The spoiled prince. Growing up with it all had it's ups and downs, but Kipp didn't truly realize the meaning of life until he almost lost his. Now that he's starting over again big changes are taking place for Kipp--ones you don't want to miss!









The product of a broken home with an absentee mother and emotionally distant father, Kipp forged his own path in world of corporate law. Working for his step-brother, Cameron, at Stone Corp, he made a name for himself as Stone Corp’s in house counsel and distanced himself as much as possible from his father’s Hollywood lifestyle.

Until he met Heather Gibbons. Kipp had admired Heather’s modeling for years and was instantly smitten with her. They quickly moved into a sexual relationship, but Kipp found out that Heather was not as interested in their relationship as he was. The night of the Ashford engagement party, Kipp found Heather in bed with Russell Denton while calling out Brant Ashford’s name. Kipp left the party in emotional shreds and rushed home. His father later found Kipp in a pool of his own blood after he appeared to have attempted suicide. Kipp was rushed to the hospital and is currently in a coma. He is also missing. Moved without his father’s consent, Kipp has vanished without a trace…at least to the eyes of everyone by Cameron. Kipp has become a pawn in Cameron’s vendetta against Douglas Mahoney, and only time will tell if Kipp can change that by recovering from the coma and reclaiming his life….and his child which Heather is carrying.

Currently Kipp is back in town and he and Heather are raising Charles with shared custody now that they've resolved their differences with one another. He is dating Kellen Meloni and the two are working with Heather to bring a sense of peace and serenity to Charles's life.






Coming soon!


Was involved in a steamy affair with Heather Gibbons and had a son Charles. Is now currently dating Kellen Meloni.

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