He worked hard to find his way back to Avery, but will the battle for their future be over or just beginning? Find out!













Editor and owner of Coral Courier Newspaper; writer and journalist. Russell Denton has always had a close relationship with his family especially his father Elliot over the years and it's helped him to become the responsible, caring man he's become who has learned to follow his dreams. In doing so, Russell has developed the heart of a true romantic as he's spent his life in love with one woman--Avery Morrison. At the ripe old age of six, he met Avery and has been smitten with her ever since. These two have had a very rich history with many twists and turns as they've come close to wedded bliss time and time again only to have it ripped away from them.

Upon one of their last attempts to get married, Avery left Russell at the altar breaking his heart and bringing out Grady's hatred for the woman Russell loved. However, Russ couldn't find himself getting over his lost love and once Brant Ashford showed interest in Avery, Russ made it his mission to prove to Avery that Brant wasn't the man for her, but ultimately he realized that he'd never stopped loving Avery.

After many twists and turns, Russ and Avery found their way together again and they were married at long last after Avery revealed the truth about their non-wedding as she'd left him because she'd had a miscarriage and Bruce Mathis convinced her that she was unable to conceive, thus bringing an end to the dreams she and Russ had together. However as fate would have it, Russ and Avery's reconnection brought about the promise of a future for them when Avery discovered she was pregnant.

Currently Russ is settling into his new life with the woman of his dreams as his brother Grady is constantly trying to tear Avery from Russell's life in the name of protecting Russ, but the harder Grady pushes, the more it seems the two brothers are alienated from one another and along with Grady's rage, Russ has to deal with Avery's mother's intense hatred of him and Avery's serial killer ex-boyfriend out on the loose threatening to tear his happiness apart.

With Brooke's current kidnapping situation, Russell's guard is up as he vows to protect his family, but little does he know of the real dangers that lay ahead for him and his wife as it seems that disaster is just waiting in the wings to strike. Can Russ find a way to stop it before it's too late, or will destiny rip apart Russ and Avery forever?






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Married to Avery Morrison-Denton and was once involved with Johanna Larsen in his younger years.

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