He's a bad boy with a good heart. When the right woman came along Hart changed his ways, but will his father's return to town drive him to darkness again? Find out!











Kenneth's partner at the law firm Ashford and Steiner. Hart's always had a bad boy reputation in the legal world as he does what needs to be done to get the job done. He's into appreciating the fast life with beautiful women and all the perks that come along the way. While he's spent most of his life looking out for number one as he grew up with less than attentive parents, Hart had done some very regretable things starting with his affair with Travis Callaway's wife Elizabeth to aiding chauvenistic Lieutenant Patrick Sharpe in his lawsuit against Jenna Carpenter.

Hart's cut throat tactics have left him on the hit list especially where Jenna was concerned, but as the two teamed up to investigate the msytery surrounding Bruce Mathis, they found themselves unable to deny the attraction building between them. As Jenna's life was in turmoil upon learning the truth about who her father was, Hart found himself reaching out to her and forming an unlikely alliance with the woman who refused to open up her heart to him after his previous actions against her.

Ultimately the two grew closer to one another despite Jenna's reluctance to trust a man like Hart and he too found himself falling hard for the woman who had touched his heart--something he'd locked off for a great many years. The bond between the two of them only continued to grow as Jenna was estranged from her mother and while Hart has tried to help her rebuild the relationship with her mother, he and Jenna have only come closer to happiness with one another.

Currently Hart's quest for power and victory has been replaced for the love of Jenna as he struggles to keep his past from coming back to haunt them and threaten their love for one another, but as a few faces from his past return to teach him a lesson for his wild ways, will he stand to lose more than he ever dreamt possible with the only woman who has ever truly captured his heart?








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Had a fling with Elizabeth Callaway, dated Cathy Ashley briefly and is in love with Jenna Carpenter.

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