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Here at Coral Valley, we also would like to give fans an opportunity to check out other great sites on the net. There are a great many talented cast of characters that we've chosen for the faces of our characters. If you'd like to learn more about the actors who portray the characters or just check out some great sites, well then here is the place to do just that :) Just check out the links below:

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Other Fun Web Series Sites

Take a look at some of the other wonderful web series sites out on the net by clicking any of the links below:

EpiGude Web Entertainment--for those fans out there who want to read more of the exciting adventures taking place on the net, this is your one stop guide for the key to finding more drama out there. Also it's a great place to connect with readers and producers of web serials and more!!!

Guilty Pleasures--a brand new web soap sure to delight audiences with daily updates to this wonderful series.

Independence Day--Mystery, intrigue and more set the stage in this gripping web serial. A must read!

The Mysteries of Our Lives-- Get caught up in the devastation of fictional Hallandale, a place where the door never closes.

The Official Site of Absolute Productions This site provides information for all of your favorite APN shows.

Suburban Ways--A wonderful web series full of drama and more!

Sunrise Bay-- Join in on the intrigue, drama, scheming, and suspense that goes on in Sunrise Bay. There's no need to adjust the antenna or set your VCR like you have to do with your favorite television soap opera. To get engrossed in the story simply dive into the latest episode!

Other Great Soap Opera Sites

These sites are other awesome sites on the net, so please check them out.

Unfortgettable Connection Sonny and Emily(dot) net A beautiful site dedicated to Sonny Corinthos and Emily Quartermaine on General Hospital

I'll Be There: Brady and Nicole A great fan forum for fans of Days of Our Lives Brady Black and Nicole Walker.

Unexpected Connection A beautiful forum dedicated to Sonny and Emily on General Hospital

Jack and Janet Online A forum for As The World Turns Jack Snyder and Janet Ciccone

Beyond Desire: Brandon and Samantha A forum for Days of Our Lives Brandon Walker and Samantha Brady

Aidan and Greenlee Fan Forum A forum for All My Children's Aidan Devane and Greenlee Smythe

Soap Opera Fanfic Forum A forum for fan fiction based on all the soap operas

Aidan and Kendall Forum A forum dedicated to Aidan Devane and Kendall Hart of All My Children