He's got an agenda. One that will give him everything he desires! Watch out!






CEO of one of the top fashion companies today. Marc came to town with an agenda and that was to get Gabe back in his life again. Sure Marc isn't at any position to really walk back into Gabe's life now that Gabe has moved on, but that doesn't mean Marc is going to give up. Marc has teamed up with Gabe's ex-wife Noelle to push Gabe into a corner. He's hoping in helping Noelle put Gabe in a tight spot by threatening to take Gabe's daughter Brittany away, that Gabe will have no choice but to turn to Marc. Plus now that Marc knows that Gabe's new lover Guy Morrison is still in the closet about his sexuality to his mother Brooke (a woman that Marc is now entering a business venture into with), Marc will stop at nothing to make sure that Gabe is his once again!



Coming soon!!!


Was once married and had a daughter Cathy, then was involved in a relationship with Gabe Teague and now is still hoping to rekindle the flame with the man that got away.

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