He came to town ready to strike the ultimate revenge. Up until now the reason behind his actions have been a secret, but that's all about to change!









Deception and Deceit define Cameron Stone. His actions never speak his true intentions as his time in Coral Valley has been spent plotting for and against the various residents of this small town. Cameron’s main goal is to destroy the Ashford empire, and he has started to gain access by blackmailing Seth Alexander into doing his bidding as well as employing Grady Denton to pursue legal avenues against the Ashfords.

The Ashfords aren’t the only family that interests Cameron. His step-father, Douglas Mahoney, is the target Cameron is focused on recently. With Kipp in a coma and Heather pregnant with Kipp’s child, Cameron took the opportunity to marry Heather and make sure that Douglas will never know his grandchild and to seize control of Kipp’s welfare. With Douglas at a loss to his son’s whereabouts, Cameron feels that he has control.

One situation Cameron doesn’t have control of is his attraction to Jade Alexander. While it seemed she was interested in being friends with him, she quickly learned that Cameron wasn’t to be trusted and avoided his attentions. Cameron wasn’t discouraged by Jade’s rejections as he’s still determined to have her. His attraction to Jade runs deep and his reasons for such an obsessive desire have yet to be revealed. Whatever Cameron’s plans for Jade may be, it’s certain that they will not be for anyone’s benefit but his own








Coming soon!


Was married to aspiring model/actress Heather Gibbons, tried to win over beautiful law clerk Jade Alexander, slept with Valerie Madison and indulging in carnal pleasures with assistant Thea Valentine

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