Kevin's been leading a double life with work and romance. He's a tough bodyguard on the outside, a romance enthusiast on the inside. He loves one woman, yet is drawn to another through his past. What life will Kevin decide to take control of his future? Find out!







Kevin got in with a bad crowd at a young age and somehow it lead him to the ring where he began a very promising boxing career. At the top of his weight class, Kevin could've been champ if it wasn't for his conscience. He chose to go down a different road than most of his fellow boxers and wound up working for Cyrus Stone. During this time in his life, he met Angela and she chased him around, but knowing who her family was, Kevin kept her at arm's length until Angela finally found a way into his heart.

Years later the two still remain the best of friends and he hopes to keep her from finding trouble after a brief fling broke her heart, but now, well now that there's a new guy around Angela, Kevin believes he spells trouble and where trouble is Kevin is sure to follow in the hopes that he can spare his friend anymore heartbreak. Currently Kevin and Ria have found love with one another and are working through the past together.








Coming soon!


Was once married to Michelle Sprite, once dated Angela Meloni and is currently engaged to Ria Merhan.

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