She's a mystery that's only begun to unravel. Find out what secrets Angela has in store for those in Coral Valley.






She first appeared on a tropical island on Christmas Eve when Brant was lost in the woes he'd felt in losing Avery to Russ. A dead ringer for the object of Brant's obsession, he and Angela found their way to lose themselve to passion time and time again for the holiday when both were down right miserable. After things soured, Brant continued to look for her, yet couldn't find any trace of the beauty that had walked into his life. Brant hasn't been able to forget her--nor does he want to. Not only does Brant seek her out, but it's been made known that Cameron Stone is also seeking out this mysterious beauty, but why? What secrets does Angela hold and how will she impact the lives of those in Coral Valley?

Currently she is living on an island practicing medicine and spending her time with mysterious stranger Nick Smith.





Coming soon!


She was once involved with Kevin Adonis as well as Chris Foley, was married to Cary Meloni, had a fling with Brant Ashford and is currently seeing Nick Smith--an amensiac that washed up on the island she lives on.

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