He's a misguided father, who likes to indulge in the finer things in life, but will his pleasures be the key to his undoing? Find out!










Douglas came to town to look after his son, Kipp, and discovered that he had a daughter, Jenna. When he first ran into his old flame, Dorothy who he affectionately refers to as Dottie, he couldn’t believe his eyes as he thought he’d never see her again after she’d disappeared from his life years earlier. Upon seeing her, he knew that his life was changing.

Unfortunately for Douglas, his life was about to change. Having just discovered he had a daughter, he was then faced with his son’s attempted suicide. While Kipp lay in a coma, Douglas was able to bond with his daughter in a family situation for the first time. But the tragedy for Douglas was only just beginning. Kipp’s coma lingered with Douglas keeping vigil by his bedside. During a break from the hospital, Kipp was moved without Douglas’s consent or knowledge to unknown whereabouts. Douglas is clueless that his step-son, Cameron, is behind the entire nefarious plot.

To say that Douglas and Cameron do not get along would be a huge understatement, but then comes another element to this twisted relationship. Cameron’s personal assistant and sometime mistress Thea has also been a lover to Douglas. While Douglas encourages Thea to break out on her own, Thea is loyal to Cameron…or does Douglas have more of an influence over her than she’s letting him know?

While Douglas deals with Kipp’s disappearance, he must also forge a bond with his newfound daughter. He also would like to rekindle the flame with his Dottie. However, he has Dorothy’s resentment of him and her longtime lover, Preston, standing in his way. Will it be enough to discourage him? Or will he find a way to get back the woman of his dreams and reclaim his family once and for all?






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Former lover of Dorothy and had daughter Jenna with her, had a son Kipp with Zoe Ashford, married Cameron Stone's mother and had a son JT, and is an off and on lover of Thea.

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