Tough. Loving. Devoted. All these things describe Preston Rhodes and his place in Coral Valley especially with his family.






Preston’s loyalty is a truly a testament to the man that he is. He has been in love with Dorothy for years, and he has asked her to marry him several times only to face rejection. While she continues to elude his desire to marry, he remains at her side through thick and thin.

Upon his return from Iraq, Preston landed in the midst of a family battle brewing between Jenna and Dorothy. He has shown his support to Dorothy despite her supposed dead ex-lover being in town. He warned Douglas not to upset Dorothy and not to drive a wedge between mother and daughter. Preston values the family he’s come to love, and he won’t let anything disrupt their lives if its within his power. But some things are beyond the Colonel’s powers, and he may lose a battle against ghosts of the past that are invading his life.








Coming soon!


Long time lover of Dorothy.

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