Diego's kept himself away from love for years. Now that he's found it with a woman who is in love with another man, will he come out a winner or the ultimate loser in the quest for happily ever after?










Diego's always been the serious type and after he lost his love Maria in a tragic accident, he's closed himself off from the world around him ultimately choosing to bury himself in his work as his life now revolves around saving others to make up for those he couldn't save in the past.

Diego's life may have shifted after he lost Maria, but he tried to keep himself on a very structured path until fate pushed Heather Gibbons into his life. The beautiful vixen found herself wrapped up with chance encounters with him and when her lover Kipp Mahoney wound up in a coma after finding out that Heather's love didn't run nearly as deep as he'd hoped it would, Diego tried to console and support Heather especially after she discovered that she was pregnant with Kipp's baby. Hoping to lend a helping hand, Diego made it's mission to assist Heather in her attempts to reach out to Kipp and bring him back to the world around him, but unfortunately when Kipp's father Douglas refused to allow her that opportunity, Cameron Stone stepped in and made Heather an offer Diego had hoped she would refuse.

Upon learning that Heather was to wed Cameron, Diego tried to reach out to her and show her that Cameron was a dangerous man. The two shared a few moments when Diego took Heather to a children's hospital at Christmas and the two shared a steamy kiss, but ultimately Heather married Cameron and now Diego is faced with a choice to either step away from Heather or keep trying to help her. After Cameron's assistant Thea paid Diego a visit warning him of Cameron's nefarious intentions for Heather and she implied that Cameron played a role in Diego's old flame's demise, Diego had no choice but to intervene on Heather's newlywed status, but will the noble doctor's efforts be in vain or will he save Heather from a life of misery for her and her child?






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Was involved with a woman named Maria who was pregnant with his child and died, dated Shannon Pryce, dated Cori Warner, slept with Sarah Marx and has a reluctant flirtation with Heather Gibbons.

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