason looked down at her with light blue eyes and smiled before squeezing her in his arms one last time, stepping back as he looked between his sister and Blake. It had been a while since he had seen Blake and to be honest, she still looked the same to him except older and much more mature since he last saw her. Resting a hand on his hip and reaching up with the other he itched his chin before running his fingers through his gelled up hair. “So now tell me, what did I do wrong this time? Did I go and steal something of Don’s again or was it Brant’s food? I don’t know what it is this time.”

“Well actually you just missed your nephew telling us that you flew in here quick enough to pick up the box he was holding and in a matter of seconds dropped it and flew right out that door,” Deana informed him seeing the dimples press in over her brother’s cheek as he moved over toward Zane with a smirk who by now was laughing full heartedly knowing that he had been caught in his lie now that Jason was here. “It seems you are superhuman now and have the need for speed when it comes to dropping things.”

“Zane was so right, you guys just didn’t keep your eyes open long enough to see me sneak in here and drop it. You know me, I’m just superhuman and that amazing. Aren’t I Zane?" Jason twirled his nephew around in circles over and over again hearing his laughs fill the air before he pulled him in his arms and started to tickle his stomach over and over. “I’m just the coolest uncle ever, aren’t I?"

“He’s adorable,” Blake moved in behind Deana seeing the way that Jason played with Zane and made him laugh out louder and louder. “I can see why I liked him all those years ago, he’s really good with Zane.”

“If you think he’s adorable now Blake, you should honestly come and spend the night at our house for a day because he is absolutely horrible,” Deana laughed looking over brother seeing the clean look he had going on for him and knew this was nothing like himself. With his hair gelled up, a crisp white t-shirt on, clean blue jeans and a pair of very white tennis shoes she knew he was in the mood to impress the one girl he had his eyes on. Usually at home Jason would belch at anytime he pleased, not caring who was there and put his dirty, disgustingly smelly feet up on her coffee table and she hated it. Whenever he would spill something on his shirt he would just walk around being the lazy, messy oaf that he was and didn’t care what people thought. Often she would be disgusted by him because he would be lazy as hell in a pair of jeans and just a cowboy hat which to her was disgusting as can be. He was a very messy person and to see him like this--well, just to see him clean was amazing. “I guess now that he has dedicated himself to being clean, I can say I’m proud of him once.”

“I think all this looks good on him,” Blake eyed over Jason again before nudging Deana slightly seeing her roll her eyes and thinking things over, sure she didn’t like Jason anymore, but she knew a ton of girls that would love to be with a guy like him. “You know, I know so many people that would love to be with a guy like him. He’s great with kids, good looking, pretty eyes and he is an amazing catch.”

“Jason?" Deana laughed seeing the way Blake nodded and she looked to Jason for a moment before laughing aloud. Was Blake talking about the same person here or what because the Jason she knew was nothing like she was bringing him out to be. Jason wasn’t that charming, sure he was good with her son, but he was her nasty disgusting brother. “Are we looking at the same person.”

“You know girls, I may be playing with Zane, but I’m still in the room,” Jason laughed looking back at his sister before laughing knowing that they didn’t realize he could hear them as he played with Zane. Setting Zane down he saw him stumble and he let out a small laugh watching Zane laugh in return before running around the room for a few moments. Moving over toward the two girls Jason folded his arms out in front of his chest before looking to his twin sister. “Deana, if you agreed with Blake I would be highly scared, so I’m glad you don’t agree with her at all. I do have to admit however though, I appreciate it Blake. I’m glad to know that someone at least thinks I’m doing something right.”

“Well it’s really no problem Jason, I know so many girls that would be so interested in you if you were interested,” Blake offered up knowing some of the people that were her friends would just love to have a guy that looked like Jason. His eyes were amazing, he had a great smile and he was great with kids. It didn’t take much for people to fall in love with someone and she knew he would be a great catch with people. “You’d be really popular with some of the people I know.”

“Well, I appreciate the offer Blake, but I must admit that I already have someone I have my eyes on,” Jason informed her with a small nod thinking about the woman he had recently fell in love with by accident. He knew it was wrong to fall in love with her like he did, but she was just so amazing to him. Sure, he just told her he was gay, but they could honestly get over that. He could try and lead her up to know how he isn’t gay and how he really does feel for her because Mindy was just so amazing. He knew he loved her when he looked into her beautiful blue eyes and saw her smile. Her smile could take away all the feelings he was having whether they were bad or just confusing. Her smile, her eyes, just being around her could stop all the world around him and he wouldn’t care. She was just so amazing, he never wanted to let go of the moments she shared with him, she was that one girl he dreamed of. The one girl that seemed so perfect and he just loved spending every single moment he had with her. While he loved the idea of getting the eye of a few girls, there was only one person for him and he just knew it was Mindy. She was such a wonderfully great person that he couldn’t pass up the chance to be with her. “She’s a really great girl and I’m hoping that goes through well.”

“Well, I hope so too,” Blake smiled widely reaching out to grab Jason’s hand seeing his blue eyes stare down a moment before his bright smile appeared over his handsome lips. It was always great to see someone who seemed to be in love and determined to get with the person they loved. “Hopefully that goes good for you, but if it doesn’t…I’ll keep the offer on the table for you.”

“I really appreciate that Blake, but I have a feeling it’s going to turn out great,” Jason informed her with an even wider smile before thinking about Mindy and the situation they were having. Never before had he been so sure about someone in his life and he wanted to make sure he spent his life making her happy. He wanted her to love him like he loved her and he was going to do everything in his power to make her love him. Well, anything he could do within reason because he just knew if he really liked her this much, she had to feel something for him too. There was no way he was going to screw this up for her because he cared about her too much to let it get screwed up. “I think this one is going to end up being perfect for me.”


“This isn’t going to change anything,” Avery sighed resting her head onto Russell’s shoulder after they’d stopped kissing one another, both of them breathless from the connection. “If you even think for a second that I’m going to forgive you for putting your life out on the line again, then…”

“I don’t expect you to forgive me, but I’m hoping you’ll hear me out,” Russ started placing a finger over her lips to silence her. “There’s a reason why I was looking into all of this.”

“Yeah and that reason is because you’re an idiot. Don’t get me wrong Russ you’re a very smart man, but sometimes you don’t use common sense. It’s like you’ve always got something to prove to the world around you,” she muttered from beneath his finger tip only to feel him press it further over her lips.

“Avery just listen,” he sighed heavily releasing her and shaking his head, “That Guerrero guy had ties here in Coral Valley. He’s been running drugs here in town and one of his pushers was the guy that killed Hunt.”

“Mindy’s Hunt?” Avery repeated a sudden realization carrying over her. She stepped back and took a seat on the edge of Russell’s desk. “Oh poor Mindy. To have this come up again probably reminds her all over again about what it was like to lose Hunt.”

“Exactly and while I would like to say I’m doing this all for her--to keep other things like what happened to Hunt from happening, the fact to the matter is I’m also looking into this is because I don’t want to see our daughter grow up in a place where she’s touched by this kind of madness. I don’t want her to have to live with the pain and suffering brought on by these kind of situations. Coral Valley was a good place once and I would like to see it get back to that for our daughter.”

“I understand that Russ, but it’s not up to you to save the world,” Avery sighed heavily shaking her head at him. She reached out to touch his arm gently before inching in closer to him, “I respect your intentions, but Russ you have to think about what is best for our family. You can’t always be the one to crack the case all the time. You have to think about letting the professionals handle this for once.”

“You mean the same professionals that couldn’t catch Bruce for months or the ones that lead you to believe I was dead?” Russ arched a skeptic brow. “Face it Avery the professionals leave much to be desired in this town.”

“So work on changing it. Talk with Dave and see if maybe you can urge him to get the community aware of the issues going on. Maybe you can suggest he start something within his department to weed out the less than professional officers. It might be more productive,” she suggested quickly.

“You would say just about anything to keep me out of harm’s way, wouldn’t you?” he couldn’t help but smile at her.

“As long as it kept you safe and alive to be my own personal Superman, then yeah, I think I would,” she nodded in confession leaning forward to place a small kiss on his lips before there was a sound from the other side of his office near the door.

“Okay, maybe I should’ve knocked after all,” Grady’s voice sounded causing the both of them to sit up straighter. They turned to see the smile that matched the laughter in his tone as he moved forward. “You two don’t have much down time do you?”

“That’s none of your business,” Avery quipped feeling Russ wrap his arm around her shoulders.

“What can I say? My beautiful wife to be again brings out the best in me,” Russ piped in moving over to kiss the top of Avery’s head.

“You mean the horniest part of you,” Grady noted catching the glare Avery shot over at him. “Oh admit it that’s really all it gets down to.”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” she stuck her tongue out at him ready to say something more when her cell phone started to ring. Frowning she spoke up into the phone while Russ looked over to his brother.

“Give it a rest Grady,” Russ shook his head at his brother before issuing him a warning look.

“I’m just kidding,” Grady shrugged his shoulders simply before Avery got up off of the desk.

“Hold on one second,” Avery placed her hand over the phone mouthpiece before looking to Russ and Grady again. “I’ll be right back.”

“Okay,” Russ nodded watching her step out of his office for a little more privacy since the newspaper offices were pretty much empty at lunch time.

“So really how’s it going?” Grady questioned eyeing his brother curiously. “I thought I heard some debate when I got here before.”

“Just how long were you standing out there?” Russ arched a curious brow before frowning.

“Long enough to know that it sounds like you’re getting yourself into trouble again,” Grady frowned over at him, “What’s the story on that one Russ? What’s going on?”

“It’s just news. That’s all,” Russ shrugged his shoulders before circling around his desk. “I don’t want a lecture from you as well.”

“Maybe you should get it if Avery thinks you’re getting in over your head again,” Grady added watching Russ flop down into his chair.

“Did I ever tell you how to do your job?” Russ shot back at him with a frown.

“No, but at the same time maybe if you would’ve sooner then I might’ve avoided a whole hell of a lot of trouble,” Grady frowned back at him, “Russ don’t get yourself into a situation that is only going to take away what you’ve worked so hard to recapture in your life. I think you and Avery have been through more than enough this past year, don’t you?”

“Grady, I’m not…” Russ started to explain to him.

“One serial killer, paternity crisis, Cameron Stone hit list moment is more than enough for a lifetime, don’t you think?” Grady tossed back at him sharply. “Face it Russ trouble is going to find you when you’re not looking most of the time, so don’t seek it out.”

“I’m not planning on it,” Russ added with a huff, “but right now I want to toss something by you before Avery gets back--something that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.”

“What’s that?” Grady questioned folding his arms in front of his chest, “Or is this way of trying to get me to lay off of you for what you’re doing?”

“It might be a little bit of that, but for the most part this is pretty serious,” Russ explained in a softer tone hoping to keep anyone other than Grady from hearing him.

“Okay, what’s up?” Grady questioned sitting down in the chair across from Russ. “What are you into again this time?”

“I’m going to ask Avery to marry me again,” Russ explained with a bright smile thinking about what he’d been working on before the whole Guerrero situation came up. “I know that we did it once when no one was around, but I want to do it right this time. Since last time got majorly botched up, I want to make up for that starting with doing it all over again.”

“Well that doesn’t surprise me,” Grady noted with a small laugh, “I take it her divorce is final now, eh?”

“It should’ve been over the day it began,” Russ mouthed with a small scowl, “because I’m sure Ashford manipulated this situation somehow. He always does.”

“I know,” Grady nodded.

“Even now the idea of how he moved in on Avery while I was gone burns me to no end. I mean you and I both know he took full advantage of the fact that she was missing me like crazy. When she thought I was dead it killed her and he preyed on that,” Russ continued to explain thinking about why Avery could’ve married Brant in the first place. “Honestly what kind of man uses a woman’s feelings against her like that? Why would he just use her grief over me to get closer to her like that?”

Grady paused trying to find an answer that would satisfy his brother as he thought to his own reasoning for following Avery around. “I guess maybe it’s just that grief does things to people.”

“Yeah it brings out the worst,” Russ sneered in response his anger for Brant returning to the surface, “I mean really what kind of person does what he does? Even now that I know that he’s my…brother. God I hate the sound of that.”

“So do I,” Grady added with a scowl, “and just because of biology doesn’t mean it’s true.”

“I know, but still to think that a brother of mine could be so ruthless and move in on the woman I love knowing full well how much I care about her. Hell, even before I was gone he was making his way over to her and trying to sabotage us. What in the world kind of family does that? That just shows you right there that he‘s not truly family.” Russ shook his head at the thought. “I can’t even begin to imagine you doing something like that to me. Real families don’t try to destroy one another by sleeping with their brother’s wife.”

“No they don’t,” Grady added clearing his throat uneasily. He shifted on his chair before speaking up again, “but you and Avery are together now. Whatever happened in the past doesn’t matter because you’re going to be married again soon.”

“That’s right and when we are, I swear I’m not going to let anyone hurt her again,” Russ vowed thinking about the future he had planned for Avery and Erin now that the danger in their lives had seemingly passed.


“Angel, hey what are you doing here?” Chris questioned his voice softening a bit as he looked over to where Angela was now standing in Brant’s office. “Please don’t tell me that you’re spending all your time with this loser because we both know you can do so much better…”

“What?” Angela questioned blinking back up at him in confusion. “Excuse me, but do I know you?”

“No, you don’t,” Brant blurted out stepping forward and shoving Chris towards the door to his office again. “He was just leaving.”

“Wait, what do you mean do you know me?” Chris blinked back at her confusion carrying in over him. “Angel, it’s me. It’s Chris.”

“I’m…I’m sorry,” she began apologetically giving him a strange look. “Are you one of Kevin’s friends?”

“Kevin,” Chris repeated with a frown, “No Angel I’m…”

“Ready to be leaving. We’ll be right back or at least I will be,” Brant mouthed in response urging Chris towards the door once again despite Chris’s initial reluctance. Before Chris could put up a bigger fight Brant shoved him again sending him out into the hallway with a quick movement.

“What did you do to her Ashford?” Chris scowled over at him with a snarl. His eye swept back over to the office door and he lunged forward ready to push his way past Brant. “What did you say to her?”

“I didn’t do anything,” Brant snapped back at him with a tight scowl. He stepped in front of Chris before speaking up again. “You can’t be here Foley. You have to leave.”

“I’m not going anywhere until you tell me what you did to Angela. Tell me something, did you slip her some of the same drugs that you’ve been spreading around town lately between you and your boy Guerrero?” Chris hissed with a low snarl, his eyes fixed in on Brant again, “It wasn’t enough when she told you to get lost, but then you had to go and make things worse by screwing with her head.”

“What are you talking about Foley?” Brant shook his head at Chris with a frown, “Have you lost your mind?”

“You’ve lost yours if you think you can get away with doing this to Angel. She’s better than that and I swear to God I’m going to kill you when I find out what it is that you’ve done to her exactly. She wouldn’t not know me like that,” Chris continued to rant while two security guards stepped off of the elevators and started to approach him and Brant.

“Look Chris, I didn’t do anything. Not that it is any of your business, but Angela can’t remember because of the fall she took. When Cameron pushed her down the stairs he did this to her,” Brant informed him bluntly, his agitation level rising with each passing second. “I would never, ever hurt her.”

“Right, like you expect me to believe that,” Chris rolled his eyes at Brant before feeling a distinct tug on his arm. Frowning Chris turned to see a man standing at his side ready to pull him away. He wrenched his arm back and scowled at the man. “Keep your hands off of me! Don’t touch me! I’m not going anywhere.”

“Yes you are,” Brant informed him, his dark eyes narrowing in at Chris, “If you care about Angela, then you’ll get going. You’ll be on your way and not bother her again.”

“You would like that, wouldn’t you? You would just love to be able to write each and everyone she cares out of her life so that she will need you and only you, wouldn’t you?” Chris accused in a harsh, abrasive tone. “Well I have news for you Ashford. It’s not going to happen. You’re not going to get away with this--with any of this and so help me when I get my hands on the proof I need to show you for what you truly are, you’re going down. Mark my words you’ll be going down!”

“Right,” Brant mouthed in response shaking his head at Chris’s threat before looking to the security men at Chris’s side, who had not taken it upon them to start pulling him away. “Escort Mr. Foley out of the building and see to it that he finds his way back to his car.”
“This isn’t over Brant. This isn’t over at all and when I get finished with you the whole world will see you as you truly are. They will all know what a monster you have always been…”

Brant watched seeing the security men pull a screaming Chris away from his office and as Brant stood there he thought about the words Chris was tossing at him. While he had no idea where Chris was coming from, Brant knew full well that he had to find a way to help Angela get her memory back. Time was most certainly not on his side in this situation and the longer she was clueless about what they had with one another, the harder it would be for them to find their way back to it again. He just hoped that he was able to get her back to him before someone like Chris decided to skew the truth in their own favor to turn Brant into a monster in Angela’s eyes all over again!


“I can’t believe that this is happening. I mean it’s bad enough that we have to deal with what’s happening with Angela, but now this,” Ria threw her hands up in the air in frustration. “I know what’s going to happen now that my mom is coming back. She’ll get into town long enough to point out all that I’m doing wrong and then I’ll never hear the end of it. If the call I got from her earlier is any indication of how things are going to do, then I know I’m going to lose it Kevin.”

“You’re going to lose it now if you don’t try to calm down and relax,” Kevin stepped forward reaching out to touch her shoulder gently, “Ria your mom won’t be that bad. I know you’re preparing for the worst, but…”

“Kevin, this is my mother we’re talking about. You know how my mother is. She can’t just let things be. She has to have absolutely everything her way and she never stops from reminding me that I’m not as great as she was,” Ria threw her hands up in the air before pacing around the room again. “She’s going to be upset with me because I’m not where she was at during her medical career and…”

“Ria I really think that you’re being too hard on yourself. I think you’re doing just fine in your career,” Kevin offered up gently touching her shoulder for a brief moment. “You and I both know what a wonderful job you’ve been doing on everything. You should be very proud of yourself.”

“I am proud of myself, but she won’t be proud of me. Never mind the fact that Trisha doesn’t even have a job, but it’ll be about what I’m not doing right. She’s always pushing me to be perfect and when she sees I’m not…” Ria groaned unable to quell the nagging sensation that carried over her. She opened her mouth to say something more when she felt Kevin’s hands press in over her shoulder gently.

“Ria look at me,” he turned her to face him, his soft brown eyes meeting her upset gaze. He placed a palm against her cheek gently, thinking about how he’d hated to see her upset. “You can’t let this get you down. We can handle this just like we’ve been handling everything else that comes our way. Your mother being in town is going to be okay for you. Sure, she might make life a bit difficult, but you’re a beautiful, brilliant woman and that is something that no one can take away from you.”

“It’s easier said than done,” she frowned shaking her head in response, “If she goes in and starts talking to Dr. Reynolds, then…”

“I’m sure she’ll see what an incredible doctor you truly are. Give yourself a break baby,” Kevin wrapped her up in his arms drawing her nearer to him for a small kiss. “The way I see it you’re at the top of your game right now and there is a lot that you should be proud of. Picking me as a boyfriend should be at the top of that list too you know.”

Ria couldn’t help but laugh at him. She shook her head and smile tipping her head up to meet his dark eyes, “You’re insane. You know that, right?”

“I made you smile, didn’t I?” he wiggled his brow at her suggestively before leaning down to tease his lips over hers in a soft, tapering movement. His hand slid over her hip tracing the contour of it before pulling her in closer to his muscled form. “Though I have to tell you that if you’re really feeling that bad, I’m pretty sure I can find a way to perk you up for a little while.”

“Kevin, that’s not going to help,” she mouthed in response feeling his tongue slide between her now parted lips, darting inside her hot mouth and caressing her tongue with a slow, seductive movement. His large hand dropped down to her bottom before scooping her in against him in a determined movement.

“Trust me baby, a little loving from Dr. Adonis always helps,” he murmured in a low, throaty tone, his lips dipping down to the side of her neck. He felt her head arch back while his palm pressed in over her side easing it’s way up over her body before cupping her breast in hand. “I know a million and one different ways to make you feel good right about now.”

“A million and one you say?” she purred feeling his fingers sweep in over her in an intimate caress.

“That’s right,” he nodded proudly, moving his lips in over the side of her neck and nibbling gently. “Right now I think I could take my time showing you each and every one of those ways if you’re interested.”

“I was thinking about taking a shower,” she sighed feeling a slow rise of pleasure build inside of her at his heated caress.

“Hmm, well lucky for you I happen to know at least a few hundred ways in the shower to make you feel like you’re on top of the world,” he boasted proudly his lips returning to hers again. He pulled her up off of the floor and fully into his arms, pressing her in against his chest. “Come on you know you’re tempted.”

“I thought that you had a few things you needed to take care of today,” she mouthed in response pulling back ever so slightly to search his handsome features.

“Nothing is more important than helping alleviate the stress and frustrations that the woman I love is experiencing right now,” he continued to explain kissing her once again.

“So you’re going to seduce me to help alleviate the stress I’m experiencing?” she replied with a small smirk, the corners of her lips upturning in the suggestion.

“Well, I don’t know if it’s all about stress relief considering that I happen to really like making love to you, but if that’s what you want to call it when you say yes, then so be it,” Kevin decided keeping her close to him. He squeezed her in against his hardened form before biting on her lower lip gently, “So about that shower…”

“I think it’s about time you deliver on those few hundred ways you know to amaze me in there because I’m going to hold you to them,” she mouthed in response kissing him all over again in the hopes of ignoring the way her mother had made her feel inadequate earlier so that she could enjoy the time she was spending with the man she loved more than anything!


“Who is that?" Mindy questioned knowing that they had just gotten the place and everything seemed to be moving way too fast. They were already moving some of their stuff in when it came to couches, beds and little things. How did they do it? She had no idea and now that she seemed to have someone knocking on the door she felt like she had been living there five days, not five hours. “You already have someone coming over Trisha?"

“Oh, I thought I said something, I guess I didn’t,” Trisha began taking in a long shallow breath seeing the way that her friend looked out at her with her light blue eyes and she shrugged. Sure, they had only bought the place not even a few hours ago, but she wanted to get through this quickly. She was excited and she knew that as soon as they got to hanging out Mindy would feel the same. “I invited Chase over because I told him to bring some of the things I had at my mother’s house over and then I figured we could use him to grab some of your stuff. I hope you don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind at all actually, it’s going to make things go by much faster,” Mindy watched Trisha moved forward toward the door and she saw Trisha open the door to see a shaking Chase at the door. His legs were shaking from all the things he had in his hands and it looked like if he stepped one more foot forward. Letting out a small laugh she ran forward to grab something from the top of the pile and then a few more things before setting them down seeing him shaking still as he moved into the house dropping the items down on the table. “Wow, you carried up a lot.”

“That’s because he carried it all,” Trisha stated seeing Chase fall down to the couch they had brought in and he let out a loud groan and she stepped in closer to him seeing the way his blue eyes closed in pain. “Uh Chase, why in the world did you bring all that up in one trip. We could have come and helped you. You know that right?"

“Well, when you said it was an emergency and that I had to be fast, I thought that I should try and bring it up in one trip. I got all the way up here and it was working well until I went and knocked the door,” he groaned out resting his head back against the couch hearing both women laugh as he opened one of his eyes knowing that when Trisha meant emergency that meant he had to hurry about certain things. “I think we have a problem. I can’t feel my legs.”

“Yes, you can,” Trisha moved forward slapping him in the thigh the hardest she could hearing him yelp out in pain and she heard Mindy let out a tiny laugh before covering her lips trying to hide the laugh. Seeing Chase’s blue eyes staring out at her with a surprise she shrugged her arms before laughing seeing him shake his head at her. “What?!”

“I was just complaining, now I really can’t feel my leg,” Chase saw her rear up to smack him again and he flew up from the couch running around it to hide from her seeing Mindy staring out at him and he waved at her looking around the room. “It’s nice to see you Mindy, I must admit you two got a really cool place and I’m glad that you two are going to be in a place together. It sounds like you two are really going to have fun and…hey, get away from me.”

“I thought I could help you with your legs a little bit more,” Trisha chased him around the couch seeing him running away from her and somehow Chase hid behind Mindy getting her in the cross fire. “Oh, that figures. You don’t even give it five hours before you move in on my roommate.”

“Say what?" Chase questioned seeing Mindy take a side step and he ran around the couch seeing Trisha chasing after him still and he jumped over the top of the couch landing on the side. “I’d like to see you do that little woman.”

“Oh, nice idea,” Trisha disappeared for a moment leaving both Mindy and Chase silent wondering what in the world she was doing before they saw her coming back dragging a mattress against the floor. Giving each other a weird and slightly confused glance they saw Trisha set up the queen sized bed before throwing her hands up in the air. “This is perfect.”

“Uh, honey. I know you said the whole going for my roommate thing, but I really am not interested in that whole three way thing,” Chase whispered only to feel a firm smack to the center of his stomach making him let out a long laugh before groaning feeling his skin on fire. “Man, that hurt. What is wrong with you?"

“I was just thinking when I was little, we had high ceilings you know and here we do to. I used to play with Kevin and Ria all the time, we’d set up this mattress and play a game of horse, but really cool because we would do these really wacky and crazy tricks,” Trisha began to explain remembering her younger years when Kevin always said he was going to be a wrestler or something because he was always doing some crazy moves. It was something that she loved trying to do and she thought it would be something good to break in the house now that they had to have some fun. “So what do you say. You up for a little fun?"

“Oh yeah, I’m up for some fun,” Mindy nodded thinking it over realizing that it could get a little bit better if she added some more people that could light the fire to being a bit cooler as she moved forward reaching for her cell phone that she had set on the counter earlier. “I think I’m going to call and invite Jason over. Maybe he would want to come and hang out as well.”


Heather let out a long sigh in a useless attempt at alleviating the ache that crept in and up over her shoulders and neck. It began shortly after her attempting to deal with Becca in a civil and polite manner, but when that went wrong, Heather couldn’t help but find herself feeling beyond stressed about things. Then to top it off when she was harassed again by the phantom menace on the other end of the veiled threats, she couldn’t help but feel as if things were spiraling out of control. Now as she sat at her desk awaiting Kyle’s return, she couldn’t help but wish that she had just stayed out of town with Kyle for a while longer to avoid the real world.

“If you were anymore wound up I think you’d explode right about now,” Diego’s voice roused her from her thoughts. She looked up with a moment of surprise behind her green eyes only to discover him standing in her office doorway with a concerned expression. “You’re working too hard again, aren’t you?”

“If I didn’t, then the company would fall apart. Don’t you know that by now?” she smiled up at him surprised to see her old friend in her office. “Though something tells me that you’ve come here to offer up an enticing distraction.”

“To say the least,” he nodded motioning to the chair by her desk. “Interested?”

“With you,” her grin expanded, “always. Come on in.”

“I wasn’t sure you would want to see me,” Diego admitted with a sudden apprehension as he made his way over to the seat she’d directed him too. “We haven’t talked in a while and…”

“Hey, if you can still stand to look at me after the many times that I’ve thrown myself at you practically begging you to have your way with me, then I think I can find it in me to pretend I’m still not embarrassed as hell about all of that,” she smiled at him politely before tossing her long blonde hair behind her shoulders. “I should also apologize for that Diego…”

“No apologies,” he shook his head firmly, “especially considering that I wasn’t always wonderful to you.”

“You were by far one of the best things that happened to me Diego,” Heather reminded him with a warm smile, “You taught me that it was ok to try to love myself again. Without that I might not have ever found the happiness in my life that I have now.”

“With Kyle,” he noted with a small smile of his own, “I guess things really have come full circle for you, haven’t they?”

She nodded, “I never believed that we’d find one another again, but then when Sarah left enough rope to hang herself…”

“I’m happy for you Heather,” Diego watched her fall to silence before she spoke up again.

“I’m sorry,” she brought her hand up to the side of her face.

“Why?” he couldn’t help but ask leaning back in the chair he’d been seated in.

“Because in a way my happiness came at your expense. You lost everything because…” she started to explain with a frown.

“I made a stupid decision and if I would have had half a mind about me, then I wouldn’t have fallen into that place. It’s something I have to live with, but trust me when I tell you that you had no hand in my choices Heather. I did what I did because at the time I thought I was following my heart,” he sighed remembering his night with Sarah.

“And Sarah only used that to hurt you like she does with everyone else who cares about her,” her jaw flexed with anger.

“You warned me about her from the moment she returned to town, but I wouldn’t listen to you. I kept hearing what you were saying about what kind of person she was, but I thought that…” he offered up apologetically.

“That I was being a drama queen,” she finished for him. “I get that a lot and it’s probably my own fault. Sometimes I don’t really think about what I say, but rather it just comes out in this big spurt of sounds that really don’t make a lot of sense and…”

“You make complete sense Heather,” he assured her with a hint of a smile teasing over the corners of his mouth. “I just wish that I would have filtered that information into my brain before Sarah and I, well, I guess now I know what it’s like to have that moment where nothing about the world around you makes sense when you’re letting the wrong things in your life guide you around.”

“Most men think with their libido Diego. It’s not a crime, but I just wish you wouldn’t have found that kind of moment with my sister. She’s just plain rotten,” she gave him a long once over, “Speaking of which, how is it going with the paternity situation?”

“Last I checked I had a one in well, I don’t know how many chance of being this child’s father,” he informed her with a long sigh. “We’re going to have the paternity test results tomorrow.”

“And then?” she couldn’t help but ask.

“If I’m this baby’s father, then I’m going to find a way to ensure that I have a chance to protect this child from the start. I’m not about to let my son or daughter be raised by Cameron,” Diego informed her, his jaw tense with emotion. “I can’t let another innocent fall at his hand.”

“Cameron’s not the man who he used to be Diego,” Heather explained thinking about all that Cameron had done for her over the last few months.

“Men like Cameron don’t change Heather. They stay the same even if they take a few moments to plan their strategy,” he sighed shaking his head at the thought. “He’s always got an agenda and if I were you, then I would be careful. You might not be his wife anymore, but men like Cameron don’t ever relinquish their ‘property’.”

“If he even tries any funny stuff with me, I’m sure that Kyle will take him out,” Heather added thinking about the man she loved. “He’s going to keep me safe.”

“I sincerely hope so, but be careful Heather. When Cameron gets it into his mind that he wants something, he goes after it and won’t stop until he’s certain that there aren’t any other choices for the object of his obsession,” he informed her with a sudden seriousness. “You and Kyle are happy now, but if Cameron decides that he’s not thrilled at the idea of you moving on, he will find a way to worm himself back into your life.”

“He can try all he wants, but Cameron isn’t even a blip on the radar,” she assured him with a wrinkled expression, “Although I would imagine you have a battle ahead of you with him now that Sarah’s attempting to form an alliance with him. She’s hit rock bottom and her pathetic side is showing.”

“Sarah thinks she knows what she’s getting into, but she doesn’t,” he explained pointedly. “If I’m not that child’s father, then she had better be wishing that another lover for a moment steps up and fills the void in that child’s life because Cameron will do nothing, but destroy that baby.”

“For the sake of my niece or nephew I hope you’re wrong,” Heather frowned knowing that while she couldn’t stand the idea of being around Sarah that the baby Sarah was having had nothing to do with Sarah’s nefarious actions. “So what happens if you aren’t that child’s father? Are we committing Sarah like you did to me?”

“Honestly I don’t know,” Diego cleared his throat uneasily, “because if I end up not being that child’s father, then I think it’ll be a sign that it’s time to move onto other things.”

“What do you mean other things?” she questioned worried by his tone.

“I think I’ve done all that I can here in Coral Valley Heather,” he informed her with a poignant expression. “If the test results don’t turn out the way that I’m hoping, then I’m going to have no choice, but to leave town and put all of this behind me.”


“Man, when you said you were going to work me, I didn’t think you would work me this hard,” Jason let out an exhausted breath after carrying a couple of boxes at a time down a few stairs before letting out a small groan. Knowing that they had laughed at him a few times when he tried showing off, he knew it was stupid to complain but right now that was the only thing he could think about doing. “I mean really, wow. Does Seth have this much trouble?"

“Probably, he just complains a whole lot less,” Blake informed him letting out a small laugh as she sat on top of the boxes watching Jason try carry a few more before falling to his butt on the ground and lying back against it. She saw him grab his shirt and pull it over his head to cover his eyes and she rolled her eyes at the movement. “That’s a typical male.”

“I’m proud to be one,” Jason grumbled hearing his cell phone start to go off and he let out a loud groan knowing that it was probably someone that was ready to bother him again. It seemed every day he kept getting calls from people to get help with certain things and it drove him insane when he couldn’t even get a little rest. Reaching for his phone he stumbled to get it open before pulling it up to his ear and letting out a long breath. “Jason Sherman here, please kill me.”

“Jason, hey it’s Mindy,” he heard Mindy’s voice on the other end as he sat up quickly seeing the expression both Deana and Blake gave him when he sat up so quick leaving them to believe that something really important was going on. Just hearing her laugh over the phone made everything seem to hurt less as he let out a laugh himself. “Is something wrong because I really don’t want to be killing you. I like you too much and I would really like to keep you around.”

“I was just playing,” Jason changed his voice a bit before shaking his head and deciding to make it the same tone he had when he answered the phone. Sure he was acting gay, but he didn’t have to be a stereotypical gay because that would be wrong. Wrong in so many ways. “I’ve been having a really long day, but just hearing your voice made it a lot better. Is everything okay?"

“Yeah, I was just wondering. I just got this place with my friend and I was wondering if you wanted to come over. I mean you don’t have to if you don’t want to, but it’s right by the gym. You know on the street Victor, it’s right off the street right after the gym,” Mindy began knowing that he didn’t even agree to it yet and cussing to herself she didn’t even know why she was giving him directions when he didn’t even give her an answer yet. “I mean that is if you want to come over.”

“Mindy I want to be there so bad,” Jason smiled to himself realizing that he might sound a little to desperate and he cleared his throat before nodding slowly and moving over toward Blake and Deana again who seemed to be extremely quiet so they could listen in. “I’ll call you as soon as I get close Mindy so you can give me the number to the room and where to go. I’ll see you soon. Bye bye.”

“Oh, is that the one that is it for you Jason?" Blake questioned seeing him smile before nodding and rubbing at his cheeks that got reddened over when he was talking to Mindy in front of them and she let out a sound of awe. “That’s really cute, but why did you do a voice change but then go back?"

“That, yeah. You don’t want to know,” Jason began only to see the look both his sister and Blake gave him and he rolled his eyes before nodding slowly. “Trust me you really don’t want to know.”

“No, I really do want to know,” Deana blurted out at her brother seeing him cover his eyes in embarrassment making the both of them laugh as she stood up next to him, patting him on the shoulder softly. “Come on Jason, it can’t be that bad.”

“Okay, but you two can not laugh. Not laugh at all,” Jason ordered knowing that Grady got a kick out of it and knew that girls would obviously think much more of it being funny than a man. With the way that Grady laughed it made him almost want to lie before shaking his head again and realizing that they would know if he lied. “Okay, you see Mindy heard me talking about our dog that died a while ago Deana and she thought I was talking about a real man. She thinks I’m gay, told me she wouldn’t be close to me if I wasn’t so I’m pretending to be gay.”

A moment of silence filled the air before both Deana and Blake started laughing out extremely loud, their faces turning a light shade of red as Jason pouted hating the feeling of being embarrassed and he knew that were laughing at him constantly.

“Okay, never mind about the whole true love thing. That’s a little screwed up Jason,” Blake laughed seeing his cheeks turn to a deep shade of red as he reached for his wallet off the counter to make sure that he could leave right away and make sure that they couldn’t make fun of him big time. “Seriously, you think a girl is going to fall in love with you when you are like that?"

“I’ll fall in love with her,” Jason leaned against the counter ready to get the biggest lecture of his life from his sister seeing her look out at him as he leaned back knowing that look in her eyes. “Oh man, this is going to be a long night.”


Hanging up the phone Mindy smiled knowing that Jason could always make her laugh and she was glad to have such a good friend like him because he really was great. Turning on her heel she saw the look both Chase and Trisha were giving her as she threw her hands up in the air letting out a small noise.

“What?" Mindy laughed seeing Chase look away from her with his wide blue eyes and Trisha continued to stare out at her. Feeling a bit awkward she moved away from being able to see the look Trisha was giving her. “Seriously, why were you two looking at me like that? It was a little weird.”

“Uh sorry, but you just acted like you were talking to your boyfriend,” Trisha pointed out seeing the way that both Chase and Trisha looked back at her over the couch and she shrugged her shoulders. “Seriously girl, we were listening the whole time and it sounds like you really--really like this guy. Tell me more about this Jason.”

“I don’t like him like that guys, he’s jut a really good friend that I care about as a friend and a friend only,” Mindy could tell by the look in Trisha’s eyes that she thought there was more going on there and she let out a small laugh and shook her head slowly. “I’m not kidding, he’s only a friend.”

“Uh, I’m a man and I happened to think that you were having that girly crush laugh on the phone there,” Chase held his hand up in the air before shrugging his shoulders and letting out a small noise. Knowing that he was a man and shouldn’t put his input in, he couldn’t help but tease hearing the noise Mindy let out. “Sorry Min, but I really thing you have a thing for this guy.”

“He’s gay,” she blurted out seeing both Chase and Trisha perk up and she threw her hands up in the air before falling to the bed they set out at and she nodded slowly. “He’s like a best friend and to be honest with you--he reminds me of Hunt in a lot of ways. He’s funny and he’s a great guy and I’m just glad to have him as my friend.”

“Okay, sure, but if you ever fall for this guy,” Trisha began to tease seeing the way Mindy looked out at her with her blue eyes before Trisha nodded slowly. “Please don’t change genders on me because I think that might be really weird.” Catching the glare she got Trisha let out a long laugh before throwing a pillow at Mindy in a playful moment. “Sorry, I just had to. Well, I can’t wait to meet this Jason guy.”


“That sounds really great,” Grady noted thinking about what his brother had just told him about the upcoming proposal to Avery. “I think she’ll really love it.”

“Love what?” Avery questioned stepping back into Russell’s office to find the two brothers talking to one another in muted tones. Looking between the both of them she tipped her head to the side, “What are you two up to?”

“Nothing,” Russ replied leaning back in his chair and smiling at her. “We were just waiting for you to return.”

“You’re lying. I’m sure of it,” Avery blurted out walking across the office to step in beside Russ. She nudged his chair gently pushing it away from his desk. A moment later she dropped down onto his lap to take a seat while wrapping her arm around his shoulder, “So spill it, what were you really doing?”

“Talking about how incredibly gorgeous you are,” Russ mouthed in response leaning forward to steal a kiss from her lips. “And about how much I love you.”

“Mmm, that sounds nice,” she kissed him in response before giggling, “but you’re still lying.”

“So who called before?” Grady questioned interrupting the two of them before he started to feel like an even bigger third wheel.

“Actually it was a potential client,” Avery informed him turning around to smile at him. “I think it’s a case worth taking on. It could be a big one.”

“Dare I ask?” Grady questioned curiously seeing the way her face lit up.

“I can’t get too detailed, but it sounds like it could be a big sexual harassment lawsuit. The client in question was fired from a major corporation after the boss promised her a big raise. It turns out the creep was trying to get her into bed and when she took his advances as interest, he not only lead her to believe that they could have something more, but once they were involved with one another he fired her,” she explained with a small scowl, “I hate men like that.”

“Sounds like some heavy stuff,” Russ noted with a small frown, “You sure you want to take on a case like this?”

“Coming from someone who has been there herself, yeah,” Avery nodded in response a newfound determination carrying over her. “Brant tried for a long time to get me where he wanted me and then when he was able to accomplish his goal of bedding me, everything changed. He used the fact that we were in a relationship with one another to fire me simply because I wasn’t with him in a sexual relationship anymore. That is just wrong on so many levels.”

“Do I smell another lawsuit in the works? Perhaps one that I could help you with against your ex-husband?” Grady’s eyes perked up at the suggestion. “Because you know I would be more than happy to slap charges against BBK if need be.”

“Gee, now why doesn’t that surprise me?” Avery shook her head at Grady and his suggestion. “While I’m not happy with him, the fact to the matter is that Brant’s already got more payback than he deserves with his new girlfriend. The woman’s a witch and I think she’ll do him a lot worse than anything I would’ve ever done to get retribution. Being with someone like her is more than enough payback.”

“That’s kind of harsh,” Russ frowned back at her, “She’s really not that bad.”

“Oh yes she is,” Avery nodded firmly, “Given all that she’s done to try to hurt Kevin and Ria, not to mention what she tried to pull on us, I think it’s safe to say that she’s a manipulator. She won’t be happy until she has the whole world falling at her feet, which means that Brant won’t ever be able to get the life he wanted. She’ll be too wrapped up in herself to give a damn about what’s right for him. Mark my words.”

“She has some good points about her Avery. If you met her under different circumstances,” Russ started realizing that he was stepping into shaky territory with her considering his past with Angela.

“Russ, look I’m not going to argue this with you, but the fact to the matter is that woman is trouble and the sooner she gets out of Coral Valley, the better it will be for all of us!” Avery added with a huff. “After all anyone who grew up with Cameron Stone speaks for themselves. That man is a nightmare and it is no surprise that his sister has followed in his footsteps--at least one of them has.”

“One of them?” Grady repeated with a curious expression. “What do you mean? There’s more of them.”

“Cameron told me he think that I’m his sister,” Avery blurted out honestly thinking about what had been troubling her. “The day he told me about Russ and Angela he also let me know that he believes Angela and I are sisters somehow…”

“Avery,” Russ touched her arm gently knowing it was a sore spot for her.

“It’s okay,” she shook her head firmly, “I can deal with talking about this.”

“You’re kidding right?” Grady looked at her for a long moment. “You’re not, are you?”

“Considering who my mother is anything is possible,” Avery sighed in response before shaking her head, “but I would really like to think it wasn’t true.”

“That’s because it’s not true. Cameron’s lying,” Russ added thinking about how much that possible truth bothered Avery. “There has to be another explanation as to why she looks so much like you.”

“Russ you said it yourself you thought we could’ve passed for twins, but if we were,” Avery pondered the thought aloud, “then I don’t know how in the world things could’ve happened like they did.”

“I’ll tell you how. Cameron’s lying,” Grady piped in thinking about all the trouble Cameron caused. “There is no way that you’re the man’s sister even if Brooke is insane.”

“Grady’s right,” Russ nodded firmly, “You’re not Angela’s sister or Cameron’s for that matter.”

“And what if you’re both wrong? What then?” Avery questioned wondering if it was at all possible for her to be connected to the woman she loathed the most in this world. Could it be that she had greater ties to Angela and Cameron than anyone had ever imagined?


Angela waited in the office looking around after Brant dealt with the man that had walked in on them. While she wanted to say that she could place his face, the truth to the matter was that she couldn’t. She could see that had upset him, but there was just something that wasn’t registering with her. Of course after Brant had pulled him out of the room, she couldn’t quite ignore the nagging feeling that had carried over her. Did she know the man that had walked in on them? Was he someone she was supposed to remember somehow? Was he a person she should remember?

“This is ridiculous,” Angela threw her hands up in the air, starting to pace around the room now that she waited for Brant to return. It seemed strange that everyone in her life was acting so out of place--especially Kevin now that he’d been lost in his own world. Then with all her dreams of Brant, she was beginning to wonder if she was losing her mind. To be attracted to one of Kevin’s friends was a bad thing especially now that she was pregnant.

“This is crazy,” she sighed again moving over to Brant’s desk and eyeing the phone. It was then that another thing that was bothering her started to eat away at her. Here she was out of the hospital and she hadn’t heard a word from her father. It wasn’t like him not to at least call in and check on her once a day. By now he must be going crazy in being unable to speak with her. If he had any idea where she was, then she knew she would be in trouble, but if he couldn’t find her it would be worse. If she didn’t at least call and make some kind of contact.

“I have to call him,” she decided reaching for the phone and going against her fears enough to dial her father’s number. She waited for a moment before a service came onto the line telling her that the number was disconnected.

“That’s not possible,” she mouthed to herself hanging up the phone and starting all over again. After three tries she found herself more worried than ever that something was truly wrong. Her father wouldn’t just change the number unless something happened--unless something had…

“Daddy,” Angela heard herself speaking up clearly. She turned around to look out the window, but instead found herself not in Brant’s office, but in another office that looked very much like her father’s. Blinking in confusion she searched the room feeling a panic take over her. She moved forward ever so slightly noticing the photo of herself and Cameron on the wall. She touched it briefly remembering the day that it had been taken--how she’d been eager to get back to her friends and Cameron seemed like he didn’t want to be bothered, but their father had insisted and wanted them to just take one photo. Smiling now over the memory, Angela was glad that he’d forced them to take the picture.

“Where are you?” she could hear herself asking when an eerie feeling overtook her. Feeling her heart pounding in her chest as something told her to turn around. She didn’t want to do it, but a voice in the back of her head insisted that she needed to. She could feel her heart hammering in her chest, her mind racing with a million and one thoughts, but she knew she needed to look at what was behind her. Slowly she spun around her pulse racing out of control as if she knew that whatever was behind her was horrible. She opened her mouth to say something more, but it wasn’t until she spotted the blood on the desk that she let out a scream.

“Angela,” she heard Brant’s voice suddenly transform the room around her back to his office again when she felt his hand on her shoulder. “Angela, what’s wrong? What is it?”

“What?” she questioned blinking back at him. She turned her eyes towards his seeing the concern behind them and she fought to control her breathing again. She wasn’t quite sure what she’d just seen, but something about it felt so real and so horrible.

“What’s wrong? Did something happen while I was gone?” he questioned touching the side of her face gently to get her to focus on him. “Did something go wrong?”

“No,” she lied refusing to let him in on the vision that carried over her. She bit down on her lip before speaking up again, “I thought I saw a spider or something, but I was wrong.”

“A spider,” he repeated giving her a long look.

“Yeah, but I was wrong,” she repeated once more before clearing her throat uneasily, “Brant you know I don’t mean to sound rude, but can we just leave now? I really am feeling kind of tired and I want to get back to the mansion. Can we just do that?”

“Sure,” Brant nodded in response reaching out to touch her shoulder gently, “It’s been a long day. Just let me get your jacket and then we can go.”

“Okay,” she nodded knowing full well that it had been very long indeed now that she’d found herself plagued with horrible visions that could only mean one thing--trouble!


Chris sat behind the steering wheel of his car replaying the turn of events that took place at the BBK offices. Feeling his blood boiling at the way that Angela seemingly forgot all about him, he found himself wanting to get to the bottom of what Brant had done to her. The last thing he’d heard was about her being in the hospital, but now..

“He can’t get away with this,” Chris decided dialing a familiar number. He waited a couple of seconds before he heard Cameron pick up on the other end of the line. “Look I know you don’t like me very much, but I want to know what it is that Brant is doing with Angel.”

“Who is this?” Cameron questioned with a frown, a hesitance in his tone.

“It’s Chris. Chris Foley,” Chris continued to remind him impatiently, “I was just at the BBK offices and she’s here with him. I don’t know what he has her doing here, but when I ran into her she didn’t seem to recognize me. She didn’t know who I was and…”

“Maybe she’s gotten taste in forgetting you,” Cameron quipped, but there was a darkness in his tone that alerted Chris to the fact that Cameron was not happy about learning that Angela was with Brant. “She’s at BBK you say?”

“That’s right and I think if you’re smart you’ll find a way to get her out of here as soon as possible before that jerk does something more to her than he already has. I thought you were going to protect her from him,” Chris snarled into the phone, his agitation growing by the second.

“I am protecting her,” Cameron snapped back at him with heavy irritation.

“Yeah, you look like you are doing a damn good job of it in serving her up to the enemy,” Chris mouthed in response feeling a moment of boldness over him. “If you know what’s good for you you’ll get her away from Brant.”

“I’m working on it as we speak,” Cameron promised in a cryptic tone.

“You might want to work a little faster because if you don’t you’re going to lose her forever. I’m sure of it,” Chris added thinking about Brant’s ability to persuade those around him.

“No, I won’t because if Brant tries to make that happen, he won’t live to see the day she turns on me. I’m sure of it,” Cameron vowed knowing that there was no way he would ever let his sister be with the one man he swore was the Stone family’s moral enemy. Even if Brant had fathered the children Angela was carrying, his sister would never, ever be with an Ashford--even if he had to kill Brant himself to make sure that it never worked out that way for Brant and Angela to be together!


“I can’t believe that you’re really contemplating leaving,” Heather finally confessed minutes after Diego had made his declaration about his intentions in Coral Valley. “I mean I know that things have been crazy, but…”

“But I’ve made a mess of my career professionally. People don’t outright say it, but I know that there are a lot of people in town and at the hospital that would just as soon see this mess swept underneath the carpet,” he explained drawing in a breath. “I know that the administration is trying to be fair in all of this, but the backlash of what happened with Cori and I has generated a great many rumors.”

“Cori’s crazy and besides, who really listens to rumors anyways?” she waved her hand dismissively.

“Clearly more people then I care to admit,” he let out a long sigh, “but it’s not just those people that have me thinking. After everything played out, it’s given me a chance to really think about things that happened in my life. The more that I ponder the idea, the more I see I’ve lost touch with who I am.”

“Diego you are human,” she reminded him with a pointed expression. “While you’ve spent more time than anyone trying to save the world, the fact to the matter is that you’re allowed to make a mistake.”

“Heather, it wasn’t a small mistake and we both know it,” he tossed back at her with a heavy scowl.

“You thought my sister was something special,” she shrugged her shoulders before shuddering, “Even Kyle fell into that fate at one time simply because Sarah is a manipulator. She thrives on bending and twisting the truth in ways to build herself up and make her look better. She’ll pout and flirt and do just about anything to keep you doing what she wants, but eventually you see the light…”

“Just like Kyle did,” Diego noted thinking about Heather’s new love. “So how are things going with you?”

“Honestly, I’ve never been happier in my life. Kyle is wonderful and I can’t believe that we’ve finally been able to have that happiness that Sarah stole from us all those years ago. It’s as if time never really changed how we feel for one another and everything is as it always should have been,” she gushed feeling a warmth carry over her cheeks at the mention of her husband. “Everything has been wonderful.”

“And I hope it continues to be that way for you Heather,” Diego leaned forward to kiss her cheek gently before drawing back, “Don’t let anyone steal that happiness from you ever again.”

“You should follow your own advice Diego. Running away isn’t going to make your problems go away. They only leave you more time to stew over how you should have played things differently,” she informed him with a sudden seriousness. “At the end of the night your demons will still follow you no matter where you are. At least here you have your friend and…”

“And I know where to call if I need advice Heather,” he let out an ironic laugh, “Who would have thought that the day would come when I would be the one standing here in front of you having you offer me advice?”

“It’s funny how the world works,” she smiled back at him reaching out to touch his shoulder gently, “but for what it’s worth, I really hope that you find what you’re looking for Diego. No matter where that takes you.”

“You too,” he moved forward pulling her into an embrace as Kyle approached Heather’s office finding the two in one another’s arms.

Jealousy coiled through Kyle’s body and he cleared his throat to alert Diego and Heather to his presence. Diego seemed to jump back a moment of nervousness carrying over him while Heather waved.

“Hey honey,” she greeted Kyle brightly, “We were just talking about you.”

“Is that right?” Kyle arched a skeptic brow before entering the room.

“You’re a very lucky guy Kyle,” Diego nodded accordingly before looking to Heather once again, “If I don’t see you before I go, just remember what I said.”

“I will,” she reached out to embrace him once again much to Kyle’s dismay before she walked him to her office door. She said a few words to him before turning to face her less than thrilled looking husband once again.

“What was that all about?” Kyle questioned uneasily trying not to sound too gruff in his approach.

“Not what you’re thinking Mr. Jealousy,” Heather couldn’t help but tease recognizing the expression on his face. “You’ve got the wrong idea behind those hazel eyes. I can see that right now.”

“I don’t have any ideas--at least not until you give me an answer to what was really going on,” he stepped in towards her grudgingly, “What did he want?”

“To tell me that he was leaving town,” she shrugged her shoulders simply before reaching out to slide her arms around his neck.

“But I thought that…” Kyle blinked at the suggestion, “What about the situation with Sarah?”

“I don’t think he’s entirely convinced he’s that baby’s father, which is why he said if the results don’t turn out in his favor, he’s leaving town to start over fresh. I tried to talk him into staying, but he seems pretty determined to take a break from things and…” she started to explain thinking back to her brief conversation with Diego.

“It might be what’s best for him,” Kyle decided after a moment of contemplation, “Given what Sarah’s tried to do to all of us, I would just up and leave town myself if we didn’t have so many friends here.”

“You have friends here,” Heather corrected with a frown. “I have Kipp and Kellen. That’s about it.”

“You have friends,” Kyle frowned at her insinuation. “You have…”

“Trust me Kyle if it wasn’t for you, Kipp and Kellen I’m pretty sure I’d be spending most of my life at a table for one,” she informed him with a sudden seriousness.

“That’s not true,” he argued squeezing her in his arms and pulling her up off of the ground into his chest. “You’re a bright, beautiful woman with people who gravitate to you constantly…”

“They are employees or potential clients Kyle. I don’t have friends,” she corrected with a frown, “There aren’t a lot of them around here who enjoy my company other than you three and well Diego, but obviously he’s leaving.”

“He’s doing what’s best for him Heather,” he explained pushing her blonde hair away from her face. “We all have our own path to follow.”

“I know,” she sighed closing her eyes momentarily, “I just hate to think that he wound up going down a road he never would have had to endure if it wasn’t for Sarah. She’s miserable and I hate to see her make him miserable as well.”

“It’s what she’s good at, but hey look how it turned out for us. We rose above it, right?” he kissed the tip of her nose before carrying her across the room. “Come to think of it. I don’t really believe we should be spending our time focusing on Sarah right now. I think we have more important issues to discuss.”

“Like your setting me down?” she tossed back at him with a hint of laughter in her tone.

“Eventually, but for now, I think this is in order,” Kyle announced leaning forward to kiss his wife as it was clear that regardless of how things had gone over the last few months, they were truly the lucky ones to have happiness with one another. Maybe one day Diego would have the same in his life, but as of this moment in time Kyle was going to focus on the love that he’d found and the blessings that it had brought to his life!


“Kevin,” Ria cried out his name feeling shivers of delight coil over her body now that he’d had her pressed up against the shower wall following through on his various promises to take her to heaven and back. She tried to steady herself, but as his mouth pressed in over her, taking in each and every shudder that carried over her she knew it was pointless. She arched her head back feeling his arm still massaging her thigh while his tongue sent her to a whole new universe one that was built solely upon pleasure. Just when she thought she couldn’t take it any longer, he found a way to drive her wild with desire again and again, truly putting his money where his mouth was in making her forget all about her mother. She reached down to coil her fingers through his dark hair tightly, finally giving herself over to the release he’d taken his time building her up to and knowing that there was no turning back.

“Oh God Kevin,” she cried out, sinking her nails into his shoulders while she lost all control turning herself over to him completely. Closing her eyes she felt as if she would fly away had his hands not been on her, caressing her curves and hugging her closer to him. Even now that touch served as a reminder of just how erotic and wonderful he was. It was enough to carry her fully into ecstasy again and again until she was spent with the after burn of desire.

She felt Kevin arch back ever so slightly pressing a small kiss against her soft thigh before he carefully set her leg back down to the ground again. He pulled away slowly, his dark eyes fixed on her soft curves now that he knelt before her. She felt his fingers trace over her hips and instinctively Ria tipped her eyes down to see him sliding up from his position on the shower floor to move in closer to her. Reaching out for him, she wrapped her arms around his shoulders drawing him nearer to her.

“Feeling better now beautiful,” he questioned his words vibrating off of her skin as he pressed a kiss onto her shoulder. Her nails grazed his muscled back as she nodded in response unable to bring together the right words to explain how she was feeling. She hugged him tighter than before loving the feel of his rough, wild body slide in against hers. Even now after he’d driven her to new heights of desire, she longed to feel another amazing part of him inside of her.

“Kevin,” she breathed his name, feeling the words come out in a low, shallow pant. Her glazed over eyes fixed on his and she felt his fingers press into her cheek gently.

“That’s right Ria,” he smiled over at her proudly, a sweet combination of desire and joy crossing over him, “tell me how good you feel right now.”

“I feel like I’m on top of the world,” she admitted feeling a blush rise over her at the thought of how Kevin had gone to great lengths in pleasing her. “I never thought that…”

“That I meant what I said when I told you that I knew quite a few ways to take you to heaven,” he grinned proudly thinking about her earlier cries of pleasure. He eased his fingers into her hair before leaning forward to keep his lips just over hers. “How many times have I told you to never doubt my many talents?”

“I’ve never doubted them, but at the same time I thought that when we talked shower that you and I would be…” she paused biting down on her lower lip realizing she must’ve sounded ungrateful for the way in which he’d worked to satisfy her.

“I thought maybe given how stressed out you were, we could work on something special for you,” he explained bending in to kiss her lightly, “though if you’re still feeling inspired, I’ve got to tell you I’m more than ready for action.”

“I can see that,” Ria tipped her head down to look at his amazingly masculine form, seeing his hardened ache before her. She reached out to stroke him gently feeling his body warming up to her touch.

“You know…” Kevin bit back on his words finding himself growing more eager to get her out of the shower and into bed, “Why don’t we relocate before the water gets cold?”

“That isn’t at all a bad idea,” Ria nodded in response moving in to kiss him again before watching him move towards the shower door. She quickly rinsed herself off under the water before turning it off. Once she finished, she turned to see Kevin holding a towel out to her. Smiling she accepted and reached for his hand letting him guide her out of the shower into the bathroom and into his arms.

“I love you,” Kevin mouthed stepping in behind her to help wrap the towel around her body. He placed his fingers over the center of her waist before nibbling on her neck. His hand slid up her body, moving in over her soft flesh hidden beneath the towel. He felt her arch back into him and he couldn’t resist teasing her all over again.

“Kevin,” she brought her hand up over his knowing full well that if he kept up at the rate they were going they wouldn’t make it to her bedroom. Then again there was something to be said about the bathroom and the magic that he could pull together when inspired. The shower was a shining example of that, though this time Ria vowed not to be greedy about the situation.

Reaching for his hand and lacing his fingers in hers, she lead him out of the bathroom and into her living room. Moving in over to the couch she stopped seeing confusion settle in over him when she nudged him ever so slightly.

“Sit down,” she instructed seeing him opening his mouth in protest, but rather than argue with her, he did as instructed watching her stand in front of him. She smiled down at him, tossing her long, dark, damp hair back over her shoulders before her fingers skimmed over the top of her towel. His eyes sparked with obvious interest when she started to tug the two sides of the towel apart ever so slightly. She paused seeing a lump forming in his throat rising and falling with each breath he took. Amused by his reaction she leaned forward bending down to straddle his lap.

“What are you up to?” Kevin questioned with a sly grin feeling her move in over him, her thighs pressing in over his.

“I’m pretty sure you can figure it out,” Ria mouthed in response peeling the towel away from her tanned skin. She dropped it to the floor before hovering in over him, arching her body down to skim against his through the towel he’d been wearing. She felt his hips rise up to meet her movement and she giggled.

“You can look, but don’t touch,” she informed him in a small warning tone, her finger curling into the center of his chest. She ran her hands up and down over the smooth muscled lines before leaning forward to make the same movement with her naked form against his.

“Ria,” he sucked in a breath feeling an ache growing inside of him at the way it felt to have her over him, but not where he’d longed for her. He watched her arch up on her knees just enough to give him a clear view of her soft curves and instinctively he leaned forward to whisk her soft peak with his tongue. Feeling a soft rumble grow inside of her, he swirled his tongue over her again drawing her further into his mouth only to feel her swat at his shoulder.

“I said no touching Kevin,” she warned, though her eyes were glazed over with that same passion that had been present in the shower, “unless I give you permission.”

“What are you going to punish me now?” he teased wiggling his brow at her suggestively only to watch her pull back and climb off of his lap. Frowning he saw her standing before him and he found himself very dissatisfied with the sudden outcome. “Ria, you can’t be serious. I was just…”

“You can look, but only I can touch,” she warned him again seeing that he looked like he was going to follow her off of the couch. He reached out to her only to feel her place his hand down on the arm of the sofa once again.

Realizing that she meant business he kept his hand against the side of the sofa he nodded. “Yes Ria.”

“Be a good boy,” she instructed reaching out to trace his lips with her index finger before moving away. She reached out onto the floor for the discarded towel she’s been wearing earlier and Kevin feared she would put it back on again taking away his visual that he’d been appreciating so very much, but instead she folded it up and dropped it down to the floor in front of him.

“Now you don’t move unless I tell you to,” she warned in a firm, authoritative tone, leaning forward ever so slightly. She moved in as if she was going to kiss him, but her lips ignored his lips and sought out his shoulder instead. He felt her kisses travel from his collar bone, to the center of his chest, taking a seductive trail over his abdomen until he felt her nails tease over the top of the towel that surrounded his body.

“That’s a good boy,” she whispered heatedly against his skin using her palm to push his thighs apart just enough to position herself between them. She tipped her head up now that she was kneeling on the floor in front of him. Smiling she began to push open his towel, revealing his fully aroused form to her. She licked her lips before her eyes fixed on his aching need admiring him for a moment before reaching out to cup him in her hand.

“Ria,” he spoke her name feeling her fingers slide up and down over the hard pulse of his arousal. He opened his mouth to say something more but soon felt her fingers on her other hand move in over his lips.

“I believe now is the time to return the favor from before,” she explained in a soft, seductive tone that was laced with pure temptation. Kevin pressed a kiss over her finger before watching her head drop down enough for her to take him between her heated lips. Feeling the damp heat of her mouth moving in over him in contrast to the firm grasp she’d had on him still, he couldn’t help but let out a small groan.

“Ria,” he sucked in a sharp breath feeling her hand and mouth moving in such a combination that he knew full well she’d had his complete attention. He reached out to touch her, stroking her long, dark hair while her tongue created such a rhythm that he found himself overtaken by a harsh rush of breath. He closed his eyes for a brief moment loving the sensations that she carried over him, but rather than locking her out, he realized he wanted to remember every second of it. Opening his eyes again, his brown eyes fixed in on her, watching her please him in such a way that he couldn’t help but find himself completely taken by her. Sure, he’d dreamt about the things she could do to him, but it paled in comparison to see her on the floor naked and servicing him in such a way that…

“Oh God,” Kevin arched his hips up to meet her movement instinctively rocking his body to her again and again and knowing full well that she was taking him to the point of no return. His fingers threaded tighter through her hair wanting to share this release with her, but she kept up with what she was doing wanting to give him a taste of what he’d offered her earlier. It was incredible--amazing to say the least and just when Kevin thought he would lose himself completely to her temptation that’s when the world came crashing down around him with the one sound that he hoped he’d never hear in this lifetime at a moment like this.

“Ria, hey honey I came in early. I told the super that I was your mother and he gave me the spare key so I thought I would surprise you and…” Ria’s mother explained circling around the living room just enough to make direct eye contact with Kevin leading him to know full well that he was about to be shot straight from heaven to hell in the blink of an eye now that he’d seen the expression on her face. Of course right now he realized death was probably a better option than having to deal with the outcome of Mrs. Merhan!


...to be continued...