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Episode 149

Blake and Seth had a discussion about her concerns where Ken and her family was concerned before the two decided to spend some quiet time together. Ben paid Ria a visit only to discover that Valerie had been staying with Ria. The two talked about the old times and Ben's current situation with Diane. Valerie tries to pump Ben for answers about Seth, but when she was unsuccessful, she opted to take him out on a night on the town instead. Diane's date with Patrick hit a snag leaving her unsuccessful in her mission to discover details about Kipp Mahoney's shooting. However, J.T. took advantage of the situation and decided to join Diane for the evening whether she wanted him to or not. Kyle and Elliot talked about the events leading up to Russell's death before Kyle went off to take some time for himself. After remembering a wild flashback of the trouble he and Russ got into in their youth, Kyle received a call from Shannon offering him information on the case they were working on. Guy paid Guy a visit at the hospital and met Brittany for the first time. Brittany and Guy hit it off immediately and the trio spent the evening together at the hospital coloring. Ben and Valerie took part in a very sensual dance unaware that Diane and J.T. were at the same bar taking it all in. In a drunken fury Diane went home with J.T. and wound up making love to him.

Episode 150

Blake and Seth returned to the mansion for a quiet breakfast, but Brant found the both of them before that could happen. After a great amount of teasing from Brant, Ken walked in on the conversation long enough to hear his sister was engaged. In the midst of what was going on, Johanna called Blake asking her to come over to the hospital. Ben woke up on Ria's couch where he and Valerie talked about Seth's relationship with Blake along with his situation with Diane. Valerie encouraged him to follow his heart back to the woman he loved. Diane woke up at J.T.'s place horrified by her actions. In a frenzy, she left before he could wake up and try to stop her, but deep down she knew the damage was already done. Jenna and Hart agreed to give living together a try, but only if he stayed at her place. Hart eagerly agreed and both were surprised when Jenna encouraged Hart to try to open up the lines of comminucation with his daughter. Cameron and Sarah had an encounter with one another that left Sarah more furious than ever at the man her sister married. Richard reluctantly left Avery alone at her house after she convinced him that everything was alright. However after Richard left, Avery had a very vivid, very real hallucination of her dead husband in the shower with her leading up to Brant having found an unconscious and injured Avery on the bathroom floor. Kyle and Shannon discuss what she discovered about Kipp Mahoney's case. Blake and Johanna met up and agreed that while they were reluctant to own up to the truth, fate had brought them to exactly where they were meant to be in their lives with the men they love. When the nurse brought Cody back with Seth trailing behind, Johanna urged Blake to hold him. Blake and Seth had a talk about their upcoming wedding and their future only to elicit questions from Zack about how their engagement came about. Diane returned home to find Ben on her doorstep.

Episode 151

Cameron paid J.T. a visit to discuss his blossoming relationship with Diane. J.T. bragged about his night with Diane and vowed to help Cameron in any way he possibly could with what he wanted, but requested that Cameron help him eliminate Ben from Diane's life.Diane found
herself furious with Ben after she saw him dancing with Valerie. She lashed out at him until he explained the situation revealing just who Valerie really was. Despite the fact that her guilt was eating away at her, Diane and Ben made up in a very passionate reunion. Blake got upset with Zack after his questioning her relationship with Seth, but ultimately Zack wished the two of them well before informing Johanna that he'd put in his two weeks notice at the hospital in order for them to return home to Seattle with their son. Kyle did some investigating at the newspapers with Mindy to uncover more about Kipp Mahoney's shooting. Brant took Avery to a private hospital fearing that her wounds were self inflicted. When his doctor friend Don Reynolds informed Brant they weren't, Brant paid Avery a visit and the two shared a poignant exchange. Carly lashed out at Dave for his special treatment with Grady. The two exchanged words before having made a dinner date in the process. Jade arrived at Ria's only to discover that Valerie was back in town. Thinking about what this could mean to her brother's future, Jade quickly ducked out of the situation. Blake and Seth had a talk about their relationship as she assured him that he was the only man for her. Sarah and Diego have a talk in the hallway which was cut short by Heather's awakening to discover her sister there.

Episode 152

Heather lashed out at Sarah upon waking up upsetting Heather in the process. Dean encouraged Ria to take a long overdue break, but her mystery man intercepted promising her a night of passion. Kyle and Mindy uncovered information about the rivalry between Kipp and Susan. Avery argued with Brant about staying in the hospital until finally Brant agreed to let her go see Grady. Cameron paid Deidra a visit and tried to manipulate her into letting him know about Heather's condition, but Dean stepped in and stopped that from happening. Blake tried to help Sarah through the problem she was having with Heather, but Valerie approached the two women wanting to have a few words with Blake. Kyle and Shannon sought out Avery after he discovered blood on the bathroom floor. Grady warned Avery not to risk her or the baby's health in the name of saving him, but she promised to do everything she could to help him get acquitted. Jade told Seth that Valerie was back in town.