Kyle's spent his time trying to help his friends and make their lives easier, but when his world comes crashing down around him, will Kyle turn to an unexpected shoulder to pull the pieces together again? Find out!






Kyle came into town when Russell was looking into the mystery behind Bruce Mathis. However, not only did Kyle find himself in the midst of trouble, but he also found his way into the hearts of the citizens in Coral Valley. After Russell's 'death' Kyle has made it his mission to help Avery through the ordeal. He's also helping his girlfriend Sarah take care of her sister's son as they fight against the evil Cameron Stone.

Despite his tough exterior, Kyle has a heart of gold and is a true romantic. Having loved Sarah all of his life, he's happy that they can finally be together, but will fate have other plans for them now that Susan has made Kyle her prime target?






Coming soon!


Currently involved with Sarah Marx, was once dating Michelle, and is being stalked by Susan Hastings.

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