After episode 100 there were still a great many things happening in Coral Valley--things and changes that pushed the series to a new level altogether. In this second part of the feature, we look at some of the events that have taken place after the airport bombing rocked the CV canvas shaking things up on the scene.

Sam is Hart's daughter

In the midst of the explosion, Hart's ex-lover Beth Raines announced to Hart that not only had their affair with one another helped aid in her divorce, but that they'd also had a daughter with one another. Sam had been very sick growing up and when Beth returned to town, she claims she was hoping to have Hart be there as a backup in the event that Sam needed him, but given Beth's nefarious nature, Hart's girlfriend Jenna (and readers alike) wondered just what Beth was truly after. Same still has no idea that Hart is her biological father, but he's hoping to find a way to get close to her somehow with Jenna's support.

Dean and Deidra get closer

After Bruce Mathis seduced Deidra during Russ and Avery's honeymoon, her life was put in danger because she was the only woman to ever 'get away' from him. One night in the hospital parking lot Bruce returned in an attempt to nab Deidra, but sexy, enigmatic doctor Dean Carlisle stepped in and rescued her. Since then their budding romance has been the key to Deidra letting go of her ex-husband and moving forward with her life during a time of her painful divorce. Of course Dean has a secret though and as he gets closer to Deidra, he wonders if their love will really stand the test of time.

Valerie arrives.

Just when things were getting right on track in Blake's life, she had a bad run in with Valerie Madison that had her furious. Of course during this chance encounter, she had no idea that Valerie had any ties to Seth, but the truth to the matter is that Valerie has a dark purpose in mind where Blake's future is concerned. Valerie wants Seth and she won't stop until she has hi back in her life forever. Upon returning Valerie has teamed up with JT and the two are plotting to get back what they lost not so long ago with Diane and Seth.

Angela finds Nick

When Brant's fling shoved him out of her beach house, a great many anticipated that it was the end of Angela Meloni, but after Brant continued to search for the Avery-lookalike, he found himself caught up in a desperate search to find her. She resurfaced again pregnant and on another island where she found amnesiac Nick and took him into her care. Angela is still on that private island with best friend Kevin Adonis, who is helping her keep her secret from Cameron. Together they are helping Nick pick up the pieces of his life again. Angela is still a bit hung up on Brant, but she finds herself falling for the mysterious stranger that's entered her life.

Diane sleeps with JT

Diane and Ben's falling out with one another after her attack on Deidra not only set Diane on a downward spiral, but it sent her quite literally into JT's arms. When Diane was trying to help best friend Jade prove that Cameron had played a role in setting up Grady and trying to have him murdered Diane went out on a date with Patrick hoping he'd leak information on what was really going on behind the scenes. Unfortunately the date with Patrick proved useless and when Patrick ran off leaving Diane alone at a bar where she witnessed Ben and Valerie out with one another on the dance floor, jealousy rocked over her leaving her wide open to JT's temptations. Regretfully jealousy and too many drinks lead Diane to JT's bed which she immediately regretted the morning after when she and Ben made up with one another.

Ken and Carly unite..

After failing to reconnect with Dave once sexy ADA Carly Matthews returned to town, she found herself in the arms of Dave's best friend Kenneth Ashford. Not only did we learn that Ken and Carly had been lovers in the past, but these two came together to find a way to work through their grief about their lost loves. Ken's anguish over losing Caitlin was something that pulled him and Carly closer to one another and ultimately this one night stand evolved into a relationship between these two pals.

Brant and Avery wed

After Avery threw her mother Brooke out of a window when Brooke tried to murder Avery's unborn child, she knew she was in trouble. Not only would her actions pose a problem in her leading Grady's defense, but it could end up costing her the freedom she had in her life. It was then that Brant stepped up to plate seeing this latest twist as the key to winning Avery's heart. Not only did he help her cover up what had happened with Brooke, but the two wed in a quickie ceremony before Brooke awakened from her coma in the hopes that if called to testify Brant wouldn't be able to use what he saw against Avery. The result: When Brooke woke up and realized that Avery had wed Brant, she went along with Brant and Avery's cover story now that her wishes for her daughter were a reality.

Don and Shannon are married.

Shannon's run in Coral Valley hasn't been easy especially since ths business began with Bruce Mathis. Time after time she'd felt various roadblocks careerwise thanks to those who didn't want her on the case, then when all else was going down the drain her romantic life seemed to follow. She still had some feeling for Brant at first, then she'd started dating Diego who ultimately followed his heart to Heather much like Brant did in the past. Then when Shannon finally gave up on love, it decided to deliver her the ultimate blow. She gave up her sobriety for one night after months of being without a drink and woke up the next morning in bed and married to sexy, doctor Don Leveski. For Shannon the situation has been tense and uncomfortable, but what makes matters worse is that Don is a true romantic set on making the relationship work. Shannon is reluctant, but given her physical attraction to Don, she hasn't found it in her to walk away just yet.

Carly attacks Dave

Despite Carly and Ken's association, Carly's heart still was with old flame Dave Warner. When Dave came to Carly asking to try again in their relationship, she eagerly agreed, but their reunion was bittersweet when Dave got on the witness stand during Grady's trial. Not only did Carly do her best to discredit Dave professionally, but she also took the attack to a personal level leaving Dave to tell Carly it was over. This refusal to pick up a relationship with her lead her back to Ken, who couldn't be more happier now that he was ready to seek out revenge against the world--which included Dave.

Susan targets Kyle

With so many unanswered questions and missing pieces in the puzzle during Grady's trial, Kyle decided it was time to get involved. After feeling like he'd failed his friends in not preventing Russell's death, Kyle vowed to do what was necessary to save Grady from a horrible fate--even if it meant buddying up to Grady's miserable ex-wife Susan. Kyle felt he was getting somewhere in trying to get information from Susan, but ultimatley it was a tip from Cameron's then wife Heather that lead him to finding the truth about what had really happened to Kipp Mahoney. Of course after getting closer to Kyle, Susan has now decided she wants to get closer yet vowing that Kyle will one day be hers.

Noelle threatens Gabe

Gabe's problems seemed to compile exponentially when ex-lover Marc Ashley came to town threatening to expose Gabe and Guy's relationship to Guy's bitch mother Brooke. Gabe didn't take the bait, but when Marc threatened to ruin Guy's mother, Gabe tried to find a way to fix the situation silently without telling Guy about having been lovers with Marc at one point in time. Marc, unhappy with his lack of results in his quest to get Gabe back, teamed up with Gabe's ex-wife Noelle to try to corner Gabe by letting him believe Noelle was going to take Gabe's daughter Brittany away forever in her filing for sole custody of Brittany.

Jade's pregnant!

In the thick of Grady's trial Jade found herself overwhelmed with worry about what the future would bring for her and Grady. Knowing that something was off with the way she was feeling, she turned to Gabe with her worried and fears. Together they realized there was a possibility that she could be pregnant. After pondering what this could mean to her future, Jade took a pregnancy test and discovered that her suspicions were correct. She was in fact carrying Grady's child and she vowed to let him know about this miracle in their lives.

Grady lashes out at Avery

Jade's good news about her pregnancy never made it's way to Grady once Susan showed up at the trial armed and ready for an attack. When Susan confronted Grady, Avery stepped up and argued with her and in that moment Susan presented Grady with a copy of the latest tabloid with Brant and Avery's wedding as the headliner. Furious Grady went into an uproar with Avery lost in his own fury until she confessed what she'd done to her mother. It was an emotional moment filled with angst leading up to a bond between these two over the losses they've endured over the year.

Kipp is alive!

Just when things looked bad for Grady during the course of his trial, that's when the biggest shock of all shocks happened. Grady took the witness stand prepared to speak in his own defense, but his testimony was never heard when Kipp walked through the doors of the courtroom showing the world that he was very much alive. Not only did Kipp claim that Grady hadn't shot him, but Kipp went on a tirade determined to reclaim his old life. Knowin full well that Cameron had plotted to have Thea shoot him, Kipp took that information and held it over Cameron's head blackmaling Cameron to get his old job back. Furthermore, Kipp took his revenge a step further and used Thea to assist him when Cameron found himself in a bit of trouble. Now as Cameron's lawyer once Kipp forced Cam to fire Susan, Kipp forced Cameron to sign divorce papers and end his marriage to Heather so that Kipp could take care of the situation he'd fallen into with her. When Kipp was first shot, he'd been reeling with the betrayal he'd felt had taken place with Heather, but he soon learned that his father was responsible for Heather winding up in bed with Russ. However, while Kipp had initially returned to Heather wanting to marry her, he saw through her feelings where Brant was concerned and he vowed to make her pay for using him. Realizing that his son deserves more than what he was given fron the start, Kipp has dedicated himself to putting his son's welfare as his top priority.

Jade's Missing!

It was a great day when Grady was finally acquitted. Not only did Kipp's arrival mark the beginning of Grady's second chance, but his happiness was short lived when he realized that the woman he loved wasn't there to share the moment with him. Eager to find Jade, Grady rushed to her apartment only to discover the front door open along with obvious signs of a struggle. Fearing the worst Grady and Seth began the search for Jade, but now that she seems to be missing without a trace, will they ever find her or is it too late?

Ken goes off the deep end

Caitlin's death was only the beginning of the nightmare for Ken. He slipped into a drunken haze for a period of time until one night he found Susan in his bed. He threw her out of his bed, but after that night things have never been the same. He started down a path to attack those he felt wronged him starting with best friend Dave and his brother Brant. When Brant was away one night, Ken slipped into bed with Avery and made love to her letting her believe that she was with Brant. The result? Ken lost Carly, pretty much every friend he had in town and Kyle attacked him nearly killing Ken as a result. Though Ken may be down, he's not out. He still determined to make those around him suffer as he has and his misery making is far from over!

Susan sets up Cameron

Furious that Cameron dared to fire her, Susan set out on a plan of revenge--a plan that would surely take down all those who wronged her. She found a way to set the authorities in Cameron's direction fingering him for Jade's disappearance and just when readers believed that Susan had hit her alltime low, she shocked the world by amping up her quest to get in Kyle's good graces. She showed up at Grady's house promising to help them find Jade if and only if Kyle was the one who helped her in the search. Reluctantly Kyle agreed to help, but he senses there's more to the story than Susan is offering him. Unfortunately for Kyle he has no idea that Susan has darker, more sinister plans for his future including eliminating Sarah from his life forever!

Kipp wants full custody!

After Kipp arranged for Cameron and Heather's divorce, he approached her ready to find a way to get what it was he felt was best for their son Charles. Presenting Heather with the divorce papers, he explained the settlement he'd worked out for Heather. An eager Heather signed the divorce papers praising Kipp for saving her life and being her hero, but their reunion was short lived when Kipp issued her papers he'd put together filing for full custody of Charles as he vowed to never let his son fall victim to Heather's games as he once had.

Cori is back in town

While Dave's troubles seem to be compiling now that Ken has turned on him and his romantic life is in turmoil, there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel now that his younger sister Cori is back in town. Not only is she coming back to Coral Valley to lend some moral support to Dave, but she's about to heat up some big storylines with her own brand of adventure. Sure on the outside she seems like a simple first grade teacher, but there's a lot more to Cori than meets the eye.

Don's a father!

Shannon's been bound and determined to figure out what it is that her husband has been struggling to tell her, but when she followed him to a strange house she had no idea what she was getting herself into. Not only did she find herself jealous of the beautiful woman that answered the door when Don walked in, but she decided it was time to discover just what it was her husband was hiding. Only she had no idea that his secret wasn't another woman, but more so his son Matthew. The question is how will Shannon deal with this new revelation in her romance?


After great speculation about what has happened to Jade, readers discover in Episode 200 that Jade is still very much alive and being held captive. The question is where is she and who has taken her? If Cameron was behind what's happened, how will Jade find a way out of the situation? If he's not, then will Jade find herself wrapped up in something far darker than she'd ever imagined possible?