Travis has been burned by love and now it's time for revenge--the ultimate revenge!







Travis has been very career minded, so much in fact that he didn't see it coming when his wife was in bed with long time rival Hart Steiner. After Elizabeth's betrayal, Travis buried himself in his work, but he's always kept the thought of what he lost in the back of his mind.

Now that Travis is back in Coral Valley, he's doing his best to bring about justice in the Mathis murder investigation and in the Brooke Morrison kidnapping case, but he hasn't forgotten what he still owes Hart for ruining his life. As he sees Hart finding happiness with Jenna, Travis has taken the time to befriend Jenna and offer her a job that would ultimately lead her far away from Hart thus taking away Hart's happiness as Hart did with him, but will Jenna take the bait? Also, is revenge the only thing that Travis is harboring or is there something more behind this lawman's agenda in Coral Valley?






Coming soon!


Was married to Elizabeth Raines a while ago, but divorced after not being able to get over her sleeping with Hart.

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