Brant finally landed the girl of his dreams, but is she really the one he's meant to be with? If so why does he dream about another woman that he spent a short time with. Avery might be his wife, but Angela haunts his dreams. Find out why!
















Brant's the ultimate ladies man in Coral Valley as his reputation for lust is the very thing that keeps the tabloids buzzing in town. He's always been known for his insatiable appetite for the beautiful women of the world and up until his attraction to Avery Morrison, there hasn't been a woman he hasn't been able to charm with his persuasions.

Once engaged to Heather Gibbons--who ultimately broke his heart when he found her in bed with a movie producer in the hopes of forwarding her career, Brant had given up on the notion of settling down until Avery sparked his interest. Seeing in her all the things he wanted for his future, Brant began to pursue her relentlessly, but much to his dismay so did Avery's old flame Russell Denton, who ultimately wed Brant's dream gal. However, along the way Brant's found himself wrapped up in a couple of romantic endeavors of his own that have lead him into a world of trouble. While Brant's obsession with Avery has taken on a new level, his association with Angela seems to linger in the air raising another interest altogether in him as she seemed to vanish after their brief passionate interlude.

Despite Brant's wild ways, his family is extremely important to him and while his schemes to make his siblings' lives better may be a bit misguided at times, he still tries to do what he feels is best for them even if it means stepping on a few toes along the way. He's waged war on Ken's current flame Caitlin and is willing to do whatever it takes to split them apart as he has a strong distrust for the woman his brother has fallen for. His relationship with his sister Blake is one of his softer moments as he would do anything to keep her happy even if it means crossing a few lines to make sure that her one time boyfriend Zack Vaughn stays far from her life.

While Brant is the master of manipulations and schemes, he's also facing a few demons that he's struggled to keep under lock and key where family secrets are concerned. Having had to clean up the messes that his father's made over the years in terms of doing horrible, unspeakable things to women. After Brant found himself taking care of a fourteen year old Jade Alexander after she'd been brutally raped by his father, Brant's whole outlook on life changed as he was forced to numb himself and close off his emotions as he lived in the shadow of the monster he called dad. Even now years after his father's departure, Brant has been haunted by his father's wrong doings and he's fought the battle to become anything like his fahter. Brant has prided himself on not sinking to his father's treacherous level when it came to romance, but with Avery, the rules have changed and he finds himself slipping into darkness, but will Brant give in to the Ashford curse and cross the lines he swore he would never cross, or will he finally realize that he needs to save himself before it's too late? With this recent scheme he's cooked up with Susan, he may find himself questioning the man he's truly become as his motivations and his secrets may shed some light on the man behind the limelight, but when Brant's truly exposed, just what will the people of Coral Valley see?







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Currently married Avery Morrison-Denton; was engaged to Heather Gibbons; dated Shannon Pryce; had a fling with Johanna Larsen once upon a time, Angela Meloni and various other unnamed women in Coral Valley.

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