Seth's had a rough year in losing his sister Jade, but now he's holding onto happiness with the love of his life Blake Ashford. However will forces be stepping in to take her from him as well? Find out!











Seth's top priority has always been his sister Jade especially after their mother died and their father abandoned them at an early age. While Seth did his best to help put Jade through school, he was unable to keep her from the pain that their father brought to their lives as Dimitri Alexander used his daughter's trust to manipulate her for his own twisted purposes. When Dimitri pawned his daughter off to pay off his debts, Seth was left to pick up the pieces of Jade's life as that night she'd spent with her father lead to a brutal gang rape that forever changed her life.

Seth's anger and bitterness about his father and the men that nearly destroyed Jade controlled his life for so very long that when Cameron Stone propositioned him about assisting in taking down the Ashford family after Nicholas Ashford had been a part of his sister's rape, Seth agreed. However upon meeting Blake, Seth's conflicted feelings about his loyalty to his sister and his growing feelings for Blake put his life in a turmoil. He wanted out of the arrangement with Cameron, but it was too late as Cameron was threatening both Jade and Blake leaving Seth no choice but to comply with Cameron's wishes.

Once Blake found out that Seth was working for Cameron, she was hurt, but ultimately agreed to help him take Cameron down until Seth broke the news to Blake about her father's involvement in Jade's rape. Refusing to believe Seth, Blake ran to Zack Vaughn and found romance, but as Zack turned Blake away, she found her way back to Seth again--this time learning more about what happened to Jade as the truth began to reveal itself, but will Seth and Blake have a chance at a real future together with her underlying feelings for Zack or will the horrors of the past be too much to keep them from finding happily ever after with one another once Blake sees the truth about her father at long last?









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Married to Valerie Madison, in love with Blake Ashford.

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