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Week 31 Recaps (Episode 62-63)

Episode 62

Mindy took on Cathy ready to start a fight in order to keep Gabe and Guy from revealing the truth about their relationship. As Gabe stepped in to clear up the situation and distract Cathy, Guy became jealous of Cathy's flirtations with Gabe and he laid a kiss on Mindy in the hopes of making Gabe jealous himself as Brooke's dinner continued. Diego and Jenna shared a poignant exchange as he tried to reach out to her hoping she could persuade Douglas to allow Heather a chance to visit Kipp. Brant left the Ashford mansion in a huff when the Christmas tree he'd ordered arrived. On the beach he encountered Angela--a woman who looked exactly like Avery and thinking about what he was missing in Avery's absense, he invited her to dinner. Seth and Grady talked about Grady shaping up to keep Jade happy. Blake and Zack put up a Christmas tree together. Judy tried to reach Deidra before lashing out at Diane for her cruel behavior as the holiday was ruined. Ben paid his Aunt Annie a visit as he explained his current situation to her. Hart surprised Jenna with a holiday surprise as she found presents piled up in her apartment that he'd picked out specifically to make her happy. Ken and Caitlin shared a beautiful, romantic moment with one another. Richard paid Judy a visit asking her and Deidra to take a trip with him.

Episode 63

The Denton Christmas morning with Elliot, Cherly, Grady and Jade came to a promising start as the spirit of the holidays was in the air. Richard, Judy and Deidra arrived to intrude upon an embarrassingly intimate moment between Russ and Avery as Russell's latest Christmas surprise for Avery began earlier than expected. After spending a night with Angela, Brant decided it was time to indulge in to some of his fantasies of Avery with her. Ken and Caitlin start their morning with romance in mind, but a call from Blake and Zack bring their passion to a halt as they share Christmas greetings with one another. Ben arrived at Diane's apartment urging her to join him at the Christmas dinner his aunt is having later. Jenna and Hart wake up in one another's arms, but their time alone doesn't go as planned as Jenna's brother Wayne shows up wanting to know why Jenna isn't going to the surprise party Preston planned for their mother and Jenna is forced to tell Wayne about her real father. Diego is at the cemetery lost in a past misery, but his moment is anything but private as Heather has followed him demanding his attention. Much to her dismay he takes her with him to a Children's hospital where he urges her to play the part of his Mrs. Claus to his Santa which she reluctantly agrees to do. Deidra takes a break from the happy couples upstairs and talks a walk on the beach where she meets the mysterious camera toting Christian. Annie's Christmas dinner doesn't go quite as planned as some of the guests discover they have some issues with one another. Russ and Avery share a gift exchange with Richard and Judy and Richard offers Russell a proposal that he can't refuse. Later Russell calls his family to share the news about his wedding and his impending fatherhood, but the moment is cut short as Grady lashes out at Avery refusing to accept this current twist of fate in his brother's life.

Week 32 Recaps (Episode 64-65)

Episode 64

Ben warned Blake to back off of Diane as both women were ready to attack at Annie's Christmas dinner. Deidra bonds with Christian as he speaks about his painful divorce. Caught up in the moment Deidra decides to throw caution to the wind upon feeling a kinship with Christian and the two make love. Heather surprised Deigo when their Christmas adventure at the hospital leaves them both to share a Christmas kiss. At first Diego is reluctant to really give her a memorable kiss, but after she goads him a bit, he lays a kiss on Heather that she found herself not wanting to forget. Grady goes into a fit of rage over Russell's marriage and Jade manages to talk him down as she threatens to leave his parents' home. Avery is upset by Grady's reaction to her and Russell's marriage and in a tense moment she locks herself up in the hotel bathroom. Russell told his mother about why he and Avery didn't get married before but he makes her promise not to tell the truth to Grady before tries to reach out to Avery. He climbs on the terrace and in the middle of his attempt to reach out to her, Avery found him thinking the worst as she promised not to let his brother get between them. Reaching out to help him, Avery nearly fell off the terrace when the railing collapse and Russell pulled her out of harm's way. Brant and Angela bask in the aftermath of their love making on her living room floor before they share a talk about their parents being dead and before things can get too intense, Brant takes Angela to her bedroom to pick up where they left off. Ken and Caitlin shared a romantic Christmas gift exchange with one another. Wayne tried to convince Jenna to go to her mother's for Christmas, but she felt too broken up to consider the thought. Thea paid Cameron a special visit to celebrate the holidays. Zack warned Blake to behave around Diane as her bad manners were showing.

Episode 65

Blake and Diane got into a verbal and physical tiff after Zack left Annie's place and Ben was caught up in the middle of the rumble until he and Diane left and Annie warned Blake to behave. Russ and Avery made love, but then fought about Brant's presence in her life. The two argued until Avery assured him that he was the only man in her heart. Still doubtful, Russell wanted to focus on their honeymoon, but Richard showed up and ended the moment. Deidra felt shame and humiliation after her impromptu romp with Christian and once the thrill of the moment died down, she ran off back to the hotel escaping the fate that he had for her with the knife he was carrying. Angela tried to get more information out of Brant on who he was, but he dodged her questions and seduced her once again out in the open for anyone to witness them together. Heather met Randy Henderson and gave him the money that Douglas had pushed upon her in the past. Diego and Heather later talked about her softer side and while he wanted to help her, the chemistry between them took over as they shared another kiss, but when Heather tried to work sex and therapy into one with him as she informed him she had every intention of marrying Cameron, he pulled away from her. Jade, Grady, Seth and Ria had a Christmas to remember as a food fight took over the group. Preston proposed to Dorothy and she refused. Zack tried to offer hope to Douglas about Kipp. Hart tried to help Jenna deal with what was going on between her and her mother. Ben tried to calm Diane down after her encounter with Blake and he asked her on a date. Deidra and Avery bonded as Deidra confessed what she'd done with Christian. As Richard, Judy and Russell returned Avery received a mysterious package that contained a variety of intimate photos of Avery and a bloody human heart.

Week 33 Recaps (Episode 66-67)

Episode 66

Brant took on Angela's violent publisher before confessing he was interested in playing the part of Angela's boyfriend. The two made love and Brant entertained the notion of a relationship with her until Angela saw the news story about him and Avery. Angry with him, she threw him out of her beach house refusing to listen to what he had to say. Russ and Avery talked about the package that was sent to her as he was insistent that Brant was behind it. Avery defended Brant and the two got into a fight as Avery felt Russell was implying things about her that simply weren't true. The two were at odds with one another until Russ backed down and apologized for his jealous behavior. Richard informed the couple that foul play was suspected in the railing collapse the previous day as well. Dorothy tried to explain to Preston why she didn't say yes to his proposal as her past was still haunting her. Gabe returned from Christmas with his ex-wife and daughter and he and Guy made up with one another after the failed attempt at dinner with his mother on Christmas Eve. Dave and Shannon discovered that Bruce was really Harold Abrams. Grady vowed that his love for Jade would be first in his life as he pushed his hatred for Avery aside. Ben paid Blake a visit and asked for her help with the situation Seth was in and she confessed she still had feelings for Seth. Zack and Johanna ran into one another and it was revealed the two had a romantic history with one another. Judy tried to get Deidra to talk about what was bothering her, but Deidra vowed to keep her misery to herself. Brant returned home after his disaster with Angela and in a moment of rage Caitlin confessed that Russ and Avery were married.

Episode 67

Russ, Avery, Richard, Judy and Deidra talk on the plane home to Coral Valley and Avery speculates that Cameron was behind her terrifying package. Brant, Ken and Caitlin return home as well as Brant lashes out at Caitlin. Having had enough of her Brant calls his P.I. to dig up information on Caitlin, Russell and Angela as he wants to take care of the latest situations in his life. Diane and Ben chat before she searches for the microfilm at BBK and Blake offers Diane $50,000 to stay away from Ben, to which Diane refuses and tells her to go to hell. Seth warns Jade to be careful around Cameron. Dave and Shannon get word about Avery's returning to Coral Valley and the rush to tell her the news about Bruce. Cameron and Thea talk about Jimmy as Thea's located him at long last. Guy pays Brooke a visit and gets suckered into a business dinner with Marc and Cathy Ashley. Gabe visits Mindy and warns her to stay away from Guy. As the group returns to Coral Valley, Brant sees Russ and Avery together and he attacks Russell.

Week 34 Recaps (Episode 68-69)

Episode 68

Brant and Russell continue to fight until Dave and Shannon intervene. Jenna arrives with some news on 'Bruce' and in the midst of it all, Avery passes out and it taken to the hospital where she and Russ see their baby for the first time via an ultrasound. Jenna later visits Avery and tells her of what's going on with Bruce while Richard talks to Dave and Shannon about his concerns for his daughter. Brant vows revenge on Caitlin for meddling with his life as he goes off on a rampage leaving Ken to worry about his brother's mental state. Ken blows Caitlin off as he chases off after Brant. Grady and Jade make love and solidify their relationship with one another as he leaves all other issues aside for now. Guy goes to dinner with Brooke and shuns Cathy's advances as he meets her father Marc and hopes that Gabe will forgive him for not being able to return to him as soon as planned. Gabe gets drink and runs into a shaken Seth as Seth ponders the offer Thea threw out at him to work for Heather's new company. Cameron gives Heather a prenuptial agreement. Ben and Diane share a night of romance while Diane tells him about the offer Blake threw at him. Blake stews over what happened with Diane as Zack tried to reason with her. At the Ashford island estate a body is found.

Episode 69

Richard goes to Judy's place and finds himself concerned with what's happening in his daughter's life. Russ and Avery return home to discover Cheryl and Elliot painting a nursery for their baby in Russell's home. Later Russell confesses his concerns about the situation to his father while Cheryl and Avery share a poignant moment as Cheryl discusses her own miscarriage with Avery and the two women bond. Brant met with Hart who ultimately encouraged Brant to go after the woman he loves full force. Guy walked in on Seth and Gabe together and jumped to all the wrong conclusions before Seth made a quick exit. Grady and Jade shared some tender moments with one another. Caitlin pays Zack a visit and expresses her concerns about what has been happening with Brant and Kenneth, but before she can fully explain Blake snaps at her and Caitlin leaves in tears. Ben and Diane share a romantic first date. Shannon arranges for security for Avery when she gets word about the body found on the Ashford property and she and Dave leave town to investigate after he chats with Deidra. Kenneth talks to Annie about his worries about the way things happened on the island and Caitlin returns to her apartment only to be attacked by Jimmy this time leaving her in worse shape than ever as Blake calls for help.

Week 35 Recaps (Episode 70-71)

Episode 70

Blake brings Caitlin in to the hospital after she's been attacked by Jimmy and Zack learns of what happened to his sister while Blake calls Kenneth. Russ and Avery share their morning together with a breakfast in bed that leads to some passion between them. Grady surprised Jade with a luxurious bubble bath and the two spent their time enjoying one another. Dave and Shannon found out more about the real Christian Fowler on the island as both wondered what really happened. Brant told Brooke of Avery's marriage and in a rage Brooke went over to see Russ and Avery, but as Brooke's words grew heated, Cheryl cooled her down with a punch after the FBI on watch at the Denton home intervened. Guy and Gabe had a heart to heart about the situation going on and Guy promised to tell his mother the truth about Gabe's place in his life soon. Thea and Heather butted heads before Cameron warned Thea to back off. Grudgingly Thea let it go before she informed Cameron about Caitlin's attack. Zack called his parents to tell them about Caitlin. Dorothy tried to reach out to Jenna, but was thwarted as Jenna left for an assignment. Hart tried to read out what Douglas was all about and he urged Douglas to find a way to help Jenna and Dorothy mend fences. Seth pays Ria a visit and finds a heartbroken Blake. He comforts her as Zack watches and decides in that moment that the Ashford family isn't allowed to know about Caitlin's condition.

Episode 71

Ken arrived at the hospital looking for Caitlin and he and Blake found out they couldn't see Caitlin because of Zack's orders. Dave and Shannon are at the morgue discovering what caused Christian's death as they wonder about what's going on back in Coral Valley. Dave gets a call about Caitlin's attack. Richard pays Russ and Avery a visit while Avery rants about FBI watching her home as she's upset with the situation. Elliot and Cheryl suggest that Russ and Avery go to their cabin up north, but before the can consider the idea Russ gets a phone call from the hospital about Caitlin's attack. Johanna pays Brant a visit and he snaps at her for not doing her job in taking Russell away from Avery. He warns her to fix the problem or else as he intends to have Avery to himself. Caitlin's parents arrive and get caught up in the confusion as Zack refuses to let Blake or Ken see Caitlin. Seth offers to ask Ria for help in finding out information and eventually Blake agrees to let him try. After Seth leave, Russ and Avery arrive and Blake snaps lashing out at Avery in a fit of rage over the situation with Brant. Judy asked Diane to try to get along with Deidra. Jade and Grady had a romantic breakfast in bed. Gabe, Guy and Mindy devised a way of going through with the party Marc Ashley was having as Mindy suggested Gabe bring a female date. Isaac informs the Vaughn's of Caitlin's condition as she's in a coma and Seth hears the devastating news wondering how he's going to break it to Blake.

Week 36 Recaps (Episode 72-73)

Episode 72

Russ and Avery went to the hospital and met Caitlin's parents to find out how she's doing, but unfortunately her condition hadn't changed much in that short time as Russ and Avery offered their prayers, but before they left the hospital they encountered a nightmare of their own as Brooke lashed out at them threatening Avery and shaking things up. When Avery thought about her mother and the tentative nature of her being pregnant, her fears began to consume her, but Russell assured her he wouldn't allow anything to happen to her or their family. Seth delivered the news to Blake and Kenneth about Caitlin's condition and the group shared a moment of sadness. Brant talked to Annie about his situation with Avery and then when Blake called with the news on Caitlin, he decided to go to the hospital to be there for his sister. Elliot and Cheryl pay Grady a visit to discover their son is in a world of happiness with Jade and as they see him turning a new leaf, they wonder if their children have finally found true happiness in their lives at long last. Dave and Shannon return to Coral Valley after hearing about Caitlin's attack and Dave and Deidra go to the hospital to support Ken. Diane pays Ben a visit after her talk with her mother. She tries to tempt Ben into dinner, but a mishap sends their plans astray. He tried to get her to give Deidra a chance, but Diane still remained firm in her decision that things with Deidra are beyond repair. Richard checks in with Judy and lets her know how Avery is and while he's there he urges Judy to follow her heart and give their relationship another go at romance. Johanna checks in at the hospital to make an appointment, but upon hearing of Caitlin's condition, she rushes to find Zack who breaks down in her arms about his sister. Brant shows up at the hospital with Annie and he and Kenneth duke it out over the recent turn of events.

Episode 73

The Ashford brothers fight with one another until Dave and Deidra arrive and help break it up. Brant leaves upon Blake's request, but Ken's still upset by how his brother turned his life apart and in not being able to see Caitlin, he finds himself frustrated as his friends tried to help him through this situation. Seth takes Blake for a bite to eat and tried to comfort her through this rough time. The two share a talk about Zack and other things and even managed to share an unexpected kiss leaving Blake to question more than she'd ever imagined. Cameron ran into Diego who warned him to be good to Heather, but as Cameron dismissed Diego's words, he found himself in a heated debate with Douglas. Vowing to make Douglas pay for his actions, Cameron decided it was time to put his plans into reality as he returned home to declare that he and Heather were to wed that night. Johanna tried to help Zack unwind as his sister's condition overwhelmed him. Russ and Avery reminisced about the past and shared a tender exchange at their home. Jade and Grady talk about their relationship and share some hopeful moments as Grady declares that loving Jade has turned his life around. Hart and Jenna talk about things that have been happening in their lives before sharing a nice, romantic dinner with one another. Patrick's attempts at flirting with Shannon left him handcuffed to a sink when she managed to put him in his place. Thea and Heather faced off before Cameron returned home to insiste he and Heather get married right away.

Week 37 Recaps (Episode 74-75)

Episode 74

Heather and Cameron got married. Jenna and Avery shared a morning of girl talk as both women discussed the happenings in their lives. Kenneth spoke with Caitlin's parents and revealed his heart to Caitlin's mother before Zack intervened urging him to leave. Johanna and Blake had an unsavory encounter with one another which only turned into something worse when Blake discovered that Johanna and Zack knew one another. Feeling shunned by Zack, Blake left the hospital with Seth. Russ paid Grady a visit and the two tried to make ammends as Grady surprised Russ with a dinner invitation for him and Avery. Douglas makes a plea for Dorothy to work with him to help repair the damage that's been done with the secrets she's kept from Jenna and Dorothy reluctantly agreed in the hopes of opening the lines of communication with her daughter again. Ken asks Hart to help him with the Midlands case in court the next day. Hart agrees. Cameron and Heather enjoy their honeymoon on his island. Russ comes home and joins Jenna and Avery's girl talk, but when Brant sends Avery flowers, Russell goes into a rage and rushes to the Ashford mansion ready to tear Brant apart. Shannon pays Brant a visit and the two get rather heated and physical with one another until Russ walks in on the intimate moment. Brant soon recovered and the two men faced off until Avery arrived and the group spurt into chaos. Douglas discovers that Kipp is missing from the hospital.

Episode 75

Russ and Avery go home after the run in with Brant and the two argue until finally they come to an understanding and a moment of tenderness between them. Blake and Seth share a moment from the past as they find themselves called by passion, but Seth stopped Blake from taking it any further as he vowed to win her back and have her heart completely when the time was right. Johanna takes an exhausted Zack home and decided to spend the night with him. Cam and Heather talk about their marriage and decide to have a proper honeymoon with one another as passion takes a step forward. Kenneth and Brant face off at home in front of Annie, who tried to stop them from fighting. Dorothy revealed more about her past to restong. Jenna and Hart share a heated moment before Doug arrives with news on Kipp's disappearance. Hart offered to help Doug find out what's going on at the hospital for Doug. Grady calls to make sure Russ and Avery are still coming to dinner after Jade's urgings. Ken also calls Russ to ask him to be in court to cover Caitlin's story and Russ agreed. Blake and Brant share a bonding moment as Brant tries to help her heal her broken heart. Cameron gets news that Douglas is having a fit and he couldn't be happier after he'd had Kipp moved away from Douglas.

Week 38 Recaps (Episode 76-77)

Episode 76

Doug and Jenna discuss what could have happened to Kipp Doug talked about Cameron and his warning but he doubts that Cameron could be behind Kipp's disappearance, but Jenna isn't so convinced. Zack wakes up with Johanna in his bed and he's left feeling unsettled as he pushes her away and she lashes out at him for throwing away their relationship on a whim. Russ and Avery share breakfast with one another as Avery plans to go to work and Russ goes to court. Brant, Blake and Ken encounter one another as Ken and Brant argue, but after that Brant offers Blake a trip to the spa in hoping to cheer her up. Judy listens as Deidra explains she's ready to find a place of her own, but when Diane shows up the two sisters were at odds once again as Diane gave Deidra a gift that upset her. Deidra rushed off to spend the day with Dave while Judy lashed out at Diane. Grady and Jade have a breakfast with one another as he decides to go to the court to watch as Susan blindsides Ken. Avery panics when she gets to work thinking about what threat coudl be out there, but she finds herself totally unprepared for her encounter with Brant when he informs her he hasn't given up on her and kisses her. She scoffs back at him and leaves. Zack goes to the hospital to speak with his parents and talk to his sister as his heart aches. Diane and Ben talk about her gift for Deidra and he urges her once again to be nicer to her sister. Shannon gets in trouble for her actions as Assistant Director Callaway pulls her off the murder investigation. Brooke receives a mysterious call and promises to find a way to bring Brant and Avery together again. In court Susan's arrival puts Ken into a shock.

Episode 77

Kenneth gets the continuance he was hoping for, but he and Susan spar verbally and she winds up slapping him. Grady steps in to lash out at Ken for his place in breaking up his marriage to Susan once upon a time and both men go head to head until Russell pulls Grady away. Ken and Deidra searched for her perfect apartment and eventually found one. Avery confided to her father about what happened with Brant and later Russell paid her a surprise visit at work. Richard had a talk with a less than thrilled Brant about him backing off and leaving Avery alone. Grady and Jade shared a moment of joy as Grady found himself energized by his new changes in his life. Jade and Dorothy had a talk about the situation happening with Jenna. Kenneth listened as Judy urged him to follow his heart back to the hospital with Caitlin. Jenna went to lunch with Callaway and Hart had a fit when he found out. The two fought and nearly made love before disaster struck once more. Brooke also met up with Bruce in a dark alley where he vowed to make an impression on her. Blake and Annie had a talk about the things happening in Blake's life at the spa while Susan and Thea made a wager on Susan's ability to get Kenneth back once again in her life.

Week 39 Recaps (Episode 78-79)

Episode 78

Ken going to the hospital to try to reason with Caitlin's mom so he can see Caitlin and her parents agree to let him see her. Grady's dinner with Russ and Avery didn't go as planned as after some light moments of joking Grady reveals his true feelings to Avery during a moment alone with her. Jade caught his bitter words and after Russell and Grady fought with one another, she announced she was leaving as she was through with Grady. Dave and Deidra spent a night out at the late show with one another and had fun in the fountain at the mall until one of Dave's officers caught him in a moment of wildness. They two had a fun and easy going time as Dave realized he was rather enjoying having Deidra back around again. Ben surprised Diane by taking her to a bingo game where they get to learn a little bit more about one another. Hart reveals to Jenna that he's in love with her and the two shared a touching moment. Richard and Judy's dinner was interrupted by the news of Brooke's accident as her car has been pulled out of Lake Cardinal. Seth paid Blake a visit and the two spent the night watching the stars in one another's arms. Caitlin woke up from her coma upon Ken's arrival to her hospital room.

Episode 79

Richard and Judyarrived at the lake to see Brooke's car being pulled out of it without her in it. Dave checked in with them and suggested they all look at some of Brooke's personal things downtown. Grady and Jade argued about his inability to just move forward with his life in letting go of his hatred for Avery and things escalated between them until finally Jade left. Russell was in a state of depression at the thought of his brother's behavior and Avery tried to cheer him up urging him to think positive. The two shared a playful moment before they received word about Brooke's accident and Avery tried to keep herself together. Seth and Blake woke up in her room where he'd slept in a chair and as they talked with one another things got heated until Seth finally decided that they needed to wait before passion overtoko them. Ken and Caitlin shared a touching reunion at the hospital after she woke up. Johanna paid Zack a visit as she worried about the man she loves and with his parents urgings she took him home. Hart and Jenna received the call about Brooke in the middle of a make out session at his office and Jenna decided that she needed to get into contact with Avery. Guy discovered the news about Brooke's accident when flipping channels on the televison and he found himself in a state of shock and fear at what might've happened to his mother. Brant caught Seth and Blake sharing a touching moment and the two men shared a tense moment before Blake got word of Caitlin's waking up at long last.

Week 40 Recaps (Episode 80-81)

Episode 80

Russ and Avery arrived at the scene of Brooke's accident taking in the damage that has been done as do Guy and Gabe. Guy broke down at the idea of his mother being gone from his world forever as Avery comforted her brother. Richard and Judy were at the police station where he identified some of Brooke's personal items that were retrieved and Judy began to wonder if perhaps there was more to Brooke and Richard's feelings for one another than he'd previously let on. Johanna took Zack home and the two discussed Caitlin's recovery and Zack's inability to commit as Zack assured Johanna that they would have no future together. Jade was lost in her misery over what happened with Grady until Diane came over and the two friends talked about the situation with one another as Diane suggested that perhaps Jade should try to move on with someone else in the hopes that Grady would finally get his priorities straight at long last. Grady attended another AA meeting where Shannon tried to reason with him about what he's doing with his life in allowing his hatred for Avery to take control of all else. Seth and Blake finished up breakfast with one another before Ken called to alert Blake to Caitlin's waking up. Seth offered to drive Blake to the hospital to see her pal and the two vowed to pick up where they'd left off together at a later time. Jenna, Hart and Wayne arrived at the scene of Brooke's accident as the Morrison siblings went head to head with one another over what had happened until Guy discovered his sister was pregnant and they tried to help one another through what was happening to their family. Thea found out about Cameron's running off to wed Heather and in a fury she started down a path ready to bring Heather's involvement in Cameron's life to an end. Brant called Johanna and told her that he'd let go of his previous mission of hers to get Russell out of town should she decide to make it her mission to get Zack out of Blake's life instead. She agreed and offered up information on how Brant could get Russ and Avery apart by using Grady as a tool to making it happen. Isabel called Ben and warned her to start digging deeper into his investigation before the FBI took over the case against the Ashford family as she wanted to be the one to take them down. Blake visited her pal at the hospital and was overjoyed that Caitlin was alright. Upon entering the police station, Guy had a fit when he saw his father with Judy and lashed out at him.

Episode 81

Seth came home to find Jade upset after her falling out with Grady. He tried to comfort his sister to the best of his ability as she avoided his questions about what happened. The two talked about him and Blake reconnecting briefly before Jade continued being evasive about what happened with Grady. Gabe and Russell pulled Guy and Richard apart as the Guy's fury continued to take control of him. Avery stepped in and pulled her brother aside as the two siblings went head to head over Guy's behavior. Once they'd reached an understanding, Russell informed them that they were both needed as Richard had gotten a phone call alerting the family that Brooke wasn't dead, but merely kidnapped. Susan caught up with Grady at a bar and taunted him until he finally walked away refusing to take the bait she was offering. Ken, Caitlin and Blake caught up with one another now that Caitlin was awake. Thea paid Diego a visit and manipulated him into working with her to help tear Heather and Cameron apart by playing upon his sympathies about his lost love, but did Diego really take Thea's words at face value? Time will tell. Doug reached out to Dorothy and the two shared a touching moment before Preston walked in and witnessed the exchange. Shortly after Doug left and Pres questioned Dorothy on her lingering feelings for Doug, but she assured Pres that there were none. Judy decided to step out of the situation at the police station as she felt like an outsider looking in on the family as they dealt with Brooke's kidnapping. Rick tried to explain how much he needed her at a time like this and begged her not to leave, but she ducked out saying that he needed to be a father to Guy as Guy needed him more than ever. Jenna and Avery talked about Brooke's kidnapping and Avery urged Jenna to try to forgive her mother for what's happened in the past. Jenna offered to think about it before she and Hart left with one another. Later Russ took Avery home and informed her that he'd invited Guy and Gabe over for dinner so that they could all be together as a family. Ken took Caitlin's parents to the mansion as Brant protested, but Ken warned Brant to back off the Vaughn family or else Ken would find a way to make sure that Brant was kept away from Avery forever. Gabe and Guy left the police station only to get a call from Gabe's ex-wife who was threatening to take Gabe's daughter Brittany out of the country to boarding school and in the midst of things, the kidnapper called Guy demanding that Guy pay attention to what was said as it would be the key to saving Brooke's life.

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