Dean's a mystery waiting to unfold, but when the truth about who he is comes out, will it cost him everything? Find out!







Surgeon at Coral Valley Hospital. Dean's been working at the hospital for a while, but he didn't make his grand appearance on the scene until the first night he met Deidra in a parking lot after Bruce Mathis (a serial killer who had targetted Deidra in the past) returned to try to get Deidra. Not only did Dean step in and save her life, but he also found a way into her heart.

Dean and Deidra are currently getting closer as their relationship moves to the next level. Their bond seems to be growing despite the fact both have agreed to take their relationship slow due to her being in the middle of a messy divorce, but when mystery starts to surround Dean, will he find that his past may come back to haunt him with Deidra?






Coming soon!


Currently involved in a romance with Deidra Byrne, yet he's still a bit of a mystery to her. His past relationships are unknown at this point.

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