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Week 11 Recaps (Episode 21-22)

Episode 21

Grady arrived at the mansion ready to see what Avery wanted as she greeted him anxious about Russ and Brant disappearing together. After Grady admitted to Avery he knew about her night with Russell, she informed him that her calling was about Russ taking off with Brant and the two discussed the possibility of what Russ and Brant could be doing as the two men arrived back at the mansion both very cryptic to their whereabouts while Avery and Grady struggled to find out what really happened while they were out together. Jade teased Seth and Blake as the two fel asleep on the sofa together. Blake and Jade had a moment with one another where Jade talked about Grady and she informed Blake about Seth's love of photgraphy and his talents. Seth returned questioning the women in his life about what they were talking about, but both played it off as Blake and Seth prepared for their morning together. Kenneth and Annette had a talk about Caitlin. He revealed to Annette that he felt Caitlin was someone special as he found himself savoring their growing relationship. Heather and Cameron had breakfast with one another where Cameron revealed to a weary Heather that he would help her find a way to ruin Avery's image in Brant's eyes if Heather agreed to help him retrieve the engagement ring Avery was wearing. Despite her initial doubts about helping Cameron, Heather jumped at the opportunity to knock Avery down a peg or two and decided to help him get the ring. Jade and Diane had a girl's morning where they talked about the men in their lives. Jade was beyond excited about the new turn in her relationship she'd taken with Grady while Diane was still pondering Ben and his hesitation in their relationship. Blake took Seth to the gym to work out and they ran into Ben, who turned out to be a pal of Seth's from the high school years. As the two men caught up, Blake ran into her trainer and Kipp. Kipp tried once again to get her to go out with him, but Blake politely refused pointing out she was with Seth as Kipp found himself more determined than ever to win over Blake. Kenneth took Caitlin out for the day on his boat as the two shared a quiet day with one another. Brooke Morrison made her first appearance as she noticed the article on Brant and Avery's engagement and she decided it was time to make an appearance in her daughter's life again. In the midst of trying to get the truth out of Russell and Brant about where they'd been the night before, Grady and Avery learned the horrible truth that Bruce had died as Dave rushed over to the mansion to break the news to her.

Episode 22

Caitlin and Kenneth's romantic boating experience continued as the two discussed fishing and the relaxation of the water. Seth surprised Blake by taking her to the studio he worked at. He shared images of his past with her and opened her up to seeing his love for photgraphy in their day with one another. Avery awakened realizing that things were as she feared and as she questioned Brant and Russell about their night out, both men were evasive with her making her believe that they might have had a hand in Bruce's demise. Fearing the worst, she reluctantly stayed in the bedroom thinking of the horrors of the last week as both men vowed to keep her safe. Ken and Caitlin's day together was cut short when Annette called him home to help with the latest situation at the mansion. Jade received a terrifying phone call from Cameron where she warned him to leave her alone. Seth surprised Blake by sharing a picnic in the studio with her where he offered the wonders of the world and romance. Caitlin and Ken arrived at the mansion and Caitlin went upstairs to check on a shaken Avery. Seeing Avery's pain reminded Caitlin of her past as she helped Avery cover the bruises and scrapes that Bruce had given her the night he'd attacked her. Grady feared that Russell had gotten in over his head because of Avery and he tried to talk some sense into his stubborn younger brother. Brant approached Russell later and the two men agreed no one would know the truth about their night out together...not even Avery. Brant got annoyed with the police in his home and Kenneth tried to smooth over the situation hoping not to let things get out of hand. Jenna Carpenter made her first appearance on a somber note as she arrived at the Ashford mansion delivering the news that Bruce's death was no accident.

Week 12 Recaps (Episode 23-24)

Episode 23

Police were at the Ashford mansion trying to get details about Avery's history with Bruce since it was clear that Bruce was murdered. Caitlin and Annie bonded with one another. Blake and Seth started to make love at the photo studio, but when she revealed she'd never made love before Seth decided to slow things down between them until the time was right for them. Ken stepped up to offer his legal services to Avery once the police started asking her pressing questions about her history with Bruce. Jenna saw that Avery was upset and offered to go speak with her when it was clear something beyond Bruce's murder was troubling Avery. William tried to coax Heather back to Los Angeles, but she refused still wanting to stay in Coral Valley to get closer to Brant and to use Kipp to advance her career further. Thea and Cameron shared an erotic moment together, but his thoughts were consumed with Jade--the one woman he still wanted more than anything. Avery revealed the truth to Jenna about her situation with Russ and Brant and Bruce. Jenna offered her support to her best friend. Grady tried to get Russ to walk away from Avery, but he refused. Brant reminded Russ that no one was ever to know about what they'd done the previous evening--especially Avery. Ken was worried when Caitlin seemed overly shaken by what Avery was experiencing in her relationship with Bruce. He offered his support and tried to smooth over what was troubling her. Shannon Pryce arrived in town ready to find the truth about what really happened to Bruce Mathis. Avery introduced Brant to Jenna as everyone dealt with what had happened to Bruce and it's impact on everyone. Brooke Morrison arrived and Avery passed out in Russell's arms.

Episode 24

A frustrated Grady went over to vent to Jade about what was going on between his brother and Avery. She offered up her advice and tried to lighten up his mood. Russ tried to comfort Avery after her gold-digging mother Brooke came back to town and started fighting with Russ while she worked her charm over Brant. Blake worried that Seth's opinion would change of her after he learned she was a virgin, but he explained he loved her all the more for being honest with him and promised that they would have their day to be together. Shannon realized something didn't add up between Avery and Brant's story and she decided to head over to Brant's place and check it all out. Heather was bored out of her mind trying to kiss up to Kipp in the hopes that she would be able to charm him enough to get a starring role in his father's upcoming film. Russ snuck back into Avery's room at Brant's house after Brooke left because he was worried about her. Avery fell asleep in Russell's arms. Ken tried to get Caitlin to open up to him about her past, but she refused to offer up her horrible secret. Instead she thanked him for his love and concern for her. Hart pulled Jenna aside and suggested they work together to help Brant and Avery. Considering their history with one another Jenna told Hart to leave her alone, but he informed her that he wasn't going to back off until he got a yes out of her. Cameron gloated at the idea of ruining Brant's life.

Week 13 Recaps (Episode 25-26)

Episode 25

Blake and Seth arrive at Seth and Jade’s apartment and Seth explodes when he finds Jade in bed with Grady. After Grady and Blake leave the apartment, Jade and Seth have an explosive conversation leading both to their respective corners, neither willing to bend an inch with the other. Hart warns Brant of Shannon’s presence in the case and much to Brant’s dismay the two have a face to face moment. Shannon arrives at the mansion and questions Avery despite Avery’s reluctance to participate in Shannon’s questioning. Kenneth urges Avery to tell the truth about Bruce, but she refuses and later while at the mansion Shannon moves onto questioning Brant letting him know that she’s well aware of the things he did to get Brant fired at the hospital. Russell and Caitlin have a chat about her upcoming story and the two also discuss the situation with Avery. Russell confides in Caitlin that he and Avery are very close and he asks her to keep an eye on Avery for him. Brooke told Brant about Avery’s younger years and warned him to keep Russell far from Avery. Caitlin visited the Hendersons and they spoke about the situation that they’d gone through due to Midlands carelessness. Russell arrived at the Ashford mansion much to his dismay. She urged him to leave lashing out at him harshly wishing that he’d been the one who’d been murdered instead of Bruce as Avery happened upon the scene chastising her mother for her cruelty to Russell. Much to Brooke’s dismay, Avery and Russell slipped out back together and Brooke went looking for Brant hoping to put a stop to whatever was going on with Russell and Avery.

Episode 26

Heather dealt with the aftershocks of her evening with Kipp and as she saw the morning headline about Avery, she realized she’d found a new way to get rid of Brant’s latest love interest after all. Grady urged Jade to try to allow him time to win Seth over as he didn’t want to be the cause of a rift between her and her brother. Thea showed up at the Denton Law offices hoping to put a wedge between Jade and Grady, but it backfired as Jade made her intentions for Grady known to Cameron’s sassy assistant. Avery apologized for her mother’s actions towards Russell and he pulled her into an impromptu kiss saying that she was well worth the wrath of Brooke. The two discussed Shannon’s arrival in town and were later joined by Brant as the trio vowed not to let anything bring the past back to haunt them. Hart spoke with Kenneth about the situation their clients had found themselves in as both lawyers were looking out for the interest of those they were representing. Hart expressed his concern about Shannon’s involvement as Kenneth tried to think positive allowing the surprise he’d had planned to be a confidence booster. Blake and Annie shared a talk about Blake’s romantic evening with Seth. Shannon and Dave searched Bruce’s apartment finding a box of pictures of Brant and Avery together along with a key they believed was Avery’s apartment key. Noting that Avery said Bruce returned the apartment key, Shannon’s suspicions were on overload as she pondered Avery’s so called ‘truths’. Cameron called Seth warning him that it would be best for him to get working on the job Cameron had for him or else he would find a way to make Jade and Blake suffer. Much to Seth’s dismay, he saw the truth behind Cameron’s threats and he hoped to find a way out of the situation he’d found himself in. Caitlin discovered that Midlands was run by Stone Corporation…Cameron’s company. Jade and Grady vowed to have honesty in their relationship as they refused to let the past get in the way of what they have together. Avery urged Brant and Russell to tell the truth about their night out together, but as both men remained evasive about the situation, Kenneth arrived at the mansion bringing Avery’s father Richard with him as a surprise.

Week 14 Recaps (Episode 27-28)

Episode 27

Heather paid Shannon a visit informing her of Avery’s more volatile side in her hopes of making Avery look guilty of murder. Thought doubtful, Shannon took in Heather’s tale. Caitlin received a call from her brother Zack who informed her he was going to be taking a job at the hospital in Coral Valley. Avery was reunited with her father (Richard) and he immediately let Brant know that he wasn’t a fan of his. Richard offered to give Russell a one on one interview with him in the Courier and Brant felt intimidated by the man who’d been so important in Avery’s life. Jenna met Hart up at a coffee shop out of town and despite her concerns about working with him, she slipped him a copy of her medical examiner’s report on Bruce. Grady confided in Jade telling her about his ex-wife and about his own concerns about getting involved with Jade. After the heart to heart they discussed their strategies in dealing with Cameron. Shannon got a warrant from the DA to check the locks on Avery’s apartment. Caitlin told Kenneth about Zack’s upcoming arrival in town as the two had dinner at her place. Brooke caught up with Brant trying to persuade him to find a way to keep Russell from Avery, but much to her dismay Richard made his presence known and the two faced off about Brooke’s intentions in Avery’s life. Avery and Brant spent a quiet moment alone out back as she realized his insecurities about her father not liking him. She teased him for a bit and the two had a tickle war winding up with them on the ground in one another’s arms until the sprinklers went on. Avery pulled away from him and Brant urged her to stop running away from him as he kissed her. Avery came close to telling Brant the truth about her night with Russell, but her father stepped outside causing her to retreat from her honesty. Heather paid Russell a visit and let him know of her speaking with Shannon. Angry at Heather for her actions, Russell kicked her out of his office wanting nothing more to do with her schemes. Shannon arrived at Avery’s apartment trying the key she’d found at Bruce’s place, but much to her dismay it didn’t fit. Avery’s neighbor Mrs. Miller did however offer a tale to Shannon that lead Shannon to believe that her suspicions about Avery could be right after all.

Episode 28

Diane contemplated ways to seduce Ben in the office, but he caught her off guard inviting her to dinner much to her delight. Brant and Avery shared a moment with one another before they prepared for dinner with her parents on the town. Jade and Grady shared a moment at his apartment contemplating the state of their relationship and he suggested they find a way to work through the issues Seth had with him dating Jade. Caitlin and Kenneth discussed their relationships with their siblings over a romantic dinner with one another at her place and also they spoke about the situation with Avery and Caitlin agreed that Avery had her right to privacy about what happened. Dinner with the Morrisons turned out to be a disaster as Avery’s parents couldn’t refrain from fighting. Angry and upset Avery fled from the table leaving Brant to chase after her until the hostess cornered him throwing herself at him as she too was one of the many women to have crossed Brant’s path. As the hostess at the restaurant pushed Brant into the ladies room to have her way with him, Avery encountered the both of them and told the hostess to back off. Brant and Avery exchanged a few heated words as she reminded him their engagement was nothing but an illusion. He refused to believe that and as she told him he’d never mean anything to her, he forced her to face her feelings as he captured her in a passionate embrace. Avery reluctantly fell into passion with him until their moment was interrupted by another restaurant patron. Vowing that she would never be in love with Brant, Avery fled the ladies room denying that there was any chemistry between them. Cameron and Thea had a meeting with one another to discuss their progress. Blake found herself sulking when Seth hadn’t called her and as she wallowed in self doubt, Kipp showed up at her doorstep and coaxed her into having dinner with him. While Blake was upstairs changing, Kipp turned off her cell phone making sure that Seth wouldn’t be able to reach her. Buried in conflict, Seth vowed to tell Blake the truth about his association with Cameron as he headed out of his apartment, but he was met at the door by a menacing Thea. Russell showed up and interrupted Jade and Grady’s night together. The two brothers discussed the case Shannon was working on and Grady tried to encourage Russell not to get involved with what was happening with Avery. Shannon arrived at the restaurant Brant and Avery were at with her parents and she had Avery taken to the police station for questioning.

Week 15 Recaps (Episode 29-30)

Episode 29

Over dinner Kipp told Blake a tale about Seth that would surely destroy him in her eyes as Seth’s photos of her at the mansion somehow wound up in the Inside Track magazine. Hurt and upset Blake tried to keep her feelings inside as she questioned Seth’s part in exploiting her. Ben and Diane’s romantic dinner was cut short when he received a mysterious phone call alerting him to an emergency as he promised a curious Diane he would reschedule with her. Thea threatened Seth again, but Jade walked in during their talk and Jade questioned her brother on Thea’s presence in their home. The siblings had another blow out with one another neither one accomplishing what they were hoping for. Shannon questioned Avery about the details of her tale about the last encounter she’d shared with Bruce as Kenneth stood by her side as her lawyer. Brooke took the opportunity to butter up to Brant while Avery was in the questioning. Caitlin informed Russell about Avery being taken to the police station for questioning and he headed downtown to check on her. Hart arrived at the police station providing Kenneth with Jenna’s report in the hopes of helping Kenneth free up Avery. Kipp took Blake home kissing her good-night much to her surprise as she explained she wanted to be just pals. After Kipp left Blake vowed to get to the heart of the situation that was taking place with Seth and took off to get a copy of the Inside Track. Shannon and Dave uncovered a tape of Brant and Russell outside the Cadillac Ranch the night Bruce was murdered following him around.

Episode 30

Russell arrived at the police station and exchanged barbs with Brant before Shannon and Dave announced they wanted to see the both of them in questioning much to Avery’s dismay. Richard offered his services to Russell until Grady arrived as Brant and Hart went for questioning with Dave. Jade and Grady talked about their working with Cameron and Jade vowed not to let her personal feelings get in the way of what was happening should Grady have to go off and take care of Russ. Blake showed up at Seth’s apartment damning him for exploiting her. She lashed out at him bitterly after the tale Kipp told her, but Seth vowed not to lose her and he chased her out of his apartment telling her how he loved her. The two fell into one another’s arms and Seth stopped himself from making love to her and instead told her the truth about his ties to Cameron. Blake decided that together they could get to the heart of what was going on with Cameron and perhaps defeat them together. Heather and Caitlin had a confrontation in Russell’s office upon Heather’s impromptu arrival. Kipp paid Cameron a visit to tell him of his progress with Blake, but Thea was doubtful of Kipp’s progress and she issued him a new challenge. Avery and Brooke came head to head while Avery worried about the two men of her life being in danger. Brooke chastised Avery for her ties to Russell and enraged Avery took a walk only to encounter Heather in the middle of the police station as the two shared harsh words. Diego Hernandez stepped in and broke up the fight as he offered Avery a card in the event she needed someone to talk to. Heather found herself interested in the new man who stepped in to Avery’s aid, but more so she was eager to connect with the woman she saw before her as Brooke was her idol. Shannon threw Russ into custody as did with Dave with Brant until the FBI superiors came in and had a word with her. Richard explained to Grady that he’d made sure that Shannon’s superiors knew of her bias and she released Brant and Russ much to everyone’s surprise. Cameron showed up at the Denton offices and made Jade well aware that he had no intention of giving up on her as he would one day make her his.

Week 16 Recaps (Episode 31-32)

Episode 31

Heather met up with Brooke “Downing” not knowing that Brooke was Avery’s mother and the two hit it off as Heather proposed that Brooke use her for the new face of Beholder Cosmetics as she was about to become Douglas Mahoney’s leading lady in his new film. Brooke pondered the idea of turning Heather’s face into something profitable, but those plans were put on hold once Brooke spotted Heather making a plea for Brant’s heart once again. Blake and Seth went in search of the microfilm that Cameron was after and once they found it, they went into the basement at the Ashford mansion to see what was on it. The two shared a steamy moment before discovering what was on the microfilm and Blake vowed to find a way to keep Cameron from ever getting his hands on it again. Jade was shaken up by Cameron’s visit to the office and when he left, she and Dorothy talked about how Cameron bothered her. Diane decided to seduce Ben in Brant’s office, but much to her dismay Barry showed up and put her in a sour mood until she pushed him out of the office. Later Ben finally arrived and the two had a cozy lunch until he mentioned Blake and Diane was on the defense. The two had a spat over how Ben felt for Diane and he confessed his feelings for her. Richard lead Avery out of the police station hoping to get a moment alone with his daughter as he questioned her on her conflicts and on where her heart truly was in terms of love. Seeing her in pain, he vowed to help her in any way he could and then took her home to the mansion despite his reservations on the subject. Grady was annoyed when Russell refused to offer up any more information about the night that Bruce was murdered and he vowed not to let Avery take down Russell once again. Hart and Kenneth discussed Hart’s getting his hands on the medical examiner’s report to save Avery and the men talked about what was doing on with the murder investigation. Earlier Caitlin was doing research on Cameron in Russell’s office and she and Heather went head to head when Caitlin refused to offer up any information to Heather about Russell. Later Caitlin discovered Cameron’s ties to Midlands and to Nicholas Ashford. Dave showed up at the Cherokee Inn bar and tried to talk down a drunk Shannon until she passed out in his arms.

Episode 32

Brant returned home to the mansion at long last and thought about Avery’s untimely disappearance from the police station. As Avery arrived home from the police station, she asked Brant about the night Bruce was murdered. Saying nothing, he and Avery engaged in a game of cat and mouse with one another in her hopes for getting the truth as Brant attempted to seduce her. Enraged that Brant was playing her, Avery stomped up to her room leaving him to think of how impossible she was. Grady and Jade talked about her meeting with Cameron and she urged him not to drop the case because of her. Later he asked Jade to spend the night with him. Caitlin showed up at Kenneth’s office to share the information she’d learned about Cameron with him. Jenna returned to the Cadillac ranch in the hopes of getting some information from the very talkative bartender about the last night Bruce was there. Things were going good until Patrick arrived and started a conflict with her. The two began to spar until Hart showed up and intervened shocking both Jenna and Patrick when he stood up for Jenna. Cameron showed up at Heather’s hotel to warn her to get working on his request, but she stood up to him surprising him as he tried to put the moves on her. Kipp showed up wondering what Cameron was doing with Heather and he warned her to stay away from him. Dave took Shannon back to her hotel room and when they arrived there, she tried to seduce him in her drunken stupor until she passed out and he left her alone. Brooke returned to the Ashford mansion and ran into Richard in the process after he’d dropped Avery off. Deciding his daughter needed a night of peace, Richard forced Brooke into his car and drove her away from the mansion. Jade and Grady spent the night with one another sharing in the calm serenity that they felt together. Upstairs stewing over the thought of Brant’s playing her, Avery found Russell waiting for her. The two talked about what happened the night of Bruce’s murder and he told her the truth also revealing to Avery that he was in love with her. The two shared an emotional moment and Avery asked him to spend the night with her and Russell promised to hold her all night long. Blake and Seth showed up at Kenneth’s office to share what they found out about the microfilm and Cameron as Kenneth and Caitlin agreed to work with them to take down Cameron.

Week 17 Recaps (Episode 33-34)

Episode 33

Brant and Annette had a talk about ways he might go about winning Avery over if he was serious about a relationship with her. Grady woke up to Jade in his arms and they shared a tender moment before work. Blake and Kenneth exchanged words in the morning about what took place the previous evening. She confided that Kipp kissed her and that she had no problems working that angle if need be as they discussed what was going on with Cameron. Brooke returned to the mansion and found Russell and Avery in bed together moments before Brant showed up and she lead Brant away from Avery’s room hoping ot keep disaster from striking. Shannon showed up at work with a hangover and Dave teased her about the previous evening before they headed off to work once again on the murder case. Thea paid Seth a visit at his apartment and he tried to make her believe that Blake had broken things off with him in an attempt to keep Thea from unleashing her rage on him about not having gotten the microfilm. Thea and Seth kissed and later Seth told Blake about it and she had a fit. The two fought and then played a game of seduction that grew in intensity until a phone call interrupted the moment. Caitlin’s brother Zack arrived in Coral Valley. Kipp and Heather shared a tender moment until his father called and Heather tried to charm him. When Kipp talked to his father, Douglas warned Kipp not to stay with a gold digger like Heather or else… Jade and Grady snuck into work late and Dorothy teased him as Grady began to do his research on Kipp. He also decided to do some investigating of his own on the night Bruce was murdered as he wanted to know the story Russ wasn’t telling him about the night in question. Caitlin took Zack to meet Kenneth and the two seemed to get off to a good start. Jenna paid her mother (Dorothy) a visit and the two talked about Jenna’s suspension and her own investigation of the murders. Dorothy warned Jenna about getting too close to Hart and the two talked about Jenna’s father. Russell had an erotic dream about Avery before waking up in a very intimate moment between them. The two shared stolen kisses before Avery heard Brooke and Brant outside her room and she made a deal with Russell in order to get him to hide. Brant coaxed her down to breakfast while Russell was hidden on the balcony and moments later Russell showed up surprising the group as he joined them for breakfast.

Episode 34

Richard paid Kenneth a visit and was surprised to meet up with Judy again after all this time. The two later shared a playful meeting with one another and flirted while he asked her to lunch. Caitlin asked Zack for help with what was going on with Blake and Kenneth. Seth and Blake woke up in one another’s arms and as they started talking about Cameron, Blake suggested that she and Seth break up to the public eye as she had the perfect idea on who could be her ‘pretend’ boyfriend now that Zack was in town. Despite Seth’s unease with the situation, Blake sweet talked him into seeing things her way. Heather and Kipp shared a tender moment as Kipp opened up to Heather about his family life. When he tried to get her to open up, she was evasive and put him off despite his longing to get closer to her with his declarations of love. Dave and Shannon found out that someone was following Russ and Brant the night of Bruce’s murder. Later they checked out the car to see if they could find out more about what happened. Over breakfast, Brooke and Russell went head to head before papers arrived from Grady's office alerting Brant of Cameron's lawsuit against BBK. Avery went wild with anger and stole Russell’s jacket and car as she marched into Grady’s office ready to take him on. The two said some ugly words and Russell walked in during the heat of the moment seeing Grady slam Avery and with an anger, he vowed to put an end to the situation then and there. Jenna and Hart had breakfast where she warned him not to think he was her buddy after him helping her out the night before. She reminded him why they were partners and it was then that Hart vowed to win her over. Ben’s thoughts of a budding relationship with Diane were put to a halt as he received a disturbing phone call. Blake showed up at Caitlin’s apartment and begged Zack to be her boyfriend for the press and he agreed.

Week 18 Recaps (Episode 35-36)

Episode 35

Richard and Judy share a quiet lunch with one another where he tries to persuade her into seeing him again. After promising to resolve his current martial status with Brooke, Judy leaves him some hope for a second chance between the two of them. Heather ran into Cameron in the park and was harassed by him until Diego arrived whisking her away. Instead of thanking him for his involvement, she cursed him repeatedly and he handed her his business card in case she needed to talk. Insisting she didn’t need professional help from a psychiatrist, Heather and Diego parted ways, but her notions about getting at Avery were still brewing in her mind after recalling Diego’s brief talk with Avery and she kept his card just in case. Russell and Grady went head to head with one another over Grady’s hatred for Avery. While the two brothers battled, Avery found herself worried about Russell as Brant tried to console her. She rushed off in a haste feeling sick as Brant encountered Seth and the two had a talk with one another before Seth met up with his sister hoping to get a few words in with her. Jade pleaded with Seth to have dinner with her and Grady and after a while he reluctantly agreed to do so. Shannon discovered that Patrick was at the Cadillac Ranch the night of Bruce’s murder and after speaking with him, she was less than trusting of his alibi. Kipp and Thea faced off as she warned him about doing his job poorly for Cameron and she vowed if he screwed up, she’d find ways to make him pay over and over again starting with Heather. Russell informed Grady that he was very much in love with Avery and that it wasn’t going to change because Grady didn’t like it. Brant informed Avery he knew the real reason Russell was always around as he was certain she was running to Russell in the hopes of confiding in him about her feelings for Brant. Before Avery could reply, the doors to Grady’s office opened signaling the end of the Denton boys fight. Richard requested a divorce from Brooke to which she refused. Blake and Zack caught up with one another while Caitlin was gone and later Caitlin was attacked yet again in the parking garage outside work.

Episode 36

Kenneth rushed to see Caitlin as his fears mounted about her attack. Russ and Grady left off on bad terms as Russ left Grady’s office with Brant and Avery. Grady stewed over what happened with Russ as Jade tried to talk him down from the situation, but he refused to let go of the way his brother’s decisions bothered him. Avery and Russ shared a tender moment in his car as he spoke about his feelings for her, but before anything could happen, Brant called breaking up the moment. Diane cornered Ben hoping to get a moment alone with him, but when he refused and offered for them to have dinner together, she wondered if this would yet again be another near miss with them. Diego paid Caitlin a visit and tried to help her through her attack despite her being closed off about the situation. Zack discovered the news about Caitlin’s phone calls and he was furious that his sister was hurt. Brant and Russell had a sparring match in Avery’s apartment before Brant took off to meet with a mysterious caller in the hopes of finding a way to end the chaos associated with Bruce’s murder. Once Brant left, Russell decided it was time to continue his conversation with Avery and he cornered her in her closet where the two explored the issues of passion between them. Jade tried to persuade Grady to think like a man in love in the hopes of getting him to understand where his brother was coming from with Avery, but still Grady refused to budge on the issue and she compared him to her brother announcing that Seth agreed to have dinner with them and give things a chance. Ben and Seth had a conversation w/one another about the women in their lives. Diane and her mother talked about relationships and the possibility of happily ever after as both women thought of the men they cared for. Caitlin broke down in Ken’s loving embrace.

Week 19 Recaps (Episode 37-38)

Episode 37

Shannon and Jenna met up while Shannon was tailing Patrick at the Cadillac Ranch and despite the surprise in encountering one another, after a less than savory incident with Patrick, the two began to talk to one another. Brant arrived at the same bar impatiently awaiting the news that Hart called him away from Avery’s apartment to hear. The two men began to talk and Hart clued Brant in on the fact that Russ was Avery’s fiancé once upon a time and after a couple of martinis Brant was fit to be tied. Hart spotted Jenna and Shannon together and feeling double crossed he confronted them. Brant took the opportunity to get into a sparring match with Shannon which resulted with her dumping her drink on his head. Diane arrived at Ben’s place for dinner and the two spoke of her father’s untimely death and about their families. Later they started a sensual game of cat and mouse in his kitchen leading with the moment Diane had been waiting for as Ben took her to his bedroom at long last with the full intentions of their making love. After making love, Russ and Avery found themselves engaged in a few playful moments before Russell received a phone call about Caitlin’s attack. With the two of them worried about Caitlin, both Russ and Avery went to see her as Avery wondered if perhaps Caitlin‘s attack was similar to her own. Dave paid Caitlin a visit and when he left, she told Kenneth the awful truth about her past with Jimmy. Instead of walking away like she’d feared he would, Ken supported her and offered her the love that Caitlin needed during such a hard time in her life. Zack demanded answers out of Blake about what was happening, but Seth arrived in the midst of time speaking up for the woman he loved as she tried to remain loyal to her best friend’s wishes. Seth and Zack went head to head from the first moment and Blake separated them before things got ugly. As Zack left Blake took advantage of a moment alone with the man she loved as she offered up a passionate kiss to Seth. Zack met Russ and Avery as they all promised to help Caitlin through her tough times. When the group left Ken stayed with Caitlin holding her in his arms as he tried to ease the pain she was experiencing. Blake and Seth shared a tender moment as she tried to assure him that her plans for the fake break up would work despite his initial distrust for Zack. Brooke called her son Guy and they talked for a bit as she stewed over Richard’s sudden desire for a divorce. Douglas Mahoney arrived in town thwarting a moment between Kipp and Heather in the hopes of saving his son from the woman he believed Heather to be.

Episode 38

Douglas tried to talk some sense into Kipp about Heather before Kipp wound up ruining his life, but the two reached a standstill with one another. Brant and Shannon got into a heated debated with one another as the sparks were flying between them. Their animosity and attraction was evident as they were about to tear one another apart before Dave arrived pulling Shannon away from the situation. Hart and Jenna watched things fall to pieces before she informed him of the boundaries in their relationship with one another. Leaving in a haste, Jenna ran into Patrick and punched him when he refused to let her leave the bar. Out in the parking lot, she bumped into Douglas and the two shared a brief moment as he was suddenly very interested in the beautiful mystery woman he’d encountered in Jenna. Blake paid Caitlin a visit and the two of them talked about the men in their lives. Russell took Avery to a place that held happy memories for them and he asked her to spend the night with him and much to his surprise, she agreed. Jade and Grady had a discussion about Russ once again and Jade realized that he was pushing his own fears about them out into the open. When she asked him if he could fall in love again, his answer left her very unsettled as she walked out of Irvan’s leaving him to think about his stubborn side. Jade returned to her apartment pondering if she could ever truly win Grady’s heart and much to her surprise, he showed up telling her how important she was to him as he admitted when he falls in love, she’s the only woman he wants to be in love with. Zack/Seth meet up with each other in the hospital lobby...they can have a confrontation...maybe Kenneth breaks them up Brant arrived home at the mansion and mistook Brooke for Avery before the two talked about Russell and formed an alliance with one another to do whatever it takes to keep Avery with Brant in the long run. Ben and Diane put their torture to an end and made love. Kenneth returns to Caitlin and they share a tender moment. Russell and Avery had a playful passionate moment at his house while being completely unaware that someone was watching them capturing their time together on film.

Week 20 Recaps (Episode 39-40)

Episode 39

Russell asked Avery to consider the possibility of taking their relationship to the next step by her moving in with him. After a discussion on the matter, they decided to face the day ahead of them as she had work on the upcoming lawsuit on her mind. While Russ was in the shower, Heather called leaving a message that left Avery feeling unsettled as she tried to read Russell‘s motives. In the process Avery let it spill that she‘d never stopped loving Russell and that she still loves him much to his delight. Kenneth surprised Caitlin with a romantic breakfast and told her about him stepping in on a fight between Zack and Seth. Dave and Shannon got into a debate about her and Brant‘s face off at the bar and he informed her that she and Brant not only raised eyes at the bar, but in with the tabloids as well as they made the front page of Inside Track. Ben and Diane took a sick day from work in order to explore the new beginnings in their relationship after they made love. Jade and Grady made their plans for dinner with Seth as the two shared a romantic moment. Mindy faxed over papers on Cameron Stone for Avery thanks to Russell. Avery tried to tell Brant the truth about her and Russell, but he blindsided her with the news that he and Brooke have arranged for an engagement party for the upcoming weekend. Leaving her no room for protest, Brant blurted out how things were going to be as Avery realized she was getting in over her head yet again. Richard tempts Judy into another lunch with him. Brooke meets with Heather and invites her to Brant and Avery’s engagement party under the name of having Heather represent Beholder Cosmetics as the wheels of her plan are in motion to keep Russ and Avery apart forever. Russell pays Caitlin a visit at the hospital and tries to keep her from working on her story as it could put her in danger, but she sticks to her guns and urges him to let her keep working on the story about the Hendersons. Cameron warns Kipp to get his father out of town ASAP. Douglas runs into Heather and tries to pay her off in the hopes of getting her out of his son’s life.

Episode 40

Diego needs to go speak with Caitlin in the hopes of finding a way to help her through the problem she's facing after her attack. She triest to dismiss his words, but then ponders if perhaps Diego is on to something with her. Brant brings Avery lunch as she misses the break he'd had planned for him. The two talk about the lawsuit against BBK and his attempts to win her offer as his enticing touch puts her to sleep much to his surprise. Seth calls Blake and asks that she go with him to this dinner at Grady's because if she doesn't he may lose control with Grady and Jade being together and he's trying not to let that happen. Douglas pays Kipp a visit trying to reason with him once again about Heather. As Kipp picks up on the fact that his father has done something to jeopardize his relationship with Heather, he rushes over to her hotel and lavishes her with expensive gifts in the hoping of securing a second chance with her. Ben and Diane's romantic time with one another comes to a screeching halt when Diane spies Ben with another woman and her heart is broken in the process. Russell pays Avery a visit and surprises her with a kitten in the hopes of making her feel better after all the stress she'd been under. Brant walks in on a moment between the two of them and his jealousy spins yet another fight between him and Russell which is put to a close when there's a call alerting the trio that Bruce's body has gone missing from the morgue! Richard and Judy have lunch and Brooke comes in making a scene. Dave takes Shannon along with him as he goes to speak with Caitlin at the hospital to get her full statement about the attack. Brooke goes to Avery's office bitching about Richard being with Judy and while she's there she winds up lashing out at Avery for her relationship with Russell. Blake and Seth arrive at Grady's for dinner and as the night progresses things get tense until Jade demands Seth leaves and she vows to open up to Grady about her past. Kenneth goes in to talk to Caitlin...he brings her some more flowers and they share a moment. Cameron taking in a newspaper to Thea and he tells her that he wants all the information about Caitlin that she can come up with.

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