Augustus has been in Europe for a while, but when his grandchildren are in trouble he returned to Coral Valley unlocking a mystery that no one was ready for just yet!






Patriarch of the Ashford family. Augustus has always been a bit of a man for riddles and games. So it came as no surprise that he's kept that type of atmosphere around building his empire with the Ashford family. However, he's long since retired from the family business when he left his American affairs to his son Nicholas. However, after Nicholas passed on, he came back briefly only to check on Nicholas's children Brant, Ken and Blake. After his brief return to Coral Valley, he returned to Vienna where he's spent his time indulging in culture and the high life. He has four children: Nicholas, Thomas, Zoe and Bradley (who died at birth).

When trouble returns to the Ashford family, Agustus returns to bring some order again. Sure, he might not have thought about coming back, but now that his grandchildren need him more than ever, he's back in town with a few surprises of his own.



Coming soon!!!



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