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Week 1 Recaps (Episode 1-2)

An earthquake hit Coral Valley. Bruce's romantic evening with Avery was interrupted. Kenneth met a feisty new reporter named Caitlin who trapped him in the elevator at CCR. Heather let Brant know she was in town. Blake met Seth at the auto shop before they were trapped in the quake. Russell met Heather. Jade attempted to seduce Grady before the quake hit. Caitlin revealed that she was Blake's college roommate. She then convinced Kenneth to let her do a story about his legal case. Brant tried to convince Avery that they would be hot together before the quake hit. Blake panicked when the quake hit. Grady left Jade behind when she attempted to seduce him in the quake's aftermath. Kenneth & Caitlin were in danger when the elevator lights went out and began to shake. An explosion rocked the auto shop. Bruce interrupted Brant's attempt to seduce Avery. Kenneth & Caitlin were rescued from the elevator. Seth was injured in the explosion, and Blake claimed to be his fiancée when the paramedics arrived in order to accompany him to the hospital. Brant was called to the hospital for an emergency and finds Heather there ready to reunite with him. Jade was alarmed to discover Seth is injured, but she's unable to stay with him because only his "fiancée" Blake is allowed to stay. Russell & Grady commiserated about their experiences in the quake. Brant kissed Avery and warned her that Bruce isn't the man for her. Kenneth found Blake at CCR where Jade and Grady demanded to see Seth. A showdown ensued.

Week 2 Recaps (Episode 3-4)

Episode 3

Brant's kiss in Bruce's office left a lasting impression in Avery's mind as she decided to head home from the hospital unable to forget the way Brant Ashford had shaken up her world. Upon leaving Bruce's office, Avery ran into Russell and he coaxed her into having some coffee time for old time's sake. A curious Heather caught the exchange between old friends and she followed hoping that she would gain insight on how to make Brant hers again. Blake and Caitlin had a happy reunion as Kenneth and Grady faced off about the feud that spun off after Blake lied about being Seth's fiancee. Egos clashed as Grady and Russell both stood their ground against one another, but as Brant joined in the heated debate, things went from tense to heated as after hearing Blake's side of things, he stood up for his sister daring Grady Denton to set him off. The men had a standoff in the lobby while Russell and Avery discussed her current romantic situation with Bruce and Brant. Russell offered advice to his long time pal as Heather eyed them intently picking up on the bond between them. Ideas began to stir in Heather's head as her handsome rescuer's past with Avery became something that Heather believed could work in her benefit as she fought to regain Brant's affections. Russell expressed his displeasure in Avery's being so close to a ruthless man like Brant Ashford and the two began a heated debate which ended when Russell apologized and they agreed to disagree on the matter until Nurse Barbara arrived alerting them of the show down between Brant and Grady. Russell and Avery rushed off to take care of the situation while Heather returned to her room vowing to take this information with her as she put her plans for Brant into overdrive. Upon arriving at the scene, the hospital lobby was filled with tension as Brant threw out insults in Jade's direction and fueled Grady's fire causing Grady to lash out at him. Russell stepped in and kept his brother from assualting the holier than thou Ashford brother as Avery tried to talk some sense into Brant hating the way he carried himself. As the scene began to unfold, Bruce came out into the lobby demanding all to leave except for immediate family for Seth. Reluctantly the group piled out as Jade and Blake stayed behind, both concerned about Seth's well being. As the room cleared, Bruce announced that it was time for him and Avery to have a talk.

Episode 4

Bruce and Avery faced off about her position at BBK and the arguement between them lead to a breakup as Avery walked out on him. Kenneth and Brant had a dispute over Brant's reckless behavior and later Kenneth and Caitlin sat down to discuss the situation. Russell tried to talk Grady down as he was still furious at the way Brant had spoken to Jade. Grady decided he needed some time to clear his head as his feelings for Jade had clouded his thoughts and as he took off for a walk, Russell decided to head on him, but was interrupted by the sounds of a woman crying near the hospital entrance. Upon discovering the woman was Avery, he invited her home where she spilled her tale of ending her relationship with Bruce and later she and Russell fell into one another's arms in a passionate embrace as the moment between them grew heated. However as soon as the passion began, it quickly expired as Avery called out Brant's name reminding Russell that Avery was nothing but heartache for him. He kicked her out of his home as the evening had been a bust for them. Jade and Blake exchanged words as both women wanted to see Seth, yet neither wanted the other there as they waited for word on Seth's condition. Heather headed on back to her hotel and she got a call from William pleading with her to return to Los Angeles as she informed him that she had no intentions of returning until she had become Mrs. Brant Ashford once and for all. Kenneth and Caitlin shared coffee and good conversation as they spoke of the Ashford family troubles and reputation. The two found there was a certain kinship growing between them as they each seemed quite comfortable with one another. Brant had a talk with Annie about his fight with Kenneth as he tried to rationalize his behavior. At the end of the episode Seth awakened and much to Jade's dismay requested to see Blake.

Week 3 Recaps (Episode 5-6)

Grady checked in with Jade at CCR. Blake saw Seth who surprised her with a kiss. Avery & Brant were caught in compromising position. Caitlin discussed her news story with Russell. Kenneth expressed his dismay over Brant's behavior to Annette. Heather and Russell agreed to work together to keep Avery and Brant apart. Jade and Seth discuss his involvement with Blake. Caitlin received numerous hang-ups to her cell phone which worried Kenneth. Blake dreamt of a romantic future with Seth. Heather kissed Russell in a bid to make him see that she was capable of getting Brant's attention. Ben and Diane flirted while discussing their bosses. Cameron Stone met with Seth and reminded him of their deal. Grady took Jade home where she attempted to seduce him once again. Brant fantasized about Avery. Russell gave Heather the Heimlich maneuver which Avery saw and mistook for an intimate position. She and Russell argued before she stalked away in disgust.

Week 4 Recaps (Episode 7-8)

Episode 7

Avery started packing for her trip with Brant as she stewed over the notion of seeing Russell with Heather back in his office. Her anger nearly got the best of her as she reailzed she was running behind. Russell showed up at her apartment demanding she hear him out about his concerns about Brant, but she refused to listen to him and the two got into a very phsycial debate that ended with them almost making love in the heat of the moment until Grady called requesting to see Russell. Russell grudgingly agreed to meet with his brother after Avery ducked out on him leaving him more confused than ever about the state of their friendship. Caitlin read over the Hendersons' letters and found herself touched by their situation as she and Kenneth spoke of the case. Their meeting was cut short as Caitlin received strange hang ups on her cell phone and she quickly ducked out of the situation leaving Kenneth to wonder about her quick exit. Seth was at home having a lazy day when Blake unexpectedly showed up at his apartment bringing dessert. The two got very heated on his sofa as he realized that Blake was something he was starting to be unable to do without. Heather paid Brant a visit offering to go with him on his trip as she and Annie talked about Heather's quest to win Brant back. Heather called Russell hoping to thwart any impending relationship between Brant and Avery on this upcoming trip. Avery joined Brant on the plane and he informed her that he thought highly of her as a lawyer and on a professional level he had a great respect for her. The two flirted a bit as they prepared for the Davies meeting. Cameron Stone approached Jade and made his presence known as he kept a close eye on her finding himself very interested in Seth's younger sister.

Episode 8

Russell and Grady talked about Grady's concerns about starting a relationship with Jade as Russell lashed out at him for being too afraid to make a move. The two talked about Russell's decision to save Avery as Grady told him to let Avery do her own thing. Russell convinced Grady to stop running away from Jade as Russell received a call from Heather demanding his help in keeping Brant and Avery apart. Brant and Avery's meeting with Steven Davies takes a wrong turn as Davies decides to sweeten his deal by requesting a night with Avery. Avery's fears are alleviated as Brant announces she's his fiancee opening up a whole new can of worms between them as they are to keep up the charade at the party Davies his hosting. Kenneth takes Caitlin to meet with the Hendersons and while they are there Caitlin gets another mysterious phone call thus causing her to leave once more. Jade decided to play things low key in the hopes of capturing Grady's attention and as she politely ducked out of spending time with him, Grady stewed over the situation between them revealing to himself that he wanted Jade. Blake and Seth lost themselves in kisses and became physcial with one another as their passion began to overtake them, but before things were too heated, Blake put the brakes on the moment urging Seth to wait. He agreed that they were moving too fast, but before they could talk about the situation further, Seth received a phone call from Cameron spoiling the mood as Cameron demanded to see him. Brant and Avery argued over the situation that took place with Davies as he confessed that his father did run less than moral business. Enraged that Brant would lie about them being engaged, Avery vowed never to stop being mad at him for not being man enough to tell the truth and she locked herself in the hotel bedroom in a rage as Brant wondered if he would ever stand a chance in terms of winning her heart. Meanwhile, Caitilin was attacked in the parking garage on her way out of work.

Week 5 Recaps (Episode 9-10)

Episode 9

Russell and Heather followed Brant and Avery to their hotel in the hopes of thwarting a budding romance between the two of them, but as they arrived at the hotel Russell expressed his concerns about always being the one footing the bill for Heather's ideas. As the two heard of the Davies party, a new plan to keep Brant and Avery apart came into fruition. Meanwhile Brant and Aver sparred off again about his reluctance to deal with Davies in terms of honesty. When Avery finally came out of the bedroom, Brant was blown away by Avery's costume. She informed him that he had no chance with her as he presented her with a rare red diamond ring worth millions as they prepared to let the world believe they were indeed engaged. Avery accepted and the two headed to the party together. Blake rushed to the hospital upon hearing of her friend's attack and she pleaded with Caitlin to let Kenneth help her, but wanting her privacy Caitlin declined Blake's suggestions and Blake promised to do whatever it took to help Caitlin through this rough time as the two agreed to keep her past a secret. Seth had a meeting with Cameron's sadistic assistance Thea and he was given his first assignment on the Ashfords. Despite his wanting to get out of the situation he was in, Seth reluctantly took his assignment and vowed to find a way out of the situation he was in somehow. Russell and Heather crashed the costume party finding Brant and Avery together in a dance. When Avery ducked out to get some air, Russell followed her only to find Davies attacking her. Stepping in as the role of the hero, Russell saved her and Avery believed him to be Brant for a moment before figuring it out. Avery's thanks turned to rage as she toyed with Russell and paid a waited to make Heather believe that Brant was waiting for Heather on the balcony. Heather bought into the lie and kissed Russell heatedly surprising the both of them when he finally confessed he wasn't Brant. Jade and Seth had another arguement about Blake as Seth pondered ways to get untangled in the situation with Cameron. Blake and Caitlin shared a bonding night as Caitlin agreed to come back home to the Ashford mansion with Blake. Avery confided in Brant about the story with Davies back at the hotel and Brant ripped up his contract with Davies saying Avery was far too important to lose over such a thing and the two shared a steamy kiss. Cameron showed up in Grady's office requesting that Grady take his case against BBK as Grady found himself tempted by the offer to take on the Ashfords.

Episode 10

Angry that she'd kissed Russell instead of Brant, Heather found herself on edge wondering how things could've gone so wrong in their plan. Russell taunted and teased Heather until his thoughts lingered back to Avery and he realized that she'd set up Heather's kissing him. Angry at Avery's calling him on his interference, Russell and Heather argued about Brant and Avery getting closer to one another and both vowed it wasn't going to happen. Shaken by Brant's kiss, Avery found herself falling into Brant's persuasion as the two grew heated in one another's arms, ready to throw caution to the wind and make love. Blake and Caitlin talked about the good old days. As Blake gushed about Seth, she told her pal that true love could be waiting around the corner and at that point Kenneth stepped in. Seth and Grady both found themselves at the same bar not realizing who the other was as they shared their woes of romance with one another. Jade and Diane had a girl's night out where Jade shared her woes about Grady until Cameron showed up and Diane pushed the two into going out. Jade agreed to dinner with Cameron despite her feelings for Grady. Heather and Russell climbed up the fire escape of the hotel and Heather nearly fell off the balcony to Brant and Avery's room, thus interrupting the couple as they attempted to make love. Confusion swept over the group as Brant and Avery began to piece things together. Russell and Brant got into a tug of war over Avery both men claiming her as chaos ensued leading to Avery punching Russell as she cursed everyone in the room for ruining her night.

Week 6 Recaps (Episode 11-12)

Episode 11

Heather, Russell, Avery and Brant took a tension filled ride home in the Ashford jet as Avery drown herself in champagne. Harsh words rippled between the group before Avery passed out and Russell issued Brant a warning that 'his kind' didn't belong with 'their' kind. Grady expressed his displeasure with the idea of Jade going out to dinner with Cameron Stone and Jade assured Grady that she never does anything she doesn't want to do. Caitlin was angry when she awakened from her night at the Ashford mansion only to discover that Kenneth had called the police about her attack against her wishes. Feeling a rage at his taking it upon himself to put his nose into her business, she left the mansion angry. Blake and Seth set up another date on their phone conversation as Blake dreamt about what the future had in store for the two of them. Brant and Russell fought over who took home a drunken Avery until Brant won out and Russell reluctantly took Heather home. Uneasy about Jade's day out with Cameron, Grady made one final plea to her as the two shared a kiss bringing Jade one step closer to where she wanted to be until Grady told her it was a mistake. Blake and Seth met up for their night together and the two toured the Ashford mansion taking a delightfully playful moment in the fountain in the garden as Seth took her photograph. Kenneth made a peace offering to Caitlin back at her apartment as he realized his intrusions bothered her. She agreed to have dinner with him. A drunken Avery begged Brant to make love to her as she tried to seduce him. In the midst of her seduction, she revealed some secrets of her past with Russell and Brant vowed to make her forget Russell as he gave in to her seduction attempts. However, at the last moment Brant stopped things from getting out of hand as he vowed to make love to Avery only when the time was right. She fell asleep in his arms and he quietly ducked out of her apartment wondering what was happening to him as he was starting to feel something for her. Meanwhile Seth began his task at the mansion for Cameron photographing a painting Kenneth had while Blake walked in on him catching him in the tedious position wearing nothing but a towel.

Episode 12

Blake questioned Seth on his being in her brother's room and he covered with a lie saying that the clothes she'd gotten for him after their water fun were too small and believing him, she reached for another shirt not questioning Seth again. Caitling and Kenneth shared a dinner together where he vowed to make up for his nosing into her business. The two had a nice evening and found that they enjoyed each other's company more than they cared to admit. Russell stopped at Irvan's on his way back to watch over Avery's apartment, but was sidetracked as he found Jade out with Cameron. Upon hearing of Grady pushing Jade away, Russell went over to confront his brother about the situation with Jade and after a heated discussion, both men conceeded to the fact that they were both screwing up in terms of their love life. They vowed to make up for their mistakes with the women they cared about as they shared a moment. Brant returned home after leaving Avery's apartment as he thought of the conflicting emotions he'd had upon being with her. Much to his dismay Heather was waiting in his bed for him, but despite her seduction attempts, he demanded she leave as he wasn't interested in what she was offering him. Alone at last after she left angry, he lost himself to his thoughts of Avery. Seth surprised Blake with a romantic dinner on the beach, but romance soon turned into something altogether different as Blake spun a tale of her mother's death causing Seth to see her in a whole new light as he vowed to protect her from the harm Cameron could cause.

Week 7 Recaps (Episode 13-14)

Episode 13

Avery deals with the after shocks of her drinking binge as she prepared to face the day at BBK. Much to her dismay Russell arrived at her apartment tempting her with breakfast treats as the two had a discussion about what happened on Avery's trip. They engaged in a heated debate and when Avery left the room for a moment, Russell planted less than savory articles on Brant in her briefcase. Upon Avery's return, the debated continued between them until Avery and Russell wound up in one another's arms making out on her couch. He invited her to dinner and despite her better thoughts to refuse, Avery caved in agreeing to dinner as Russell vowed to let her get to work if she said yes. Kenneth started his morning brightly after his time with Caitlin while Brant was in more of a sour mood after Russell spoiled his trip with Avery. The two brothers talked and Ken gave Brant some insight on Avery before Brant questioned Ken on his hot date. Jade and Seth argued about Blake and Seth found out about Jade's date with Cameron and he made her promise not to see him again. Jade reluctantly agreed wondering why her brother was so worked up about the date. Blake and Caitlin talked about the men in their life and the both of them were beaming with excitement as the promise of romance was in the air. Grady paid Cameron a visit at Stone Corp and met with Thea on the way to see Cameron. Grady warned Cameron to stay away from Jade, which added fuel to Cameron's quest as Cameron later asked Jade out again against Grady's wishes. Ben and Diane flirted a bit while they spied on their bosses eager to get the gossip on what really happened on their vacation gone badly. Diane listened while Brant paid Avery a visit. She denied feeling anything for him as he urged her to face the fact that something was there between them. Avery found herself in Brant's arms. The two began to give into passion when Russell's clipping package made it's way into sight and she withdrew from Brant. Brant saw the articles and pleaded for a chance with her asking her to join him for dinner. Avery informed him she had other plans, but Brant persisted and she agreed to meet with him the next evening where he vowed to prove himself to her. Russell found out about Caitlin's accident as he headed to work and his concern lead him to talk to her about what happened. Heather bust in on the meeting between Russell and Caitlin and he shooed her out of the office refusing to hear her latest plans on how to get Brant back as his focus was on his pal. Heather left fuming vowing to find a way to get Brant back. Grady told Jade about his talk with Cameron and then the two shared a kiss. Grady promised Jade they could try at a future together and she felt hope at long last for a future between them--though Cameron went against Grady's orders and asked Jade out once again. Seth barged into Stone Corp and met Kipp Mahoney. Kipp and Seth faced off until Cameron broke it up and Seth warned Cameron to stay away from Jade, but Cameron threatened him with photographs revealing something awful and Seth left the offices of Stone Corp vowing one way or another to get out of his arrangement with Cameron. Upon Seth's departure, Cameron enlisted Kipp's help in dealing with Seth, but showing Kipp photos of Blake and Seth together.

Episode 14

Enraged that Russell blew her off, Heather returned to her hotel room vowing to get Brant back one way or another as she received a call from William letting her know about Kipp Mahoney's presence in Coral Valley. Knowing that Kipp's father is a big Hollywood producer, Heather agreed to the dinner date and she vowed to get her career in order and then work on getting Brant back. Jade informed Grady about Cameron inviting her to dinner, but she promised that she would let him know once again that she wasn't interested in pursuing a personal relationship with him. Much to Grady's dismay about the situation, Grady said he trusted Jade, but he didn't trust Cameron. Russell was delighted that Avery decided to have dinner at his place after all and when she showed up with 'better than sex' chocolate cake, the two shared some banter before he urged her into the kitchen to try his Denton Secret sauce. Polite conversation turned ugly as Russell and Avery sparred off once again, but this time before Avery could walk out she and Russell wound up in the thick of a food fight, thus lightening up the mood once again. Tangled up in one another's arms on the floor, the spark of passion flared between them and despite Avery's initial reservations, she agreed to spend the night with Russell exploring the moment together. Kenneth and Caitlin shared a romantic dinner with one another hoping to have a seemingly quiet night until Heather and Kipp arrived and Heather mistook Kenneth for Brant and she lashed out at Caitlin throwing her drink on her as things took a turn for the worse on Kenneth and Caitlin's date. Grady found himself at a bar losing himself in the alcohol that tempted him as he thought of Jade out on a dinner with Cameron. Thea arrived and tempted him into a dance urging him to enjoy himself as she flirted with him wildly. Russ and Avery made love in the shower after their food fight and the two promised not to analyze what was happening between them as the continued their night together in his bedroom ready to get lost in the passion that still remained between them. Grady and Thea continued to chat with one another and as he stepped away, she drugged his drink vowing to have her way with him. Cameron informed Jade boldly that what he wants he gets and she was at the top of his list and he wouldn't let her walk away from him, thus causing Jade to be on edge as she wondered just how far Cameron would go in his quest to get what he wanted.

Week 8 Recaps (Episode 15-16)

Episode 15

Heather and Caitlin faced off after Heather's attack on Caitlin. Kipp and Kenneth butted heads as both men stuck up for their respective dates. Caitlin and Kenneth left vowing to put the incident behind them as Kipp offered to make it up to Heather in his own way. Brant's thoughts about Avery lead him to a discussion about the future with his financial advisor. While he was spending some time alone, Seth showed up looking for Blake and Brant warned Seth not to hurt Blake or else he'd be answering directly to Brant--which was something Seth certainly didn't want. Jade tried to give Cameron the brush off, but when he wouldn't take no for an answer, her fears compounded until she saw Blake standing in the hallway and Blake helped her out of the situtaion she was facing with Cameron. The two bonded later and when Seth returned home, he was surprised to find the two women in his life enjoying one another's company. Avery and Russell basked in the aftermath of their lovemaking as he noticed the ring on her finger. Avery made up a quick story to dissuade his questions and the two talked about their past with one another and Avery asked him to promise her that when the thrill wore of, he wouldn't hate her. Russell swore he'd never hate Avery and the two gave in to passion once again. Kenneth and Caitlin retired to her apartment to finish dinner and watch a movie. When Kenneth fell asleep on the sofa, Caitlin mused about what a great guy Kenneth was turning out to be as her night with him had been a wonderful surprise. Kipp promised to buy Heather a new gown as she urged him to take her back to his place where she vowed to give the performance of her life to him. Blake and Seth decided since the lines were crossed for their date, they'd have breakfast with one another. Upset after Cameron's night with her, Jade called Grady only to get his voice mail as she wondered what was going on with him. She is unable to get ahold of him and worries as an unconscious Grady is in bed with Thea.

Episode 16

Avery awakened after her night with Russell feeling conflicted as she made her way out of his apartment. Leaving him a quick note, she returned home only to find an angry and drunken Bruce waiting for her. Heather and Brant read the morning paper and both found their way out of the place they were in as Brant rushed to speak with Avery and Heather shared the news with an elated Russell that Avery was engaged to Brant. Bruce attacked Avery and Brant came to her rescue as Avery realized that the newspaper ran the article on the ring Brant gave her. Guilt tugged at her as she began to realize the weight of the lie Brant had weaved out. Russell found himself at a loss as the night with Avery was fresh on his mind. Unable to buy into the theory that Avery could be engaged to Brant, he vowed to get to the heart of the truth, but before he and Heather could discuss strategy Grady called needing his assistance and he left to tend to his brother. Meanwhile Blake and Seth had their morning interrupted by reporters eager to get more story on Brant's engagement. The two ducked out of the restaurant and had a private moment alone, before Blake reluctantly headed to work to deal with the latest family crisis. As Blake headed to work, she got a flat tire and wound up crossing paths with a very eager to help Kipp. Grady had awakened from his night with Thea feeling disoriented as he wondered what happened. Fearing the alcohol had lead him to this position, he left quickly and called Russell over to help him through this situtaion. Caitlin and Kenneth shared a nice breakfast with one another before Kenneth saw the article on Brant's engagement and he left to deal with the latest family situation. Avery broke down in Brant's arms and he tried to soothe her vowing that Bruce would pay for his actions and then he offered to take her home with him. Avery refused and the two had a stand off in her living room. Thea and Cameron boasted about their progress as her night with Grady was a success and Cameron set his sights on Avery's engagement ring determined to get it soon.

Week 9 Recaps (Episode 17-18)

Episode 17

Grady and Russell talked about Grady's night with Thea as the two brothers pondered how Grady could fall into darkness. In the midst of their conversation, Russell told Grady the news of the newspaper article stating that Avery and Brant were engaged and about the fact that he and Avery had made love the night before. They exchanged sour words before Russell left Grady's home leaving him to ponder what to tell Jade. Jade and Diane had a day at the salon where Jade confessed her concerns about the situation with Cameron. Kipp changed Blake's flat tire and asked if she'd be interested in going out sometime. While flattered, Blake politely declined and she made her way home to the mansion. Avery and Brant had a face off about her going to the mansion until Avery reluctantly agreed to leave as her fears got the best of her as she thought of the attack Bruce made on her. A locksmith arrived changing the locks on Avery's apartment as Brant caught a glimpse of a half dressed Avery and despite his initial response to her, he took her back home to safety with him. Kenneth returned home to have it out with Brant, but instead had a chat with Annette about his situation with Caitlin. Later Blake returned home and both siblings discussed how Brant had a habit of tearing things up around town. Brant came home with Avery and the two revealed the horrible truth about Bruce to Kenneth. Grady fessed up about his night with Thea and admitted he was a recovering alcoholic to a forgiving Jade as she told him about her disaster of a night with Cameron. The two vowed to put the past behind them and move forward together. Despite his conflicting thoughts on what to do about Avery, Russell headed to work and had a few words with Caitlin about the Ashford family as he tried to talk her into staying away from them as they were nothing but trouble.

Episode 18

Blake pushed aside Brant's latest media frenzy and took a moment out to call Seth. The two set up a date and Blake found herself hopeful for the night to come as Seth was the kind of distractions she was certain she'd needed. Caitlin continued her research into Kenneth's past discovering headlines about his past with Wendy--thus causing her to question her own place in his life. Russell visited Heather at her hotel while Heather demanded they find a way to curb this engagement between Brant and Avery immediately. In the midst of her frenzy, she decided to call a press conference to say she was pregnant with Brant's child. Avery was lost in her thoughts about the attack Bruce made on her and as she realized her world was twisted upside down, she talked to Annette about the direction her life had taken as she realized she was twisted up inside in her feelings for Brant and Russell. Brant had Bruce fired from the hospital in the midst of his anger while Kenneth tried to convince Brant to urge Avery to get the authorities involved in this situation concerning Bruce. Brant vowed not to go against Avery's wishes and the two brothers discussed Brant's feelings for Avery. Jade and Grady shared a quiet time together at his place and the two discussed the situation with Cameron vowing that he wouldn't get in the way of their future together. Caitlin took her articles about Kenneth and Wendi home, but after a phone call with Blake, her concerns were put to rest as Blake informed Caitlin that Kenneth was certainly feeling something for her. Seth was threatened by Thea as she requested he do another job for Cameron. Russell warned Heather that if she lied about being pregnant with Brant's child, he would expose her lies to Brant and Avery and as Kipp called Heather to set up a date, she and Russell left off on less than savory terms with one another. At the mansion Avery took a shower and then called Russell struggling to find the right words, but failing as she left him a message on his answering machine. Brant paid her a visit and offered her dinner once again. Despite her reservations about things, she agreed to have dinner with him at the mansion. Meanwhile, Jade and Grady embraced a moment together unaware that Cameron had his own plans for the two of them as he and Thea were spying on them.

Week 10 Recaps (Episode 19-20)

Episode 19

Caitlin and Kenneth shared a romantic dinner on the town unaware that the media was watching as a photographer was capturing their evening on film. Blake and Seth made an escape out of Coral Valley where he took her to a carnival that he used to spend time at as a child. The two shared an intimate moment with one another as Seth declared his love for Blake. Despite her reservations about dinner, Avery prepared herself for a quiet evening with Brant. Much to her surprise he followed through on his vow to invite Annette to dinner and the trio shared old memories of Brant. Much to Avery's surprise, she saw yet another side of Brant and as the two found themselves alone again, they opened up a new door between them as Brant surprised her with a kiss unlike any other. Jade and Grady got heated by the lake until a park ranger arrived forcing them to cool things down between them. Russell received Avery's phone message and he made his way over to her apartment seeing the remains of the situation that had taken place earlier. Determined to 'save' her from Brant, he took off ready to wage war against the Ashfords. Kipp took Heather to a Star Wars convention and much to her dismay he suggested they make love in a Star Wars fantasy. Despite the fact she was less than interested, Heather thought of her idea to get pregnant in the hopes of winning Brant back and she caved in to Kipps fantasy hoping he could not only further her career, but give her the thing she needed to get Brant back again. Caitlin and Kenneth came close to sharing a first kiss, but an invasive reporter interrupted the tender moment between them. Still feeling the after shocks of Brant's kiss, Avery returned to her room at the mansion ready to call it a night when a surprise visitor fell upon her. As the man kissed her, she realized that it was Russell and before she could explain the situation to him, Brant burst into the bedroom striking Russell as Avery found herself in the middle of what seemed to be nothing short of disaster.

Episode 20

Brant and Russell got violent with one another as Avery tried to rectify the situation. Amidst tangled limbs and angry words, Avery managed to share the truth with Russell about Bruce's attack on her and both men agreed that Avery should've called the police and that Bruce must pay. Much to Avery's dismay, Brant and Russell began to argue again over her until she had a coughing fit and Annette broke up the heated debate. Blake and Seth continued their night of magic as Seth came close to telling Blake the truth about his situation with Cameron. He revealed to her that protecting Jade was important, but he wasn't able to complete his tale as Blake vowed to stand by his side no matter what. Hoping to put a positive spin on the evening, Kenneth took Caitlin to his ice cream shoppe and the two shared a sundae and a moment of peace and quiet enjoying the comfort of one another. Jade and Grady ended their evening as they discussed taking their relationship at a slower pace. Jade agreed despite the strong feelings she had for Grady and the two parted. After her coughs died down, Avery returned to the bedroom only to discover that Brant and Russell had mysteriously disappeared. Remembering their words of anger against Bruce, Avery feared they may have taken matters into her own hands as she called Grady hoping that he could help her in locating Brant and Russell. Brant and Russell located Bruce at a bar that Russell revealed was the place that Bruce and Avery met. Both men expressed their concerns for Avery as Russell inadvertantly admitted private details of his past with Avery to Brant in explaining the situation she was in. Both men had a bonding moment before they located Bruce determined to finish what they had set out for earlier. Jade savored the memory with her night with Grady while Grady thought to the future for him and Jade. His thought were interrupted upon hearing Avery's call and he reluctantly headed out to the Ashford estate worried about his brother. Caitlin and Kenneth finally shared a romantic first kiss in the rain at Lake Cardinal. Heather and Cameron met up in a bar and he realized he'd found himself a new pawn in his quest to destroy the Ashfords.

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