Dark. Dangerous. Set on revenge. Craven gave his all to the Stone family through years of loyal service, but when the object of his affectino didn't return his attentions, he didn't get mad. He just got even in a deadly way!





Antonio Craven spent a great many years dedicated to one purpose--ensuring that Cyrus Stone had it all. It was a job he did well and one he liked for a great many reasons--one being that he was able to obtain power that he'd never known before in being there in the mob scene. However, when Craven took a liking to Cyrus's daughter only to discover that she had eyes for another, he vowed to make them both pay and he's far from being finished with what he started all those years ago...



Coming soon!!!


Unknown, but it's been said he had an unhealthy obsession with Angela Stone (now Meloni)i.

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