Zack may have lost Blake to Seth, but that doesn't mean he's out of the race for her heart yet. Far from it!






Zack moved to Coral Valley from Seattle to start a new life near his sister, Caitlin, and near his friend, Blake Ashford. Upon arriving, he immediately landed in the midst of a love triangle with Blake and Seth Alexander. Unbeknownst to him, however, his former lover, Johanna, had a big surprise waiting for him.

Zack is a diligent big brother with unwavering loyalty to his sister, Caitlin. He defends his sister with diligence even to the detriment of his own relationships such as with Blake. Due to family loyalties, Zack found himself separated from Blake in a time of tragedy. While he deals with his impending fatherhood, his lingering feelings for Blake won’t let him forget what they shared together. He has big decisions to make regarding his future with the woman he loves and the child he shares with another woman. Only time will tell if he can find a way to reconcile the two.








Coming soon!


Was involved with Blake Ashford, married Johanna Larsen and had a son Cody.

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