His marriage might be over, but he's only warming up to show his soon-to-be ex-wife and her sister a thing or two. Neither one will know what hits them..at least that's what he's hoping for!





He's Deidra's soon to be ex-husband as the two fell in love, got married and moved to Miami, but now things are rocky and their marriage is about to meet an ending it seems.

Andy might've been the one to break Deidra's heart, but now he's itching for a divorce and his freedom. When Deidra challenges Carly Matthews, will Andy be able to use the animosity between the two women to get exactly what he wants out of his soon to be ex-wife.



Coming soon!!!


Married Deidra Byrne, but had multiple affairs including one with her younger sister Diane Stevens on their wedding night no less!

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