Life has given her more twists and turns than she ever thought possible. After losing her true love, she sought solace in another man's arms, but at what cost?









Avery Morrison had high goals for herself over the years, though as her career advanced she found she had no place in her life for love. Having engaged in a relationship with Bruce Mathis to avoid the truth in her heart about her feelings for Russell Denton, Avery forced herself to face the facts that she would never truly have the happiness she wanted in her life.

When the Earthquake hit town however, things were taken for a drastic turn when she and Brant Ashford were trapped with one another. Her womanizing playboy of an employer then made his intentions known as his desire for her grew. With each twist and turn Brant continued to pursue Avery relentlessly despite her 'relationship' with Bruce. Eventually Avery and Bruce called it quits, but around that time she and Russell found their way back to one another much to Brant's dismay. When murder, mystery and lies surrounded Avery with an article claiming she and Brant were engaged, Avery's life took a very drastic turn.

Avery and Russ managed to recapture the magic they'd let slip away until her mother Brooke stepped in and tried to tear them apart. Ultimately however love found a way for Avery and Russ and she is currently pregnant with their child. Despite the long road to happily ever after, Avery is struggling with Russ to hold onto the slice of heaven they've found with one another, but will dark forces align against them to pull them apart forever?









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Was once dating Bruce Mathis. Had an infatuation with Brant, but ultmately wound up marrying her true love Russell Denton. She is currently married to Brant after Russ died and she was duped into sleeping with Brant's brother Ken when he pretended to be Brant.

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