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Week 50 Recaps (Episode 100-101)

Episode 100

Jade agreed to sleep with Cameron if he would drop the charges against Grady, but at the last minute Jade couldn't do it and ran out of Cameron's home which only further angered Cameron. Grady and Avery bickered with one another before they talked about the seriousness of his case. They realized that there was far more to deal with then either one of them anticipated. However, both agreed that Cameron was the one that set Grady up for Kipp's shooting and Avery vowed to prove that. Ken met Caitlin's mother. Johanna questioned Zack's motivation behind wanting to marry her. She called him on his feelings for Blake, but he swore to her that it was a thing of the past. An upset Jade leaned on Russ when she arrived at the police station and recounted how Cameron tried to blackmail her into sleeping with him to free Grady. Russ promised to do what was needed to take care of Cameron once and for all and help Grady. Brant bought baby clothing for Avery's child and encountered Heather. Heather tried to appeal to him before getting angry and revealing that she married Cameron. Brant told her she made a huge mistake and the two argued. Diane and Ben had a lunch date where they encountered Diane's ex-boyfriend JT Mahoney, who made it clear that he was still very interested in Diane. Jenna called her mother when she was upset about what was happening in Kipp's diappearance. She and Patrick faced off with one another at the police station. Blake and Seth found a secret room in the Ashford guest house. Guy took Mindy to visit his mother at the Ashford Mansion, but Mindy stayed outside while Guy almost caught Brooke with Hunt Lockhart. Meanwhile Mindy ran into Hunt after he'd snuck out of the mansion and the two realized they'd met before and flirted for a while before Hunt left. Richard paid Judy a visit and tried to explain things about what was happening with Brooke, but it was clear that there was a tension between them. Diego paid a visit to Deidra. Cameron planned on putting the nail in Grady's coffin by murdering Avery and pinning it on Grady. He went in to take out Avery, but was surprised when he finally saw her face to face. Grady entered the visiting room and attacked Cameron in an attempt to protect Avery.

Episode 101

Avery and Grady share an awkward yet tender moment when they realize that something was happening with Cameron when he'd approached Avery. Grady tried to fire Avery to protect her, but she refused. Patrick lied saying that he didn't allow Cameron in the back with Grady and Avery when Dave questioned what happened. Blake and Seth found the secret room in the Ashford mansion and a diary that belonged to her mother. Blake started to read the journal until Jade called to tell Seth what was going on with Grady. Ben and JT faced off after it was clear that JT was still very interested in Diane. Russ revealed to Avery that Cameron was threatening Grady and Jade with photos to discredit Jade if Grady didn't do as Cameron wished. Cameron was furious with Thea for not warning him what Avery looked like before he'd encountered her. The two shared a heated exchange. Grady was stabbed in his jail cell.

Week 51 Recaps (Episode 102-103)

Episode 102

Deidra checked in with Dave while he was at work and when he later when in to check on Grady, he found Grady laying on the floor in his cell in a pool of blood. Dave did his best to help save Grady's life. Jade spent the night at Russ and Avery's place. Avery found herself haunted by the past after what Bruce did to violate their home, but when Russ suggested they go to his parents house, she refused and reminded him that keeping Jade safe was top priority. The trio later received a call about Grady's condition. After wondering where Cameron was, Heather prepared to go out in search of her husband, but was instead met by Diego Hernandez, who tried to warn Heather to get out of her marriage before it was too late. Heather sent Diego on his way before she received a visit from a mystery guest who clearly was up to cause her trouble. Brant met with his private investigater who told him about Angela and her dead husband. Unfortunately there was nothing much more to go on beyond the few clippings that were about her husband. Cameron found himself agitated when he wasn't able to find Angel. Ben and Diane's romantic evening was cut short when they got word that Jade was upset over what was happening with Grady. Ria also comforted Jade as everyone waited for word on Grady's condition at the hospital.

Episode 103

Diane comforted Jade as they waited for word on Grady's condition. The two friends talked about just how evil Cameron truly is. Brant learned that Ken and Caitlin left town with one another when Caitlin's father was injured in Seattle on a work related injury. After a disappointing encounter with Brant, Heather questions Cameron about helping her put together her modeling agency he'd promised her. Unfortunately for Heather, Cameron had other plans that didn't include allowing his wife to seduce him. Guy continued to deceive his mother about his sexuality while visiting his mother. Gabe fought the urge to call Guy and make ammends, but before he could follow through his ex-wife Noelle called to argue with him about their daughter Brittany. Avery and Russ concoct a plan to help Grady avoid any further threats to his life in the near future. Seth's frustrations mounted at Cameron's intrusion upon the lives of those he loved. Later when Marc Ashley and his daughter Cathy arrived to pay Brooke a visit, Guy worked to dissuade Cathy's come ons and found himself at wit's end before Gabe arrived. The two lovers shared an embrace that was witnessed by Marc, who promptly attempted to blackmail Gabe by blowing Guy and Gabe's relationship out of the water.

Week 52 Recaps (Episode 104-105)

Episode 104

Mindy met up with Hunt at Irvins and discovered they had more in common than she'd anticipated. After a bit of convincing, Hunt urged Mindy to have dinner with him and she finally accepted. Grady awakened much to the relief of his loved ones and he shared words with a relieved Jade. Douglas reflected on his unholy alliance with Brooke Morrison that lead to Kipp's downfall before Thea arrived and she proposed a way for them to work together to take care of Heather once and for all. Jenna and Hart prepared for a dinner with Dorothy and Preston, but before the plans could take place a horrifying package arrived on Jenna's doorstep! Meanwhile Jenna's brother Wayne met up with his girlfriend Samantha Callaway. Cameron's obsession with Jade and concerns about 'Angel' kept him preoccupied when Thea attempted to seduce him much to Thea's dismay.

Episode 105

Dave paid Deidra a visit at the hospital and confessed that she was very important to him. After having spent the day in labor and delivery, a queasy Shannon made her way out to the hospital courtyard and encountered Diego Hernandez. The two hit it off and decided to go out on a dinner date. Unaware of Marc's ultimatum on Gabe, Guy worried about his lover's mysterious disappearance from the mansion. Susan continue to question Brant about Ken's whereabouts. When Brant was uncooperative in assisting Susan, she warned him he would never get Avery's attention without her help. Brant proved to Susan the powers of his persuasion by planting a kiss on her and then warning her to get focused on helping him again. Russ and Grady bonded with one another as they talked about how lucky they were to be alive in that moment. After receiving an emergency page from Heather, Diego rushed to find her only to discover Heather in need of assistance with moving furnature in her future office. An infuriated Diego warned Heather against paging him for her own personal projects, yet he grudgingly helped her regardless. Brant visited Brooke, who assured him that he was in fact the better man for Avery. Marc arrived at Gabe's hotel room to further spell out the details of his impending blackmail.

Week 53 Recaps (Episode 106-107)

Episode 106

After spending the afternoon rearranging Heather's office, Diego informed Heather he had dinner plans with another woman. Heather found herself jealous at the newsand decided she wasn't about to let him go out with a woman who was completely wrong for him. Blake and Seth encountered Simon, Brant's driver, tampering with the limo. When they questioned him about it, he blew off their concerns while hinting to himself at a sinister plan. The Denton family rejoyced at Grady's recovery while Avery decided to spill the news to Grady about the plan to save him. Hunt found himself sidetracked when Brooke called and interrupted his plans with Mindy. Although he tried to decline Brooke's pleas to meet with him, he reluctantly paid her a visit and ended up standing Mindy up. Marc alerted Gabe that he wanted Gabe back as his lover in return for his silence about Guy's sexuality. An enraged Gabe threw Marc out of his place only to have Guy arrive. Blake and Seth's lovemaking was spoiled after she learned that Zack had married Johanna. Tired of being second place in Blake's life, Seth decided to end things between them. Diego and Shannon began their date while Heather received papers from Douglas threatening to take away her unborn child.

Episode 107

Dave and Deidra's dinner plans were cut short when he had to get back to work. After Dave left Deidra and Judy settled in to spend time with one another. Sam met up with her father Travis and tagged along with him at a crime scene at Jenna's apartment, where she later clashed with Hart. Douglas and Dorothy had a face off in Jenna's apartment over the danger Douglas could bring to his children's lives. Despite his attempts at getting away from Brooke, Hunt was wrangled into going out to dinner with Brooke and ignoring his plans with Mindy. Later at a club a horrified Brooke ran into Judy and Deidra while out on her date with Hunt. A frantic Heather interrupted Diego and Shannon's date with news about Doug trying to take her unborn child. Diego comforted Heather much to Shannon's dismay. The Dentons were forced to deal with the circumstances surrounding Grady's near death experience and found themselves facing a very unsettling situation. Cameron's concerns about Angel grew exponentially until finally Thea informed Cameron that Grady 'died' and he found himself delighted with the new twist of fate.

Week 54 Recaps (Episode 108-109)

Episode 108

Blake had a long discussion about her heart with Annie after Seth left her. Seth and Mindy commiserated about the state of their lives with one another. Brooke pretended not to know Hunt when in front of Judy and Deidra. Russ confessed he was having a hard time dealing with the consequences of what was ahead for his brother after the attack on Grady's life. Later the two shared a tender moment with their unborn child. After being embarassed by Brooke's dismissal in front of Judy and Deidra, Hunt tried to break things off with Brooke. In a desperate moment, Brooke offered to help Hunt with his flourishing career if he'd just give her one more chance. Still unsettled by the situation with Grady, Russ made a phone call to Grady's long time college pal Kyle Houston about arranging a meeting between them. Grady and Jade found their way to their hideout while the world believed Grady was dead.

Episode 109

Avery and Russ set out to prove Grady's innocence in Kipp's shooting by going to the scene of the crimes to search for details the police might have missed. Shannon and Deidra discussed the sad state of their romantic lives with one another. Blake found herself immersed in her mother's old journals before Brant offered her advice. Diego went to Jenna to discuss Doug's latest course of action against Heather. An angry Heather found Cameron and Thea together, which resulted in a very violent exchange between Heather and Cameron when he unleashed his frustrations on his wife.

Week 55 Recaps (Episode 110-111)

Episode 110

Shannon and Diego had a talk before deciding to give going out another try. Ben and Diane had a lighthearted moment. Hart and Jenna discussed her father's methods of trying to take Heather's baby from her. Cameron shooed a very upset Heather out of his office leaving her to run to the only person she could trust in Diego. Russ and Avery were almost spotted in Susan's apartment, but fortunately were able to sneak off undetected. Douglas and Cameron faced off about Kipp's unborn child.

Episode 111

Russ and Avery headed to the security offices to find video of the night Kipp was shot in the hopes of finding some key evidence that could clear Grady's name. Thea revealed to Susan that Grady was 'dead'. Jenna and Douglas faced off over his actions where Heather was concerned and Jenna decided she had seen more than enough of Doug's true colors. Brant and Michael discussed the new drug BBK was working on and it's potential for the future. Brant sought out advice from Hart about happenings at BBK. Susan went over to the Denton household to pay her respects to Elliot and Cheryl over Grady. Douglas lashed out at Thea for playing both sides with him and Cameron. She assured him that simply wasn't the case, but he wouldn't hear of it. Cameron cornered Jenna.

Week 56 Recaps (Episode 112-113)

Episode 112

Diego tried to get Heather to open up to him about what happened with Cameron, but Heather remained closed off as Diego took her home with him. Russ and Avery called Dave to try to present him with the new evidence they found that could clear Grady. Cameron tried to form an alliance with Jenna, but she dismissed him and his words. JT Mahoney showed up on his father's doorstep only to be turned away from Doug. Ben and Diane had a romantic evening. JT agreed to help Cameron go after Douglas in any way he could. Brooke received a mystery call from her partner that reminded her that they needed to focus on their plans for Brant and Avery.

Episode 113

Ria paid Seth a visit and tried to pull him out of his misery. After Ria's mystery man ran into her and questioned what she was doing with Seth. Grady and Jade enjoyed quiet time with one another as he promised to be the man she needed him to be at long last. Shaken by her encounter with Cameron, Jenna decided it was time she and Hart took some time away from the office together. Cameron's attack on Heather launched a series of memories in Heather that upset her far worse while she was with Diego. Russ pulled together a romantic evening for Avery. A furious Susan arrived on Thea's doorstep and demanded to know why Cameron had Grady killed. Thea blew off Susan's questions and returned to her night with Patrick Sharpe.

Week 57 Recaps (Episode 114-115)

Episode 114

Jenna went to visit Dorothy to question about what kind of man Doug truly was. Grady and Jade counted their blessings. Dave and Deidra were about to make plans, but Dave was called to work again. Ben and Diane went to say their goodbyes to Annie and encountered Blake. Ken, Caitlin, Zack and Johanna spent time together in Washington. Kyle Houston arrived in Coral Valley and captured a peeping Tom at Russ and Avery's house. Dave discoverd the print on the knife that stabbed Grady was from the Ashford driver Simon. When the police arrived to question Simon, he put a gun to Diane's head.

Episode 115

During the stand off with Simon, Patrick shot and killed the fugitive and Diane was shot in the process. Ken and Caitlin explored romance with one another in Seattle. Heather vowed to keep the truth about Cameron's attack from Diego. Kyle and Russ attempted to get information from the man who was spying on Russ and Avery. Brooke called Avery over to the Ashford mansion for a visit much to Avery's dismay. When Avery arrived she discovered the police surrounding the Ashford mansion and wondered what was going on. Diane was rushed to the hospital.

Week 58 Recaps (Episode 116-117)

Episode 116

Kyle and Russ contemplated their next move in researching what Bruce was really up to. Brant and Avery learned about Simon's double life after the shooting. Ben prayed that Diane would make it out of surgery. Zack and Johanna grew closer while Ken and Caitlin focused on their relationship. Dave questioned Patrick about his decision to shoot Diane. Seth offered Ben support while Diane was in surgery. Avery discouraged Brant from hitting the bottle after things escalated with Simon. The two shared a moment before Brant was called away. Russ was concerned to discover Avery hadn't gone to his parents house. Kyle and Randy's attempt to get more information was put to an end when there was a driveby shooting that killed Randy.

Episode 117

Jenna found herself overwhelmed by all that was happening around her in town with her friends. Shannon offered Deidra advice with Dave. Heather attempted to seduce Diego to keep from talking about what was really going on with her. Sensing her intentions, Diego tried to pull the truth about what was bothering Heather from her. When Heather starts to experience pain, Diego takes her to the doctor for a checkup. Heather asks Diego to lie about being the baby's father and Shannon is upset after seeing Diego with Heather. Brant paid Blake a visit to talk about everything that was going on with her life. Brooke attempted to drug Avery over tea, but much to her dismay her plans were thwarted by Brant's arrival. Hart attempted to distract Jenna from her family problems. Blake and Brooke have an awkward exchange. Brant begged Avery for one last kiss to give him the final opportunity to be over her once and for all.

Week 59 Recaps (Episode 118-119)

Episode 118

Diego doesn't think pretending to be Heather's baby's father is a good idea. Avery breaks away from kissing Brant and tells him that she loves Russ. Brant pushes the issue further until Russ arrives. Mindy brushes off Hunt after he blew off their date. Flustered Mindy returns to the apartment to discover a magazine showcasing Gabe and Marc in a relationship with one another. Diego and Heather learn she's having a boy. Shannon and Dave discuss what happen with Simon. Deidra is attacked in the hospital parking lot, but before her attacker can abduct her, she's rescued by Dr. Dean Carlisle.

Episode 119

Deidra thanks Dean for saving her life. The two bond until Dave rushes to her aid. Brant and Blake spend some sibling time together. Avery struggles with whether or not to tell Russ about Brant kissing her, but is distracted by a reunion with Kyle. Cameron assured Susan he had nothing to do with Grady's 'death' before returning to his thoughts of Jade and Angel. Thea made sure that Patrick would work to keep Dave out of Cameron's affairs and plans for the future. Dean and Shannon had a tense encounter. Dave tells Deidra about the shooting that took place with Diane. Blake's college pal Sarah Marx arrived in town. Cameron decided to go seek out his wife.