Dangerous. This man of many faces has found a way to pull the wool over everyone's eyes, but will he be able to pull off the ultimate gamble in the name of reclaiming what he feels is his?







Bruce Mathis aka Christian Fowler aka Harold Abrams. Bruce has a long history of torture and murder. No one knew about his past when he came to Coral Valley as he appeared to be the All American good guy successful doctor with ambition to be the chief of staff in the future. He met Avery Morrison in a professional capacity, but things became personal between them and an obsession was born. When Avery balked at his suggestions to move forward with their relationship coupled with the tabloid news that Avery was involved with Brant Ashford, Bruce showed his true colors. He attacked Avery but was thwarted from killing her by Brant’s arrival. Bruce faked his own death to set up the men in Avery’s life (Brant and Russell). However, Bruce couldn’t stay away from Avery for too long. He sent her a gift for her “engagement” party to Brant but was stopped short of meeting up with her. Instead, he stalked her movements until she married Russell in a Christmas ceremony. To get closer to Avery, Bruce passed himself as Christian Fowler to an unsuspecting Deidra and seduced her. Before he could complete his dastardly plan, she quickly left him alone. Not to be discouraged, Bruce sent Avery a present of a human heart to express his dedication to her. The police and Feds have scrambled their resources to find the killer before he strikes again.






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Was obsessed with Avery, had a one night stand with Deidra. He also attacked Trisha Merhan and various other women in Coral Valley.

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