He's constantly battling his inner demons and when he finally follows his heart disaster seems to follow. Now that he's crossed a line he swore he never would, what will happen when a new twist shakes his world up all over again?








Grady is complexity personified. He represses his emotions to the point of overload. When he does show emotion, it’s usually in the form of rage as he lashes out at his favorite target, Avery. Seeing Avery as the epitome of everything wrong with the female of the species, he rages against her in an attempt to drive her from his brother’s life. All he ends up really accomplishing is ruining his own life by alienating all those who care about him.
The person who cares about him most, Jade, has seen just what his hatred of Avery can drive him to do. She feels betrayed by his refusal to give up his vendetta against Avery and has left him in anger and heartbreak. Grady, a recovery alcoholic, slipped into old habits and found his solace in a bottle of bourbon.

While Grady’s addiction to alcohol and his anger towards Avery ravage his life, they aren’t his only problems. He also has to deal with his recently returned ex-wife, Susan, who seems poised to reclaim her position in Grady’s life and his bed. Grady, however, wants nothing to do with her…but he says that about alcohol too. Will Grady give in to Susan the way he has with alcohol? Or will his love for Jade bring him into the happiness he’s always longed for?






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Divorced from Susan, was engaged to Jade, slept with Avery.

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