JT's always been a bad boy, but lately he's been trying to change his ways. Once tragedy hits him, he finds himself turning to a new girl in town, but will romance follow? Find out!






Bartender in Coral Valley. JT is Cameron's half brother as a result of a brief marriage between Cameron's mother and Douglas. J.T spent most of his time growing up in Coral Valley estranged from his family. His father Douglas refuses to acknowledge J.T.'s presense in his life as J.T. has been a constant embarassment to him.

J.T. and Diane have a history with one another and when J.T. comes into contact with the wild girl who caputred his eye in high school, he sets his sites on shaking up Diane's world once again, but will he be able to break through the changes Diane has made in her life with her boyfriend Ben to get to the heart of the wild gal who'd raised his interest so very long ago?



Coming soon!!


Was in love with Diane and had a relationship with Jade. May find himself with a new girl soon!

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