Richard is a devoted and loyal father. Sure his romance with his wife has been downright disasterous, but he's got a second chance at love with the only woman who held his heart.








Richard is a man devoted to his family while trying to follow his heart. Married to Brooke for many years in a loveless marriage, he has tried to maintain a family for his children, Avery and Guy. Avery is the apple of her father’s eye but Guy is distant from his father as he is his mother’s biggest supporter. While Richard has tried to reach out to his son, Guy wants none of it.

Upon arriving back in Coral Valley after years of absence, Richard ran into his old flame, Judy Stevens. Judy and Richard were young lovers before Brooke announced her pregnancy to Richard and trapped him into marriage. While both Judy and Richard went about their lives, their love defied time and is still as strong as the day they promised to elope. Still, the needs of their respective families comes first, and they each strive to do what’s best for their children…even if it means staying away from each other. However, Richard has never been one to back down from a fight, and he’s determined to win Judy back into his life once and for all. Only with his wife’s recent kidnapping, some residual feelings for Brooke may get in the way of any future he may be planning with Judy.






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Married to Brooke, former lover of Judy but they are trying to rekindle the flame into a new love affair after years of separation.

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