There have been a lot of changes taking place in Coral Valley since the very first earth shaking episode. Over the course of the series, we've seen a great many storylines and shocking moments on the page. Readers have found themselves riveted by the things laid out before them and in that tradition, we offer you a glimpse of the more memorable moments in Coral Valley: From The Beginning!

The Earthquake

It all began when the earth started to move in Coral Valley. This otherwise quiet, peaceful town was rocked by a surprising tremor that paved the way for stories to come including the start of the romance between photographer Seth Alexander and pampered princess Blake Ashford. When these two met in an autoshop during the midst of chaos fireworks followed and it started the beginning of a story that to this day still heats up the Coral Valley scene. In this first episode, we saw the characters spun together in various situations giving you the first glimpse of what lay ahead in this small town!

Heather plots to get Brant...

Heather Gibbons returns to Coral Valley in the hopes of reuniting with Brant, but when he doesn't take the bait, she enlists the help of Avery's former lover Russell Denton to try to put a wedge between Brant and Avery. Together Russ and Heather team up to try to stop these two co-workers from becoming lovers and they find misadventures along the way in their quest. By offering to dish up a very detailed profile of Brant's personality, Heather uses Russ to get what she believes will help keep Avery too busy to notice Brant. During this time Heather also meets up with Kipp Mahoney and decides it wouldn't hurt to build her career as well if need be.

Cameron Comes to Town!

Cameron Stone arrives in Coral Valley with a chip on his shoulder and a dark agenda. No one is really sure what it is that Cameron's after, but it seems that the Ashfords are his prime target and he's enlisted the help of Seth Alexander and Grady Denton to take the Ashford family down. The question is will Seth and Grady do Cameron's evil doings without question? With Cameron's sadistic assistant Thea at his side, he starts to weave the plans for misery around him. Of course he's also found himself a new interest in Grady's law clerk Jade Alexander and it seems that his fixation on Jade will drive Cameron's actions further into darkness than anyone can even begin to imagine.

Bruce Mathis Murdered!!

After Avery broke up with Bruce, many thought this would be the end of this less than popular character, but no, his story was far from over. Not only did he try to kill Avery after she'd reunited with Russell, but he also decided it was time to dish out the ultimate payback to those he felt wronged him. He set it up to look like Brant and Russ murdered him in a fit of rage after his attack on Avery, but in reality it turned out that this broken-hearted 'good guy' was a cold and cunning serial killer thus climbing to the ranks of one of CV's biggest villains in town. Along with his 'death' came the introduction of Jenna Carpenter and Hart Steiner.

Nicholas Raped Jade!

Just when it seemed that Blake and Seth would live happily ever after, the horrific truth about her father raping Seth's younger sister Jade tore the blossoming romance apart. Not only was Seth dealing with the fact he felt he'd failed his sister, but Jade too was dealing with her own demons. When she finally confessed to Grady the painful moment in her history, it only added fuel to Grady's hatred for the Ashford family thus laying the cards on the table for a bigger story to come!

Guy has a secret...

When word of Brant and Avery's 'engagement' hit the newspapers, it not only brought her gold-digging mother Brooke onto the scene, but it incorporated the entire Morrison clan including Avery's younger brother Guy. While Avery's parents Richard and Brooke were seemingly at war with one another, Guy and Avery shared a strong connection and in their relationship readers were given a glimpse at her brother's secret he'd been keeping from his parents. Guy is gay and involved in a loving relationship with Gabriel Teague. To this day Guy is still finding a way to be honest with his mother about who he is, yet it seems with each passing moment there is one thing happening after another preventing him from sharing that part of his life with his parents. Of course given that Gabe is about to embark in a battle for custody of his daughter Brittany, Guy may have to step up to the plate about his sexuality sooner than his mother expects.

Russ and Avery wed!

After months of living a lie, Russ and Avery found their way to their wedding at long last, but that road to happiness was filled with a great many roadblocks. When CV began these two were in denial about their feelings, but were ultimately drawn to one another. When they finally acted upon their attraction, Bruce tried to kill Avery, Brant told the world Avery was engaged to him and Avery's mother returned to town plotting to keep them apart. On the night of Brant and Avery's 'engagement party' that Brooke herself helped pull together, Brooke took it upon herself to drug Russ and put him in bed with Heather Gibbons--a woman Avery despised. When Avery was goaded by Russell's brother Grady into going off in search of Russ, her heart was broken in seeing Russ in bed with Heather. Hurt by what happened Avery left town with Brant finding her way to a tropical island where she discovered she was pregnant with Russell's baby after believing that she could no longer have children. Though Russ couldn't understand what had happened to him on the night of the party, he wasn't about to give up on his true love. Eventually he found his way to the island, reunited with Avery and had a fairy tale wedding in the hopes of seizing happily ever after with his one true love.

Brooke fakes her kidnapping!

In this shocking twist not only did we discover that Brooke was a manipulative schemer, but we also discovered that she has a secret partner that is still yet to be unmasked. In her alliance with her mystery man, she faked being kidnapped by Bruce Mathis in an attempt to get her hands on five million dollars of Ashford money (which Brant promptly paid in ransom). The question is, who is Brooke's partner and what is the evil agenda that they are reaching towards with one another? We know there's a reason why she wants Brant and Avery together, but what is driving that other than greed is still yet to be seen...

Douglas is a father...again.

Douglas Mahoney came to town in the name of saving his son from making the biggest mistake of his life with Heather, but then his trying to 'help' only wound up making things worse for Kipp when Doug agreed to help Brooke drug Heather and Russ. Kipp was shot in the chest later that night and went into a coma. While Douglas was mourning his son, his daughter Jenna (who had believed that her father died years ago after a lie her mother Dorothy spun) was at his side trying to figure out what having a father in her life meant to her future. Doug might've screwed up with Kipp, but he was hoping that Jenna was his second chance to do things right!

Diego befriends Heather

Despite the fact that Heather infuriates Diego to no end, he tries to help her through the darkest period of her life after Kipp's been shot. He sneaks her in to see Kipp and offers to support her during a time when Douglas has waged war against her. Unfortunately Heather refuses to listen to Diego's advice about staying away from Cameron and she eventually weds this Coral Valley bad guy without a second thought thus bringing a new world of problems into her life that she never anticipated.

JT arrives in town.

Diane and Ben's romance was filled with a few problems here and there, but nothing truly prepared her for the return of a face from her past. Not only is JT Mahoney dead set on getting Diane back in his life, but he's also eager to find a way to stick it to his father Douglas one last time with half-brother Cameron for Doug leaving JT to 'fend for himself' at a time when JT felt Douglas should've been there for him!

Grady arrested!

Shortly after Kipp was put into a coma, he disappeared from the hospital where he was at. His father Douglas was unable to find him and it was revealed that Kipp had been shot by someone else--that someone being Grady Denton. The evidence piled up against Grady (who was truly innocent) and while Grady was in jail well aware that he was being set up, someone stabbed him and almost killed him. Grady faked his death and then fled Coral Valley in the hopes of weeding out the person who set him up. Eventually Simon Dubois was fingered for the crime and was shot by Patrick Sharpe, but readers knew full well that Simon wasn't the trigger man. He'd been set up leaving the real would be murderer out there free while Grady lay in hiding. Unfortunately the airport bombing brought Grady back to town only to have him learn about his brother's death and being rearrested.

The Airport Bombing

When the citizens of Coral Valley were involved in a horrible tragedy when the airport was bombed, it marked the end of an era in Coral Valley. Beloved heroine Caitlin Vaughn died leaving her prince of a fiance Kenneth Ashford to pick up the pieces of his shattered life. Of course not only were Ken and Caitlin touched by this, but so were a great many residents in town including Avery who later discovered that Russ had 'died' after Brant had pulled her out of the wreckage. This horrible tragedy ended a great many dreams, but it also spelled the beginning for a few couples when Johanna and Zack's son Cody came into the world in the midst of the chaos. Blake and Johanna had been long time rivals for Zack's attention, but Blake pushed her feelings aside to help Johanna bring Cody into the world safely. Heather Gibbons was also badly burned and went into labor early resulting in her son Cody's birth.

Heather's lie exposed!

When Heather fed the world the story about her being an only child, no one had any idea how far from the truth that tall tale was, but that lie didn't last when Heather's sister Sarah came into town. Not only was Sarah looking to find a way to seek revenge on her sister for abandoning their family in their time of need, but Sarah enlisted the help of her boyfriend Kyle in the name of taking Heather down. Unfortunately when tragedy struck, Sarah pushed her feelings of anger aside and stepped up to take care of Heather's son during a time when Heather had been wounded herself. Sarah went from having dark intentions to being a woman with a heart of gold.

Blake and Seth reunite!

After tragedy struck and Blake found herself facing thoughts of her own mortality, she vowed not to waste another minute of her life making mistakes. Shortly after Caitlin's death, she made her way to Seth's hospital room and declared her love for him. She proposed to him and he said yes marking the beginning of their new life together. Seth later proposed to Blake as well letting her know that she was truly the only woman in this world for him. Blake couldn't have been happier as she found herself ready to start anew with the man who had captured her heart in the very first episode of Coral Valley.