Romantic. Gabe has waited his whole life to find the right one, but now that his ex-wife threatens to take away his daughter he finds himself questioning everything.











Gabe buys big companies on the verge of bankruptcy, breaks them into much smaller companies and sells them off.....except for the ones he believes will the most profitable which he keeps. Gabe came to Coral Valley seeking out his lover Guy Morrison as he pushes for the two of them to bring their relationship to light with his family. While Guy may be shy about embracing the truth about who he is openly to friends and family, Gabe has come to terms with being himself and is ready to take the next phase in his relationship with Guy hoping that soon Guy will do the same.

While Gabe was once married before he came out about his being gay, he and his ex-wife Noelle have tried to stay on good terms for their daughter Brittany, but as time goes on, Noelle's bitterness about the divorce takes over and she uses Brittany as a tool to manipulate Gabe. While Gabe does his best to try to pacify Noelle, with each passing day it seems that her selfish notions are growing into something she's using to keep him away from Brittany.

Ultimately Gabe would like to keep his connections going with his daughter while maintaining his relationship with Guy, but as Guy's ex-lover Mindy comes into the picture showing her lingering feelings for Guy, Gabe begins to wonder if perhaps he's losing the man he loves along with his little girl.

However, to keep up the games that Guy is playing with his family, Gabe has reluctantly agreed to play along in pretending to have a female flame in Coral Valley as well. When Gabe meets down on her luck Jade Alexander in a moment of heartbreak, it seems he's found a kindred spirit and the two form a fast friendship with one another, but will Jade's friendship be the thing to help keep Gabe centered as the world around him is shaken up or will his past ulitmately threaten any hopes he has of happiness in his future?








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Once married to Noelle Teague, father of Brittany, had a relationship with Marc Ashley and currently involved with Guy Morrison.

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