Loving father. Caring husband. What happens when the truth puts everything he holds dear to the ultimate test? Find out!







He's an entrepreneur. Elliot Denton is a man of strong character who loves his children wholeheartedly. He would do anything for his children and often does. He provides counsel to Russ and encourages him to follow his heart while he gives Grady the strong and demanding air of a disappointed father. He has encouraged both of his children to follow their dreams, but he knows that they also have very different goals in life. Still, he wants the best for his sons and wants them to achieve greatness.
Elliot shares a loving relationship with his wife, Cheryl, but life has not always been as peaceful as it is now. Their marriage has demons in the past that may arise to haunt them again in the future. While Elliot and Cheryl have done everything they could to protect their sons from the devastating truth of their past, it may not be enough to keep the truth from them forever.






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Married to Cheryl Denton.

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