Episode 400

“What did you just say?” Sarah blinked up at Douglas finding herself wanting more by the second to wipe that oversized smirk off of his smug face. She tried to keep her voice cool and even, but as he sank back onto the bed looking like the cat who ate the canary she knew that she’d just got caught up in a plot that went well beyond anything she would’ve anticipated or wanted. Then again that was kind of the feeling she’d had when she’d awakened in bed with him naked, but that in itself was another story. She frowned before taking in a breath and speaking with a nervous laugh. “Okay, now I know I’m obviously hung over because for a second there I actually thought I heard you say that you wanted to stay married to me.”

Douglas kept silent seeing her small bursts of laughter carry over her for a few short seconds. Finally he sat up straighter and flashed her a firm, unyielding smile. “I did.”

“Wait, what?” Sarah blinked back at him. “No, that can’t be possible. Not even five minutes ago you and I both agreed that this was the absolute worst possible scenario that could happen to either one of us. It was bad enough that we’re always going to have the fact that we, well you know, in the back of our minds, but to have this…”

She stopped herself just long enough to look at the ringer on her finger. She pulled her hand up in the air and tried to wrench the ring off of her swelled finger, but it was no use. Frustrated she waved her arm around again with more emphasis. “I don’t want this and I know damn sure that neither do you.”

“I didn’t want this,” he shrugged his shoulders in a casual movement. He held his own hand up in the air to scrutinize his ring for a moment longer before looking up at her again. He adjusted the cuff on his shirt for a brief moment knowing full well that she was raging at the answer he was providing her with, “but now I do.”

“Oh please,” she rolled her eyes at him thinking about their wake up together. “You were just as repulsed by what we found this morning as I was.”

“Probably more so my dear as I’m not really into cheap and trampy,” he revealed with a tiny shudder looking down to the sheets beneath him on the bed. Feeling a sudden tremor inside of him he stood up and promptly placed a distance between himself and the bed. “Still that doesn’t change the reality we are in.”

“Now wait just a damned minute,” Sarah snapped at him, her dark eyes narrowing with anger. “I don’t want to be married to you. Hell I didn’t want to sleep with you and even now the thought that I would’ve been that drunk to let myself slide so far down the food chain like that, well it’s enough to make me want to throw up, but still… Last night was a huge mistake and I’m not going to let it ruin the rest of my life. I’m going to go home and take a long, hot shower and forget this ever happened. You’re going to do what we need to do to fix this and I’m going to marry Cameron. We’re going to live happily ever after and…”

Douglas burst out into an uproarious laughter unable to refrain from letting his sudden amusement get the best of him. “Happily ever after with Cameron, now that is priceless. In fact I don’t think I’ve heard anything far more amusing in my life. My you really must still be drunk.”

“Just you shut up!” Sarah snapped at him, clenching her fists at her side. “Cameron cares about me and we’re going to have a very long and happy future together. We’re going to raise my child and…”

“And what? Have a dog and a swing set,” Douglas chortled sinking down into one of the chairs and hooting with delight. “Oh my and here I thought you were smarter than that. Clearly you are an idiot.”

“An idiot!” she repeated with a screeched tone. “Why I never! To think that you of all people could call me an idiot when you’re the man who has each and every one of his children out to destroy him wanting nothing to do with him or his miserable life…”

“Do you honestly think that baby you’re going to have will think any differently of you when they hear about how you played the ‘Who is my baby’s daddy’ game with just about every man you know?” Douglas tossed back at her sharply still with a painted smirk on his face. “Hell for all I know next week you’ll be telling the world that I’m the child’s father.”

“Believe me that is one proclamation I would never, ever make because the fact that I slept with you is so far from my mind that I’m going to make myself believe it never happened,” Sarah stepped forward only to feel something crush underneath her foot. She tipped her head down to see an empty condom box beneath her and she winced. “Last night didn’t happen.”

“The ring on your finger says otherwise,” Douglas nodded towards her once again, “I would like to see you go back to good old Cam and explain that one.”

“I’ll tell him that you manipulated me--that you got me drunk and tricked me into all of this. In fact, the more I think about it, the more I’m starting to see what you did,” she tossed out in a wild accusation. “You hate Cameron so much that you would do anything to destroy him including seducing me.”

“My memory might be hazy, but I do recall your being the one who hit on me first,” Douglas tossed out at her watching her face grow hot with anger. “I looked out in the hallway earlier and I noticed that there were some of your things out there along with mine. I have no doubt in my mind that you’re the one that instigated this situation because I certainly would not have touched you otherwise.”

“You’re so full of shi…” she screeched straining to remember what she had promised herself that she would forget. “You slipped something in my drink didn’t you? Somehow you worked this whole scenario out so that you could spin this situation in your favor.”

“Being married to you is certainly no favor,” Douglas wrinkled his nose at her before standing up again. He walked over to the mini bar in their hotel room and started to pour himself a drink. “Although it is suddenly having it’s own distinct advantages.”

“I’m not staying married to you,” Sarah folded her arms in front of her chest defiantly. “I refuse to do it and I don’t care what revenge scheme you have going on in your mind because it’s not going to happen. I’m going to marry Cameron and there is nothing that you can do to stop that from happening.”

“I think I might have one tool to put a crimp in those plans,” he held his hand up in the air again to reveal his finger. “Cameron might take too kindly to this one.”

“He’ll see that I was taken advantage of,” she blurted out harshly trying to forget that she was in this very room with Douglas.

“Do you really think he would believe that considering your unsavory history? That he would think that you are of such great virtue that someone like myself, who can’t stand you I might add, would take it upon themselves to bed you for the pure sport of it? I would hardly consider you a great prize. I would much rather sleep with your sister first.”

“Why you!” Sarah snapped reaching for a lamp on the table top and launching it at his head in an uproar.

“That’s right sweetheart,” Douglas taunted amused by her anger, “You get used to it because if I’m trapped in this hell, then you are too and you’re going to have to deal with it.”

“No I’m not going to deal with anything,” she snapped marching over to collect her purse, “I’m going to go to Cameron and explain everything to him. He’ll understand.”

“Gee, I think you’re right. How about we go together?” he suggested with an amused smirk. “I’m sure we can make him really understand all of the ups and downs that took place last night.”

“Ugh, you repulse me,” she shuddered bringing her hand up over the side of her face.

“The feeling is mutual, but regardless of what we think about one another, we’re married and not even Cameron can do anything to stop that,” Douglas challenged his dark eyes sparked with a newfound determination.

“Just watch him. By the end of the day this will be nothing more than a fading, disgusting memory,” Sarah blurted out stomping her foot down before marching over to the door and walking out.

Douglas shuddered feeling the vibrations from the slam rocking his head now that his hangover was in full effect. Still thinking about Sarah’s words he couldn’t help but smirk in triumph. “We’ll just see about that.”


“Would you listen to that?” Heather mouthed stepping up behind Kyle and wrapping her arms around his torso now that they were standing in the living room with one another. “Do you hear it?”

“Hear what?” Kyle questioned lazily bringing his hands in over hers now that they sat on his abdomen. He laced his fingers in hers feeling her step up on her toes and placing a kiss on the back of his neck.

“It’s silence,” she whispered in the back of his ear. “Charles is asleep and there isn’t anyone here to bother us. There aren’t any disasters taking place and more importantly there is no Paul sleeping on our couch snoring after a night of wanting to spy on us in our bedroom.”

“Gee, and here I thought you would be heartbroken that he got called back to New York for a few days to work on his new computer game,” Kyle teased with a half smirk spinning around to face her and seeing delight building behind her green eyes.

“I hope those kinks he needs to work out take a while because I’m rather enjoying this whole newlywed lifestyle we have going,” she mouthed in response sliding her palms flat over his muscled chest. Her fingers tapered off over the black t-shirt he was wearing while her grin expanded. “I know that we’ve got a lot going on with work and this whole wedding thing you’re forcing me to go to with you, but rather than dwelling on that I’m glad that you and I can finally just think about us and be selfish for a while.”

“Selfish you say?” he arched a curious brow feeling her pull at the bottom of his shirt for a brief second before sliding her hands in underneath the fabric to finger the lines of his body.

“Very selfish,” she nodded stepping up on her toes to nibble on his bottom lip eagerly. “Charles won’t be sleeping for too long, so I thought we should take advantage of these few minutes we have and maybe go for a quickie.”

“A quickie?” Kyle arched an amused brow feeling her pull his shirt up over his body. He raised his arms to accommodate her movement until his shirt was discarded on the floor beside his feet.

“I hope you don’t have any objections to that,” she stepped back smiling up at him and tossing her long blonde hair over her shoulder in a confident movement. Licking her lips, she dropped her hands down to the tie on her robe and undid the knot. Pulling open the sides of the silken garment she revealed her naked body to his eager eyes. “I decided to come prepared to this one.”

“Smart thinking,” Kyle mused with a reckless smirk reaching out to draw her to him again. His lips plummeted over hers, picking her up off of the ground and carrying her over to the sofa area. He moved to sit down only to feel her dig her thumb into his shoulder in protest.

“Paul has been sleeping there lately,” she wrinkled her nose at the thought, “and given that he’s been spying on us more often than not…”

“Enough said,” Kyle noted relocating to one of their chairs. He sank down onto it and pulled her over him, urging her thighs to straddle his while she worked to undo the tie on his jogging pants. “You know we should probably just let him have that one when he gets a place of his own in town.”

“He is more than welcome to take it with him as long as he has a place of his own,” Heather mouthed leaning forward and allowing her hair to fall over Kyle’s shoulder with a ravenous kiss. She knelt over him brushing her heated skin against his and longing for a few well spent moments between them now that their time had been rather limited lately. She felt his hands on her hips after she’d managed to shift his pants down just enough to get him where she needed him.

“Now you’re sure that you’ll be okay with this whole quickie scenario,” Kyle paused offering up a teasing grin as Heather hovered over him, “because I don’t want my wife going around telling people that I’m falling flat as a husband.”

“Kyle if you don’t do this right now, then so help me God I’m going to divorce you,” she whimpered in response closing in over him in anticipation wanting to lose herself completely in her husband.

“I’m not going to argue with that,” Kyle promised clasping his hand around the back of her neck and drawing her in nearer to him hoping to savor their morning completion with one another. He kissed her with an intensity that went unmatched by any other kiss that they’d experienced and just as they were caught up in the moment he thought he’d heard a noise.

“Heather,” he paused placing his hand up over her spine curving her in closer to him. “Did you hear that?”

“No,” she bit down on his lower lip roughly taking in every inch of him with every passing second.

“It’s not Charles, right?” he questioned casually finding himself distracted by her.

“The baby monitor is right over there,” she nodded without bothering to look back where she’d set it down moments earlier. “Trust me if he was up, he’d undoubtedly be calling for you.”

“And if that happened Kipp would probably kill me since Charles keeps calling me dad,” Kyle recalled thinking about the explosion that had happened after that incident.

“Kipp’s not here and Charles isn’t awake, so I don’t see that happening,” Heather murmured dragging her nails over his shoulders and down his arms, “but I am and I want you so bad.”

“I want you too,” Kyle mouthed in response crushing her in over him and enjoying his wife to his full potential when another sound ripped through the moment.

“Heather babes, I brought donuts,” Kellen’s voice beamed excitedly from across the room, “I know that I probably should’ve called first, but I know how you love surprises and since I know where you keep the spare key…”

“Kellen,” Heather yelped quickly pushing her robe together over herself now that she and Kyle were facing her friend. She saw his blue eyes widen and his jaw drop when he took in the scene between her and Kyle.

“Kellen, where did you go? I was just…” Kipp’s voice mouthed as well as he too entered the living room to find Heather and Kyle in such a tentative position. “Oh my God. I’m so sorry. Kellen said that you were expecting us and…”

“Well we weren’t,” Kyle spoke up behind gritted teeth feeling increasingly uncomfortable.

“I’m so sorry,” Kipp’s face grew red with embarrassment. He looked around the room hoping to find another focal point other than his friends, “We were just coming over to see Charles and…obviously we came at the wrong time.”

“Or the right one depending on the viewpoint,” Kellen mouthed licking his lips involuntarily.

“You know what,” Kyle snapped glaring over at Kellen and wanting to rip his head off.

“We’re just going to get going,” Kipp blurted out feeling the tension in the air. “We can just leave and come back later.”

“No it’s okay. I’m pretty sure the mood is over,” Heather sighed knowing full well that her moment had passed with Kyle. “If you two just want to wait in the kitchen, we’ll be there in a few minutes and…”

“Sounds good,” Kipp nodded quickly before motioning to Kellen. “Come on.”

“Oh we can stay here for a while and chit chat. I don’t mind,” Kellen waved his hand around in the air dismissively.

“Now Kellen,” Kipp reached out to tug on Kellen’s ear and pull him into the kitchen while Kyle groaned.

“Heather I’m starting to think that we need to move or else I’m going to kill Kellen. If he interrupts us one more time, then I swear,” Kyle groaned harshly sinking his head back onto the top of the chair. “You say Paul is bad, but that man just ogles me every chance he has.”

“Kellen is harmless and you know it,” Heather sighed trying not to be too upset about what had happened. “It’s not like he planned it and…”

“He never plans it. That’s his problem,” Kyle shook his head and frowned, “Just once I would like to go through the day in being able to make love to my wife without interruption and…”

“Keep your voice down,” Heather pushed her hand over Kyle’s mouth to silence him. “You know what will happen if Kellen hears you. He’ll be so upset and…”

“Maybe he’ll stop coming over at the wrong time if he’s fired up at us,” Kyle suggested with a wicked smirk before catching her small glare. “I’m just saying.”

“Well don’t Kyle. I feel really bad that we can’t tell him the truth, but he’d be devastated if he heard what we did and didn’t include him,” Heather whispered in a muted tone. “We just have to let him think we’re doing it like we said we would.”

“We won’t be doing it at all if he keeps barging in on us like this all the time,” Kyle pointed out with a huff. “I’m going to feel like I never get to be alone with my wife if this keeps up.”

“We’ll have time to be together after they leave,” she promised with a sudden warmth, “After all Paul isn’t going to be around tonight, is he?”

“No, thank God for small miracles,” Kyle replied reaching to adjust his pants again now that it was clear he and his wife wouldn’t be entertaining the notion of any quickies or anything even remotely close to passion as long as her overeager best friend was around for the morning.


“Hey Blake,” Megan waved across the counter over at Blake as she stood at the cash register ready to put in her morning order for coffee and a pastry that would undoubtedly undo all the progress Blake had made during her earlier jog, but each and every time Blake hit the front door of the small coffee shop bakery she no longer cared, “what can I get for you this morning? The usual?”

“I’m not sure yet,” Blake confessed with her blue eyes surveying all the new arrivals underneath the glass before her. “What’s this?”

“It’s good,” Megan motioned to the pastry that Blake had pointed to. “They just whipped up this little concoction over the last few days from an old family recipe one of the owners had laying around in a closet somewhere and it’s to die for.”

“In that case, I’ll try one,” Blake grinned thinking about how good the pastry had to be if it was even half as delicious as it looked underneath the glass.

“You’ve got it,” Megan opened up the door on the other side of the glass and pulled one out before a voice interrupted.

“Better make that two and of course Blake will want coffee to go with that. Two sugars, isn’t it?” Blake stiffened as she immediately recognized Zack’s voice. She took in a slow, calming breath before forcing herself to face the man that had been more of an irritation to her than anything else since he’d returned to town again.

“I was hoping to catch you here and now that I have, I’m sure you’d be more than delighted to share a snack with me,” Zack motioned to Megan, who was watching the two of them closely. Frowning he snarled at the petite auburn haired woman, “Well, what are you waiting for? I already placed an order for us…”

“Thanks, but no thanks,” Blake frowned focusing on Megan once again. “Just get mine to go and I’ll be on my way. I’m not with him.”

“Of course you are,” Zack stepped forward reaching out to tug on Blake’s elbow while urging her in closer to him, “considering that you and I have oh so very much to discuss with one another after all of the little games you’ve been playing with me lately.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, but if you don’t unhand me right now,” Blake warned sharply, her blue eyes narrowing up at him with anger.

“Oh you know exactly what I’m talking about Blake,” Zack’s eyes flickered with a moment of anger and agitation. “You knew full well that you weren’t going to just slip out of that situation undetected. You wanted my attention by doing what you did at the hospital, so now you’ve got it. Your little scheme worked Blake, so why don’t you just be a good little kitten and take a seat with me so we can talk?”

“Forget it,” Blake wrenched her arm away from him. “I don’t have anything to say to you Zack.”

“Fine, then I’ll do the talking,” Zack hovered over her, his words growing more menacing by the moment, “What the hell were you trying to prove by sending me that little care package at work? Isn’t it enough for you to refuse me on a daily basis? Or are you just so cold that you’d like to take it one step further and humiliate me in front of my co-workers in your quest to make me flee from town?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Blake lied realizing that Zack must’ve gotten the little care package that Deana had selected for him. She bit down on her lower lip nervously as his eyes thrust out into her, as if he was trying to read her thoughts in that moment in time. She turned her head away and stepped back despite his hold on her. “Let go of me Zack.”

“No, I don’t think I want to,” Zack wrenched her arm tighter as he pulled her away from the counter towards the back of the bakery near one of the tables. He pushed her towards the area near the restrooms before he glowered down at her. “Tell me what you were trying to prove in sending me those kind of things Blake because all I saw was a desperate cry for attention from a woman who is in denial about her feelings for me.”

“Zack, I haven’t felt anything for you in a while,” Blake reminded him stubbornly while tossing her blonde ponytail behind her shoulder. “You haven’t even been an after thought.”

“Given that you sent me something very sexual in nature, I’ll take your inability to fess up to what you’ve done as a sign that you’ve been thinking about us rather in depth,” Zack bent down, his lips dangerously close to her face. “Those were very personal, very erotic items that you sent Blake and perhaps it was a sign of what you’d like me to be creative about in using them on you.”

“Oh please,” she rolled her eyes at him and pushed at his chest. “I don’t know what the hell someone got you, but I can assure you that I wouldn’t want anything to do with you on that level. I told you that the other day and that hasn’t changed.”

“Because you’re just so in love with Seth,” Zack rolled his eyes at her. “And just where is he Blake? I mean are you so bored with your perfect, little life that you have to keep finding ways to worm your way into my thoughts all over again?”

“You’re the one following me Zack and as far as I can tell you’re on the borderline of stalking,” she scowled in response turning to leave when she felt his fingers dig into her arm and yank her back towards him.

“You’re not going anywhere,” Zack snarled in response, his accusations now replaced with a rage that he’d kept a lid on until that moment in time. “Right now I want answers Blake and you’re not leaving until I get them.”

“The lady doesn’t have to be harassed by you. She can leave when she likes,” a man snarled as Blake watched a strong, muscular arm coil around Zack’s neck in a flash of an instant. Blake’s eyes widened as Zack fell to his knees, gasping for air as the new arrival squeezed Zack’s neck with his arm. “I believe you owe the lady an apology for your rudeness.”

“There’s no way that…” Zack’s face began to turn red as he gasped for air.

Blake found her eyes traveling up the arm to the familiar face before her and she couldn’t help but feel a moment of empowerment upon her. She leaned up against the wall folding her arms in front of her chest.

“I don’t hear an apology,” Blake tossed back at Zack, watching him writhe on the ground as Andrew Byrne had him in a choke hold.

“Neither do I,” Andy squeezed tighter and Zack let out a yelp.

“I’m sorry Blake,” Zack finally cried out, giving up on his attempt to bully her. “It was my mistake.”

“You’re right it was,” Andy shoved Zack into the ground before kicking at Zack’s leg and watching him fall face forward. Stepping aside, Andy spotted Megan circling around the counter with a bag in her hand as the others in the bakery were keeping a close eye on the situation.

“Andy, I…” Blake was at a loss thinking about how Andy had come to her rescue. She glanced down at Zack, who was trying to shuffle up from the ground with the last ounce of dignity that he had left inside of him. He dusted himself off, looking as though he was going to lash out at Blake further, but when Zack’s eyes fell upon Andy, he made a hasty exit from the bakery.

“Problem solved,” Andy rubbed his palms together before offering up a bright, white grin, “which means that now you’re free to enjoy some peace and quiet for a little while.”

“I don’t know how I can thank you enough for that. Zack’s just a jerk and…” Blake started thinking about how Zack had gone from being what she believed to be her dream man, to a guy who just didn’t know when to quit.

“I don’t know what his problem was, but I’m getting tired of seeing him treat women that way. At the hospital he thinks he’s charming, but I cannot even begin to tell you how many nurses have contemplated sexual harassment charges,” Andy informed her with a scowl. “It’s sickening to think that he’s abusing his power and trying to force himself on women who aren’t interested.”

“I think he was just upset about the day going any way, but his,” Blake flashed back to the moment she and Deana were ordering the adult novelty products on the internet. So maybe she wasn’t all that innocent and Zack probably had some reason to be upset with her, but there was no point in sharing that with Andy. “Thanks again for helping me out. I really appreciate it.”

“Then prove it by buying me a coffee,” Andy suggested with another flash of a smile. “In fact, if you do I might even buy something sweet to go along with it.”

“Hmm, well since you made such a delicious offer, who am I to refuse?” Blake shrugged her shoulder and smiled realizing it was the least she could do for the man that had helped her in ridding herself of another aggravation brought on by Zack. Somehow now that Andy had arrived Blake had a feeling that her day was most certainly looking up!


“I think I could get very used to this,” Evie sighed stretching out on the beach house deck, looking at the day beyond where she stood. She could see people on the beach, a couple soaking in the sun between chasing one another into the water and there was a child collecting sea shells near the shore. It was like one of those movies that you see on television, but never really believe you’ll be a part of for most of your life, Evie realized as she kept her eyes on the little girl collecting sea shells. She couldn’t help but smile thinking about how she would’ve loved to have been able to have had that kind of childhood. To have lived carefree and in the middle of paradise seemed like a hell of a better option than where she’d grown up. Still she wasn’t about to let her past cloud how much she was enjoying the moment she was living in now.

“I’m almost finished packing up the cooler,” JT explained walking out onto the deck and discovering her leaning towards the edge. With a grin, he approached her, sliding his arms around her waist before resting his chin on her shoulder. “I hope you packed the sunscreen because today is going to be a scorcher.”

“I don’t mind the heat,” she leaned back into his chest, closing her eyes and savoring the warmth of his arms surrounding her. She tipped her head back just enough so that she could turn her head to the side and see his eyes over hers. “In fact I welcome hot things in my life.”

“That’s because you just love to see people burn,” he bent down to steal a quick kiss from her before pulling back, “but you can rest assured that a sunburn around here is no laughing matter. I can tell you from experience that one year I thought it was no big deal to go out there without any kind of protection on and I was burned and chafed in places that I don’t even want to think about for a long time.”

“All from not wearing sunscreen?” she arched a curious brow before she giggled, “Why do I get the feeling that had something to do with more than just not wearing sunscreen?”

“It was a hard lesson learned,” he explained reaching out to touch her cheek gently. Their eyes connected for a moment until he reached out and pulled his sunglasses off the top of her head without hesitation.

She curled her lip in a pout, “Hey, I was wearing those.”

“I realize that, but if we’re going to be out there, I’m going to need them,” he informed her with a teasing wink. He carefully hung the sunglasses over the front of his t-shirt. “Besides, they were way to big for you.”

“I liked them,” she objected reaching out to take the sunglasses back once more only to feel him step back.

“But you’ll like these so much more,” he assured her bringing another pair of sunglasses out of his pocket. “I think these are more your speed.”

Evie eyed the gift for a long moment, seeing that they were far more her style. She reached for them only to feel him draw them back again.

“Say thank you JT,” he waved them around in the air just out of her reach.

“What are you the polite police?” she gave him a look before snapping her fingers. “Let me have them now or I’ll just take yours.”

“Gee and here I thought you’d moved beyond your rudeness,” he joked only to feel her poke him in the ribs once she swiped the sunglasses out of his fingers.

“Believe me I’m being very polite,” she assured him as she brushed past him in a movement towards the beach house again. She stepped inside feeling her eyes adjust to the change in lighting.

“You could’ve fooled me,” JT laughed following her inside and looking around. “I just need a couple more waters and then we’ll be on our way.”

“I can’t believe your brother has this place just sitting around empty most of the time,” she confessed spinning on her heel and facing him again. “I mean where I come from people would die to live in a place like this, yet he has it and it just sits here empty.”

“Where I come from people I know thrive on the excessive and tend to be a bit wasteful in their approach,” he shrugged his shoulders simply before motioning to an overpriced painting on the wall. “I rest my case.”

“That’s beautiful,” Evie moved in for a closer inspection. “You would think that he would want that in his other home in Coral Valley.”

“I doubt he’d have the time or energy to make room for it,” JT shrugged, “but for what it’s worth Cameron seems to have great taste. He just hasn’t realized that there aren’t half a dozen of him to go around with each home he has.”

“He really has that many?” Evie arched a curious brow.

JT nodded, “He has more than I can count off hand and they are all over. Some on the east coast, some on the west coast and some in Europe. He’s big on being able to have a home away from home anywhere.”

“Wow, I can’t even imagine being able to afford even one at this point in my life,” she divulged turning her attention to him once again. “All of my life I lived in an apartment. I thought we hit big time when my mom and I wound up getting a two bedroom apartment. Before that I was sleeping on the couch and believe me it wasn’t pleasant.”

“You won’t have to worry about that anymore,” JT promised stepping in closer to her. He bent down to kiss the side of her neck tenderly, “because the way I see it you’ll never have to go back to that again unless of course you refuse to be polite with me.”

“Hey,” she jabbed him in the ribs and shook her head. “You love me. Rudeness and all.”

“I do and it’s both a blessing and a curse,” he joked motioning for her to follow him to the kitchen. He walked over to the cooler and opened it up, to make way for the final touches on his packing for the day.

“You say that now, but you’d be lost without me,” she reminded him watching as he pulled a few bottles of water out of the refrigerator.

“You’re right. I would,” he nodded as a smile teased over the corners of his lips, “but how about we forget about all of that right now and find a way to take advantage of this beautiful day to the fullest before it slips away on us?”

“I say you’re on,” she agreed reaching for her tote bag as he closed the cooler and the two decided it was time to finally enjoy all the things that paradise had to offer them.


Seth opened up the front door to find Kevin standing in the hallway looking rather forlorn. Worried Seth stepped aside and let his cousin into his house realizing that Kevin’s silence suddenly had him worried more so than the expression on his face. Closing the door behind Kevin’s entrance Seth turned around to see Kevin seated on the couch with his face buried in his hands, his dark hair forward in his face.

“What’s wrong?” Seth questioned worriedly walking across the living room to take a seat across from Kevin. “You sounded upset on the phone.”

“I didn’t want to tell you this on the phone because I was hoping that things would change,” Kevin explained in a low, uneasy tone. He tipped his head up to reveal the worry behind his dark eyes. “It’s Angie.”

“Angela,” Seth replied with a curious expression before frowning, “Oh no. Kevin what has she done now? Are you and Ria fighting again because she tried to pull something and…?”

“She’s missing Seth,” Kevin blurted out in correction. “I don’t know how or why, but she’s gone.”

“What do you mean gone?” Seth questioned sensing Kevin’s upset.

“I’m saying that she’s been staying at the mansion because of this whole amnesia she’s had and now she’s not there,” Kevin continued to explain to his cousin. “One minute she was in the guest house where Brant had last seen her and then the next my car was trashed and…”

“Your car?” Seth repeated confused by his words. “What do you mean your car?”

“Someone trashed it Seth. They butchered the hell out of it and tore it to pieces,” Kevin revealed with a tiny shudder remembering the impact the vandal had made on his prized possession. “They pounded it up and then when Brant went looking for Angie she wasn’t there.”

“I’m sure that she’ll be somewhere,” Seth tried to be positive knowing that Kevin wasn’t in the mood for that at the moment. “Maybe she just drifted off for a while and went out. Maybe she went shopping or…”

“We looked at Cameron’s place, but nothing,” Kevin shook his head somberly, “but if she just left she would be back by now. Cameron claims he doesn’t have her and all things point to someone taking her. I mean why else would someone destroy my car?”

“I don’t have an answer for that, but you would think that someone would see a person lurking around the Ashford estate,” Seth noted remembering the time he’d spent there. “They have good security and…”

“And apparently this time it was gone undetected. No one can tell us anything. Brant is still searching, but it’s not looking that hopeful at this point.” Kevin sighed heavily feeling an ache building in his temple.

“I’m sure she will show up. You know how Angela is. You told me all the time she used to pull little stunts in the past when she wanted your attention,” Seth reminded his cousin. “Maybe this is another one of them.”

“I don’t think so,” Kevin shook his head adamantly, “I mean I just start thinking about the fact that right now she has amnesia. She lost a huge chunk of her life--of our life and if she’s thinking that we are still together, then that means there are things that she can’t grasp. She could be confused and out there hurting and…”

“Hey, if she’s there Brant will find her. He loves her and he will spare no expense to find her,” Seth offered up supportively. “He’s not going to let her disappear.”

“We never know. I mean you and I would’ve moved heaven and Earth for Jade, but…” Kevin trailed off hating to bring up a sore point for the both of them.

“Losing Jade was a nightmare,” Seth stated plainly, his eyes darkening with emotion. “It was something that never should’ve happened and I hate myself every day for not being able to save her.”

“So do I. It’s like losing my daughter all over again,” Kevin revealed with a painful expression. “Jade was someone I vowed to protect, but like the situation with my daughter I failed her too.”

“We both tried our hardest to find her, but no one would’ve been able to predict that woman would hurt her like she did,” Seth recalled feeling an ache swelling up inside of him at the thought of his sister. “If only I would’ve been able to stop it as well….”

“We both should’ve known, yet…” Kevin paused shaking his head firmly, “This isn’t about losing Jade or my daughter. I know that and coming here to hurt you like this by bringing up Jade and losing her…”

“Kevin, she’s our family. It’s always going to hurt. There isn’t a day that goes by where she doesn’t cross my mind. When I think about how long I tried to save her--how I tried to help her reclaim her life again only to have it end like that,” Seth gritted his teeth feeling a tension coil over him. “It kills me.”

“It kills me too which is why I want to find a way to fix this situation with Angie before it’s too late. I should’ve been with her last night, but instead I was stupid and stubborn. Ria’s mom came into town and…” Kevin shook his head and frowned, “I should’ve just checked on Angie instead of leaving her alone like that. It would’ve just taken five seconds to check and…”

“Kevin I’m sure she will show up. I mean if someone took her surely they should’ve left a clue,” Seth tried to rationalize knowing how insensitive he sounded when it call came down. “Someone would have to have seen something.”

“My car could’ve been the clue,” Kevin sighed sinking back onto the chair, “and I’m not reading it right. Angie could be out there needing me and I’m doing nothing.”

“I don’t believe that for a second,” Seth frowned over at him shaking his head, “You’re worried about her and I’m sure you’ll do what you can.”

“I feel so helpless just like I did when I lost my daughter. I feel like everyone I love is being taken from me and,” Kevin trailed off bringing his fingers through his dark hair. “There is nothing I can do to stop it.”

“I wish I could help you, but I don’t know anything about this,” Seth offered up after a moment, “though maybe there is something I can do for you that--well it’s not much, but there’s something I need to show you. Something that I should’ve showed you a while ago, but I forgot about it until now.”

“What is it?” Kevin questioned with a confused expression watching his cousin get up and out of the chair he’d been seated in.

“You’ll see,” Seth promised walking out of the room ready to retrieve the thing that he’d been meaning to give Kevin since he’d first obtained it. Now was as good a time as any to return it to him, Seth realized knowing how upset Kevin was now that he had guilt hanging over his shoulders.


“Brant?" Don called out hearing the sound of silence filling his ears as he looked around the foyer of the Ashford mansion. After hearing the news that Ria had been telling him, he wished like hell that they had found Angela and that she was alright. Running up the long winding stairs he moved through the room knowing that he had to see if Brant was okay and if he was home he knew he’d be up there when it was so silent downstairs. “Brant?"

“Don?" Brant stumbled out of one of the rooms he was in and moved down the hallway to see Don’s worried blue eyes staring out at him as Brant moved in closer to him. “Don, I need to know. Did Angela come to see you? Ask about her amnesia? See if something is wrong? Did anything happen? Did you see her at all?"

“No, she never came to see me? Ria told me what was happening. You guys still haven’t found her yet?" Don questioned seeing the paranoid look behind his best friend’s eyes and he reached out to place his hand over his shoulder. “Ria told me that you and Kevin were looking for her and…,”

“I don’t know where the hell he is right now, I just know that he’s not here. Even if Kevin was being the biggest asshole right now, he would still call me to tell me that she was with him and that she was okay. Which means he hasn’t found her either,” Brant moved away from Don walking into his office to continue to push through papers before dropping down on the desk. “I don’t know what to think, I don’t know where she is Don. She just disappeared. First thing I know I wake up to make a special day for her and then we hear someone destroy Kevin’s car and she’s gone. With what happened to Kevin’s car, I don’t even know if something bad happened or if she just up and left. All I know is that something isn’t right Don.”

“Well, let’s think about this. Let’s look at the car and see if we can find anything and then let’s try and play out Angela like we know her for,” Don saw Brant nod and motion for him to follow him back toward stairs. There had to be some kind of information that could lead them to finding Angela. No one just disappeared off the planet without a trace. There was always a story behind it waiting to be found and they were going to find it and bring Angela home. “We’ll find her. I know we will.”

“Yeah, well I need to know where she is first. We talked to Cameron and that son of a bitch is acting like he doesn’t know anything. I don’t know what to do Don,” Brant tried to explain as he stepped outside feeling his best friend stepping in next to him. He felt Don’s arm wrap around him, squeezing him in closer as they moved over toward Kevin’s wrecked car. “There is nothing that’s leading me to her and I feel helpless and it’s not a good feeling Don.”

“I know Brant, but we’re going to find her and…oh my God,” Don stared out at Kevin’s car letting out a snort as he looked it over seeing the letters dug into the hood. Looking it over he took in a long breath before placing his hand over his mouth and moving around the car to survey it. “Did maybe one of Kevin’s ex’s come to screw with you guys or what? It would take a cold heart to kill a classic like this and I would assume it would be done by and upset woman.”

“And you know that how?" Brant ran his fingers over the word liar and took in a long breath. He never really thought to ask Kevin something like that, but how would someone know that Kevin was here when he could have been in different places? “Anything is possible I suppose. Why would they take Angela though?"

“You tell me why they would take Angela,” Don looked up at Brant with his blue eyes seeing Brant shrug and take in a long shallow breath. “I’ve seen Kevin at his best with Ria and if his background is as good as what people say he was, he’s with Angela right now pretending that she was his wife. If a girl is bitchy enough, trust me she’d do it.”

“Yeah, but most people in this town other than Angela herself knows that it’s just fake. It’s just a game. God damn it. Why did we have to do that. If she just would have known the truth, no one could have taken her away from me. She would have been in my bed, in my arms,” Brant came off as furious as Don glanced back at him after taking a long look over the car. “She knew she was in love with me, she was just stuck into thinking that Kevin was the man she was in love with. If Kevin would have stayed with her, none of this would have happened. He’s supposed to be her bodyguard damn it. Where the hell was he when she disappeared?"

“I really don’t know, where was he?" Don muttered seeing the look in Brant’s eyes as he moved forward and brought his foot into the center of Kevin’s car. Moving over he noticed the dent in Kevin’s car and simply shrugged his shoulders. “It already had the shit beat out of it, there is no problem with a little bit more damage. This is going to cost a ton to fix anyways--he can do it. So let out your rage buddy.”

“Tell me one thing. Why in all of this was I the man screwed? Kevin was with his fiancée this morning when Angela disappeared, but every other day he wakes up in bed next to the woman that’s carrying my children,” Brant snarled simply thinking about the thought that if anything bad happened to Angela that Kevin was the one that had spent more time with her and he didn’t even have the love of his life thinking that they were together. “I was the one that got screwed in the long run.”

“Well if Kevin was with Ria this morning,” Don tried to tease seeing the way that Brant’s frown deepened and Don took in a long breath simply shrugging his shoulders. “Hey man, I’m just saying. By the sounds of what Ria said, it seemed like both you and Kevin were upset about her missing. I’m sure he’s out there looking for her too. That seems to be the only logical thing that he would do and I think if you want to find her you and I should do the same thing. Maybe she got her memory back and wanted to blow off some steam. We just need to find her and assure her that everything is okay. Once that happens everything will be better. I promise.”

“Yeah, I really hope so Don because I seemed to be screwed the last few months with everything,” Brant kicked his foot at the beaten up car again aiming at the tire to try and get some of the rage out that was built up inside for so very long. There was worry, doubt, hopelessness--all those feelings building up inside of him and the only way it would get better is if he had Angela in his arms. This whole game they had going on was going to stop once she got home. Everything was going to be okay, he hoped. “I don’t know what I’m going to do if something really bad happened to her Don. I don’t want to los…,”

“We’re going out to look for her,” Don hushed his best friend stepping in closer to him and patting him on the side of the neck. His blue eyes staring into the worried dark brown eyes before him. “I promise Brant I don’t know where she is, but I will help you find her. No matter how long it takes, no matter what it takes--I’m going to help you. We will find her, I swear on it.”


“How much longer will it be until we are there?” Angela questioned looking over at Craven now that the two stepped out onto the small airstrip where their plane had landed a few short minutes ago. She looked around taking in the tropical environment as a small breeze carried over her. She felt a familiarity in the air with the sun hanging over her, yet something was different. It had changed since her last memory had taken over her from this place. Things felt different.

“Not much longer,” Craven assured her motioning to the men who were waiting for them with her bags. He pointed to a car that he’d planned on taking her to the beach front estate with and smiled. “Soon everything will be as it always should’ve been.”

“I hope you’re right because if my father is hurt by any of this, then I don’t know how I could live with myself. I always wanted to keep from disappointing him, yet…” she glanced down to her swelled abdomen briefly before turning to look out over towards the water that surrounded the island, “I feel as if everything has been a great disappointment lately.”

“The only disappointment your father has been experiencing is the one in which he has felt in himself for not seeing you any sooner than now,” Craven offered up in a smooth and even tone. “He hates the thought that you have been separated from one another for so very long and now he is hoping to bring about a remedy to that particular issue at hand.”

“I hope that things come off in a positive light,” she smiled over at Craven, “because truth be told I have been missing him as well. It felt so strange to wake up at the hospital and not have him there. Both Kevin and Cameron mentioned that he was busy, but I never anticipated he’d be too busy to pay me a visit. After all we were always kind of one another’s top priority.”

“Trust me Angel, he’s been working on something that is in your best interest. It’s something that we’ve all been working towards for years and when you see it, you can rest assured that you will finally understand the full potential behind what your father has set out for you. You’ll be surprised when you discover just what it is that is in store for you,” he promised placing his hand on the small of her back before meeting her gaze again. “Shall we get going?”

“Sure,” she nodded in response feeling a small shudder carry over her at the contact of his fingers to her spine. She gently pushed herself away from him before forcing a small smile in his direction.

“You have nothing to worry about my dear. Everything is going to be just perfect.” Craven mused seeing her uneasiness carry over her.

“I hope so,” she whispered under her breath as if trying to convince herself of the situation at hand. “The sooner I see my father the better it will be.”

“There we are in agreement,” Craven nodded with a proud smirk ready to deliver on all of the promises that he’d offered Angela from the moment he’d reconnected with her again. She certainly was eager to be reunited with her father and if all played out in his plans, he would make damn sure that he gave her just that.


Softly closing the door behind her Sarah tried to tiptoe into Cameron’s place knowing that she was going to have to tell him about what happened between her and Douglas. Did she want to tell him? Hell no she didn’t, but if Douglas got to Cameron first--Cameron would be furious and that was unacceptable. She had to take the heat now before Cameron got the truth from Doug.

“Cameron?" Sarah looked around to hear the snarling sound of Cameron’s anger filling the area around her as he slammed something against the wall. Feeling every muscle in her body cringe and tighten, she wondered if his anger was an indication that the truth had hit him already before she'd had her opportunity to come clean with him. “Damn.”

She had rushed home as fast as she could to try and tell him herself, but it seemed like she was too late. She contemplated making a quick route for the upstairs to lock herself away from him for a little while, but she decided to stick downstairs for a bit to face his wrath and try to work beyond it somehow. It might have been for the better to get it over with rather than having his anger building up all night. He wouldn’t hurt her though, not with the possibilite that his baby was growing inside of her. That would be the last thing he would ever plan to do when it got down to it. They had a mutual agenda and the ideas they had worked up together thus far proved it.

“Son of a bitch,” she heard Cameron’s voice moving in closer to her as she heard something else shatter in the corner. By the sounds of it, it seemed to be a vase of some kind in the hallway. He was coming closer, possibly looking for her and when his dark eyes met hers upon reaching the staircase she knew he was pissed off. “What the hell are you doing on the steps? You just having fun listening or what? Why didn’t you tell me you came home?"

“You’re in a real shitty mood right now,” Sarah stood up from the stairs where she had taken a seat for that small amount of time she's spent in contemplation hoping he wouldn’t notice her for a few minutes more. “What crawled up your ass and died?"

“I don’t need your nonsense right now,” Cameron shoved her aside causing her to stumble into the railing before she watched him move up the stairs. He heard her moving in behind him, following him to try and find out what was bothering him. Feeling her hand wrap around his wrist he pulled away from her, his eyes burning through hers. “I said back off and leave me alone.”

“What the hell is wrong with you today? I want to know why you are acting like this,” she glared at him looking to his hand that was now bleeding.

"Cameron you're hurt," Sarah noticed the thin line of blood on his palm. She reached out to it only to feel him retract from her touch.

"It's nothing," he mouthed dismissively holding his hand up in the air to inspect it himself before before dropping it to his side. His hands slid in over his hips as his jaw clenched in anger and his brown eyes met hers.

“Who caused this?" she pushed again wondering if his fury extended to what had transpired between her and Douglas. She reached out for his shoulder to feel him tense up beneath her and pull away.

“I don’t know who you think you are right now, but one--you don’t touch me like that,” Cameron informed her seeing the way she stared out at him as he nodded. Moving back toward his office he plopped down in his chair pushing a few papers aside. He opened his drawer only to shove it back to a slamming close. Looking up he saw Sarah standing in the doorway and he snarled at her once again. “Piss off Sarah.”

“No, I’m not going to leave until you tell me what has you so infuriated,” she muttered almost amused with the way he was acting knowing that it could be because of her that he was being like this. He was stomping and pouting earlier like a child, which was a clear sign of jealousy. Surely he had to know about her and Douglas and he was feeling something. He was envious that she had found someone else to spend time with and that’s what made it all the better to see that she had him worked up. “I want to know what has you so uptight.”

“I’m looking for my sister damn it,” Cameron snarled pushing away from the desk and standing up from the chair. He moved over toward her with a scowl. His eyes flashed with something she couldn't quite read as he approached her. His features shifted and a moment later she felt his hand press into the into her shoulder pushing her in roughly against the door frame making her whimper out. “I have no idea where my sister is right now and I’m kind of pissed, so back off before someone hurts you.”

“Your sister is missing?" she frowned feeling a momentary second of relief about his not being angry at her. However, for a brief second she'd been hoping that all this was him worked up over what she did and now she knew what it was all about it made her kind of upset actually in knowing he wasn't jealous of who she spent her time with. Taking a step back and knowing how much his sister meant to him, she realized that she had to leave him be. This was not the right time to try and tell him what happened. Having him this upset would really rock his boat and maybe it was time for her to keep her mouth shut about things. “Fine, I’ll leave you alone.”

“Great, one thing you never seem to be able to do,” Cameron snapped right back in her face moving down the hallway toward the room he left Angela in when she was at the place. Pushing through the closet he found nothing, not a clue as to maybe where she went. “Damn it Angel, where are you?"


Douglas looked around the hotel room hoping that he would be able to finally put the traces of the night spent there behind him. Of course there would be a need for a clean up crew and what not, but still. He stepped in closer to the bed straining to remember all that had taken place, but there was a part of him that hoped he never retained that memory. Hearing a knock on the door Douglas moved to answer it and found his assistant Larry standing on the other side.

“I got over here as soon as you called me sir,” Larry explained stepping into the hotel room and taking a look around. He turned to face Douglas again with a puzzled expression. “Sir, what’s going on here?”

“Something that I’m sure the paparazzi would like to jump on top of, but I would much rather avoid that if it is at all necessary,” Douglas paused contemplating the situation at hand. Remembering Sarah’s stubbornness he turned to Larry again watching his assistant pull out his cell phone. Douglas moved to stop him, “On second thought tell me something. In places like these is it customary for them to have surveillance cameras on the guests?”

“I would imagine in the halls and the elevators,” Larry nodded quickly with a puzzled expression. “Why sir?”

“Let’s just say that I think it would be in my best interest if you were able to obtain all said surveillance tapes that may have been present from two thirty on I am guessing,” Douglas pondered trying to predict when he had made his move over to the hotel. He’d spotted his watch on the ground earlier. It had stopped working around two forty and cracked indicating it had met some kind of collision in the hotel room. He could only imagine what it would have been to cause the impact, but that was another concern altogether.

“Alright, but that is going to take some time. I’m sure that a hotel isn’t going to just hand over it’s tapes to us without the proper motivation,” Larry added with a frown, “They have them for a reason and…”

“And I’m sure if you entice them with the right proposal, then they will surely see it in their best interest to comply with our wishes,” Douglas mouthed in response pacing around the hotel room.

“Okay we have a big problem,” another voice entered the hotel room causing Larry and Douglas to turn around to see Larry’s assistant Leia in the doorway. “Does anyone want to tell me how in the world we wound up in this kind of media storm?”

“Media storm? What are you talking about? I told you to bring a crew up here and…” Larry frowned at Leia ready to snap at her when she pulled out her cell phone and snapped it open. She shoved it in both Larry and Douglas’s face and huffed at them.

“Look at this! Someone took this in the lobby downstairs where Mr. Mahoney and his bride were wed in one of the private conference rooms in an impromptu ceremony,” Leia scoffed at the both of them before her gaze narrowed in on Douglas. “Hard copy is already on this and stories are buzzing on the internet about you and your mystery bride.”

“Really?” Douglas arched a curious brow, a sudden amusement carrying over him.

“Yes really. There are reporters downstairs already salivating at the bit for the story since someone tipped them off to the fact that you hadn’t checked out of the hotel,” Leia explained further shaking her head at him, “So if you called us to make all of this disappear somehow…”

“On the contrary I called you over here to obtain the surveillance videos before any other information is leaked to the press and Larry,” Douglas turned to the portly looking man at his side, “I want you to go downstairs and tell the gossip mongers that I will be making an official press release to the media in a short while about my new bride.”

“Excuse me?” Larry’s eyes practically popped out from behind his glasses. “Are you serious?”

“Very serious,” Douglas nodded further a proud smirk carrying over him. “If the media would like to exploit my situation, then I think it is only fitting for them to hear from me first hand about my newfound union. Wouldn’t you agree?”

“Well yes sir, but what about your bride?” Larry looked around the room with a sudden uneasiness. “Shouldn’t she be with you for the press release? You know kind of as a good faith that things are off to a good start?”

“Let’s lead the media to believe that she’s camera shy,” Douglas shrugged his shoulders simply, “since she is off doing a few post-nuptial errands.”

“I’m not so sure that’s a good idea since I’m pretty certain they are here to see the new Mrs. Mahoney,” Larry added in a jittering tone looking around the hotel room once again. “If they saw all of this.”

“Let’s see to it that only a select few on the staff come in here and clean this,” Douglas decided after a moment’s contemplation. “We don’t want to shock everyone too soon. Plus my wife is bashful. We don’t want everyone knowing what kind of a hellcat she is in bed just yet.”

“They wouldn’t expect anything less from you sir,” Larry added brightly stepping up to his new task.

“Exactly and Leia,” Douglas looked to her again. “I’d appreciate you getting on those tapes and also putting out that image from the nuptials. See if you can find the original photographer and if you do offer him compensation for that and any other photos he or she might have with them.”

“Will do,” she nodded before leaving the room as Douglas took a long look around realizing that while marrying Sarah was perhaps one of the most unsavory, low points of his life, this new twist on the situation was going to be one that would serve far more interesting purposes than he’d ever imagined possible.


“Ok, I’ve just got to know,” Andy’s grin expanded as he set down the Styrofoam cup he’d been sipping out of a moment earlier. He pressed his hands down on the table top before giving Blake a long once over, “What’s the story with you and Zack?”

“There’s not really a story,” Blake shrugged her shoulders before leaning back in her seat a bit, “At least not one worth telling.”

“Ok, let me clarify, what is someone as bright and beautiful as you are doing being anywhere remotely close to that slime dog?” Andy prompted further, his blue eyes filled with a new curiosity about what he’d walked into with Blake.

“Honestly I’m surprised the rumors haven’t spoken for themselves at this point,” Blake sighed thinking about her confrontation with Zack. Remembering how Andy had swooped in to her rescue, she couldn’t help but oblige with the truth. “He and I were sort of seeing one another for a brief moment in time the last time he was in town.”

“Would that be attributed to a bout of temporary insanity?” Andy wiggled his brow with laughter while Blake shifted on her seat uncomfortably. Frowning he spoke up once again, “Blake, I was joking…”

“Zack and I were just,” she strained to find the right words, “a mistake. I mean I guess I always thought it would be something more than it was, but when it got down to it, I should’ve skipped over that part of my life completely.”

“You learned something from it, right?” he tossed back at her with a pointed expression. “I mean isn’t that the name of the game when you try dating someone.”

“I suppose,” she pondered the thought for a moment, “although I think men like Zack should come with warning labels so you could just skip over that part of them altogether.”

“If we had warning labels, then I’m pretty certain there wouldn’t be a man on the planet who would get a date given that our flaws would be far too obvious to generate interest in the woman of our choice,” he informed her with a sly grin before reaching out to touch the top of her hand gently. “We’re all dogs Blake.”

“I don’t believe that,” she replied glancing down to where his fingers had skimmed against hers. She sat up straighter and pulled her hand back momentarily before speaking up again, “I mean you came in and played my hero today, so I think if you were wearing a label it would have to say courageous and wonderful.”

“I haven’t heard that in a long time,” he paused for a moment, “if ever actually. I don’t think many women share your view.”

“That’s because most women don’t know you like I do,” she smiled over at him. “I grew up seeing how kind you were with my brother and anyone around you. You’re a doctor and you aren’t like Zack with an enormous ego. You pride yourself on helping people and…”

“Blake, as much as I would love to glorify what I’ve done, I work in a field where beauty is the name of the game. I take in people who feel their imperfections are in need of an alteration,” he couldn’t help but smirk. “I’d hardly consider my career a case of altruism even if there is an occasional patient with a real need for my services.”

“You’re more than that and don’t try to downplay yourself,” she waved her hand in the air dismissively. “I remember what you were like before when you wanted to save the world. Sure, you might have a specialization, but I’m well aware of all the other ways you’ve saved lives in the past.”

“People are more appreciative of what these hands can do now,” he raised his hands in the air and looked between them. “At least now I know they want me to be working on them instead of feeling as though they have no choice.”

“You’re far too modest,” Blake decided pushing a piece of her blonde hair behind her shoulder. “You really are a nice guy Andy and it’s too bad people don’t appreciate that.”

“You mean people like my soon-to-be ex-wife?” he arched a curious brow at the sound in her voice.

“Well yeah. I mean I’ve heard the rumors, but…” she paused as if contemplating her words. “I don’t buy too much into them considering that there are probably half a dozen of them circulating about me at this moment in time.”

“Given who you are I would say that there are probably at least three dozen,” he added with a playful wink, “but for what it’s worth, part of what you’ll hear about how my marriage fell apart is truth, while the other part is fiction. Deidra and I were just two people who thought we knew what we were doing when we got married, but we didn’t have a clue.”

“I guess that’s always how it goes, doesn’t it?” she frowned as a darkness clouded over her beautiful features. She turned her attention to her coffee again and felt Andy’s hand over hers once again.

“Marriage doesn’t have to be a bad thing,” he coaxed her to meet his concerned eyes, “As long as it’s with the right person. You just have to be sure that when you make that decision in your life that you aren’t investing in someone who doesn’t share the same dreams as you.”

“Is that how you felt about Deidra when you realized it was falling apart?” she couldn’t help but ask with curiosity in her tone.

“Deidra and I were good together. We had a solid foundation, but then she had mood swings and then eventually,” he paused contemplating his words in such a fashion that he would be able to spin the situation in his favor. “I think she liked to lash out at me only because it gave her an excuse to find someone else, who would be willing to take in her sob story. When she left town before she didn’t give our relationship a second thought before she wound up in her new boyfriend’s arms.”

“I’m sorry about that,” Blake frowned at the thought. “I’m sure it’s killing you to see it day in and day out.”

“Not nearly as much as it did before,” he shrugged before giving her another once over. “Although I will admit there was a time when I felt terrible, but something happens and life changes.”

“Tell me about it. When I met Seth it was like my world was turned upside down completely. We had so many things thrown at us, but now,” she grinned widely, “it’s the first time in my life that I can honestly say I feel alive. He makes me so happy.”

“And you’re sure that someone like Seth is really what you want?” he arched a curious brow while watching her nod.

“He’s nothing like Zack. He’s strong and generous. He makes me laugh and he’s so noble,” she began to gush on the man she wanted to share the rest of her life with. “He’s amazingly loyal and…”

“You make him sound like a Golden Retriever,” he teased catching the small frown upon her lips.

“There’s a lot more than that, but I’m sparing you all the sordid details of my love life,” she explained with a tiny giggle as Andy noticed a hint of color in her pale cheeks. “He’s just by far the most amazing man I’ve ever known. I don’t know what I would do without him.”

“If he’s so incredible, then why hasn’t he snagged you up yet and made an honest woman of you?” he asked the million dollar question knowing full well it was a sore spot for her. Her smile faded and her blue eyes flashed with disappointment. In that moment he knew he’d found a way in.

“It’s complicated, but we’re working on it,” she informed him, her eyes focused on the empty plate in front of her. “It will happen though.”

“Sounds like you’re not quite convinced,” he reached out across the table to take her hand in his, “Care to talk about it?”

“No, not really,” she shook her head firmly.

“Blake, you can talk to me. I’d like to think that we’re friends,” he coaxed her once again.

“Of course we are, but it’s far too complicated to get into right now,” she refused to reveal what was obviously troubling her, although Andy strongly suspected that Valerie Madison was a source of the change in her.

“I’m a good listener,” he urged her on once more. “I’m sure if you’ve got something on your mind, then…”

“Right now I just want to talk about something else,” she explained stubbornly, “I mean you don’t need to play my therapist as well after you were my bodyguard earlier.”

“Hmm, bodyguard. I think I like the sound of that,” he winked over at her, “I suppose that could be a job I would be really invested in if I was watching you all of the time.”

“You’d be bored out of your mind, but for what it’s worth, thank you,” she offered up with a nod. “I don’t know what I would’ve done if you weren’t around.”

“Probably kicked Zack and taken him down another way,” he laughed lightly as his hand finally squeezed hers in his, “but for what it’s worth you’re welcome Blake. And if you ever need anything--anything at all, then I’m your guy.”

“I appreciate that,” she returned the squeeze on his fingers. “I don’t have a lot of friends who are willing to help, so when someone does, it means a lot to me.”

“Hey, what can I say? Any sister of Ken’s is like a sister to me,” he explained in a welcoming tone, wondering if she had any idea just what he’d been planning for her once he eliminated the competition. Sure, he might be telling her that he viewed her as a sister, but the fact to the matter was that once he had Blake where he wanted her, not only would he enjoy the fortune that she had waiting for him in her trust fund, but he would also take great pleasure in introducing Blake to the world of passion she’d been shielded from. Yes, she might’ve been involved with Seth Alexander, but women like Blake needed the kind of pleasure that only he could provide them with. Once he had her, he’d provide Blake with the greatest thrills of her life before finishing what he’d started years ago with his first wife.

“Thanks Andy, I appreciate that,” her words broke through his thoughts as she released his hand.

“So do I Blake,” he nodded reaching for his drink again as it was clear that it was only a matter of time before he had Blake Ashford eating out of the palm of his hand.


“Well that was quick. I thought the rising sun might have needed a wash down,” Kellen teased seeing the glare that Kyle shot him with his hazel eyes as he took a step back leaning further into the counter and shrugged his shoulders. It always seemed to amuse him when he walked in on Heather and Kyle. Kyle was like a child, so cute when he put on a pout and got all grumpy. “I see the grumpy sun walking out with a frown.”

“Maybe I would have walked out happy if you let the sun set if you get my point,” Kyle blurted out feeling Heather hit him in the chest to silence him as he shrugged his shoulders and moved toward the refrigerator to pull out some orange juice. Moving toward the cabinet where the glasses were, his shoulder sharply bumped into Kellen’s sending him further into the counter with a yelp. “Oops.”

“Oops my ass you did that on purpose,” Kellen frowned running his fingertips in over the small of his own back feeling the skin a bit tender underneath his touch as he took in a long shallow breath. “What put him in a shitty mood for the last few weeks?"

“You see, I seem to be a in a very good mood every day and all day. Well, that is until I run into you Kellen,” Kyle informed him setting the glass down on the countertop while shrugging his shoulders as he spoke. Reaching up he pushed back his long blonde hair before running his fingers in over his goatee taking in a long breath. “You wonder why I constantly get pissed at you and get so upset when you’re around? Maybe it’s because you give me no personal time alone with Heather.”

“That’s not true you can have all the personal time you want with Heather. Just because I enter the room doesn’t mean you have to stop you know. I don’t at all mind the sight I’m getting and…,” before Kellen could finish another word he felt a hand move firmly in over his lips to silence him. Kellen let out an over exaggerated noise to make his point across as Kipp patted him on the shoulder. “I was just trying to make a point.”

“Well honestly Kellen, I don’t think we want to know your point right now. None of us really do and I think that’s kind of obvious,” Kipp stated seeing the way Kellen looked back at him with his wounded blue eyes and Kipp shrugged. Moving forward he placed his hand in over Kellen’s muscular chest and shook his head slowly. “Honey, I love you hear what you think most of the time. You’re often amusing, but right now you just keep digging yourself a bigger hole and no one is going to want to help you out.”

“Yeah, I’d rather grab a shovel and help,” Kyle blurted out only to feel Heather softly hit him in the stomach again making him let out a snort of laughter. Taking a long sip of his orange juice Kyle looked out to Kellen and thought of something to say. “You just can’t walk into someone's house like you have been Kellen. It’s just not right, there has to be some kind of warning. A sign to let us know and…,”

“Don’t worry Kyle, you’ll be able to have a piece of Heather later. There are no worries,” Kellen moved over tapping Kyle on the arm seeing Kyle’s hazel eyes follow his movements. Kellen took a step back upon seeing the dark glare he got when he touched Kyle’s large shoulder. “It’s not like you don’t do it all the time anyways.”

“I think I’m going to…,” Kyle felt his whole body tighten, his fingers clenching into a balled up fist as he moved in closer to Kellen. He felt Heather’s fingertips slide in up his back and over his shoulders to keep a good grip on him knowing that he was getting upset. Closing his eyes he thought of what Heather urged him on to do when Kellen upset him and that was count to ten. Breathing in deeply he got to ten and wrapped his arm around Heather casually before shrugging his shoulders. “Sorry, not worth talking to because it goes in one ear skips the brain and goes out the other. No use.”

“Kyle,” Heather looked up at him feeling him edging her forward toward the living room and over toward the leather couch to sit on the end with her close by. Turning on the television he saw Kellen take a seat on the same couch and Kipp carefully sit down on the leather chair in the corner. “You can’t expect him to change over night.”

“I expect him to get better over a small time period. Not worse,” Kyle stated looking over at Kipp before taking in a long breath. It was time to move onto another subject before they got into a tiff about this again. It just wasn’t worth the waste of time in fighting with Kellen again. It happened one too many times and it was getting old. “How are things going for you Kipp? How is life?"

“Well, I’m getting better. Rough days are pretty much gone, just work life is rough. The usual,” Kipp tried to explain seeing Kellen yawn as Kellen stared out at the news channel they had on and rested his arm back against the couch. Leaning forward in his chair Kipp heard the peaceful sounds of his son through the baby monitor while he was sleeping and a smile formed in over his features. “Charles been good?"

“Oh yeah, he has…,” Heather looked up to see Kellen stand up from the couch, his jaw dropped as Heather glanced at the television and then back to her best friend. Looking to Kyle she saw him shrug as she nudged Kyle in the stomach. “What? Did you turn on a Harrison Ford movie or something?"

“No, it’s just the…oh my God,” Kyle muttered turning his attention to the news as he saw Douglas talking over the news and saw Sarah’s photo pop up. Gulping down, he looked to Kipp who seemed to have caught the same thing that was going on. “Please tell me that’s not…,”

“His father talking about marrying Sarah?" Kellen finished off now knowing that he wasn’t the only one seeing this. This wasn’t some kind of dream he conjured up to make some drama for the few seconds he was watching the news. “This has to be some kind of…”

“Oh you have to be kidding me,” Kyle watched Kellen’s legs give out on him and saw Kellen’s body fall to the ground in a thud making some of the things on the table in front of him rumble, but not tip over. Seeing Kipp going to get up Kyle motioned him to stop and shook his head slowly. “Make him lie there, he has done this so many times. He just needs to sit there and lie on the carpet. It’s comfortable enough, this is bullshit. I don’t need him waking up and throwing a fit.”

“Hey, I can’t believe this either,” Kipp held his hands up in the air standing and looking out at the flat screen television Kyle had. Resting his hands on his hips he thought about this father and the things that had happened with Sarah over the periods of time. “What the hell is my father thinking now?"


“First we need to think of something or somewhere that could lead us to her. Was there a place that she liked while she had amnesia? Maybe something happened that led her there or maybe we’re just missing some common evidence,” Don tried to edge his friend forward knowing that just standing here and getting upset would fix nothing and end nothing. They had to get going on the time they had to try and find her. She had to be here somewhere, she couldn’t just disappear and not be found. Angela was stronger than the average woman--even with her amnesia she was a stinker and he knew it. There was no way she would be taken easily and he just knew she had to be around somewhere. “We just need to look in common places.”

“Don, believe it or not right now my brain is trying and it’s flying all over the place with thoughts. Random thoughts and possibilities, but I have no idea where the hell she is right now. Nothing is coming to me and that’s what is killing me the most right now,” Brant blurted out throwing his hands up in the air before he ran his fingers through his hair nervously. He felt his hands shaky, his arms weak and his whole body tight with aggravation of not knowing. “Angela needs me and here I am lost. I have no answers, I can’t think of anything Don and something could be happening to her right now and I wouldn’t know about it. I couldn’t stop it and…”

“Brant, stop. Stop right now, it’s okay,” Don tried to hush him seeing the way that Brant stared out at him and Don shook his head slowly. Placing both of his hands in over Brant’s shoulders, Don’s assuring blue eyes stared into his as he nodded. “We’re going to look for her Brant. We’re going to find her and she is going to be home with you. Everything is going to be okay because you love her and she loves you and Angela is one strong woman Brant. Face it or not, she could even kick my ass. Amnesia or not, she’s strong hearted and nothing is going to happen to her. Nothing bad will because we both know that she will put up a fight and she will win. No matter how big the guy she is taking on is if something is really going on. I don’t think that’s the case though. We just have to go out and look for her Brant. That’s all we have to do and we’ll find her and it will be okay.”

“I know we have to find her Don, but what if Cameron really doesn’t have her? To be down right honest with you, I would feel so much more comfortable knowing that Cameron had her. I know that way I could win her back and have her with me again Don, but what if someone really does have her then? Don, what if my father has her? What if this is some kind of sick game?" Brant spun on his heels pacing back and forth on the cement. His hands pressing in over his eyes as he thought. This was terrible, this was something he never ever wanted to think about. This shouldn’t have been happening. “When I talked to Cameron earlier Don, he had this look in his eyes. I know he didn’t know what the hell I was talking about. He seemed as shocked as I was Don and that’s wrong. That’s wrong because this can’t be right. She’s out there and if she just did this. If she walked off by herself then she would have been back by now Don. I don’t know what to do because I can’t lose her. I don’t want to think something is bad, but something had to have happened. Something bad, I can just feel it in my gut and I can’t get the feeling out.”

“Brant,” Don pressed his hands firmly in over the sides of Brant’s face seeing the lost dark eyes staring out at him. “Listen to me when I tell you this Brant. We’re going to find her. Do you think doing this is going to help in finding her? We need to worry later and go out there and look. We will find her, nothing is wrong. I promise you, she’ll be okay. We’ll get to her and she’ll be just fine. I swear, you have to have faith. Not negativity. Life has been crazy lately and I know that, but we have to move forward and look for the key in our life for that light. Angela will be found if it’s the last thing we do. Do you understand me? No more worrying, we’re going to go out there and find her. Okay? We’ll find her. I promise.”


“What’s going on Seth?” Kevin questioned upon his cousin’s return. He watched Seth take a seat again before Seth spoke up in a low voice.

“We all make mistakes Kevin . I mean take me for example. The other day I was out with Blake at this club and I don’t know how or why, but I saw this girl with JT and something struck a chord with me,” Seth explained with a heavy sigh thinking about the encounter. “I don’t know what had possessed me, but when I saw her I swore I saw a ghost.”

“Saw a ghost,” Kevin repeated confusion settling in over his brown eyes. “Why?”

“At first when I saw her with JT I was convinced my mind was playing tricks on me, yet there was something about her. I watched her kissing JT and it reminded me of all those years ago when Jade had been trying to pull her life together again--of that time when she wound up getting herself into trouble. I could remember clearly that time when she was dating JT and he caused her so much grief,” Seth shook his head and frowned. “I was overcome with such a bitterness and a strange sense of hope that even though I knew it couldn’t be Jade, I had to go over there and see. I grabbed her and realized I was wrong. It wasn’t Jade.”

“Seth, it’s okay man. I mean I probably would’ve done the same thing. Given all that’s happened--hell all that’s happening now I still probably would do it,” Kevin offered up supportively seeing something happening in his cousin’s features.

“That’s not it Kevin. I mean sure that was embarrassing enough, but then, well I noticed that she had on this bracelet and maybe that was part of what had me drawn into her. I saw that she had it and I flipped out on her. I mean I went really crazy screaming and shouting at her and really going off on her because I was convinced it was Jade’s,” Seth continued with a heavy sigh. “I screamed at her so much that I think she felt bad and she finally gave it to me.”

“So what’s the story? Was it Jade’s bracelet?” Kevin tried to piece together what his cousin was saying to him.

“That’s just it Kevin,” Seth further explained remembering the strange encounter. “After I came home I went to go through Jade’s things and I found Jade’s bracelet. It was exactly where I had left it--just as it had always been after it was sent home to me once we lost her.”

“So you made a mistake. Things like that happen,” Kevin reasoned with him hoping to alleviate whatever trouble was going on in the back of Seth’s mind.

“Even so, what puzzled me was the fact that even though it wasn’t Jade’s bracelet it had our family crest on it Kevin. It had almost identical markings to Jade’s and there’s more,” Seth reached into his pocket and pulled out the bracelet. “I know maybe this isn’t the right time, but I wanted you to have a look at it since you were the one that got the bracelet for Jade all those years ago. It might sound strange, but you mentioned that you had them custom made and…”

“Let me see that,” Kevin snatched the bracelet from Seth’s hand almost immediately. He held it up for inspection and felt a sudden hammering in his chest. His head tipped up and his eyes met Seth’s again.

“It’s uncanny isn’t it?” Seth nodded towards him.

“Uncanny isn’t the word for it Seth,” Kevin’s jaw tightened as he fingers clenched the bracelet tightly. He turned it over knowing full well what to expect on the back side where there was an engraving--one that he’d taken great consideration to see to it that was put there. Immediately adrenaline pumped through his veins, a new unsettling feeling carrying over him as he turned to his cousin. “Where did you get this?”

“I told you at the club Blake and I were at the girl had it and…” Seth recounted the details again only to have Kevin cut him off.

“With the girl who was with JT I know, but what’s her name? Did she tell you where she got this? How she got this?” Kevin questioned standing up and looking around the room. He walked over to one of the lights and held it up underneath. “What’s her name Seth?”

“I don’t know. She was with JT and like I said I think I scared her and…” Seth began again sensing Kevin’s sudden unrest.

“She should be scared. She should be terrified because she stole this from me. It’s not hers,” Kevin snapped clenching the bracelet in his hand firmly. “It never was hers and I want to know how she could have this. It shouldn’t be with anyone other than me.”

“Kevin, hey calm down,” Seth watched his cousin move to hit something, but think twice about it. “look she gave it to me and…”

“And she never should’ve had it in the first place because it doesn’t belong to her. It belongs to me or more specifically it belongs to my daughter,” Kevin blurted out harshly. “I bought it for her when I found out that Angela was having her and I want to know how in the hell some girl hanging out with JT would’ve been able to steal this from me. I want to know how she got her hands on it and I want to know now!”


“It can’t get any better than this,” Evie purred curling her toes out into the sand that stretched out just beyond the edge of the multicolored striped towel that she was laying on.

She was on her back with a pair of sunglasses on feeling the sun’s rays shooting down over her now that she was in her tiny blue bikini with JT at her side. Lazily she reached out to tease her fingers down over his spine before tipping her head to the side to look at him. She smiled watching him beside her rested carefully on his stomach and she placed her hand on the center of his spine gently nudging him.

“Did you hear me?” she curled her lip in a pout realizing that his eyes were closed behind his sunglasses.

“Yeah I heard you,” JT murmured in response not making any kind of movement now that he too was soaking up the sun. “I was just taking it all in.”

“It looks like you were falling asleep,” she turned on her side to scrutinize him more carefully.

“No I wasn’t,” he yawned keeping his head down on his discarded t-shirt that he was now using as a pillow of sorts.

“Yes you were,” she poked at his ribs again, “and if I didn’t know better I would say that you’re still trying to sleep.”

“Not at all love,” he lowered his sunglasses ever so slightly to wink over at her. He issued her a small smile before putting his sunglasses on again and dropping his head back down on the shirt.

“You’re such a bad liar,” she wrinkled her nose swatting at his spine again before a wicked notion carried over her. “Though if you did fall asleep I could always leave my hand here so that you would have a handprint on your back leaving a tarnish to your perfect tan.”

“You wouldn’t do that,” he mused with a hint of laughter in his tone.

“I could do that and a whole lot worse if you aren’t careful,” she scooted in closer to him on the blanket her finger nails teasing over his spine.

“Oh really?” he arched a lazy brow still not making any movement.

“That’s right, I could grab your sunscreen over there and write my name on your back with it so that everyone would see it imprinted that your gorgeous body belongs to me,” she added brightly leaning over him and reaching for the bottle. “In fact I think I like that idea very much.”

“Not so fast,” JT wiggled beneath her rolling around onto his back just in time to snatch the bottle from her hand. She laughed lightly seeing the mock worry behind his eyes. “You think you’re pretty smart, don’t you?”

“I know I am,” she leaned down to steal a kiss from him before settling in beside him. “Although now that you have that lotion in your hands maybe you’d consider rubbing some over me since I feel like I could use another round of it.”

“I think I can arrange that,” JT nodded eagerly sitting up on the towel and watching her stretch out beside him reaching for the glass of lemonade she’d discarded a few minutes earlier. “Somehow I think this was all a part of your master plan.”

“Who me? No never,” she feigned innocence rolling onto her stomach and feeling him moving in over her. “Though I will say if you’re going to put it on I don’t want any tan lines, so I’m thinking you should probably untie my bikini top while you’re back there.”

“Excuse me,” he blinked back at her catching the wide grin that carried over her. She tossed her hair over her right shoulder to the side of the towel and arched up to look over her left shoulder at him.

“Tan lines,” she wrinkled her nose at him, “I don’t want any of them and besides from what I’ve seen around here it’s not a crime to go without a top.”

“It may not be a crime, but I would prefer you kept yours on,” JT confessed openly taking a look around the beach. “I wouldn’t want any other man getting the wrong idea about you when you’re here with me.”

“Hmm, jealousy,” she purred with delight at the notion. She arched up further reaching for the strings to her bikini herself. “I think I like that idea.”

“You won’t when you get burned later and it hurts like hell,” he placed his fingers over hers to stop her. She turned just enough to pull herself up into a seated position where their eyes met again.

“It won’t hurt if you put the lotion over me,” she challenged with a wiggle of her brow. She reached for his hand and curved it around to cup her soft fullness between his fingers. “All over me.”

“If I started doing that I’m pretty sure we’d get arrested,” he brought his other hand up to touch the side of her face, “which is probably something that you really don’t want me getting into right now considering that well, we’re in a public place.”

“Like I care,” she teased with a hint of mischief in her tone arching in closer to him. “The way I see it we’re on the island now JT and all bets are off. You made me a promise and I intend for you to keep it.”

“I will, but I don’t think getting arrested on our first couple of days here is part of the plan,” he whispered leaning in to kiss her tenderly. “Besides sand can be so unsavory for making love.”

“So then let’s bypass the sand and the sun and you take me back to the beach house,” she whispered warmly against his lips, “I saw a nice cushiony bed that had our names written all over it.”

“And here I thought that you might’ve actually learned the art of patience,” he teased bending down to kiss her once again when a sound from the distance caught his attention briefly. He noticed a dark colored car pulling up to the house just down the beach from where they were.

“Patience is a virtue I’ve been told, but right now I think I’ve earned the opportunity to be selfish,” she whispered collecting his lips in another kiss before discovering that he was distracted. Frowning she pulled back ever so slightly and glared up at him. “JT!”

“Sorry,” he apologized turning his attention to her once again.

“It’s just that I think I know that woman,” he lowered his sunglasses again to take a good look at the people exiting the car. “Hell I do know her. That’s Cameron’s sister.”

“Cameron’s sister,” Evie repeated tipping her head to see what he was looking at. “Where?”

“Over there,” JT pointed to where Angela was standing near the front of the car looking around the beach area. “What is she doing here? I thought that Cameron said we would have privacy at the beach house and now…”

“Well that isn’t the beach house,” Evie pointed out with a frown not really concerned with the woman JT was talking about. “It looks like she’s staying over there, so she won’t be intruding on our private time together, right?”

“I suppose,” he nodded in agreement seeing the man with her disappearing into the house while Angela remained outside, “but I’m not so sure considering that…”

“Who cares about her? We’ve already let so many people ruin our fun, so why add her to the list?” she shrugged her shoulders leaning in to nibble on his lower lip gingerly. “I think today should be dedicated to us and only us. Forget about her.”

“I will once I’m sure that I go talk to her and make sure that Cameron isn’t trying to screw this vacation up for us somehow,” JT noted getting up off of the towel and dusting himself off. “Come on. I’ll introduce you to her.”

“JT I don’t really care about Cameron’s sister,” she pouted feeling him pull on her hand and drag her up off of the towel.

“Come on. It will only take a few seconds,” he pulled her into his arms wrapping them tightly around her slender waist. “Then when we’re done we can go back to the beach house.”

“Promise?” she curled her lip in a pout while bringing her arms around his neck and squeezing him in closer to her.

“You have my word on it. Now let’s say hello,” he suggested lacing his fingers in hers and guiding her over towards where Angela was standing near the car. They were halfway there when JT felt Evie push her feet into the sand and stand frozen.

“No. I’m not going over there,” she blurted out firmly, a pinched hiss escaping from her lips. “I don’t want to.”

“I told you it would only be a minute,” JT frowned over at her sensing her hesitance. “She’s friendly and…”

“No JT. I’m not going over there and nothing you can do can get me to go over there,” she stated boldly looking over towards the woman in front of her. She felt her gaze press beyond the woman who was near the car to the man who was now exiting the house. She watched him descend from the stairs on the deck to rejoin the woman again. Shaking her head adamantly she felt her stomach tied in knots and a sudden sense of fear carry over her. “JT I’m not going over there.”

“Why not?” he questioned in confusion seeing her shaking in front of him. “Evie, what is it? What’s wrong?”

“I just want to go to the beach house,” she wrapped her arms around him burying her head in his chest. “Please JT can’t we just go there now?”

“In a second. I just want to say hi to Angela and…” he stopped himself feeling her hot tears burning in against his chest. “Evie?”

“Please,” she begged of him tipping her head up to meet his concerned eyes. “JT, please don’t make me go over there because I don’t want to see him.”

“See who?” he questioned in confusion.

“Him,” she nodded again over to where the man with Angela was leading her up the steps to the house.

“Why? Do you know him?” JT questioned blankly surprised by the reaction he was getting out of her after their movement from the towel on the beach.

She nodded emphatically before speaking up in a small, frazzled voice. “Of course I do JT and he scares the hell out of me. JT, he’s my father.”


...to be continued...