Dave's the good guy. He's now got his family to take care of and protect. The question is how far will he go to make that happen?







Dave is something of an enigma. He goes about the course of his job with diligence and single minded focus yet he looks at every aspect of a crime, no matter how minute the detail. His friendships are many, but very few people get close to him. His close circle of friends includes Ken and Deidra…except his feelings for Deidra go a bit beyond the realm of simple friendship.

Upon Deidra’s return to Coral Valley, Dave has been by her side to help her deal with her divorce, find a new apartment, and get settled back in to the small town atmosphere. He’s seen her pain, and he wants nothing more than to relieve her of it. He has been her loyal friend while longing for so much more. Still, he hasn’t let her know the extent of his feelings nor has he made any gesture to her that suggests he’s anything more than the guy she grew up with. Since learning that Bruce Mathis may make Deidra a target, Dave has taken a very protective stance. Could this be the catalyst for Dave to reveal his heart to Deidra?








Coming soon!


Had a crush on best friend Deidra Byrne and is married to Carly Matthews and has a daughter Kayla.

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