Ken's been lost for a very long time and when it comes to love, he's had a rough time finding happiness. But what happens when his old flame returns? Will he break his unlucky streak at long last?








The “responsible” Ashford, Ken has always been the glue that holds the Ashford family together. He’s cleaned up his twin, Brant’s public messes while remaining a solid figure for his sister, Blake. His dedication to keeping his siblings out of trouble sometimes lands him in hot water with them.
Ken’s romantic interludes don’t draw as much attention as Brant’s do. Ken chooses to keep his love life low key. At one time in his life, however, low key was not exactly what he had in mind. Ken engaged in an affair with the very married Susan Denton. Their affair wrecked what was left of her marriage and sent Ken down his own disastrous path. When she left town, Ken’s reputation was darkened, but he was determined to pull himself back up by his boot strings.

Enter Caitlin Vaughn. Ken wasn’t looking for love when this inquisitive reporter landed in an elevator with him, but she captured his attention and he hasn’t looked back. Ken’s love for Caitlin is everything he ever wanted in a relationship except now that Susan is back in town, old temptations are proving a bit difficult to ignore. Can Susan tempt him away from the woman of his dreams?








Coming soon!


Was engaged to Caitlin, once had an affair with and was tempted by Susan, once engaged to Wendy, had a one night stand with Deidra, had a fling with Carly and was engaged to Michelle. In love with Wendy.

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