Guy has found happiness in his life, but can he help the man he loves keep the one thing in his life that truly means the world to him? Find out!









Guy has always been the apple of his mother's eye, working at her side as her cosmetics company found it's way up off of the ground, but now as Guy faces the biggest challenge in his life in sharing the news with his family that he's gay, he fears that he could lose his mother forever. However, as Brooke began to push the whole idea of settling down upon Guy, he found himself closer to the edge as it seemed there would be no more avoiding the truth in his life about where his heart is.

Fearing that his mother would continue to push Cathy Ashley--a woman Guy had absolutely no interest in upon him, Guy agreed to come clean to his mother about his relationship with Gabe, but as his sister Avery's life was in turmoil, he decided to spare his mother anymore grief by breaking the news to her. Fearing Brooke could learn the truth about his lover Gabe before she's ready to hear it, Guy concocted a tale of his rekindled romance with ex-flame Mindy Carmichael, but as the lies continue, it seems that things are growing far more complicated for Guy. Mindy hasn't really gotten over Guy and Gabe hasn't really resolved the issues with his ex-wife Noelle where their daughter is concerned, but the longer Guy keeps up the fascade, the more he stands to lose.

With Brooke's kidnapping, Guy is turning to Mindy more and more as the distance is growing between him and Gabe, but once this drama is over and Brooke returns to Coral Valley safely, will Guy reveal his love for Gabe or find another reason to keep the veil over his secret once again ultimately causing him to lose the love of his life in the process?






Coming soon!


Currently involved in a relationship with Gabriel Teague and was once dating Mindy back in high school.

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