Ben's world has been turned upside down. Now the real question is, can he find a way to pick up the pieces? Find out!









Ben had a job to do and like most things in his life he did it well as he took his spot at BBK working beside Avery while on assignment for ADA Isabel Chavez as she works to take down those executives at BBK she believes are involved in wrong doings. Ben's enthusiasm and ability to do what was required of him was something that had him always at the top of his class as he had a knack for details and staying focused...that was, until Brant's secretary Diane Stevens captured his attention.

While Ben was reluctant to be open with Diane about his true agenda at BBK, he found himself drawn to her and after great hesitation the two finally charted down the path to romance with one another. Their blossoming relationship however suffered a blow when Isabel chastised him for getting involved with Diane. However, after Ben came clean about his true agenda at BBK with Diane after he kidnapped her, the two reconciled and found their way together again.

Ben's strong sense of loyalty has always made him someone that those around him can depend on. Having grown up near the Ashfords as his Aunt Annie was their nanny, he's formed a friendship with Blake, which causes great turmoil in his relationship with Diane, but when push comes to shove, Ben will pull out all the stops to try to help those he cares about, but will his willingness to do the right thing ultimately put everything in his life at risk?








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Engaged to Diane Stevens.

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