He's never been confused with being shy and quiet, but then again who would want him to be? Paul Flare may have had his share of tall tales in the past, but his story is just beginning only in Coral Valley.




Paul Flare was always the life of the party back in college so it came as no surprise when he and one of the cheerleaders decided to throw caution to the wind and get married when she discovered she was pregnant. Now fifteen years later, Paul and Jewel are still married, but hardly together. The two have spent more time apart in their marriage than with each other, which poses a problem for their daughter Stacy as she is looking for stability in her life. Paul has his own computer software company and is a designer of adult oriented video games. He's made a fortune in his career, had a wild run with women, but now Paul is going to have to face his most challenging role in dealing with a teenage daughter.



Coming soon!!!


Married to Jewel, but is notorious for his many flings through the years.

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