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Week 21 Recaps (Episode 41-42)

Episode 41

Jade tells Grady the truth about her past of how her father bartered her off to those he was in dept to and how one night she was gang raped and that the first man to rape her was Nicholas Ashford. Seth tells Blake the truth about Jade and about Blake's father raping her. Blake grows furious at his words and won't accept them as anything more than lies as she leaves Seth and runs to Zack, who offers her a shoulder to cry on during this painful time. Dave and Shannon investigate what's happening at the morgue as Shannon's superiors explain their unease with the situation and Shannon has Jenna reinstated again as medical examiner. Brant, Avery and Russell return to the mansion and talk about Bruce vanishing before Avery's father comes home and demands a talk with Brooke and Avery. Richard tells Avery about Judy and requests a divorce yet again from Brooke. The scene gets tense as Avery leave with Rusty. Upstairs Avery runs into Brant and then later Russell before falling asleep with Russell and Rusty. Richard shows up and takes in the scene with his daughter and Russell as he hopes his daughter can find some happiness. Brooke calls Guy to back her up in the latest Morrrison family feud. Diane talks to her mother and talk about how heartbroken she is about what happened with Ben. Ben pays Isabel a visit and tries to get out of the task at hand, but she presses the issue on going up against the Ashford Empire. Jade and Grady talk about her past and he tells her he loves her for being a fighter as he vows his own revenge on all the Ashfords. Hart and Jenna have a moment between them where he invites her dinner, but she declines before Shannon goes to see Jenna and tells her she's back on the case and she wants her to get down to the morgue and shake things up.

Episode 42

Ken brings Caitlin home and they discover that Blake spent the night there after her disaster with Seth. While heartbroken, Blake remains vague in her situation as she vows to find a way to move beyond the lies Seth has told her. Zack goes for his first day at work and has a meeting with the Chief of Staff and Chief Resident Ria Mehran and the two immediately clash. Avery and Russell have a moment with one another as they play with their new kitten and Russell talks about the future he'd like for them to have complete with the perfect family down the road. Richard meets up with Brant and warns Brant not to get in the way of his daughter's happiness or else... Seth tries to get in contact with Blake, but he realizes she's not accepting his calls and he attempts to go speak with her in person. Before he gets that chance Thea shows up seeking out an arrangement between them that could cost him his freedom and a chance of a future with Blake as he finds himself in a bit of a tentative position due to Thea's desires. Grady offers up a romantic breakfast for Jade and the two share a moment of tenderness between them as they grow closer the morning after she revealed her horrible secret to him. Russell goes to work and gets his job offer as well later on that could possibly take him out of Coral Valley forever. Ben tries to talk to Diane, but she continues to blow him off. Avery calls Mindy and request Mindy help her with a favor she's planning for Russ before Brant joins Avery at work and the two talk about Cameron's lawsuit and other aspects of BBK. Brant is clearly distracted as he excuses himself and Avery tells him she'll be busy later. Blake and Caitlin talk while Ken goes to pick up Caitlin's meds at the pharmacy. They talk about what really happened with Seth and how Blake's heart is broken. Doug and Cameron come face to face as it's revealed that Doug was once Cameron's step-father and both men make their dislike for one another obvious. Kipp proposes to Heather, but while she's touched by his sincerity she skillfully pushes it aside as she urges him to mend fences with Douglas while she tries to win back Brant. Jenna can go back to work at the morgue and speak with Agent Lawson, but much to her dismay he isn't in the mood for talking. Assistant Director Callaway offers a helping hand to Jenna much to her surprise. Dave and Shannon find out that Bruce Mathis--the dead man pulled out of the lake is not really Bruce Mathis.

Week 22 Recaps (Episode 43-44)

Episode 43

Seth tries to distract and drug Thea as she attempts to seduce him. He barely skims away from the situation out of trouble when Cameron calls Thea in a frenzy demanding that they meet. Jade and Grady share a tender moment while she contemplates getting in touch with her therapist to have him help her figure out how to deal with the situation with Seth. Blake tells Caitlin the story Seth shared with her about her father and while she refuses to tell Ken what happened, Ken runs into Seth and warns him to stay far away from Blake. Hart tries to butter Dorothy up in an attempt to get closer to Jenna, but she isn't buying his act as she warns him to stay away from her daughter or else. Jenna and Douglas have a run in and she tempts him to a guessing game as he asks her to dinner and she opens up a mystery for him thinking that he won't be able to discover who she is nor will she have to commit to meeting with him later. Richard pays Avery a visit and she tells him the truth about what happened with Bruce and about her feelings for Russell and Brant. He urges her to follow her heart and not to let love slip away. Thea tries to calm Cameron down and she urges him to be more focused on the tasks at hand. Russell pays his father a visit only to have Grady show up and the brothers spar off against one another about Avery and Grady's hatred for her until both brothers get ready to leave the home. Brant visits Ken to talk about Blake and the demons of their family's past--both men vowing never to let her in on how things once were. Diego offers up some support for Jade in her dealings with Seth. Dave and Shannon investigate the truth about Bruce Mathis and his murder. Jenna and Hart go head to head as it's revealed that he and A.D. Callaway have a less than savory history with one another as Hart slept with the man's wife. Brooke and Douglas share a chance meeting that prompts some serious thinking between them. Blake and Ria go head to head before she and Zack are forced to come face to face with Seth.

Episode 44

At the hospital Seth tries to reach out to Blake, but is shunned by her and Zack as she isn't interested in hearing his words of love. Elliot tries to reason with Grady about the situation with Russell while Cheryl tried to explain to Russell that the reason Grady is so worried is because he loves his younger brother. Both Grady brothers are stubborn about the situation and eventually Russell leaves his parents home. After sulking at home, Diane gets a call from Cathy and decides to throw her concerns about Ben to the wind as she decides it's time to move on. Mindy tries to warn Avery that Russ never returned to work when Guy shows up and pays her a visit there since he's coming to town. Russell returns home to a disaster in his kitchen as Avery burned dinner in an attempt to surprise them. The two share a passionate moment with one another as he's touched by her gesture. Seth and Ria catch up with one another as he tells her he's determined to win Blake back at any cost. Zack and Blake look over the microfilm together. Jenna and her mother go out to dinner and she runs into her 'dates' for the evening as she tries to dodge Hart, but winds up speaking with Douglas. The two agree to go to the Ashford engagement party with one another and Dorothy is not too happy about seeing her daughter with Douglas Mahoney. Diane's night on the town goes downhill when she is harassed at the bar. Patrick Sharpe steps in to her aid and they form a bond. Russ and Avery bask in the afterglow of their passion and Avery proposes much to his surprise. Guy goes to see Brooke to give her some support. Shannon and Dave discover that the real Bruce Mathis is dead and has been since around the time he and Avery first met.

Week 23 Recaps (Episode 45-46)

Episode 45

Blake woke up at the hospital after spending the night with Zack. He comforted her before they spoke of their date. Russ and Avery awakened to dreams of the future as they planned their wedding and hoped to find a way to make their dreams come true. Brant and Kenneth had a heart to heart as Brant planned for the party. Brooke and Richard went head to head over Avery until Guy intervened and took his mother's side. Jenna and her mother got into a fight about Jenna's date with Douglas. Cameron threatened Heather about getting the ring from Avery. Blake, Annie, Brant and Ken shared a bonding moment before the party. Guy overheard a moment between Russell and Avery before he made his presence known with his sister. The two bonded and later Jenna arrived as the trio caught up with one another. A mysterious package arrived for Avery and she assumed it was from Russell. Caitlin warned Zack not to toy with Blake. Russell tried to reason with Grady as he invited him to the party hoping to share something special with him, but Grady was unmoving in his opinion of Avery. Dave and Shannon investigated the murder investigation for a while before he invited her to the party with him. Thea called Seth with a warning and she told him to find a way to get to the party and he called Ria asking for a favor. Brooke vowed not to let Avery and Russell find their way to marriage as Avery confessed the truth to her father about her engagement to Russ.

Episode 46

Brant takes a moment with Avery before the party to take in the magic the night has in store for them. Avery feels a guilt overtake her as she wants to tell Brant the truth about her and Russell. Instead she runs away ready to leave the party until Russell convinces her to stay. Zack promised Blake a good time, but when the duo saw Seth at the party, Blake's mood immediately shifted. Even after Kenneth and Caitlin asked Seth to leave, the tension was still evident in the air. Heather is ready to embrace what the night has in store for her as she dreams of reuniting with Brant. Russell and Grady have a tense moment before he confessed his intentions for Avery to Jade. Shannon and Dave check out the potential suspects as they wonder if there's more than meets the eye going on at the party. Hart fears he may have lost Jenna for good as Dorothy goads him into doing her bidding. Avery spots her father with Judy and she makes a point to introduce herself as she's excited to see her father happy. Guy sees a face from his past as Gabriel takes a moment to speak with Guy and Brooke in a tense moment. Ben tries to have a word with Diane, but when Patrick gets in the way Ben lashes out at him and Diane tells him off for his actions as Cathy takes in the scene plotting a way to win Ben over. Brooke tries to get her plans into action for Heather, but the watier she chose failed her as he dropped the drugged drink Brooke prepared. Guy warned Russ not to hurt Avery. Brant surprised everyone by laying a kiss on Avery.

Week 24 Recaps (Episode 47-48)

Episode 47

Avery and Brant fight over a kiss he gave her in front of the audience as she feels he was just trying to nab some attention. He tries to prove to her that she wants him and kisses her again, as she stomps on his foot and tells him to leave her alone. Brooke drugged a glass of wine and sends it over to Heather. Heather approaches Blake and Zack and taunts Blake. Blake is prepared to fight Heather and Zack hands over the drugged wine to Blake. Heather argues that it is hers and Blake drinks it anyway. Zack takes Blake outside to get her to calm down. Hart pulls Jenna away from Douglas and tries to talk sense into her. They both argue about each others dates and Hart kisses her out of nowhere. Jenna pushed him off and walked away from him. Douglas, at the bar, is confronted by Dorothy who tells him to stay away from Jenna. She informs him that Jenna is her daughter and he is to stay away from her. Brant flashbacks to what happened at the hotel. He tells off his father's portrait telling it that it turned him into the monster he'd become. Annie comes in and tries to comfort him. Russel tells Avery he's going to make Brant pay and Avery argues that Brant knows what he did wrong. Russel gets jealous and Avery tells him he's the only man in her heart. Avery then worries that Brant had found out about them when she is informed that Russel didn't give her the necklace. Russel tells Avery they should get married tonight and she agrees without hesitation. Unknowing to Russ and Avery, Judy had been watching and was pleased with what she saw. She is approached by Richard and she informs him Avery is following her heart. Shannon approaches a mysterious man, however he walks away from her. Ken and Caitlin share a dance then leave the Ashford mansion to fullfill their own plans. Seth and Ria discuss what happened with Jade and what's going to happen with it in the future. Brooke mixes up another drink when she notices Heather is perfectly normal but is approached by Cathy, as Cathy begins to tell her how great Guy is. Brooke excuses herself and approaches Heather and hands her the drink. She drinks it. Brooke then tells her that Brant said he wants to meet her upstairs in 15 minutes and Heather goes to get ready for him. Dorothy tells Douglas that Jenna is his daughter. He is in shock and excuses himself when Jenna approaches the two of them. Dorothy then tells Jenna that she laid out some truths he didn't take to well. Russel goes into the room Avery was staying in and is drugged with a needle to the neck by Brooke. Brooke taunts at Russel as he is passed out from the drugs. Her partner in crime helps her undress Russel and gets him to the bed. Heather is approached by Kipp and she tells him they need to stay at the party longer. When she sends him on an errand she eagerly runs up the stairs. Grady approaches Avery and argues about how she treated his brother. He chases Avery up the stairs. Kipp approaches him and tells him to back off. Jade is approached by Cameron and tells him to go away. He grasped onto her to kiss her but she escapes from him when a group of partygoers come by. Ken takes Caitlin to the marina and takes her onto his boat. Zack notices Blake is not acting normal. She pushes him down on the bed and starts kissing him tearing away at his clothes. Heather goes into the room and talks to "Brant". Avery goes into her room and sees Russel and Heather in bed together. Grady taunts her about it as Heather also does so. Avery dives over onto the bed and starts fighting with Heather.

Episode 48

Brant breaks up the fight between Avery and Heather. Russell tries to talk to Avery but she rushes out of the room. Brant threatens Russell not to follow her.Russell punches Brant and Brant walks away from the situation. Russ goes after Brant but Grady stops him. Blake tries to seduce with Zack but he won't do it because he thinks she's too drunk.He quickly is persuaded to sleep with her, but she passes out. Shannon talks with Dave about the man in the red tie. Caitlin and Ken have a discussion in front of the fire as he tells her he loves her. He assures her he loves everything about her. Jenna searches for her missing date as Hart comes and basically tells her how much she wants him. She informs her she doesn't give a damn about him or what he's doing. She leaves to go find Douglas. Grady compliments Russell on his way of hurting Avery and Russell explains to him that this was not the suprise he had intended. Grady still continued to compliment him on it and Russell let loose striking Grady. Grady informed him, that he will pretend Russ didn't do that and tries to convince him that Avery is not worthy of him. Grady won't let Russ go to Avery, but Jade comes in telling Grady to let Russell go. Avery runs to her father Richard and talks to him about how she was wrong about Russell. Avery has to hold him back from going to find Russell and hurting him. Judy tries to talk Richard out of doing it as well and explains she needs a father and not to run off. Heather chases down Kipp and tries to explain herself but he walks away from her. Douglas tries to talk to Kipp but receives no response. He tells Heather to stay out of their lives for good. Jade talks to Grady about how Cameron confronted her, and that he would have been there for her if he wasnt worrying about Avery. She tells him she's going home to her apartment and doesn't want to talk to him until he's sober. Gabe talks to Guy about coming out, as they are lovers. Guy tells him that his mother would disapprove. Richard confronts Brant, as Brant is looking for Avery and tells him she doesn't need his trouble. Brant tells Richard how much he cares for her and says to give him a moment to explain. Avery talks to Judy about Russ. Judy tells her that she thinks Russell still loves her but she doesn't have all the answers. Richard walks in with Brant by his side and asks Brant asks to talk to Avery alone. Brant comforts Avery and tells her that they were both played for fools. Brant pulls Avery into his arms and promises he won't let anything hurt her again. Russell is confronted by Brooke and she tells him to leave after huting her daughter enough. Brooke has guards drag Russell out of the house. Dorothy talks to Jenna about Douglas telling her that one day she'll understand why she talked to Douglas. Douglas goes over to Kipp's penthouse and tries to talk Kipp into opening the door. When he hears a piercing sound over the music he rushes into the penthouse, and into the bedroom to find Kipp hung over the side of the bed bleeding, with a gun in his hand. Douglas runs over to him pulling him into his arms and calls for help. He prays to not lose his son.

Week 25 Recaps (Episode 49-50)

Episode 49

Kipp is taken into the emergency room as Barbara and Ria work on him trying to get him stable. Isaac talks to Douglas about Kipp and suggests calling family. Douglas tells him he's the only one. Isaac informs him Nurse Leigh will help him if he needs anything. Blake wakes up and doesn't remember anything after Zack carrying her outside. Zack teases her about having the greatest night with her. When he finds out that it would have been her first he tells her the truth that they didn't do anything. Blake beats him up with the pillow in anger for him lying to her. Zack kisses her to calm her down and tells her when they make love it will be memorable. He goes downstairs to make her coffee and to wait for her to get ready. Avery imagines she's in a tropical hideaway with Russel when in fact it's with Brant. Avery gets angry with him when she realizes he took her away from Coral Valley. She informs him very bluntly that she doesn't want to be there with him at all. Avery tells him that he's won, because she lost everything. He informs her that's not what he wanted and she tears off her clothes telling him to take her and get it over with. She tells him to just do it so she can get back to her boring life without him in it. He tells her to stop. She throws herself to the bed and tells him to do it and let her live in peace. He informs her that's not what he wanted. He pulls her into a hug and tells her that she's more than what she gives herself credit for. Russel has a flashback to when he bought his house for him and Avery. They talk about raising a family. He comes back to reality in the jail cell where the guard informs him charges were dropped. Russel's dad, Elliot, picks him up and Russel tries to explain the situation to Elliot. Ken and Caitlin wake up in bed together and Caitlin talks about how they've never made love before. Ken finds out that Avery and brant left on the private jet that morning and he's going to do damage control with his family. Caitlin says she wants to be with him for it. Heather thinks about what happened as she nurses her black eye and bruised ribs with an icepack. She tries to think about how to get Brant but her mind keeps slipping back to Kipp. She gets angry with herself for thinking about him. She gets a call from a reporter from Hollywood Here and Now and finds out about Kipp's shooting then. She quickly leaves voing to not let her influence on his life be the end for him. Seth wakes up and finds Jade in the kitchen. He talks to her about what happened with Blake and she tries to comfort him. Then Jade tells him about Grady. They then talk about how Seth went with Ria to the party. Seth tells Jade he looks out for her because his big brother instincts. Grady goes to Alcoholics Annoymous and meets up wit Shannon there. They talk in the back of the room over coffee about how bad the party went. Jenna talks to Douglas at the hospital and he tells her about Kipp. Dorothy confronts them when Jenna is giving Douglas a hug. Dave steps in after getting off the elevator and sees the arguing. Dave pulls Douglas away to talk to him about Kipp. Dorothy yells at Jenna about how she was in Douglas' arms. She finds out about Kipp and feels bad about what she did. Blake and Zack have a simple breakfast together as they talk about how quiet the house is. Annie chases her dog into the kitchen. Annie tells them about how Avery went after Heather when finding her and Russel in bed together. Ken comes into the kitchen with Caitlin and talk about Brant. Annie leaves to find the dog, while Blake fills Ken in on what happened. Judy calls Rick and he tells her that Avery left Coral Valley. They talk about Russel and Brant and argue about what Russel did. They then talk about how Richard should have stood up to Brooke. They agree to meet for lunch to talk about it. Avery and Brant talk about Russel being out of Brant's life and Coral Valey forever. Elliot takes Russel to the Denton home. Russel's mother Cheryl tries to comfort him but he tells her he wants to be alone for awhile. He falls into another flashback about Avery when she came to his house in the rain to make sure he wasn't with Johanna. He informs her she's the only girl he's ever wanted to be with. He snaps back into reality pulling a photograph of Avery he had in a drawer out and talks to it. Jade goes to her appartment and sees Grady there. He apologizes for his actions and tells her that he went to an AA meeting and that he's going to attend more regularly. He tells her that he loves her. Jade gives him a second chance. Annette finds her dog playing with Rusty's toys. Annette plays with Rusty a bit. Peanut runs under the bed and she reaches under to grab the dog and a piece of glass goes through her hand. Joseph comes into the room and Annette informs him that they are going to the vet because she thinks Peanut might have eaten the contents of the glass. Dorothy goes to talk to Douglas and he pulls her into a hug. She tries to comfort him and informs him she'll be there for him as long as she needs him. Heather comes in and asks to see Kipp. Douglas yells at her and tells her he wants her nowhere near his son. Douglas slaps her when she says she loves him. Dave helps her off the ground and asks her if she wants to press charges. She says no and walks her way down the hall. Cameron watches the scene by the admissions desk. As he learned how to irriatate both Heather and Douglas.

Episode 50

Avery sleeps in Brant's arms and when she wakes up she confesses to him that's she's wanted him for a while. She tells him she's always loved him and they make love. Avery tells him to back off her as he realizes it was just a dream. She tells them they should go back to Coral Valley and take care of the lawsuit. He informs her it's all taken care of. She tells him she needs to get back to work and he says she has a few weeks off. He tells her she can live without Russel in her life. Jade goes with Grady to meet his parents. Jade leaves to go talk to Russel. Blake makes coffee for her, Ken, Zack and Caitlin. Cailtin discusses Zack not needing to bring Blake into his drama. They also talk about Kipp's shooting. Judy goes to see Diane. They talk about their dates that they had the night before. Diane talks about Ben and how he made a fool of her. She compares herself to her sister Deidra. Ben shows up at the appartment to talk to Diane. Judy leaves so Ben and Diane can talk. She tells him to leave but he drapes her over his shoulder and walks out her appartment with her like that. Guy is in Avery's appartment wondering how she's doing after what happened. Cathy shows up at Avery's apartment to have breakfast with him. He declines nicely and informs her that he's in a relationship. She tells him about Brant's reputation and got Guy wondering what kind of guy Brant was. He motions her to the door and she kisses him before she leaves. He wondered to himself what the hell is mother was thinking. Jenna goes to find Douglas and sees her mom embracing him. She feels a hand covers her mouth and she's pulled into a darkened room. She turns and knees him in the groin to find out it's Hart. She accuses him of stalking her. He says that if he didn't know better she was the one stalking him. They argue about the restraining order put on her. She tells him she hates him and he kisses her. She returns the kiss. She throws him on the bed and starts getting hot and hevy with him. A nurse walks in and screams seeing them. Jenna apologizes to the nurse and Hart says she wants him. Jenna said he wished and leaves the room. Dorothy talks to Douglas, telling him not to blame himself and that he couldn't have done anything. Brant and Avery go go onto the yacht upper deck, and he takes her up on the railing to look at the ocean before them. She starts protesting again and he kisses her. Avery gets sick on the boat and Brant calls his aid to get a doctor. Brooke and Richard argue over where Avery is. Judy shows up and Brooke tries to attack her. Richard breaks it up. Brooke tries to put the moves on Richard to make Judy jealous. He tells her to not touch him and she warned him not to play games. Seth tells Ria she shouldn't be helping him. She tells him too bad. Seth says he's going to the Ashford mantion and she tells him not to get into trouble. Ken takes Caitlin to see Randy. Jay and Kelly inform him that Randy is getting better but radiation reaction might be a problem for time to come. He informs them that the lead counsel is in critical condition. He tells them he's not going to give up on them. Randy tells Ken that Caitlin and they play around with him. Annie and Joseph get informed that Peanut ate a foreign object. Annie recognizes the x-ray as Avery's ring. They tell Annette that Peanut will need surgery to remove it. Jade goes in to see Russel and he talks about the picture he's looking at. He talks about how he ran off with Avery on his motorcycle. She tries to talk to him about the situation with Avery. She says he's being too hard on himself and he says he's not being hard enough. She encourages him to not give up. He gets an idea that maybe Avery will see that he and Heather didn't do anything, that Heather thought he was Brant. Russel leaves his house to go to the mansion to talk to Avery. Grady talks to his parents about Jade and he confesses he's in love with her. Douglas paces around the room and Dorothy tries to convince him to sit. He is worried that he hasn't heard anything on Kipp yet. Zack comes in and tells him that Kipp is stable but he suffered damage to the heart. He also tells them that Kipp is in a coma. Heather waits in an examination room and Ria gets her a perscription for prenatal vitamins because they always run pregnancy tests before x-rays and her's came back positive. She knew it was Kipp's child and that she'd have top be tied with him forever with the baby. Cameron overhears Heather's news and is overjoyed. He now would make Douglas suffer like Cameron.

Week 26 Recaps (Episode 51-52)

Episode 51

Diego talks to Heather about her pregnancy and her options. Dave finds Shannon in his office. She was reviewing the original Mathis case as well as their case. Avery is examined by the doctor. He takes blood as Avery whines the whole time. After the doctor leaves Brant tries talking sweet to Avery but she mocks him like usual. They tease each other. Brant talks about how she will fall madly in love with him. She asks him to forgive her for not feeling a romantic high since she's been sick all morning. She knocks him off the bed when he makes a comment about her behind when she was getting sick and tells him to leave. He blows her a kiss and leaves to let her rest. Jade talks to Grady and Cheryl about Russel. Jade assures them that Russel just needs time and he will be ok. Grady makes some comments about Russel wanting to be a free man and Jade compares it to when Grady slept with Thea. They argue about that. Cheryl asks Jade where Russ went. Jade tells them that he's following his heart and Grady says he's going to stop Russ from seeing Avery. Jade tells him to stay out of it. Elliot tells Grady that Jade is right. Russel goes to the Ashford mansion and runs into Blake. She tells him to leave or she'll call the police. She tells him Avery isn't there and he accuses her of lying. She tells him that he is not welcome at the house. He runs through the house looking for Avery as Blake continues telling him that Avery isn't there. She tells him that he needs therapy because Brant and Avery are going to get married. He tells her to ask Caitlin. Seth throws Russel out of the house and tries reaching out to Blake as she yells at him to not touch her. Douglas talks to Kipp as he's in his coma. Cameron stood outside of the room watching. Annette worries about Peanut and Joseph tries to comfort her. She wonders how Peanut got ahold of Avery's ring. She talks about a time when Peanut tore up a dress Blake was making and Blake turned it into a dog bed for her. Brooke goes to Avery's apartment to talk to Guy.as she rants about everything. She talks about how Avery and Guy's father was going to bring her to an early grave. She talks about how nobody would let her know where Avery is at. She talks about how good of a wife and mother she's been. Guy asks her why she puts up with it. She says that she still loves his dad. They talk about how Brooke doesn't need to try and hook Guy up with anyone. He tells her that Cathy isn't his type. He also tells her he's not seeking out the right woman right now. Brooke tries to tell him spending time with Cathy can be help for his professional level. He tells her he's not going to date the CEO's daughter to gain stock points. He tells her he needs to tell her something he's been waiting to say for a long time. Ken and Caitlin join Richard and Judy for dinner. They talk about Avery and what happened with Russel. Ken suggests he goes to the island instead of Richard going so that they don't fight.He asks Caitlin to go with him. They decide to leave that night. Seth tells Blake she can't avoid him forever. She tells him that he's a horrible man and she doesn't need him trying to ruin her life. She says she hates him and he tells her he loves her. Blake says she won't let Cameron and him destroy her family. He says he isn't working with Cameron. She tells Seth to admit he lied, and Seth tells her he told the truth. Seth tells Blake she's everything to him. He grasps her into his arms and says he loves her. She says he's lying as she still holds onto him. He leans down and kisses her. Blake pushes him away and tells him to stop. Seth says he loves her again and she tells him to leave. Jenna gets pissed at herself about what happened with Hart. She asks Dorothy why she's still there. Dorothy says she wants to check on someone who had been brought in. Jenna says that person will be mad she's been spending time with Douglas. Dorothy says she doesn't know what she's talking about. Jenna says she saw Dorothy and Douglas together hugging. Dorothy says it's complicated as Jenna questions why she's worried about him spending time with her. Jenna tells Dorothy she's interfering with her life. She tells Dorothy that if she doesn't tell her what's going on she'll ask Douglas, so Dorothy says she will tell her. Heather goes to see Kipp and Douglas confronts her. He tells her he want's her to leave. She tells Douglas that's she pregnant and Kipp needs to hear it from her. Douglas says she's a slut and he doesn't need to hear about her bastard child. Diego steps in and tells Douglas he wants them to find peace. Douglas tells Diego to take her out or he'll have security do it. Diego takes Heather with him out of the ICU. Cameron watches from the shadows.

Episode 52

Blake talks to Each about how she's loyal to her Ashford family and how she doesn't understand why Seth would think he has a chance after what he said to her. He tells her that sometimes guys don't think rationally when the woman they want is slipping through their fingers. She snaps at him for defending Seth. She gets mad and starts beating on him. He tells her it's time to cool off and throws her over his shoulder. Dorothy tries to tell Jenna what makes Douglas different but Preston calls her cell and she takes the call. Jenna goes to sit in one of the chairs and runs into Douglas. She asks him how Kipp was and he says it's hopeless and he lost him. Guy tells Brooke that he is seeing someone. She asks what she's like and he goes to explain but someone pounds at the door. Brooke goes to answer the door and Mindy is there wanting to talk to Avery. Brooke gets pissy with her and Guy steps outside to talk to her. She's worried about where Russell is. He tells her that Russ cheated on his sis and that is enough. Mindy tries to defend Russell saying she doesn't believe what happened. Brooke walks in the hallway thinking that Mindy is the girl Guy was talking about. Guy holds Mindy back from breathing the crap out of Brooke. Mindy says she's the one that's with Guy. Russ tries to call Avery and can't get ahold of her. He flashes back to when Avery and him got together again. He finds a note on the floor that Avery wrote to him, that was supposed to be there for when they came back from their honeymoon. He gets a call from Johanna. Jade tells Grady to stop arguing with her about Mussel. They talk about how he wasn't there when Cameron confronted her. She tells him to make love to her. Seth is in the bar talking about his problems and Gabe joins in on the conversation. They compare situations. Douglas talks about how Kipp might never come back to Jenna. Jenna questions Douglas about knowing her father and Dorothy tells him not to say anything. Zack throws Blake into the pool. She goes to get out and he pushes her back in. He takes off all but his underwear and jumps into the pool. He strips off Blake's shirt and pants. He kisses her and and Annie steps outside to talk to her as Blake climbs out of the pool and leaves. Annie tells Zack not to hurt her. Heather tells Diego she might see him tomorrow but she needed time alone. Cameron offers Heather a ride she declines but a few men pull her into the car. Cameron tells her she can see Kipp whenever she'd like when she marries him. Brant goes through Avery's purse while doing so Russ calls Avery's cellphone. Ken comes into the house and tells him Avery needs to be with her family. Ken tries to convince Brant Avery is not in love with him. The doctor shows up and says they should talk to Avery. Caitlin talks to Avery about how Russell was in love with her and she should find out the whole situation. Brant comes in and Avery says she needs to talk to him. She gets upset seeing the doctor. The doctor informs Avery that she's pregnant. She says he's lying. He informs her the tests are acurate and that Avery and Brant are going to be parents.

Week 27 Recaps (Episode 53, 54, 55)

Episode 53

Ben has Diane handcuffed in a cabin in the woods. She tells him she won't be raped or murdered because she was stupid enough to believe him. She says she hates him. She argues with him and he kisses her. He goes to tell her about the other woman and she tells him she doesn't want to hear it and to let her go. He uncuffs her and tells her it's a long walk back to Coral Valley. He tells her that he works for the District Attorney's office and he was working undercover. He tells her he can't be without her and she tells him that he lied and goes to leave. He stops her from leaving and kisses her, taking her back to the bed she was handcuffed to. Avery tells Brant to get away from her. She tells him she's the one having the baby not the both of them. He proposes to her and she tells him. She says he's not the father and he tells her that it doesn't matter. She tells Brant she can't marry him. Heather talks to Cameron about his proposition to marry and raise a family. He tells her he'd give her and the baby everything they ever wanted. Heather says she's going to take the night to think about it. Judy and Richard talk about wha'ts going on in their children's lifes. Judy compares what happened with Russel to what happened with Richard and her years ago. Deidra calls and interupts their conversation saying she is going to be coming into Coral Valley because she is divorcing Andrew. Brooke gets pissed at Mindy for kissing Guy. Brooke and Mindy argue back in forth. Guy has Brooke go inside and he tells her it's not the time and that his mom is complicated. He insults Mindy and she goes to leave he apologizes to her. He then says that they should pretend to be a couple so she'll be more open to the truth when he decides to tell her. She said she will do it as long as he tells her where Avery is when he finds out so she can talk to him. She tells him that he should tell Gabe about what's going on too. Jade and Grady go to make love and is interupted when Gabe shows up droping off a drunken Seth. Jade goes to yell at him but he's passed out. Thea calls Susan Denton to be the chief counsel replacing Kipp for the time being. Zack tells Blake he knows she's in love with Seth and says it's alright because they weren't involved. He blames himself for turning her away. She says she thinks Zack deserves a second chance. Ken talks about how Brant should know that Avery needs to be with family. Brant interupts the conversation telling them to just be happy for him. Caitlin goes back upstairs to talk to Avery as Ken still tries to talk Brant into thinking about the situation. Ken keeps telling Brant that the baby isn't his. Brant still keeps telling Ken it's his baby. Avery talks about the baby with Caitlin. Caitlin tells her she should tell Russell about the baby. Brant comes in the room and tells Caitlin to go back downstairs. Avery tells Caitlin she'll talk to her later. She tells Brant that she was told she was never going to have a child after her miscarriage she had the night of her wedding. She talks about how she left because she knew Russ wanted a family and she couldn't give him one. He tells her to think about marrying him. Johanna goes to Russell's and tries to get him to take the job she offered him. She shows him a newspaper that says Brant flies to tropics to marry his latest love. Russell says he won't believe that Avery would do that. Dorothy and Douglas argue about telling the truth. Finally Dorothy tells Jenna that her father isn't dead and that her father is Douglas. Preston walks up hearing the conversation and asks what was going on.

Episode 54

Grady tends to a very hung over Seth and the two men bond for a brief moment over Seth's condition before Jade awakens. Grady hears the news about Brant and Avery's 'wedding' and rushes off to see his brother. Dorothy tells Preston the truth about Jenna's father and he tries to console her while a drunken Jenna shows up on Hart's doorstep ready to seduce him until she passes out on his bed. Kenneth and Caitlin worry about Avery as Brant's condition seems to be getting worse and Caitlin vows to protect Avery at all costs. Avery has an eerie moment in the shower before Brant tempts her into having breakfast with him. Heather accepts Cameron's marriage proposal upon learning that Brant and Avery are 'wed'. Russ and Grady get into a brawl over the state of things before Elliot arrives and tears his sons apart from one another. Later Russell revealed his plans for winning Avery back as he vowed not to give up on his one and only love to his father. Jade and Seth had a heart to heart about his breakup with Blake and her relationship with Grady. Dave and Shannon question Ria about Bruce and come up empty. Caitlin plans a shopping expedition with Avery that leaves Brant unsettled as he doesn't like the idea of Caitlin spending time alone with Avery.

Episode 55

Ben confesses the truth about his involvement with Isabel to Diane as he tried to keep hope alive for a future between them. Thea provides Cameron with information on Caitlin's past before she expresses her displeasure about Cameron marrying Heather as Cameron reveals his reasoning behidn the marriage is to get at Douglas for making his younger years miserable. Jenna is shocked to wake up in Hart's bed and she is on edge revealing the truth to him about her father before he tries to be a friendly shoulder while she talks about her current situation. Caitlin and Avery's shopping adventure turns into a nightmare when Avery is attacked by a man in a fitting room. Brant and Kenneth go to blows once Brant throws out insults about Caitlin. The mud slinging begins to get very violent until Caitlin and Avery arrive and break it up before Avery demands to return to the island home and Kenneth fears about his brother's mental state. Elliot warns Grady not to throw away his life by spending his time obsessing over Russell as it's not going to help him. Elliot also shows his son a newspaper article showing Grady attacking Avery and Kipp from the Ashford party. Guy confronts his father about where Avery is at and about the way Richard has been treating Brooke. Dave and Shannon speak with Issac at the hospital, but much to their dismay he also indicates that the only person who Bruce ever truly bonded with was Avery and they're lead to consider questioning her once again about Bruce. Deidra comes to Coral Valley and reveals the truth about her husband's affairs to her mother Judy as Deidra vows to start her life over again in Coral Valley. Douglas tries to give Kipp a reason to return to him as he tells Kipp about Jenna. William vows to bring Heather back to Los Angeles after she tells him he's fired.

Week 28 Recaps (Episode 56-57)

Episode 56

Jenna and Hart discuss her predicament with her parents. She decides to visit her brother in the hospital. Dorothy confronts Douglas at the hospital while Preston warns Mahoney not to press his luck. Mindy and Guy discussed their past and tried to decide how they could proceed with their plan to keep Brooke in the dark. Jade confronted Grady about his behavior towards Russell and decided to call it quits with him until he could focus on something other than hating Avery. Annie gave Zack a warning not to hurt Blake. Ken tried to take comfort in Caitlin after his battle with his brother. Avery gave Brant a lecture about attacking his brother before they began to lose themselves to the attraction between them. Upon confusing the moment with a time with Russell, Avery pulled away and sent Brant out of her room. Ria and Seth tried to decide what their next step would be, but Jade came home upset after her breakup with Grady. Seth tried to speak to her but she refused to let him in. Seth left the apartment and told Ria to call for Jade’s friends. Susan arrived in Coral Valley and asked Cameron why she was there. He told Susan she would be able to enjoy her time in the city. Richard and Deidra meet and discuss common interests. Zack took Blake to his new apartment and had a romantic candlelit dinner waiting for her. He then told her that he wanted to make love to her which left her speechless. Jenna went in to speak with Kipp and begged him to awaken so they could be a family. Douglas told Jenna that perhaps they could find a way to be a family after all.

Episode 57

Avery mistook Ken for Brant and kissed him. Ken asked Avery to give him the details of the attack in the shopping district. Caitlin and Brant squared off before Ken and Avery stepped in. Ken told Caitlin that he didn’t think the attack was directed at Avery but at her which terrified Caitlin. Brant demanded answers while Caitlin shrugged off the attack and vowed that they should all go out to enjoy the festival. Seth paid Grady a visit and warned him not to give up on Jade. Seth also demanded that Grady do something to fix Jade’s broken heart. Susan paid her father, Joseph, a visit and berated him for removing pictures of her mother and for siding with Grady during the divorce. Blake and Zack made love. Richard and Judy enjoyed a nice dinner together and shared a tender kiss. Guy saw the duo and attacked them, throwing a glass of wine on Judy. Richard responded by punching his son. Gabe stepped in and escorted Guy out before the fight could escalate any further. Brant, Avery, Ken, and Caitlin shared some dancing before they all decided to get a drink. While Brant went to get a drink, a man stood near him and dropped something into his drink. William paid a visit to Heather and demanded she return to Los Angeles with him. Cameron intervened and gave William a beating before kicking him out of his house. Hart convinced Jenna to go to dinner with him. Ria asked Ben to help her and Seth get the microfilm Cameron was after. Diane told Jade not to give up on Grady. When Brant became woozy, Ken and Caitlin tried to deal with him while Avery disappeared from the club. Avery struggled against her captor until she discovered that the man who had kidnapped her was actually Russell.

Week 29 Recaps (Episode 58-59)

Episode 58

Ken and Caitlin bring home a drunken Brant as they wonder what happened to Avery. While Ken calls in for help, Brant kisses Caitlin catching her off guard before he passes out. Russ and Avery share a passionate reunion as she tells him about the child they lost and the fact that she's pregnant once again with his child. Russell proposes and Avery gladly accepts. Gabe tries to talk Guy down after the confrontation with Richard and Judy, but Guy is stubborn in his position about his father as the two men talk about Guy allowing his mother to believe he's romantically involved with Mindy. Gabe pleads with Guy to reconsider what he's doing, but Guy insists it's for the best. Judy tells Richard they should stop seeing one another for a while and he promises to end things with Brooke so that he and Judy can be together. Jenna and Hart share a dance and a kiss that makes them both realize that there's more going on than meets the eye between them. Zack and Blake shared a tender moment as they talk about their making love and he promises not to break her heart like all the other men in her life. Seth returns home and tells the others about his involvement with Cameron. Ben and Diane offer to help him find the microfilm. Grady talked with Shannon and she tried to convince him to stop worrying so much about Russell. Later he gets a visit from Susan who wanted to remind him of how passionate they once were together. Richard is surprised when Brooke tries to seduce him, but when he discovers that she believes Brant and Avery are married, he's furious and vows to put an end to it. Jenna and Hart decide to spend the night with one another, but their plans come to an end when Jenna's mother and Preston are inside her apartment waiting for her.

Episode 59

Russ and Avery prepare for their wedding as Russell surprises Avery with a dress for the wedding. While she's getting ready, he makes a call to Caitlin and tells her to keep Brant occupied for a while so that he and Avery can get married in peace. Caitlin wishes them the best as Russell has a horse drawn carriage take him and Avery to their wedding as he promises Avery a night she'll never forget. Jenna lashes out at her mother for stepping in on her evening with Hart, but as emotions run high, she orders Dorothy out of her apartment as the pain about Dorothy's lies are too much to bear. Heather thanks Cameron for looking out for her where William was concerned and she starts to see her husband to be in a new light at long last. Grady goes to his parents in the hopes of fighting the alcohol addiction that keeps trying to draw him back in again. Ken and Caitlin share a passionate moment after she tells him about Russell taking Avery away. Before the two can delve deeper into the moment, Richard calls and urges Kenneth to find a way to have Avery contact him. Deidra finds herself miserable while she watches soap operas and reflects on the sad state of her life. Judy tries to cheer her up as both women wish for better things to come along. Seth and Ria talk about the old days and Ria asks why Seth was never interested in her romantically. The two share a kiss and it only reminds them why they want to stay just friends. Diane expresses her concerns about Ben sneaking around BBK for the microfilm and she reveals to him the reasoning behind her strong hatred for Blake. Dave and Shannon find a photo from Bruce's apartment that was clearly taken after Bruce's death and the duo begin to question the mystery unfolding before them. Russell and Avery get married at a castle and an unknown man watches from the shadows vowing to bring an end to their happiness.

Week 30 Recaps (Episode 60-61)

Episode 60

Blake and Zack shared a quiet morning with one another after they made love the night before. Russ and Avery shared their first morning as husband and wife with one another as he made love to his bride. A very hung over Brant woke up on the beach and attempted to kiss Caitlin in a fit of confusion. Later Brant stormed off when Kenneth lied and said he sent Avery off in order to spare his brother's feelings about what was really happening. After having spent the night with his parents Grady decided it was time to get his act together if he stood any chance of a future with Jade. Jade decided to go to work not allowing her situation with Grady to get her down as Seth offered a pep talk on romance despite his own situation. Brooke paid Guy a visit and almost caught him and Gabe in an intimate moment, but with some quick thinking Gabe managed to sneak out of the apartment and return a short while later as Brooke invited him to join her and Guy at the Ashford mansion for a Christmas party. Deidra paid Diane a visit, but the results were disasterous as Diane lashed out at her estranged sister in a fit of rage. Shannon began to piece things together about the strange photographs that she'd found in Bruce's apartment indicating that somehow he'd received them after his death. Jenna decided to take the lead in seducing Hart as their failed evening of passion before had left them both craving more. William called Cameron to talk about the deal they'd made as he was less than happy with Cameron beating him up in order to make himself look better in Heather's eyes. Cameron warned William to stay away from Heather or else as he had other things on his mind at the moment especially where Douglas was concerned. Dorothy tried to reach out to Douglas and appeal to him to help her with Jenna, but once she'd said a few harsh words, the talk ended poorly. Jade and Grady came face to face and made up with one another just long enough for them to get a visit from Susan.

Episode 61

Jade and Susan faced off until Grady sent Susan on her way and he later gave Jade a token of his affection as he promised he'd change. He invited her to Christmas with his family at his parents' house. Deidra paid Dave a visit as she needed to see a friendly face after the disaster that took place with her sister. Dave offered to take her out to dinner, but she declined as she was going to try to make it home for her mother's Christmas Eve dinner. One fumble after another thwarted Hart and Jenna's attempt at love making as she was called into work. Ria cornered Blake about the way Blake was treating Seth. Zack and Seth got into a brawl as Blake stepped in and had a moment with Seth as he apologized and pleaded with her to hear him out. Russ and Avery savored their honeymoon until Caitlin called urging Avery to call her father. Caitlin also told Avery about Brant's kissing her as Avery worried about how the news of her marriage would effect Brant. Overhearing the conversation on the phone with Avery and Caitlin, Russ was upset and he and Avery had an arguement about her relationship with Brant until they found a way to resolve the issue for the moment. Brant called Johanna to check in on the progress she was making with Russ, but when she didn't give him the answers he wanted, he lashed out at her about not trying hard enough and urged her to see to it that Russell was out of Coral Valley and Avery's life for good. Judy's family dinner was a disaster as Diane lashed out at Deidra bringing the party to a halt. Ben stormed off unwilling to witness Diane's issues with her sister a moment longer. Shannon and Jenna discussed the Mathis Murder investigation with one another. Blake and Zack took a romantic, winter walk with one another. Avery called Richard and Russell surprised her with a beautiful photo album of memories for her and their unborn child on Christmas Eve as he promised them both a life of happiness and love. Guy, Gabe, and Mindy arrived at the Ashford mansion for Brooke's party, but things turned ugly when Cathy showed up and she made a play for Guy.

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