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Week 41 Recaps (Episode 82-83)

Episode 82

Dave questioned an apprehensive Guy about the kidnapper's message and wanted to find out more information about Brooke's kidnapping while Richard tried to coax the truth about his son. Guy later had a confrontation with Richard about his association with Judy while being married to Brooke. In private Guy revealed to his father the truth behind the kidnapper's motivation for taking Brooke. Gabe received an unwelcome phone call from his ex-wife. Hart and Jenna's romantic evening was cut short when he had an allergic reaction to the Chinese food they were eating. Douglas found himself plagued by thoughts of his former lover Dorothy, but he was soon distracted by Thea who made it clear she was there to upset Cameron. Douglas found himself amused by the idea more than anything and invited her on for the evening. Zack paid Caitlin a visit and he encountered Blake. He apologized for his behavior with her after Caitlin's attack, but before the two could mend fences Seth called and a jealous Zack lashed out at Blake for spending time with Seth. Jade found herself bummed out after a fight with Grady, but Diane and Ria refused to let their friend sulk so they decided to take her out for a night on the town. Upset about Brooke's kidnapping, Guy turned to Mindy for support and later Guy asked Mindy to join him at Russ and Avery's for dinner. Mindy flirted with Guy and hinted at her feelings for him, but fortunately Guy was able to dodge the situation. Gabe realized he could still make the dinner party at Russ and Avery's place, but was disappointed when he spotted Guy and Mindy out with one another in an intimate setting. After receiving a phone call from Seth, Gabe decided that he would accept Seth's invitation to join Seth and Jade instead of meeting up with Guy. Deidra comforted Judy when Judy's worries about Richard's true feelings for Brooke haunted her mind causing her to fear the worst for their relationship. Preston and Dorothy had a romantic evening at home together. Seth, Gabe, Ria, Diane and Ben came together to try to cheer Jade up after her fight with Grady. Diane was surprised to see Blake show up to see Seth and she found herself not happy that Blake was back in Seth's life again.

Episode 83

Tension filled the air when Diane expressed her unhappiness about Blake's arrival. However, Ben warned Diane to be nice to Blake for Seth since the gathering was to help cheer Jade up. A reluctant Diane agreed to behave. Mindy and Guy arrived at Russ and Avery's house where the four of them shared lighthearted teasing with one another. Later Mindy expressed her thoughts on how great it was Russ and Avery were back together while Guy worried about Gabe not calling him. Later Avery found Guy and Mindy in a tender moment and she pulled her brother aside to warn him not to play with Mindy's emotions since it was clear Mindy was still in love with him. Guy explained they were just friends, but Avery was not as convinced Mindy felt the same way. Gabe and Jade commiserated over their stubborn and impossible lovers when both found themselves miserable on their night out. The bonded over drinks and talks of their personal lives. Caitlin warned Zack against toying with Blake's heart if he wasn't ready to commit to her completely. Ken arrived at the hospital later with a surprise for Caitlin. After their failed attempt at making love, Hart and Jenna wound up in the emergency room together where they ran into his ex-girlfriend Beth, who made it clear she still had an interest in Hart. Heather and Cameron spent their time on the beach at his private villa soaking up the sun together after their quickie wedding. Cameron promised to make his new bride's dream a reality for her, while keeping her in the dark about his true intentions for her child. Douglas tried to offer support to Thea after they'd made love to one another. He reminded her that she's stronger than she gives herself credit for where Cameron is concerned, but Thea's feelings for Cameron were still very much alive inside of her. Judy and Deidra sat down to watch a movie, but when it was clear that Judy was distracted Deidra urged Judy to call Richard. Once Judy was on the phone, Deidra noticed a newsreport on Bruce Mathis on television and she realized she may have slept with a serial killer. Guilt overcame Avery when she realized that Bruce might have kidnapped her mother. She recounted the horrible details of her relationship with him to Guy and Mindy while Russ decided that perhaps it was time to investigate Bruce's past further. At the night club an intoxicated Blake begged Seth to make love to her. However, Seth decided that he wouldn't cross that line with her until he was certain that her heart was truly his and he put the brakes on the situation between them. Ken and Caitlin spent a quiet, romantic night together in the hospital. Gabe decided to take a drunk Jade home after it was clear she needed some air. When the two were outside Grady was driving by and spotted them together. An angry Grady grew jealous and turned to drinking.

Week 42 Recaps (Episode 84-85)

Episode 84

Hart went to Jenna’s apartment in a quest to correct her ideas about him and Beth Raines. When Jenna fought his every attempt to sway her, she threw an ash tray at him and he fell down the flight of stairs outside. Jenna rushed to his aide and drew him inside where he relieved her by revealing that he wasn’t hurt, merely trying to get her attention. He burst into declarations of love and convinced her that he hadn’t been betraying her with Beth. Jenna was touched by his declarations and they made love. Gabe attempted to soothe a drunken Jade as she poured her heart out to him about Grady. Meanwhile, Noelle called Gabe to warn him that she wasn’t going to back off. Gabe hung up on her only to find Jade had passed out on him. Grady began to drink heavily while his anger mounted. Knowing only one person to take it out on, Grady got into his truck to find her. Mindy and Guy shared a long talk on the way back to her apartment. During that conversation, Mindy found herself lost in the love she felt for him and kissed him. Realizing what she’d done, Mindy fled in embarrassment to her apartment only to find that it had been robbed. Avery began to feel the weight of all that had happened around her only for Russ to remind her of how far they’d come and what they’d accomplished together. Deidra called Dave to find out more about Bruce Mathis. Deidra began to realize that the man she knew as Christian was really the serial killer everyone in Coral Valley feared. When she broke down in hysterics, Judy stepped in take care of her daughter. Ben and Diane went home only for Diane to lament about the course of her friends’ lives. Seth snuck Blake into an old theater to watch a movie and make out in the back row like a pair of smitten teens. Richard raged at Callaway for the half-baked job the FBI were doing in finding Brooke. Callaway assured Richard that the bureau was doing everything they could and reasoned with Richard to go home for some rest. Russell found a way to break through Avery’s misery and create a little happiness in their lives only for that happiness to be shattered by Grady’s drunken arrival as he raged at Avery for the wrongs he blamed her for.

Episode 85

A hung over Grady stumbled into Avery’s shower thinking she was Jade while Avery thought Grady was Russell. Upon discovering one another naked, they both went wild with disgust while Russ came running into the bathroom. Russ tried to reason with Grady before joining Avery out of the room to calm her down. Elliot spoke with Grady who felt defeated. Dave took a photo array to Deidra who correctly identified Bruce Mathis as the man she knew as Christian on the island. Fear of what the serial killer might do to her drove her into a serious depression as she ran to her room and shut everyone out. Gabe and Jade spoke about the men in their lives and they each vowed to wait for those they loved to come around. Mindy awoke at Avery’s old apartment and was pleasantly surprised to find Guy stepping into her bedroom. Only the potential fantasy turned into a grim reality when she realized that the night before hadn’t just been a nightmare. Guy insisted Mindy move in with him to be safe. Hart and Jenna shared a romantic morning together full of love and love play. Seth and Blake woke up together in his bed. Blake urged Seth to make love to her only for him to shy away once again. She responded by informing him that she wasn’t a virgin anymore. Seth reacted in pain as he urged her to tell him about the depth of her feelings for Zack. A fight ensued during which Seth forced Blake to look at pictures of Jade’s attack. Blake recoiled in horror as she recognized Eric as one of the men in the pictures and realized that Diane would react badly if she knew the truth about the man they’d once fought over. Blake apologized to Seth for the way she’d acted and vowed to help him protect Jade. Ken offered the Vaughns the Ashford guest house but they politely turned down his offer. Johanna visited Caitlin and dropped a bombshell which Zack overheard. Ria was pulled into a hospital room by a mystery man who she recognized. He urged her to spend a few passionate moments with her and she couldn’t help but be seduced by him. Russ and Avery argued over Grady as Avery’s fears came to light about the state of their marriage. Russ assured her that he wasn’t letting go and nothing his brother did or said made any difference in how he felt about her. Avery acknowledged his attempt to make her feel better and they bonded once again. As they spoke about Grady, Avery got an idea about how to rectify the situation and perhaps get Grady back on his feet again and out of their private lives.

Week 43 Recaps (Episode 86-87)

Episode 86

Elliot had a long talk with Grady about straightening his life out and leaving Russell and Avery to themselves. Avery called Jade in the hopes of bringing she and Grady together to reconcile. Jade seemed reluctant but Avery was hopeful that things could work out for all involved. Guy reeled at the phone call from the kidnapper while Mindy tried to help him deal with what had happened. Guy felt helpless in trying to free his mother but Mindy reasoned with him that he needed to give all the information to his father and to the FBI. Guy relented and went to speak with his father while Mindy gave her mother a phone call. Mindy’s mother, Paula, invited Mindy and Guy to a dinner with the governor. Zack questioned Johanna about her pregnancy while she announced that she’d already decided to have an abortion. Zack struggled for her to listen to his pleas for a chance to have a role in the decisions regarding his child. Deidra admitted to her mother that she felt like a failure with men. Dave paid a visit to Shannon to ask her for a favor. Shannon agreed to protect Deidra if she could still be in the loop regarding the hunt for Bruce Mathis. Diane went to BBK to look for the microfilm only to find Brant at work. She warned him that he needed to focus on someone other than Avery as it was really against everything that he was. After ushering her from his office, Brant called in a favor to get information about Brooke’s kidnapping. Guy argued with Richard and the FBI about the way to handle the ransom drop. Gabe found Mindy at Guy’s apartment which led to an argument between Guy’s closest friends. Grady began to attack Avery only for Jade to arrive and stop him in his tracks as he wasn’t certain quite why she’d shown up.

Episode 87

Avery’s words paid off as Jade came to the Denton home to speak with Grady, but when he started to suggest that she’s ran off to sleep with someone else while he’d gotten himself into a drunken stupor as a result, things got a bit ugly between them once again. Seth’s concerns about his sister interrupted a peaceful breakfast between him and Blake after he stewed over Jade not coming home. However, as Blake tried to alleviate his fears, she informed him that she found a way to help him out of the situation with Cameron as she’d worked on getting a copy of the microfilm with a few alterations that Seth could give Cameron as it would seem authentic enough for Cameron to think that it was the real deal and Seth and Jade would be safe from harm. Susan approached Ken in the pastry shop and tried to lay out her charms upon him hoping to tempt him into another fling, but much to her dismay Ken rebuffed her advances even with his initial physical response to her nearness. Gabe and Mindy got into a fight with one another that lead them head to head over the situation they’d found themselves in as in both being stubborn they wound up entangled in a heated physical dispute until Guy walked in interrupting the fight. The two separated and Mindy left the apartment needing to clear her head after Gabe’s accusations he’d thrown at her about her feelings for Guy. When Mindy left, Guy and Gabe took a few moments to speak about his mother’s kidnapping. Dorothy shows up at Jenna’s apartment finding Hart there with Jenna much to her dismay. As mother and daughter face off about Jenna’s romantic decisions, Jenna orders her mother out of her apartment as Hart and Jenna’s time with one another takes a sour turn. Russ pays Caitlin a visit in the hospital where he reveals that Avery would like to speak with Caitlin. The two come to an understanding with one another and return to being friends as the two women gush about Russ and Avery’s child on the way. Zack paid Johanna a visit in the hopes of keeping her from leaving Coral Valley and cutting him out of his child’s life forever, but despite his protest, Johanna remained firm in her decision to go back to Seattle. Blake and Seth were interrupted from a quiet moment alone by Ben and Diane and the two women sparred off for a bit before Ben decided to take Diane with him away from the Alexander apartment. Ken paid Brant a visit to discuss his conflicting emotions about Susan and as Brant tried to talk to Ken, the two got into an argument when Ken accused Brant of being just like their father with his obsession with Avery. Brant ordered Ken to leave his office before Brant was left to ponder if he’d truly become the thing he’d hated the most. Grady’s accusations left Jade feeling wounded by his words and in a fit of rage and frustration, Jade left Grady feeling that perhaps it was too late for them to pick up where they’d left off with one another again as long as he held onto the rage and anger he’d carried with him.

Week 44 Recaps (Episode 88-89)

Episode 88

Elliot had a long talk with Grady about straightening his life out and leaving Russell and Avery to themselves. Avery called Jade in the hopes of bringing she and Grady together to reconcile. Jade seemed reluctant but Avery was hopeful that things could work out for all involved. Guy reeled at the phone call from the kidnapper while Mindy tried to help him deal with what had happened. Guy felt helpless in trying to free his mother but Mindy reasoned with him that he needed to give all the information to his father and to the FBI. Guy relented and went to speak with his father while Mindy gave her mother a phone call. Mindy’s mother, Paula, invited Mindy and Guy to a dinner with the governor. Zack questioned Johanna about her pregnancy while she announced that she’d already decided to have an abortion. Zack struggled for her to listen to his pleas for a chance to have a role in the decisions regarding his child. Deidra admitted to her mother that she felt like a failure with men. Dave paid a visit to Shannon to ask her for a favor. Shannon agreed to protect Deidra if she could still be in the loop regarding the hunt for Bruce Mathis. Diane went to BBK to look for the microfilm only to find Brant at work. She warned him that he needed to focus on someone other than Avery as it was really against everything that he was. After ushering her from his office, Brant called in a favor to get information about Brooke’s kidnapping. Guy argued with Richard and the FBI about the way to handle the ransom drop. Gabe found Mindy at Guy’s apartment which led to an argument between Guy’s closest friends. Grady began to attack Avery only for Jade to arrive and stop him in his tracks as he wasn’t certain quite why she’d shown up.

Episode 89

Despite Ben and Diane’s concerns about Jade’s mental state, she woke up and vowed to go to work and face her day despite the conflict between her and Grady. Diane offered to help Jade look her best so that Grady would eat his heart out upon seeing her. Avery was still angry with Russ about what took place the night before with his brother. Despite his attempts to fix things between them, the couple was faced with a lingering sense of damage to their relationship as the after effects of his brother’s drinking binge remained between them. Cameron informed Heather that he had Kipp and he would gladly help her be able to visit Kipp once they were back in Coral Valley after their honeymoon. Blake and Zack ran into one another at Irvan’s and the two shared a discussion about her reunion with Seth, but before Zack could find a way to coax Blake into taking him back in her life again, Johanna arrived letting Blake know that she was pregnant with Zack’s child, thus driving Blake away from Zack once again. Jenna and Hart searched the security offices at the morgue and discovered that the surveillance tape from the night that Bruce vanished from the morgue was missing. Russ paid Caitlin a visit and Russ revealed the truth about Ken and Susan’s affair during Susan’s time being married to Grady. Upon hearing the news of her boyfriend’s past with Susan, Caitlin was shocked, but she pushed that aside long enough to urge Russ to go repair whatever damage was done between him and Avery before it was too late. Brant paid Avery a visit at work, offering up an apology for his behavior in the past and asked if they could become friends once again. She accepted and later he comforted her upon seeing she was upset about what was happening with Russ. Brant also surprised her with a gift for her unborn child and touched her with that simple gesture. Douglas visited Dorothy in the attempts of smoothing over the waters between them, but she rebuffed his advances as the two found themselves at odds again. Seth’s concerns for his sister left him ready to leave his apartment until Blake showed up in turmoil about what she’d encountered between Zack and Johanna. As Seth tried to tend to Blake’s breaking heart, the two lost themselves to passion as Blake finally freed her feelings for him and the two made love at long last. Thea presented Heather with Cameron’s family crest upon their arriving back in Coral Valley, thus sending him into an uproar. Dorothy noticed that something was bothering Jade as the two women spoke for a while until Grady arrived and asked for some time with Jade. Grady apologized for his behavior and hoped that he and Jade could repair the damage that had been done between them. In the midst of Brant and Avery bonding with one another Russell arrived and apologized for the argument he’d gotten into with Avery and he urged her to go away with him for a while. Brant later surprised the newlyweds by encouraging Russ and Avery to take the time to go off and enjoy themselves as he claimed to be turning a new leaf. Russell was doubtful, but Avery insisted that Brant was coming around as the two made plans for some time away together while Brant lingered in the shadows plotting his next move to win Avery’s heart over once he’d regained her trust again.

Week 45 Recaps (Episode 90-91)

Episode 90

Thea revels in delight after vowing to remind Cameron of how much she truly needs him. Her mood however was soured after she and Susan talked about Susan’s upcoming dinner ‘date’ with Brant. Thea reminds Susan that she won’t accomplish what she’s hoping for in getting Ken back with her methods of capturing his attention. Caitlin encouraged Ken to go home and rest after spending his time at her bedside. A reluctant Ken finally agreed to do so, but told Caitlin he would return if she needed him. Russ and Avery visited Richard to inform him that she and Russ would be leaving town for a while to get away from everything that was happening after her mother was taken. Avery felt guilt over bringing Bruce into everyone’s lives in the first place, but Russ and Richard were in agreement that Bruce was clearly insane and getting Avery away from Coral Valley would keep her safe and away from Bruce’s threats. Jade and Grady have a discussion about his treatment towards Avery and how it was putting a strain on their relationship. Jade pleaded with him to get over his hatred of Avery and just let Russ be happy. Grady remained firm in his opinion about Avery explaining Avery’s past history caused Russ problems. Jade reminded Grady of his own issues and suggested that perhaps the reason Grady was focusing on his brother so much was simply because he didn’t want to deal with his own issues and staying sober. The two had a heart to heart talk about what it was they could do to help Grady in the situation. Johanna informed Zack that she was returning to Seattle and not changing her mind about that whether he was joining her or not. Zack expressed his concerns about not wanting to move back to Seattle, which only further upset Johanna. After Blake and Seth made love, the two talked about her feelings for Zack. Seth acknowledged that Blake had feelings for both him and Zack, but he explained that none of that mattered to him. He confessed his love for Blake and revealed that he wasn’t going to give up on what they had with one another because he wanted her too much in his life. Blake confessed she loved him too and they made love again before going on a photo assignment at an elementary school play with one another. Angry about Russ and Avery being together, Brant tried to focus on his other plans. He and Susan set things up to make Ken see them together when he got home. They pretended to be on a date, but Ken saw right through what was happening. Guy and Mindy had a talk about what was going on between her and Gabe, which lead into a discussion about Mindy’s feelings for Guy. He tried to let her down gently, but she explained it was just an off night for her when she made a move on him. The two shared a drunken kiss as guilt carried over Guy due to Mindy’s unhappiness and his mother’s disappearance, but almost as soon as it started Guy passed out. Mindy then received a phone call from the kidnapper who wanted to meet with Guy and Mindy. After Guy awakened he revealed he had the ransom money and he and Mindy went to meet the kidnapper to save his mother. Russ and Avery arrived at his family cabin where he presented her with a romantic evening in the rain. Zack visited Caitlin in the hospital to see how she was doing. The two talked about her situation with Ken and his problems with Johanna and Blake. An angry Ken made his way to the shower after seeing Brant and Susan together. Vowing not to fall into their games, he attempted to put the night behind him until Susan surprised him by showing up in his shower to seduce him!

Episode 91

Things were heated between Ken and Susan in the shower until Ken finally pushed her away and told her that regardless of what they had with one another, she would never measure up to Caitlin. He then locked her in the bathroom before leaving to go back to see Caitlin. An angry Susan vowed to get Ken back again as Brant taunted her about her inability to sway his brother’s affections towards her. Seth snuck Blake into the photo studio and Seth told her a story about a trip he and Jade took together that started his love for photography. As they discussed his work, Blake suggested that they do an intimate photo session with each other that transpired into them making love. Grady drove Jade home and promised that he would try to change for her. He confessed that she was exactly what he needed in his life and he hoped that they had a future with one another. Guy and Mindy made the random drop, but much to Guy’s dismay the kidnapper didn’t release Brooke. Russ and Avery spent their time at the cabin making love and contemplating their future with their child. Thea and Douglas share dinner with one another, but when a smug Cameron arrives and announces that he not only married Heather, but plans to act as father of Heather’s baby, it sends Douglas into an uproar despite the fact Douglas refused to believe that Heather‘s baby could be Kipp‘s child. However, Thea and Douglas played up the situation by flaunting off their ‘relationship’ in front of Cameron. Jenna and Hart arrived at the same restaurant and found her father with Thea. A furious Jenna realized that her father was clearly not the man she believed him to be as she asked Hart to take her home so that she didn’t have to be subjected to her father’s flirtations with Thea. Seth and Blake went out to dinner with one another after their trip to the studio, but had a run in with Diane and Ben where Blake and Diane faced off with one another in the ladies room. Both women exchanged words, but when Blake had the chance to throw it in Diane’s face that Diane had offered up the ultimate betrayal in sleeping with a man who had raped Jade, Blake decided to step back. Grady came home only to discover that Susan had moved back into his house due to a mix up in the divorce papers. Ken returned to Caitlin’s hospital room after encountering Susan and vowed to spend the rest of his night with the woman he loved. After the ransom drop, Guy anticipated to have Brooke returned safely, but when that didn’t happen Mindy coaxed him into calling his father for help. Meanwhile Brant was at home pondering ways to get Avery’s attention again while reflecting on his brief fling with Angela and wondering where she was. He spoke briefly with hi private investigator who sent him a fax on Angela when a frazzled Brooke arrived on his doorstep.

Week 46 Recaps (Episode 92-93)

Episode 92

Brant tended to Brooke after she arrived on his doorstep. He promised to help her after he called the police and Guy and Richard. Brooke made Brant promise to call Avery to be with her. Guy and Richard were reunited with Brooke. Avery surprised Russ with breakfast in bed, but her attempts at cooking weren’t as successful as the thought behind it. Russ still appreciated her efforts and the two had an intimate morning together until Brant called and interrupted their love making to inform them that Brooke was at his home and okay. Jenna and Hart shared breakfast together at her place as she expressed her displeasure in her father seeing Thea. She also told Hart about her friend Maria and how she felt that Cameron Stone played a hand in Maria’s death. She explained that after Maria was run down by a car that she died, but her child was born and the boy lived for a few short hours until he passed on as well. After reflecting on her father’s association with Cameron, Jenna decided to go make up with her mother. Grady was forced to deal with Susan over a breakfast now that they were both living in his house. He attempted to get her to leave, but she refused causing him more grief than he realized she was worth. An embarrassed Blake ran into Jade in Seth’s apartment after spending the night with Seth. Jade later teased her brother about his night with Blake. A concerned Seth spoke to Jade about what was happening in her life before he and Blake later talked about their relationship with one another. Zack decided he couldn’t let Johanna leave town now that she was pregnant with his child. Even though he still had feelings for Blake, he made love to Johanna in the hopes of keeping her in Coral Valley with him. Jenna visited Dorothy and apologized for shutting Dorothy out of her life. She then asked her mother how Douglas ended up being a part of her life. The two sat down and talked about Dorothy’s relationship with Douglas. Grady informed Jade that Susan moved back into his house much to his dismay. Jade vowed to help Grady find a way to get Susan out of his house before she drove him crazy. Blake paid Caitlin a visit at the hospital and when Ken left the room the two women talked about Susan’s negative influence on Ken’s life. Thea and Susan talked about Susan’s failure to seduce Ken and in a desperate moment, Susan decided to pay Caitlin a visit. Russ and Avery returned to Coral Valley to see her mother at the Ashford mansion after she’d returned. Avery’s reunion with Brooke was a surprise after Brooke apologized for her treatment of Russ through the years. Brooke explained she was wrong and hoped that Russ and Avery would forgive her. Avery welcomed her mother’s apology with open arms, but Russ remained skeptical of Brooke’s motives. A furious Bruce learned that Brooke was blaming him for her kidnapping and angrily Bruce vowed revenge, but not before claiming another victim in his murderous rage.

Episode 93

Brooke was questioned by the FBI about what had happened to her during her kidnapping. After telling her tale of torture, Brooke was comforted by Richard and Guy. Avery dealt with the guilt of bringing Bruce into all of their lives after she lied to Russ about her miscarried. Russ tried to alleviate Avery’s worries, but it was easier said than done. Brant stepped in and blamed himself for not killing Bruce the night that Bruce attacked Avery. Avery then thanked Brant for saving both her mother’s life and Avery’s child when he stopped Bruce from killing Avery. Russ grew jealous watching Brant and Avery embrace, but he was able to coax Avery into going out for air which left Brant furious. Blake and Ken had coffee in the hospital cafeteria and Blake encouraged her brother to be honest with Caitlin about what Susan tried to pull on him the previous evening. Susan paid Caitlin a visit in her hospital room hoping to make Caitlin nervous about her place in Ken’s life, but Caitlin refused to let Susan get the best of her even after Susan’s confessions about what had taken place with Ken.

Week 47 Recaps (Episode 94-95)

Episode 94

Caitlin questioned Ken further about his encounter with Susan and Ken assured her that he didn't let anything happen between him and Susan despite the lies that Susan told Caitlin. Caitlin believed Ken and the two agreed not to let Susan get between them. Russ confronted Brant on what he and Susan were plotting with one another. Brant and Susan feigned innocence and claimed they were dating, while Russ and Avery still figured they were up to something that went beyond what they were saying. Later Avery went to see Brooke, while Russ revealed his distrust for Brant to Richard. Blake had a heart to heart talk with Annie about Ken's relationship with Caitlin and her own romantic situations. A worried Hart rushed over to check on Jenna when he'd found himself worried about Bruce Mathis being on the loose. A clearly shaken Jenna explained her father came over to visit her and their encounter left her feeling confused and upset about her relationship with Douglas. Hart offered his support to her. Grady tried to invite Jade out for a date, but she refused his offer not wanting to push their situation with one another. Guy and Gabe talked about Brooke's return and their relationship with one another. Brooke apologized to Avery for her horrible behavior and said she wanted to start over again with Avery. Susan ran her plans for Ken by Brant as she plotted to get Ken back in her life again. Seth picked Blake up for their date and the two ran into Russ, who had a confrontation with Blake about Brant. Seth warned Russ not to bother Blake. Blake later confessed that she felt Avery made the wrong choice in not being with Brant and breaking Brant's heart. Dorothy and Preston had dinner with Jenna and Hart and Dorothy found herself highly disapproving of Jenna's new boyfriend. Susan tried to get in Ken's good graces, but he informed her that her plan backfired in visiting Caitlin. Russ called Brant on his strange behavior and the two had a confrontation where Brant accused Russ of getting Avery pregnant on purpose so that she had no choice, but to be with Russ. The two exchangd insults until Guy broke it up and warned Brant to leave Russ alone. Brant contemplated how getting closer to Guy might get him back on track with his plans for Avery.

Episode 95

After his fight with Brant, Russ found Avery and the two had a passionate exchange on the upper level of the Ashford mansion until Ken walked in on them and put a stop to the moment. Seth and Blake wound up at the guest house with one another where they shared an intimate exchange in front of the fireplace talking about when Seth first fell in love with Blake. An angry Heather vowed revenge on Diego for locking her up in a padded room. Heather informed Diego that she would slap a lawsuit against him and despite her threats, there was still a very obvious sexual tension between them. Dinner with Dorothy and Preston seemed to go well with Hart and Jenna, but Dorothy informed Jenna that Hart still didn't receive her approval just yet. Doug found himself upset that Jenna was angry with him, but he informed Thea that he had no intentions of stopping their association with one another. Richard agreed to spend the night with Brooke while she slept so that she could feel safe. Susan tried to charm Grady, but failed to raise his interest when the two were forced to spend the night under the same roof with one another. Cameron had a run in with Jade where he was quick to tell her about his new bride, but she was still uneasy around him when he suggested they be friends. After making love to one another, Blake and Seth had a heartfelt talk with one another and she revealed that she submitted some of his photos to a magazine and people were interested in his work. Russ and Avery had an arguement when she realized that his passionate surprise at the Ashford mansion was prompted by a fight with Brant. They discussed his insecurities where Brant was concerned and then had a heart to heart about things. When they were finally in their home they found a video and a dead woman left in their home at Bruce Mathis's hand.

Week 48 Recaps (Episode 96-97)

Episode 96

Travis Callaway showed up at the Denton home to question Russ and Avery about the horrifying surprise that Bruce left for the both of them in their home. Cheryl and Elliot also arrived to support their son and Avery during the difficult time, but the two wound up having a debate about the Ashfords and their influence in other people's lives. Travis received a mysterious phone call and he explained the situation at the Denton home to a mystery caller. Dave paid Deidra a visit at the hospital and offered to keep an eye on her once it was clear that Bruce was on the loose. Jade went to see Grady after her exchange with Cameron, but she came face to face with Susan first. The two women sparred with one another until Grady interviened and Jade revealed the details of her encounter with Cameron to Grady. Blake visited Caitlin and talked about Blake's relationship with Seth and with Zack. Caitlin later talked about her situation with Ken until Zack arrived and surprised both women. Thea paid Seth a visit enlisting his help in keeping an eye on Cameron's wife or else. Seth agreed to oblige if it meant staying off Cameron's radar for a while. Russ and Avery spent the night at his parents house and talked about the things happening around them until Avery felt something might be off with the baby. The two decided to make an appointment with Deidra due to the stress Avery was under. Johanna had her first doctor's visit with Deidra all by herself. Susan offered to help Cameron get Jade away from Grady by inviting him to dinner at Grady's house. Jade found herself more wound up over her encounter with Cameron and Grady decided it was time to sever the ties with Cameron altogether. He suggested that they drop Cameron's case if it meant keeping Cameron away from Jade and helping her feel safe. Heather found her frustrations with Diego taking a backseat when she had an interview with Seth. Mistaking Seth for a model, Heather tried to flirt with Seth, but then realized that he was the kind of talent she wanted in her company, not to mention great eye candy, so she hired him. Zack and Blake had a talk where he revealed his love for Blake, but Johanna arrived with a photo from her ultrasound driving Blake away from Zack. Deidra received a bouquet from Bruce that left her feeling shocked and horrified.

Episode 97

Dave rushed over to assist Deidra after he learned about what Bruce sent her. He offered to help her and stay with her to keep her safe until Avery arrived and learned that Deidra was tied to Bruce. Blake ran away from Zack and Johanna, but encountered Ken. She revealed the story about Zack and Johanna and broke down to Ken, who vowed to make sure that Zack didn't hurt Blake again. Zack and Johanna talked about their baby and Zack decided to propose to Johanna to keep her in his life since he believed he'd lost Blake. Thea paid Cameron a visit and spilled the details about Jenna being Douglas's daughter to Cameron in the hopes of distracting Cameron from his new wife. Russ and Dave talked about the terror that Bruce was inflicting on the women they cared about. Deidra and Avery both bonded over being terrorized and manipulated by Bruce. Grady attacked Cameron in his office after what Cameron had done to frighten Jade and Cameron had security restrain Grady while Cameron announced he was pressing charges. Ken admitted his displeasure with Zack to Caitlin just in time for Johanna to announce to them that Zack proposed to her and she'd accepted. Dave asked Shannon to keep an eye on Deidra now that Bruce was still on the loose. Russ and Avery decided to find a new home with one another after what Bruce did. However, Russ decided he wasn't going to let Bruce blindside them again now that Russ was having a friend in the FBI look into Bruce's background and see just what secrets Bruce was hiding beyond what they already knew. Russell's friend warned him that going up against Bruce could be costly, but Russ vowed not to let the man destroy his family or his future with Avery.

Week 49 Recaps (Episode 98-99)

Episode 98

Grady called Jade from jail to explain that he was arrested after going to see Cameron. A worried Jade called Russ and hoped to find a way to get Grady out of jail. Russ agreed to put his trip with Avery on hold and do what he could to rush over and help his brother. Cameron let Susan know that he had Grady arrested and Susan decided it was time to make her move in on Grady with him behind bars. Ken warned Zack to stay away from Blake now that it was clear Zack had been toying with Blake's emotions. Hart and Jenna's game of cards turned flirty until her worries about her father overtook her thoughts again. Preston ran an idea about retiring and opening up a self-defense school with Dorothy to help him. Blake and Annie talked about her run in with Zack and Johanna and Blake's feelings for both men in her life. Seth arrived at the Cardinal Hotel in a shady part of town to give Thea an update on his job with Heather, but instead he ran into Ria, who was acting strangely. After Seth decided to leave it was revealed that Ria was meeting her 'secret lover' at the hotel and he had plenty of questions about Seth. Brooke thanked Brant for paying her ransom and preyed on Brant's feelings for Avery in an attempt to get him closer to her. She promised to help Brant win Avery away from Russ. Dave tried to distract Deidra from the problems she was having with her association with Bruce. However, when he tried to kiss his long time friend and reveal his crush on her, Deidra pulled away from him. Avery escorted Russ to the police station and when there was a hold up on getting Grady out of jail, Avery stepped up and said she was Grady's lawyer. It was then announced that Grady wouldn't be going anywhere because his prints were on the gun that was used to shoot Kipp Mahoney.

Episode 99

A worried Russ called Cheryl and Elliot to the police station once it was clear that Grady was in serious trouble. Avery secretly worried to Russ that Grady's confrontation with Kipp at the party the night Kipp was shot could condemn him in court. She decided that there was only one way to save Grady even if he hated it and that was by stepping up to be his lawyer. Jade pledged her love to Grady as the two realized that Cameron had succeeded in splitting them from one another now that Cameron had Grady put in jail. Seth rushed over Blake's house only to discover she had a brunch planned for them. He told her about how Thea was offering him a way out of having to get Cameron the microfilm by his working with Heather's company. He also revealed that Thea had someone following him and Blake together when they were in an intimate setting with one another and that Thea was blackmailing him into working for Heather with photos she had. An angry Blake decided the best way to beat the blackmail was to have her own tabloid shoot to make Thea's photos hold less power over them. Shannon had a meeting with Deidra to let her know how she would be looking after her with Bruce on the loose. The two women bonded with one another. Douglas tried to get Hart to help him win Jenna over after Jenna found herself upset over Kipp's disappearance. Thinking Cameron played a hand in Kipp disappearing Jenna refused to listen to a thing that Douglas had to say and though Douglas tried to win Hart over, his appeal fell upon deaf ears. Dave questioned Cameron on what had happened between him and Grady while expressing his doubts over the validity of Cameron's account of what happened. Jenna and Russ talked about Kipp's disappearance and how it makes things look worse for Grady. Both Avery and Susan arrived to be Grady's lawyer, but Grady finally decided to throw Susan out and agree to let Avery represent him despite their history with one another. Jade arrived at Cameron's and offered to give him anything he wanted if he would just drop the charges against Grady.

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